The Safety Man
By Candi

Now which rock was it? Jake looked around at all of the rocks in the landscaping near Stacie's back door. Then he remembered... She moved it; it's in the dog shit. He glanced around and saw the dog shit. After poking it with the tip of his shoe to make sure it was indeed rubber, he reached down, turned it over and removed the spare key from the slit in the bottom.

Jake opened the back door and walked in. "Hello," he called. "Stacie, are you home? Is anyone home?" No one answered. He figured that Stacie wouldn't be home when she didn't answer the door, but it made him feel uncomfortable to enter someone's house without saying something. Jake and Stacie had known each other since highschool and had always been close friends. Even though Jake had always wanted it, they were never anything more than friends. Jake figured she saw him as a brother and that he would have to accept that. Besides, he did get to see her and talk to her a lot. She was always finding excuses to invite him over. In fact, they were so close that she told him to let himself in if she wasn't there. Actually she had always insisted that he let himself in which Jake thought it was a little odd, but this was the first time that he had to actually do it. Oh well, he thought, might as well help myself to a drink, and he walked to the refridgerator.

There was a note on the refridgerator. It read, "Jake, I'm downstairs in the weight room. Come quickly. Stacie" Jake grabbed the note and turned towards the stairs not knowing why it was so important that he go quickly. He also didn't understand why Stacie had not answered the door if she was home. His questions were answered when he got downstairs and went into the weight room.

As Jake entered the weight room he saw a woman that he presumed was Stacie, but he couldn't be certain because she was wearing a black leather mask that covered her entire face and head except for the oversized eyeholes that looked like cat eyes. "Stacie, is that you?" He had to ask because there was a blond pony tail sticking out of a hole in the top of the mask--Stacie was a brunette. The woman in the mask shook her head but could do little else because she was chained in what appeared to be a awkward position.

Jake was overwhelmed by the sight before him. He did not know what to be more shocked about, the situation that his friend was in or the clothes that she was wearing. She was wearing a tight, black leather dress with long sleeves and a short skirt. It was laced in the back from the bottom of the skirt to the the back of the neck where it met the base of the mask. She had on shear black stockings with seams down the back of her legs which were held apart by a bar attached to her ankles. The bar held her legs so far apart that the leather skirt was stretched tight around her ass and thighs. The bar must have made it uncomfortable to stand as she was wearing black leather ankle boots with at least 5 inch heels. Although the discomfort in her legs must have been mild compared to that which she felt in her arms which were handcuffed together behind her and raised above her head. Her black, leather gloves would protect her hands somewhat from the metal cuffs, but only to a certain extent. The cuffs were attached by a cable to her weight training equipment and held her arms so far up that it forced her to bend over forwards and stick her ass up into the air. To make matters worse, there was another cord connecting a collar around her neck to the bar that held her legs apart.

Jake looked at Stacie's eyes, it looked like she had been crying; the situation must have been extremely humiliating for her. His first feelings were those of rage. "Stacie, who did this to you?" She only mumbled in response. There must have been a gag inside the mask. "Where is the key to the handcuffs?" More mumbling. But she seemed to be wiggling her ass--no she was trying to motion towards her back. Jake saw that she was wearing a wide leather belt. There was a ring attached to the back of it and attached to the ring was a key ring with several keys on it; one of them appeared to be a handcuff key. Jake began to remove the key ring and a thought occurred to him.

"Stacie," he said softly, "did you chain yourself up like this?" He looked into her eyes. Now he could tell for certain that she was crying. She nodded her head. Jake was stunned. She had chained herself up knowing that he would find her. And in this position, she must have wanted him to do her when he found her. The position must have been more strenuous than she had expected, and he had been late. She must be really suffering, but still... why not give her what she wanted. He was so horny from seeing her like this that he would come quickly. It would only be a few extra minutes for her to be chained up.

"So, you little whore, you chained yourself up just for me. Just so I could rape you. Well I guess you're going to get your wish."

When he said this her eyes bulged, but Jake didn't notice. He was too busy pulling down his pants. She struggled with renewed zeal at her bonds but it was just as futile as it had ever been. Jake lifted up her skirt revealing the tops of her stockings. They were attached by garters to a corset, but apart from that she had on no underwear. He reached between her legs and found that she was extremely wet. Her juices were flowing down her thighs. He spread her lips apart, stuck in his cock and proceeded to fuck her as hard as he could. He grabbed her hips so he could put more force into his thrusts. He felt the stiff boning of her corset through the leather dress; it held her back almost perfectly straight. Jake looked to his side at the mirrors on the wall. She was gorgeous, and she was all his. Stacie was making quite a bit of noise even through her gag and mask--she must have been screaming her lungs out in ecstasy.

"You like that, don't you bitch," he said, "not that it would matter if you didn't because you're completely helpless." He thought that he would emphasize her helplessness because it obviously turned her on; she was now struggling so hard that he thought she might hurt herself. It was as if she were really getting raped and could do nothing about it. This idea turned Jake on so much that he came almost immediately. But as soon as he did, he began to see the situation in a different light.

Stacy was struggling harder than he had realized, and she did not seem to be enjoying it nearly as much as he had enjoyed watching her. She really wanted out. Jake pulled out his penis. "Oh my God," he said, "Stacie, I'm so sorry, I thought you could take a few more minutes. Let me get the key." He looked into her eyes again. They looked like the eyes of a wild animal. Something was terribly wrong with this situation. He got the key off of the key ring and unlocked the handcuffs. Immediately she pushed him aside and grabbed the other keys off of the key ring. Jake began to panic, but Stacie unlocked her ankles from the bar and unlocked her collar in no time as if she had done it a million times before. The mask took a little longer. She pushed a button on the front of the mask. It made a hissing sound. Stacie just stood there, glaring at Jake. She then unlocked the mask in the back and pulled it off. There was a large air bladder attached to the mask where a mouth hole should have been. It must have been inflated in her mouth to gag her.

Jake approached her. "Stacie, I'm so sorry. Are you al..." Before he could finish his sentence, she punched him.

"You fucker, I chained myself up and was supposed to be able to get out of it. You were my safety man in case something went wrong, you piece of shit. Something did go wrong and I've been stuck that way for almost six hours. Then you came along and you fucking raped me!"

"Stacie, I didn't know. I thought..."

"You raped me you bastard and you're going to jail!"

Jake was stunned. He didn't know which was worse, the fact that he had hurt his friend or that he now faced serious consequences for what he had done. It was an open and shut case, she in no way gave consent--how could she have? She was chained and gagged. While kinky and perverted chaining yourself up did not mean someone could rape you. Then it occurred to him.

"Stacie, I'm sorry; I really am. But think about it, neither of us want you to go to the police. They'll find out about everything. Do you really want everyone to know that you do this? I certainly don't want to go to jail. We both have a lot to lose if you go to the police."

"Jake," she said, still seething with anger, "are you threatening me?"

"No, I'm just saying..."

"There's no need for threatening. I see your point." Her demeaner instantly changed. She now seemed like the calm and collected woman that Jake had known for so long. Jake had been concerned seeing her so emotional; normally he couldn't tell what she was thinking. It had always bothered him, but now it was soothing. He felt he could deal with her rationally now.

She walked to the oposite side of the room, opened the closet and began to change clothes using the opened door as a barrier. Jake thought about trying to sneak a peak, but after what had happened, he was too embarrased. Instead he looked at the weight equipment. It was a standard setup; Stacie's arms had been chained to the cord that normally would have been used for "pull-downs." The cord was attached to a rod that went down into a stack of weights which were held in place by a pin. In this case, there were 100 lbs. attached to the rod. As Jake examined the equipment, however, he noticed some added pullies and ropes. The pin that held the weight on the rod was attached to a rope that ran about 3 feet across the room towards the water dispenser where it was attached through a series of pulleys to a bucket which was partially filled with water. A hose ran from the water dispenser to the bucket but it was partially kinked.

"Never in a million years did I think that would happen," a voice from behind said. Jake turned around and saw Stacie in a faded blue sweat suit. "Because it's rolled up most of the time, the hose wants to stay coiled. After I chained myself up, I saw the hose jerk; it must have been caught against the side of the bucket and then snapped free. I didn't think anything of until I realized that the water wasn't flowing. The force of it trying to roll itself up must have caused the hose to kink or something."

"There's not much of a kink in it," Jake said trying to analyze the specifics of the mechanical setup without thinking too much about the reasons why it was setup.

"It doesn't take much because I just barely open the valve. It makes an excellent timer."

"I just thought you didn't like the taste of tap water."

"Yeah, that too." There was an uncomfortable silence. Jake began to walk around the room. He stared at the spreader bar still attached to eyehole in the floor. He had never noticed the eyehole before, but now he saw several of them on the floor and he saw more on the ceiling. He looked at the handcuffs still hanging from the excercise equipment. Jake had never seen a pair of black handcuffs before. He began to play with them, clicking them as tight as they could go and then pushing them through to the other side.

"There's something about that sound, isn't there?" Jake was startled by her voice. She had crept up on him and was now right behind him.

"I always wanted a pair of handcuffs when I was younger, but my mom wouldn't let me have any. I never really knew why I wanted them or why she wouldn't let me have any," he said.

"Would you like to try them on? I promise I won't tell your mommy." Jake was really turned on by this and by the fact that Stacie was so close to him--she was practically breathing in his ear. He was tempted.

"No, thanks," he stammered, "I'm not really into that type of thing. I'm not much into pain."

"Pain is relative. You can't imagine how turned on I get by the feeling of helplessness. Honestly, when I realized the water wasn't flowing into the bucket anymore, it was simultaneously the most exhilarating and the most terrifying moment of my life. And then, when you came in and," she paused, "uh... did what you did to me, I was more pissed off than I've ever been, but at the same time more turned on than I've ever been."

"But just a minute ago you were threatening to go to the police," Jake responded.

"Well, you know how it is when you've been tied confined for a long time. You stop thinking rationally. It's almost like you become an animal or something." Jake had a blank stare on his face. "Oh yeah, I guess you don't know." She walked towards the door. "Normally, of course, I take better care of my leather goods, but it's been a long afternoon; I think I can wait until tomorrow to put them away." She started to walk out the door. Jake was still staring at everything around him.

"Why don't we try the handcuffs?" She casually turned around as if she had been expecting him to say that.

"Why don't we try the handcuffs?" she repeated.

"I mean, can I try the handcuffs?" he said.

"Why Jake," she said, "I didn't think you had it in you." She reached down to the key ring that was now on the floor and unlocked the small padlock that attached the handcuffs to the cable. "But you know, Jake, you really should dress for the occassion. Or should I say undress for the occassion." Jake felt himself blushing. "We've been intimate now, Jake, no matter what the circumstances," she said while danging the handcuffs from her index finger. "No need to be shy."

Jake began to take off his clothes while Stacie watched. She casually walked over to the closet. "Maybe I was mistaken, maybe you should be dressed after all," Stacie said as she pulled her corset out of the closet."

"I can't wear that," Jake exclaimed.

"You may say no, but big Jake says `yes'," she said looking at his cock. Jake was embarrassed, but his cock, which was already hard, was getting harder at the sight of the corset. "Have you ever dressed in women's clothes?"


"Jesus, Jake, haven't you done anything naughty?" She set the corset down on the bench for the bench press and proceded to pull out the ankle boots she had been wearing earlier. "You know, you're a thin build. You'd fit in my clothes. After all--leather stretches." Jake began to feel a little bit intimidated. Stacie was into all sorts of things; he had seen it earlier. He, on the other hand, had never even broken the speed limit, never mind doing something taboo like this. He decided not to let this opportunity pass him by.

"Okay, I'll do it."

"Oh, you'll do it. Well I don't want to force you."

"No... please..."

"What was that?"

"Please... let me try on your clothes."

Stacie had Jake turn around and grab the top of the weight training machine. She placed the corset around his waiste and began to lace it up. "Breathe out has hard as you can," she said. Jake exhaled and immediately felt the corset push tightly against the sides of his abdomen. "Breathe out again." Again Jake exhaled and he felt the corset get tighter and higher. After repeating this five more times, Jake found that he was encased in the corset. "What do you think?" she said. Jake looked at the mirror and was amazed at how slim his waist was. The corset had cups for a woman's breasts. "You'll need these," Stacie said as she tucked some breast shaped pads into the cups. "What size waist are you?" she asked Jake.

Jake found it hard to breathe, much less speak. "Thirty-two," he said.

"Well now you're a twenty-four."

Next came the stockings. Stacie giggled as she watched Jake put them on. "The seams go in the back," she laughed, "You're going to have to learn these things if you're going to be a woman." Jake blushed and straightened his stockings so the seams were in the back.

"I think it's time for these," stacie said as she held up the high heel ankle boots. "You'll need to sit down." Jake began to sit on a nearby chair and almost fell over. He tried again and found that he couldn't sit with the corset on. Stacie laughed. "You'll have to learn to sit like a woman if you're going to wear clothes like these," she said. "Cross your legs and lower yourself down while keeping your back straight." Jake did as she said and sat on the chair. He found that the corset gave him perfect posture. "Now, Now. Don't you look adorable. You look like a perfect little lady." Jake was too embarrassed to say anything, but his erection spoke for him--he was really getting off on this. "I'll have to help you with these. I doubt you can reach your feet." Stacie put one boot on Jake's foot. His cock grew even harder as he felt his toe slide down into the pointed tip. He felt a brief moment of dispair when he tried to push his heel in and found it wouldn't fit.

"It's a little too small," he stammered.

"Wiggle your foot a little bit. Push your toe further into the boot." He did this and almost came as his silk stockinged heel slid into the boot. Stacie laced the boot and pulling the laces tight she tied them in a big knot. "Now," she said, "getting it off will be half the fun." Jake didn't want to think about taking it off now, he wanted to get the other one on. Stacie placed it on his foot and this time he worked his heel in with no coaching. She tied it up tight with another knot.

"Try to walk," Stacie said, "Remeber to stand up the same way you sat down." Jake stood up and stumbled on the five inch heels. He tried to walk but found that his ankles turned sideways. The ankle boot gave a little reinforcement, but not enough. "It's a big event in a girls life when she first wears high heels. What do you think about it?"

"It's hard to walk," he said.

"There's an itelligent response. No duh, it's hard to walk. And lower heels aren't that much easier. Just remember this the next time you take a woman out."

Jake stared at himself in the mirror. He was now almost six and a half feet tall. "Don't admire yourself too much just yet, princess. You're not through yet." Stacie was holding the leather dress in her hands. "With that corset on, I think this will just about fit, she said with a grin." The dress was like a hospital gown in that there was no back to it. Jake put his arms in the sleeves of the dress. It was remarkably heavy. "You'll need to spread your legs a little for me to do this right," she said. Jake spread his legs and quivered as he felt Stacie begin to lace it up starting about halfway between his knees and his ass. With his legs spread she was able to leave enough slack in the laces to let him walk, but it left his ass partially uncovered. When Stacie got up to the waist, she some sort of knot in the laces. "That," she explained, "is so the slack in the skirt doesn't work its way up the rest of the dress. And it also will make it more difficult to remove."

"You seem to be obsessing about making this outfit hard to take off," Jake commented.

"Well isn't that what bondage is all about? I don't want to make things too easy for you." As Stacie laced the dress the rest of the way up to his neck, Jake began to realize that it would be difficult for him to take off the clothes without any assistance. He thought that Stacie might leave him as retribution for raping her, but he was too turned on to tell her to stop. The sleeves of the dress also had lace holes near the wrists. Stacie laced those up, but as she did so she looped one of the laces around his middle finger. "That's so the sleeves don't come up when you put the gloves on," she explained. With that she produced the leather gloves and Jake put them on. They went up past his wrists and covered up the laces on the dress.

Jake was so excited he could hardly breathe. He couldn't wait to lock on the handcuffs and start struggling to get free. And he hoped Stacie might give him a little surprise while he was struggling. Jake fumbled with the handcuffs. He was shaking with anticipation and could hardly manage them.

"You forgot something," Stacie said.

Jake heard himself say, "Huh?" as he looked over at her. She was holding the leather mask with the blond pony tail sticking out the top. "No, I don't need the mask," he said.

"Yes you do, you little whore." Her entire attitude suddenly changed. Jake became frightened. "I'm really not into that type of thing," he said. "Actually, I think I better go." He started to remove the gloves, but Stacie had moved across the room and grabbed him.

"No you don't, you little slut," she hissed as she pushed. He was so unsteady on his high heels that fell to the ground and found, to his horror, that he could hardly get up because of the corset. Stacie was immediately on top of him. He tried to push her off, but could get no traction with the high heels. She rolled him over on his stomach and, grabbing his hands, snapped the handcuffs on.

"Stacie, what the fuck are you doing?"

"What do you think I'm doing... I'm giving you a taste of your own medicine."

"But Stacie, I... don't..."

"Shut up, bitch!" she yelled and slapped him across the face. She grabbed the mask and tried to stick the rubber bladder into his mouth. He snapped his mouth shut, almost biting off her finger. She slapped him again, but his mouth remained closed. Then she stuck her finger underneath his armpit. Even through the leather sleeve of the dress she was able to stick it up there far enough to cause extreme pain. Jake opened his mouth to yell, but found the rubber bladder inserted instead.

"Stathie, whah ah you dothin? Ah'm thorry. Pleathe, Stathie, don..." Jake could feel himself beginning to panic as the straps on the mask were pulled tight and locked with small padlocks. She pulled out a small rubber ball, like on a blood pressure meter, attached it to the valve on the front of the mask and began to inflate the rubber bladder inside Jake's mouth. "Stathie, Ah'm thorry. Pleathe, Stathie... mmmmhhh."

As the bladder inflated inside of his mouth and forced his jaw against the restaint of the mask, Jake found that he couldn't even grunt anymore. As he lost his ability to speak he also found that he lost his ability to resist. Stacie stood him up on his high heels and walked him over to the spreader bar where she shackled his feet. He looked in the mirror and saw himself standing there, legs spread. Stacie pulled out wide leather collar and locked it around his neck; it prevented him from moving his neck. Using a cord she attached this collar to the bar that was holding his high heel encased feet apart. Now he couldn't stand up straight and he couldn't bend his knees because his legs were held so far apart. The entire weight of his upper body was being supported by his lower back which began to ache.

"Oh Jake, you don't look too comfortable. I gues I'm a little more flexible than you are. But don't worry, your arms will take some of the strain off of your back." She grabbed the pair of handcuffs and pulled them, and Jake's arms, above his head, but they didn't reach the cord. "I guess we need that a little lower," she said and picked up a small dumbbell. Using all of her strength she pulled down on the cord and lifted the attached weights up in the air. Somehow she managed to fit the dumbbell under the weights. This created enough slack in the cord that she was able to attache Jake's handcuffs to the cord. When this was done, she delliberately kicked the dumbbell out from underneath the weights. Jake's hands jerked and additional 5 inches into the air--he thought his arms would break. "Whoops," she said as if it had been an accident. There was one final thing that Stacie had to do. She gathered all of the keys to the various locks and attached them to a key ring which she attached to the ring on her wide leather belt. She then buckled the belt around Jake's slim waist.

"You see, the way this works is that when the bucket fills with enough water, it will pull the pin out of the weight machine. That will allow you to lower your arms and reach the keys around your waist. Then you can free yourself." Stacie was seathing with anger. "But, oh no, the hose is kinked--what's the poor damsel in distress to do? She'll have to wait for her safety man to save her. And what to safety men do? They rape them."

Jake couldn't believe he'd gotten himself into this situation. He was now convinced that Stacie had gone mad. He struggled to look in the mirror and saw her getting into the closet again. Now what? She pulled out a large black strap-on dildo and proceeded to step into it. Jake began to panic. As she tightened the straps on the sides he tried to yell for her to stop, but it was useless. She walked up behind him and pulled up his skirt.

"You little whore, you're tied up just for me aren't you. Isn't that what you said? Now whose the whore, bitch." Jake tried to move himself forward to keep her from entering his ass, but he was tied in such a way that his ass just stuck up in the air. He couldn't do anything about what was happening. Then he felt it go inside of him and he had no choice but to move forward even further against his restraints as the dildo pushed into his rectum. "What is it that you guys always say about rape? `Just sit back and enjoy the ride?' Well I'm ridin' your ass now, bitch."

Jake looked at himself in the mirror and couldn't believe what he was seeing. Stacie saw him do this. "It looks like your getting off on this. Well we'll just have to try something different." With that she took one of her hands and slid it between Jake's legs. She began to rub his balls and his cock. Jake couldn't believe he was so turned on while getting fucked up the ass. He cummed almost instantly and immediately wished he hadn't. The pain throughout his body was almost unbearable. Stacie had pulled out and was now wiping her hands off. She put her face right in Jake's face.

"You see, baby, while you were turned on you could take more pain. I want you to suffer for what you did." She backed away a little and paused as if she were thinking of something--thinking of something wicked. "Getting fucked by me turned you on, so it could hardly be considered rape. Oh well, what can you do?" She turned and began to walk out of the room. "I'm heading out for the evening I'll see you tomorrow."

Jake's eyes bulged. "MMMnnmmgh!!" he grunted.

"Don't worry, cutie, I have another safety man that I use. He should be by in about four hours. Actually, I'm going to use him all the time from now on because he's gay and I won't have to worry about a repeat of today." She walked out of the room for a moment, but then returned with a large red bow. "You, on the other hand, might have something to worry about," she said while attaching the bow to Jakes head, "I suspect that he will find you as irresistable as you found me."

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