Lillan Dreams Of Being Kidnapped And Overdoes It
Here are some more excerpts from mail between S-- and Lillan. Here Master S-- asks Lillan to contruct a fantasy.

S-- Writes:
You wonder how long you've been down in this dank basement. It seems like forever since you were snatched from your own bedroom just as you were dressing for a night out. Now, nothing but your bra, panties and stockings keep out the chill of the air. You squirm slightly, feeling the 'reminder' that one of your kidnapers forced into you before leaving. "To help you pass the time." he said. You pull against the bonds holding your legs spread to their limit, and the ones holding your arms up and away. You are probably bound spread eagled, yet on your feet, between two columns. Before they left, one of your kidnapers said, "If we're paid, you'll be able to release yourself.. Eventually. If we're not paid.... Well, you won't." You wonder how you'll know...

Now then.. I think you have the initiative to do most of this yourself. My only stipulation is that you use two or even three methods of release timing, BUT I DON'T want you to know which one has the actual key. And make them have different times, so you don't know how long you'll be captive. I recommend a can of something nasty that will ruin you lingerie when it spills all over to be your emergency release.

Lillan Replies:
The Preparation
(As Told by the Abductor)

I began by poking a small hole in the bottom of 3 35mm film canisters, inserting a piece of heavy string through the hole and tying a large knot in each string (several inches from the end) so that it wouldn't pull out. To the first string I tied I tied a padlock key I'd labeled "L". To the other two strings I ties padlock keys I'd labeled "R". Each key was closed into its canister. From the outside there was no way to tell which was which. I tossed the 3 canisters into a brown bag and shook them up. Gathering the rest of my supplies I went down to the basement.

When I described the basement earlier I didn't realize just how well placed the two brick columns were -- there are two heavy columns spaced 68 inches apart right in the center of the basement! This distance is just far enough apart that reaching out to touch both colmuns at the same time leaves each hand about 10 inches away from each column. I experimented with standing spread eagled between the columns and quickly realized the strain that would be put on a victim's ankles from having to cock them sideways. To adjust for this situation I fashioned a platform with angled foot rests so that the victim's ankels could remain straight. I wedged this fixture on the floor between the two columns. Next I placed the spreader bar on the floor between the two columns and with a length of rope fastened it to the bases of the columns such that it was mostly immovable. Also to the ends of the bar I tied two snap-clips similar to those used on dog leashes. Then I fastened a length of heavy rope around the top of each column such that it wouldn't slide down. To each rope I affixed a short length of heavy chain. Randomly grabbing two of the three canisters from the bag I hung them from the ceiling such that they dangled just where my victim's hands would be when bound. Just above where her head would be I hung a key to the padlock labeled "L" so that she could reach it with a free hand.

Next I hung a small metal pail from a rafter in such a way that it was suspended just behind where her head would be. I tied one end of a heavy string through a hole I had punched in the lip of the pail. The other end of the string I ran down to the floor, through an eye in the center of the spreader bar, then back up to the ceiling through another hook-eye just in front of where her right hand would be. I attached a heavy metal ring to the free end of the string to prevent it from coming unthreaded. Right at the ceiling, out of reach, I attached keys to the "L" and "R" padlocks. From the tied position these keys could only be used by pulling on the string and tipping the pail which would dump its contents down the victim's neck and back. Any excessive leg movement that might be possible would also run the risk of spilling a bit of the pail's contents.

The next step was to swing the left hand canister up out of reach and attach it to a weighted key ring and string. The key ring would be later be slipped over a stocking filled with ice, a first release mechanism. That is if the canister held the "L" key, probability of early escape 1/3.

Then the right hand canister was moved out of reach and suspended on a cardboard platform glued to the winding key of an old alarm clock. This would be the second release mechanism. If the right hand canister held an "R" key release would be possible at 2 am, probability 1/3.

The third method of release would be dialing the combination of the padlock which was going to attach the left arm to the chain tied to the column. As I was setting up the light timer that would make escape possible at 4am an ingenious though occurred to me. I first set up the light fixture and timer. Then I got two identical light bulbs and taped duct tape to the inner contact of one of the bulbs so that it wouldn't light. I placed the two bulbs into the brown bag, mixed them up and then without looking inserted one of them into the light socket. The probability of having to rely on the light for escape was only 1/3 but now I'd divided that chance for escape in half so with probability 1/6 my victim would have to wait until sunrise.

I completed my afternoon preparations by carefully making a gag of balled panties in a stocking and methodically laying out 4 collars, a combination lock, a quart of oil, and a butt plug (with lube). I brought the second light bulb and third canister in the bag upstairs, uninspected. In the evening just before setting out I completed the setup of the left-hand drop by filling the toe of the stocking with ice.

The Abduction
(As Told by the Abductee)

It was a saturday night and I was preparing for a night out. I was planning on treating myself to a nice dinner at a quiet restaurant where I could relax with a good book, free of the hassle of cooking and cleaning. I had reservations at 9:30, preferring to eat later when the place would be a bit more quiet. I got out of the shower around 8:30 and began to dress. Earlier that day I treated myself to some new lingerie and deemed this to be a good time to try it out -- this being an upscale restaurant and all. I slipped into my new high full cut satin panties, white lace stockings, bra and full length slip before applying my makeup. Having dripped some water on the bathroom floor when I got out of the shower I stepping into my shoes so as not to dampen the feet of my stockings. Just as I had finished my makeup and was about to finish dressing I was startled when a tall man with dark hair suddenly appeared in the mirror. He quickly stepped behind me grabbing my head and covering my mouth while another grabbed my arms and tied them behind my back. The hand on my mouth relaxed just long enough for a wad of gag to be shoved into my mouth and behind my teeth but not long enough to let out more than a whimper of a scream. Quickly I was blindfolded before I could even get another glimpse at either of my abductors. With one of them on each side me holding my arms I was practically dragged through the house, out the door, and stuffed into the trunk of a car. I tried hard to guess where I was being taken but the effort was futile; the roads around here all make subtle turns and can disorient you even under normal circumstances. I had no way of judging how long we'd been driving, minutes might have been hours or seconds, the fear of what lie ahead accelerating time and the anxiousness to find out what was going on dragging it out.

Finally the car and engine stopped but another time ensued before the trunk was finally opened. I was dragged out of the car and forced to walk a short distance across wet grass before finally descending a short set of stairs. The room was cool and damp but not cold. Until now my abductors hadn't spoken but they did so now in order to coordinate their efforts, I was surprised to find one of them was a woman! For several minutes I stood, held still, while the woman fiddled with something. Then quite suddenly I was pushed forward, bent at the waist, my chest resting hard on a table. The woman kicked my legs apart saying, "Here honey, this'll help you pass the time." Before I could guess at what she meant I felt her lift my slip, yank down my panties and carelessly stuff a plug deep in my ass. Without ceremony I was pulled upright and spun around. While the man held me in place I felt the woman fasten cuffs around my ankles. She pushed my legs apart and followed with a "snap snap" as she fastened the leg cuffs to what seems to be a long bar positioned between my legs. In a moment of relief my hands were released and my blindfold removed but I was sharply admonished not to turn my head. While they both stood behind me the woman poured a quart of motor oil into a small pail hung from the ceiling and attached to a long string that ran down between my legs and upward again. She suggested I not squirm too much lest I take a less than comfortable "bath". The man then strapped a cuff onto each wrist. In turn he pulled my arms upward and outward. First my left hand which he attached with to a chain with a padlock and a combination lock. Then followed the right hand which he fastening to another chain with just a single padlock. The chains were tied around two posts which stood on either side of me and held my arms high and wide. As he snapped that last lock shut he turned out the lights and explained that if they got their money I'd be set free, somehow. The last I heard from them as they both walked away leaving my in a darkened basement was the woman saying that it was almost ten o'clock.

The First Wait
(As Told by the Abductee)

As the last lock clicked and the lights went out a flood of helplessness coursed over me. At least for the time being I was "safe" and that let the helplessness give way to arousal. That nagging arousal that's like an itch you can't scratch. It begs for relief so that you can't forget it. When it wanes it's never far from your thoughts which frequently bring it back into sharp focus. Each time bringing with it the frustration and helplessness on which it feeds.

I stood there in a certain disbelief and began to wonder how long long I would be there? How would I be able to maintain this position, how could I not? What would finally release me from these bonds?

As my eyes adjusted to the dark I could barely make out lines of the basement but not enough to readily make out most of it's contents. Overhead a small window looked out into a clear sky and the evening light shown in on me just enough to highlight the bright whiteness of my satin undergarments.

I struggled and tugged against my bonds to discern what freedom I had. While I could swing my arms backward and forward a fair bit I hesitated to test the bounds of my legs for fear of spilling the oil that hung behind me and increasing my discomfort. I bit down hard on the gag to keep from drooling.

After I resigned myself to the nature of my predicament I amused myself by counting drops from some faucet nearby that was in need of a plumber. Several hundred drops later I gave up the effort as my mind drifted. I was startled alert by something that swished through the air and hit my left hand. Might I be released so soon? I reached out and grabbed the object that hung suspended in front of my left hand, a film canister. Carefully, so as not to drop its contents, I worked the top off of the can to see what was inside. As I dropped the top a key, attached to a string fell into my hand. Anxiously I fumbled in the dark to fit the key into the padlock binding my wrist to the chain. After several attempts, which include dropping the key, I managed to fit the key into the lock. But turning the key I felt the resistance that comes from a lock when you try to open it with the wrong key!

The Second Wait
(As Told by the Abductee)

There I stood in frustration, again washed over by the helplessness and arousal which had overtaken the thoughts of escape and release. I pulled my arms tight against the bonds testing again their limits while tightening and relaxing the muscles in my arms bringing them to life. Then carefully I did the same with my legs as I dropped the useless key.

Those earlier questions were pushed forward again in my mind, how long would I be there, how would I escape? How long had I been there already? As I stood there trying to accept the wait that was still before me I began to notice a fatigue in my legs and feet and wondered how bad it would become. I was thankful for the angled platforms on which I could place my feet.

By this time my eyes had fully adjusted to the darkness and I could clearly see the outlines of my body stretched out below me. The glossy white nylon of my slip curved smoothly over my breasts and hips just hinting at what was underneath. Gently twisting my body brought the presence of my bra, panties and stocking into focus and contrasted violently with plug which had long since settled into a not uncomfortable position. I thought again of the oil bucket which hung behind me, I stood still.

After a while I settled back into the boredom of waiting for something to happen. I focused on relaxing my body as much as possible, take deep abdominal breaths. Time drifted and it felt almost as if I had been sleeping. Ironically enough I was awakened from my trance by the ringing of a nearby alarm clock along with another film canister dropping down and hitting my right hand. Just as before, the canister rattled with a key tied to a string. My heart raced a bit as I fumbled to open the canister, I was more anxious than before that I should be released. But lo, it was not to be.

The Third Wait
(As Told by the Abductee)

Twice teased, twice denied. This turn of events was almost too much. The hours I had already spent spread out and exposed felt like days. I stress of standing so long was taking its toll on my legs and my wrists were complaining about hanging so long in the cuffs. Shifting wight to my feet in order to relive my wrists only raised the pitch of my leg's complaints.

Now for a third time I stood taking in my situation and feeling it in a much deeper and much more real sense than before. Having endured for this long the possibility of going for another stretch just as long started becoming more and more tangible. I was approaching the point where I would desperately want release. I began again, this time even more in earnest to pull at my bonds although I knew by now it was futile. But my fatigue fueled my vigor until I was quietly reminded of the consequences of such motions by the "tick tick" of the oil pail swinging behind me. I settled down again contemplating the control that simple pail held over me.

Again I let my mind drift aimlessly letting it veer towards sleep but I was frequently pulled back from that ledge by an increased sense of coolness. The dampness in the basement had increased noticeably as the temperature had dropped. While not yet unpleasant I expected it to worsen. Around this same time I was also becoming aware of the need to urinate which only intensified itself when subjected to thought or observation. My only relief from these irritants was in relaxation and stimulation; the latter of which only increased my level of frustration and desire for release.

The time passed slowly until I was jolted alert by the switching on of a light. I blinked a few times as my eyes adjusted to the light. Thinking that finally I'd be free I was shocked when the light gave out a blue flash and the room fell dark again.

The Fourth Wait
(Told from Outside the Story)

Now I was really in dismay. I now knew I'd been standing there exposed for at least six hours. My discomfort had increased considerably since the alarm clock had gone off two hours before and I'd built up a certain anxiety about the light. The first two release methods having failed I was all too aware that there was a full 50% chance of me having to wait until daylight when there'd be enough light to dial the combination on the padlock. Depending on how the sun came into the small window I might still have three or four hours before escape would be possible. When the light came on I let out a sigh of relief knowing my long bondage was at an end. That the light then quickly burned out was a turn of fate that was all too bitter sweet. Not in my wildest dreams could I have invented such a tease. For a few brief seconds I embraced the end of the adventure and being thrown back into it made it all the more real. Here was the rare moment when the line between wanting to want to escape and really wanting to escape is crossed. I had struggled enough to know there were only two ways out: waiting or pulling the emergency string and dumping the oil on myself. While some parts of the preceding description are obvious fiction the key features are true, including the investment in new lingerie. I thought long and hard about pulling that string and had it been just panties and stockings I'd been wearing I think I might just have pulled it. But the thought of wrecking the slip and bra too was more than enough to give me pause, things were going to have to get a lot worse than they were to induce me to ruin over sixty dollars worth of lingerie. So it was settled, I was there for the duration.

As the hours passed the morning cool set in offered me a chill, the urge to urinate grew and at times I thought I wouldn't be able to contain it and my efforts caused constant reminders of my plugged state. My muscles were sore, fatigued and filled with restlessness from lack of sleep. Again and again I resolved to try and loosen by bonds as a way of warming myself and relieving the restless feeling in my muscles -- all to no avail. As I struggled I found myself involuntarily moaning through the gag each time I concluded there was no escape and no relief. In all I spent three hours honestly wanting release and fighting frustration before enough light entered the basement for me to release myself.

After several fruitless attempts in the semi-darkness of morning I finally unlocked the combination lock holding my left wrist. The key to the lock on my right had been hanging just in front of my left hand. When I bent to unclip my ankles my legs wobbled and I had to sit down on the table to keep from falling. It must have been at least fifteen minutes of resting my legs before I felt up to walking. In my relief to be free I'd entirely forgotten about urinating but now that forced me onward. Once upstairs and back in the bathroom I finally removed the plug which left a vacant sensation behind. I quickly washed my face to remove the bulk of my makeup and then crashed onto the bed, still dressed and still cuffed. It was afternoon when I finally woke up and had the energy to grant myself real relief.

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