Lillan's Dressing Tips
It can be a lot of fun to dress like a vamp but if you're interested in venturing out in public here's some thoughts

If you're interested in passing the key is moderation: Be a B or C cup instead of a DDD, dress your age and appropriately for where you're going. Heels are fun but keep them low or flat.

A biggie. Take a deep breath, get your nerve up and go buy a good one. Have it styled, keep it clean.

I'm told there's no substitute for those expensive masectomy forms. If you're looking for inexpensive alternatives however, here's a couple of suggestions. First: foam breast forms. I've seen these at places like Fredrick's of Hollywood and at some of the major department stores. Second: you might try water-filled condoms. Use about 1.25 cups of water for a B-cup. Tie a knot in the condom so there's no air in it and put it in the toe of a stocking. The knot will make a nice nipple. Of the two, I prefer the water option as it gives bounce and warms to the body. Although they're remarkable tough, there is always the possibility that they will break at an awkward moment.

Hips and Buttocks
Don't underestimate the importance of these for getting that special shape. Invest in a pair of padded panties. Again, you can find these at some of the larger department stores or at Fredrick's of Hollywood. You can make a hip pad from a pair of shoulder pads simply by sewing the shoulder pads together along the straight edge. Padded hips plus a cinched waist is a combination that just can't be beat for looks.

Often times a full skirt or dress is all that's necessary. Other times a pair of tight fitting panties will do. Still other times you need more control. Here's how I made my gaff .

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