Q: Bondage Life! Where is it? Is it on the internet? Do you have any more?
A: I've been told they are sold and printed by:
Harmony Concepts Inc.
PO Box 69976
West Hollywood CA 90069

FAX: 310-659-3961
Phone: 310-659-3960

I haven't verfied any of the above yet so the standard diclaimers apply. I'm told the phone number gets you to an answering machine that mentions you need to send an age and disclaimer to them. (As simple as a fax perhaps?).
Many many thanks to Denise for this information.

Q: Do you have any pictures of Lillan you can send me?
A: No. If I ever get some that I consider acceptible I'll post them on the site.

Q: Why don't you past some bondage pictures?
A: Geocities doesn't give me a lot of space and I'm sure whatever I'd have worth posting would violate their guidelines. I'd rather keep the site up.

Q: I usually buy cotton clothesline for rope, what else might I use.
A: Fabric stores (including the fabric department at Wal-Mart) carry thick cotton cording that is very soft and quite thick. It makes for great looking bondage.

Q: Is there more about selfbondage on the internet?
A: Yes. I don't usually spent much time suring the web though so I don't know of many. All those that I know about are on the Related Sites page. Of course, if you know of others I'd be more than glad to add them.

Q: What happend to Warhammer's website.
A: The site http://www.pacecount.com got too expensive to run so he shut it down. Right after the pacecount affair he he was at http://members.aol.com/maddogdfa with the bondage stuff though. More recently I've heard rumors he can be found at http://members.tripod.com/~sgtkatana/

Q: Do you have any ties to do with a girlfriend.
A: Gosh, if you've got a girlfriend willing to tie you up what do you need me for? All you need is a bit of imagination.

Q: Do you know any women in blank (maybe you received mail from one of them), who are interested in bondage?
A: Sorry. I wish I did.

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