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Current Topic: Inexpensive Breast Forms.

Elsewhere on the site I've advocated using water filled condoms as in inexpensive way to create realistic breasts. Until recently I've been quite happy with this method. In particular I like the shape and flexibility you can get from a condom (as opposed to say, a balloon) as well as the bounce and feel. The abilty to create breasts of varying sizes is also a plus. When I venture out in the public eye I tend to keep a lower profile than when I'm bound and dressed to the nines. Recently however it seems they're making condoms too thin to be reliable (I've been using the unlibricated Trojans without the recepticle end.) Perahps another brand/style would be order.

Here's my method of creating them...

  • Fill a condom with between one and two cups of water depending on the size you want. That'll be about all you can easily fit in it. (You can measure it or just eye-ball it while filling from the faucett.)
  • Push the water down into the end of the condom so that it makes an oblong sort of ball. Pinch the condom such that you remove the big air bubble at the top.
  • Twist the neck of the condom to keep it closed. By varying the amount of twist you can adjust the resultant shape.
  • Carefully tie a knot in the twisted portion of the condom just above the ball of water. Making sure not to let any air or water get caught in the knot. Pull the knot snug but don't over tighten.
  • Repeat the procedure for the second breast. If you're filling from the faucett you can check that you've got the same amount of water in each one by using a large measuring cup (or bowl) partially filled with water. After you tie the first condom off, submerge it in the measuring cup/bowl and note the level of the displaced water. Remove the first form. While filling the second condom periodically twist the neck and submerge it into the bowl. Adjust the amount on water in the condom until it displaces the same amount of water as the first one you made.
  • Dry off the two forms. Cut the loose ends off kind of close to the knot. Give them both a good squeeze to make sure they don't leak. (If they do leak, don't squirt yourself in the eye unless you've got waterproof mascarra.)
  • Cut the toes off of an old pair of stocking to use as cover for the forms. Insert into your favorite bra. If you position them such that the knot is in front it'll make a convincing nipple.

Several people have written suggesting the use of balloons, sometimes doubling them up. I've tried this approach but didn't like it nearly as much as the condoms. They seemed quite stiff and round so I wasn't happy with the look (shape) or feel (bounce). I haven't experimented extensively with balloons however so I'd love to hear of other experiences with this method.

Another approach I've used is simple foam forms (the likes of which you can get at Fredrick's of Hollywood) which I find look pretty good but just don't have that same weighty feel to them.

I also remember reading long ago about women using birdseed in a stocking as a masectomy form. Anyone tried this?

I've also noticed that the choice of bra has a big effect on the result as well. Low cut, push-up and padded bras tend not to work too well as they don't hold the forms very well and they tend not to give a smooth finish either. Underwire bras work pretty well unless they're firm support bras in which case you might just as well use a couple of tennis balls. Sports bras and some non-underwire bras work surprisingly well and give you a real feeling of bounce when moving around.

Ok, I've rambled on enough for now, let's here from you!

Your humble moderator,

From: M
Subject: Balloons
Date: 7/01/98

I am actually surprised that they don't work. For a guy they work really good. No, there is no particular balloon except I would take the normal 8" or 12" balloons, and remember to fill them with water but you must slide the balloon over the faucet a little bit and hold them there. I wish I could show you how it works. Let me know how you make out. Just buy regular balloons you find in any Hallmark store or so. Don't buy the really little cheap one for water balloons. Just buy the regular size balloons. If you need more help let me know.
Best regards,

From: D
Subject: Balloons
Date: 7/06/98

I agree with M. After a lot of experimenting with different breast simulations, I've ended up with using balloons as my "breast" of choice. =)

I use the latex ones that are specifically used for parties...I buy them in flesh color. They are amazingly durable (unlike the water balloon kind). They even perform well with warm water in them (though a warning: You can make the water just alittle too hot...not enough to discomfort, but still enough to leave minor burns on your skin...maybe it's just my tolerance to pain, but I've gotten the temperature wrong a couple times, and been left with very itchy minor burns...)

If you go and look for these yourself, try a Hobby/Party Washington, we have Michael's and Ben Franklin as the major chains. Look for balloons with the what would feel like double to triple the thickness of a condom.

I'm intending soon to experiment with adding liquid latex to the balloon, built up in layers to form a small nipple; my main concern is whether the stuff they put into the liquid latex to keep it fresh (amonia, usually), will react in an adverse way to the balloon latex....Will keep you posted.

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