In Which We Meet Lillan's Friend Lyndia
Lyndia is one of Lillan's internet friends. Here she is telling about herself.

About Lyndia

I've been practising cross-dressed self-bondage since my early teens - illicitly raiding my mothers closet for her outrageous black wet-look over-the-knee boots and my older sisters closet for her leather lookalike skirt, black pantyhose and ballet leotard. Whether or not they ever found out about my interesting little hobby, I never got caught during my occasional interludes (thank Heavens!) and if they did suspect anything, then they never let on!

Once I was suitably attired - the long `70's style boots (it was the late 70's after all!), dark pantyhose, leather miniskirt, shiny leotard (complete with generously stuffed brassiere!) and my mothers best short black leather gloves - I would strut around the house in the most arrogant manner possible, carefully and neatly laying out the numerous scarves, old stockings and neckties that I innocently bound and gagged myself with in those days, setting the scene before binding myself into what I then believed was helpless oblivion!

Watching the pathetically struggling B Grade actresses on TV re-runs, squirming against what I quickly learned was very ineffectual and rather sloppy bondage, I naturally began to develop an interest in both fetish wear and much tighter, more effective bondage. My biggest inspiration was Diana Rigg/Emma Peel of the British TV show `The Avengers'. She sparked my interest immensely - apart from her skin-tight black leather Catsuits (Mmmmmmm!), she always typified the strong-willed woman snared and captured by strangers, writhing valiantly (but rather uselessly, of course!) against the tight ropes and merciless gags. These were my role models, and the images I strived to re-create during my daring `escapades'.

What I craved most was to savour the exquisite but sensual bondage: to be held hostage by the carefully tied ropework, my mouth filled with a brutally tight gag. My favoured position during my formative bondage years was the hogtie - it allowed me a reasonable degree of helplessness without being too easy to escape from. My adventures were usually conducted on my parents double bed, before their wall-to-wall mirrored wardrobe doors. That way I could take in every little detail and really get into it! Naturally, all my adventures required the heavy application of evening style make-up - I became quite skilled in applying the dark eyeshadow, bright lipstick and thick black eyeliner, and soon began to resemble a Jennifer West lookalike - very sexy!


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