Lyndia Submits
Lyndia is one of Lillan's internet friends. Lyndia has asked Mistress Lillan to set a task for her.

Lyndia's Submission

Lillan Writes:
Since you don't have wooden floors you must aquire a piece of plywood or something similar into which you can securely place six (6) eyebolts. You will insert the eyebolts into the plywood as required in the following description.

You will use a time release mechanism for this task, you choose the one that is most appropriate for your circumstances. A minimum of one hour must elapse between the time you complete the bondage and your release mechanim activates. Be sure to have an emergency backup.

You will dress in seductive vampish attire that must include a short skirt or dress and stockings. You may wear panties (or pantyhose) ONLY if they leave your trove exposed and very easily accessible. If you lack something suitable and are so inclinded you should RIP open the back of a pair of panites but not so much as expose your appendage. You will kneel down on the plywood and spread your kness WIDE apart. You will fasten your knees (above and below the knee cap so the knees cannot be worked free) to a pair of eyebolts in the plywood. Collars and locks are preferred but you may use rope if you lack the collars. Next you will spread your feet out wider than your kness and fasten your ankles to another pair of eyebolts. Continue by inserting a gag and then violating yourself with a suitable plug. Lock a collar to your neck. Bend at the waist bringing your head onto (or near) the plywood as close to your knees as possible. Lock the collar to a fifth eyebolt. You should be bent over, your ass in the air and spread for any and all to do with as they please. Complete the bondage by applying a pair of handcuffs and locking them to a sixth eyebolt just above your head. Your elbows must be positioned such that they can bear weight. You may place a towel under your head if you so choose. Once you are released you will refrain from relieving yourself for at least 24 hours.

You will report to me as soon after you are finished as possible, preferably before returning to your alter-personality. Your report will include details on your atire, each piece of your bondage, your release schemes, and your struggles and reflections while bound.

Mistress Lillan

Lyndia Replies:
Dear Mistress Lillan,
Your instructions required me to brief you on the details of my captivity immediately after I had released myself and before closing this window on the latest of Lyndia's little adventures. Your instructions were sufficiently detailed and strict enough to assert your dominant position, yet still allow me ample freedom to satisfy my own desires, as well as your own. I appreciate the latitude.

As your orders were to report directly to you immediately after I'd freed myself, I thought I would brief you on some of the more routine (and possibly less exciting) details beforehand, so that I don't waste valuable time on trivial detail once I've untied, unplugged and ungagged myself. It should help me cut straight to the chase. That way I hope you will receive my thoughts and experiences on the foreplay of dressing and making myself ready, the bondage and the (enforced) time it allows me for reflection, and of course, my thoughts after the event. I'm keen to set the scene beforehand, in order to transmit (and preserve for us both) the purity of my thoughts immediately post-activity.

I made the piece of plywood that you instructed me to acquire into a low dais by nailing lengths of pine 2" x 1" along the edges, which upside down made it look like a box. This allowed me to (a) drill holes to pass ropes through (more about that in a moment) but more importantly (and central to your commands) to allow me to bolt the eyebolts through the plywood for added security (the ply was too thin to use screw-in eyebolts without leaving too much of the screw thread exposed [or sticking out the other side], as I didn't want them coming adrift mid-struggle). Flipped up the right way, I covered the dais with a square of surplus carpet (with rubber underlay backing) to make it blend into the existing floor coverings. I fastened the six chromed eyebolts (which I was to use in such a way to hold me with my legs splayed wide apart and my unprotected butt in the air), with nuts and washers both sides for added security. They were positioned strictly in accordance with your wishes. Here are the rough dimensions?

Knees located roughly central within the square, 20 inches apart. Ankles located towards one end of the board, 30 inches apart, with feet splayed out and flat along the board. Collar anchor located 6 inches forward of the knee anchor points, with a short length of chain (6 inches) to be padlocked at both ends (collar and anchor). Wrists located centrally at the head of the board.

Your instructions stated that I should use lockable collars to secure my legs, but regrettably my bondage accoutrements do not extend that far. To compensate for this lack of finality in my captivity, I took the liberty of including additional anchor points for my legs and elbows. Firstly I attached a number of curtain rod hooks either side of the space my legs will occupy, between the eyebolts at knee and ankle (are you familiar with the hooks I mean?). These will serve as tie-down points to rope my stockinged calves down flat to the board. Second, I fashioned some elbow bondage by tying two loops of rope through holes strategically drilled in the board, the knots out of sight and made inaccessible beneath the board. Each loop has been placed roughly in line with my face, and slightly inside the line of the anchor point for my knees. These loops of rope (should!) have just enough slack for me to slide my elbows through before fastening the handcuffs ? I 've briefly tested the arrangement, so I'm pretty sure I'll have to stretch forward slightly to reach the handcuffs, pulling out the minute amount of slack left in my elbow bonds. I hope they will assist in the totality of my forthcoming bondage.

As you know, the images I create with my bondage are as equally important to me as the physical experience it provides ? I don't want to miss a single moment! With your permission, I would like to position mirrors in such a way as to amplify and accentuate the bondage. A mirror to my front will be positioned in such a way that I would have to flatten out my back, drop my butt and pull backwards against the collar chain to help me crane my neck upwards to look to my direct front. I have every reason to assume that the position will be extreme enough to only allow me to hold it for a limited amount of time before relaxing and forcing my head down again. The mirror at my side should give me an uninterrupted view of my uncomfortable and exposed profile (if once again, I can turn my head sufficiently long enough to look at it), with another smaller mirror placed behind me to give me a view of my vulnerable derriere. It should also provided me with a view of my face between my legs. I haven't decided on a gag as yet, but I'm sure that my favourite ballgag ? tightly fastened - will force me to drool heavily onto the carpet (hence, I'm sure, your suggestion about placing a towel beneath my head!). That should provide an interesting picture!

I haven't tested the mirrors yet, mainly because I hadn't had the chance to consult you. Please let me know if you approve of the use of mirrors, and the other small modifications to the bondage you stipulated in your instructions.

Yours in bondage,
Slut Lyndia!

Dear Mistress Lillan,
Well, after quite a considerable wait, I've finally got the chance to attempt the formidable task you set for me! I regret not being able to get around to this sooner; as you noted in your `about me' section, this is a Part-time hobby for me, it doesn't rule my life, and I don't think it will ever replace my professional or family life as my raison detre. Hence the delay - the past few weekends have presented the opportunity to get into it on my own.

However, things are finally looking up! As I've previously communicated to you, one of the elements of the foreplay to my daring little adventures is to dress very slowly, taking ages to apply my make-up before taking some time out to phone a few friends. Why I find this so appealing is that they have no idea that the seemingly innocent phone call is not from who they think, but is in fact from a vampishly clad seductress, contemplating all manner of wicked delights!

In this case, I thought I'd spend some quality time typing you a quick e-mail, to let you know that if you happen to read this in the next few hours, I will be suitably attired, helplessly bound and gagged, contemplating my fate as I wait patiently for my release to kick in! May be as you read this you can even imagine how I'm feeling, what thoughts are going through my mind, my hopeless struggles against the tightly tied ropes and stringent position, my frantic moans for help, etc. I thought that sending this immediately prior to the event might heighten the experience for you - it's certainly making me very hot!

Another reason I suppose is to give you a few details on my attire and make-up. I've tested my punishment block a few times before embarking on this little escapade - what lengths of chain were required, where to position ropes and anchor points, etc - and it will no doubt be quite a test of my endurance! These short tests have proven one thing to me, that it may be quite an arduous experience. I just hope I have the stamina to adequately describe my feelings post activity! That explains to some extent my decision to take time out to write you this e-mail - the desire not only to include you in the foreplay, but also to psyche myself up for the challenge that lays ahead.

Everything is laid out downstairs waiting for me - the ropes, padlocks, chains, handcuffs, buttplug, etc. Mirrors have been positioned to my direct front, to one side and to my direct rear. So far, I think the best view will be from behind - the view of my vulnerable (but plugged) derriere thrust up in the air. I should also be able to see the reflection of my face from between my legs. I'm not sure if I'll be able to look up very much or to look sideways - the chain from my collar to my knees is too short to allow me much freedom in that regard (I've checked!). I have a video camera positioned so that it gets a good rear quarter shot of my bound form, taking in the reflections of the front and side mirrors. Also waiting for me downstairs is my favourite red rubber ballgag - that should keep the protests down to a bare minimum! I'd contemplated using my tried and true panty/scarf/tape gag, but I think you'd like to hear a little bit about the problems I might face with controlling my bodily functions (namely uncontrollable drooling!) from having my mouth prised open by the ballgag.

My release mechanism is a key frozen into an ice block. I've timed the rate at which the ice cube will melt, and it will definitely remain frozen and inaccessible for the 60 minutes you ordered me to remain in bondage (that includes time spent imprisoning myself, etc). I realise that it's simple, but as my first attempt at using a release mechanism, I'd prefer to keep things at an elementary level. Besides, although it is a simple means of release, it is still very effective! I've also gone for a simple failsafe - it's a mug of very strong cold coffee, positioned on the floor some distance away to one side. A length of twine is tied to my handcuff anchor and leads to the handle of the mug, with the key tied to the free end on the other side of the handle. Pulling on the twine will upset the mug, spilling the strong coffee all over the light coloured carpet. It's not permanent (I don't wish to completely destroy a few thousand dollars worth of carpet!) but it should serve as a strong disincentive to an easy out (just cleaning it up should be a major operation!).

I've thought long and hard about how to prevent myself from achieving an orgasm mid-punishment. You asked me to specify the measures I would take to prevent such a thing occurring. Short of some fairly drastic cock and ball torture, I have to say that I've been at a loss as to how to prevent an orgasm - short of doing my best not to squirm too much and cause too much friction. Under my high waisted black lycra panties, I'm wearing a panty girdle to flatten out my manhood (with an appropriate hole neatly sewn into the back) so that should hold things fairly still and prevent too much delicious friction. However, I think that the very position you've specified for my bondage will well and truly take care of that! (Ah, cunning Mistress!)

I thought I'd take some time now to tell you how I'm dressed, how I've been strutting arrogantly around the house, posturing and posing at myself (naughty Lyndia!). If you were here right now, you'd definitely see the need for me to be subjugated, to spend some time in gagged and bound silence to contemplate the error of my ways!

I miss my latex catsuit, but in accordance with your instructions, I've dressed myself in my most seductive and vampish outfit, ensuring that I'm wearing stockings and a short skirt. I'm afraid the short black cocktail dress and PVC gloves I was wearing when I last wrote to you wouldn't stand up to too much punishment (as I'm sure you know, rope burn has a way of making nice things very second-hand very quickly!), so I've changed to a high necked, long sleeved black latex dress - it zips up at the back and has a very short hemline! I'm wearing my corset under the dress, with suspenders holding my latex stockings up (I'm pretty tall, so I found it hard to find latex stockings that came all the way up my thighs). Having finally found a pair, I think it was worth the wait - they look and feel great! It's a shame that my favourite lace-up, thigh length boots don't quite go with this outfit (the red scolloped trim in front looks a bit out of place), so I've gone to a pair of black patent five inch court shoes (Besides, the boots - when tightly laced - make even bending my knees to walk very difficult!). I have to keep telling myself to walk slowly (arrogantly!) and straighten my back - the heels are so high that I keep wanting to bend my knees to compensate!

I've already buckled the studded leather collar around my throat - I'm afraid mine doesn't lock itself on (as you specified) but I'm sure it's as 100% escape proof as the rest of my bondage! As I noted in an earlier letter, typing in gloves is an unusual sensation, as is looking at the computer monitor whilst wearing false eyelashes. I have a pair of latex gloves stretched up past my elbows and whenever I walk past a mirror, I catch my reflection. The latex is glistening, my eyes and mouth are painted with such dramatic effect that even in such a crude mirror as the window, I can see just how sluttish I look! I've gone away from my usual silvery grey eyeshadows, to a combination of subtle browns, lighter on the inside, darkening towards the outer corners of my eyes. I've accentuated them with some shiny chrome highlighter under my carefully plucked brows, and lined them very heavily with thick glossy black eyeliner. The eyeliner is painted in a sharply geometric shape - very thick on the upper lids, more subtle below my eyes - and gives my eyes that `Cleopatra' look! Very sexy! My cheek blush is quite dark, complementing my lips, which I've painted in dark plum coloured lipstick. It's long-wearing, so it shouldn't smudge while I'm gagged!

Batting my exquisitely long eyelashes and pouting at the reflection in the mirror makes me realise that it's time for Lyndia to take one more small (high-heeled) step into the wider world and submit to the punishment that the bitch so richly deserves!

Hopefully, by the time you read this, I'll be bound by my own hand, but entirely for your pleasure! I'll be writhing and struggling against the bondage you so carefully detailed, moaning desperately against the ruthless gag, my legs splayed and lashed wide apart, my butt thrust skywards for any and all to take advantage of, should they so desire... I'll be thinking that if you were here, you could carefully check the ropes, pull out whatever tiny amounts of slack you might be able to find (perhaps a quick cut across my exposed butt with a riding crop for every loose rope!). No doubt my moans of protest, brutally silenced though they'd be, could be further quietened by pulling the ballgag another notch tighter into my mouth. My heavily eyes would be wide open, pleading with you not to, but...

Mmmm, better go and get into it before things get out of hand! See you soon!


Dear Mistress,
Well, I've returned to the keyboard to give you a report on the past little while. You specified that I was to report immediately, before changing back out of my alter personality. I hasten to obey!

When I last left you, I was building myself up by writing you a horny e-mail. I hope you got it straight away, because then you've spent the past hour or so pondering exactly what I've just been going through! I've had ample time to think about this for the past hour, but now I can't think where to begin! My initial impressions first...

You were right - pressing the send button is like clicking that last ratchet of a handcuff tight. So much so that I found myself somewhat breathless with anticipation when I made my way slowly and sexily downstairs to submit to your wishes. My spike heels clacked loudly on the slate tiled flooring on the way to the den - the scene of the crime.

Before me was my punishment block, with the ropes and other paraphernalia laid out within easy reach. My first action was to place the video camera on stand-by, ensuring the remote was close by. My next action was to quickly inspect my failsafe, located some way away from the main action, but secured by strong line to my handcuff anchor. If that line came loose, I was indeed in trouble!

Crossing to the bar fridge in the corner, I had to slow down my gait again, reminding myself to be a lady and not rush. Slowly, daintily, I retrieved the ice cube from its tray - the blurred shape of the key inside indistinct but recognisable. More of the strong twine protruded from the cube, the free end of which I fastened to the handcuff anchor eyebolt next to my failsafe. I had a momentary pause while I considered whether when it was time to seek release, whether I would grab the wrong string. In the end I decided that it should be quite apparent for me - the ice cube line was much lighter and had less resistance when pulled.

I stopped to look around the room - was I up to this? Was this a smart idea following the instructions of someone who I'd never met - would probably never meet - who wanted me to tie myself up and stay that way for an hour? Even the position wasn't my particular favourite - I would have much preferred to be bound to a chair or hogtied, squirming sexily to orgasm. But her instructions were clear; I was not to achieve an orgasm, and worst of all, I was to bind myself in such a position which I thought would test me physically. Was this what I wanted? Should I surrender control, even for a short while? In a way I suppose I had asked for it - after all, a promise was a promise, and trust equally important. Second thoughts aside, I knelt down on the raised platform and hit the REC button on the video remote. It was time.

The bondage I had been ordered into by my Cyber-Mistress was minimalist -I normally tie metres and metres of rope around me! In this case it was to tie my legs with my knees located roughly central within the square, about 20 inches apart. My ankles were to be bound some 30 inches apart, with my feet splayed out and flat along the board. As I mentioned, I'd placed small curtain rod hooks (also called cup hooks) to secure my calves flat along the board. I positioned myself so that the eyebolts at my knees and ankles were inside, i.e. between my legs. That way when the pressure of my stance got extreme, the steel eyebolts wouldn't dig into me.

I was surprised just how easy it was to bind my legs to the board - my bondage normally takes forever! Starting with one ankle, I looped a rope through the eyebolt so that the free ends were equal in length. I then looped the cord in opposite directions around my ankle, threaded back through the eyebolt until I had about six loops of rope around my latex stockinged ankle. I tightened the ropes with a cinch, knotting it under my ankle, finally tucking the ropes neatly out of the way.

I used a similar set-up to bind my knee, but in this case ran the ropes around my bent knee again taking each rope around three times to give me six loops of rope. I then knotted the rope at the eyebolt before taking it back behind my knee (through the crease) around the loop to cinch it tight back towards the eyebolt. Again the knots were knotted securely and tucked neatly out of sight. I pushed against the ropes - they held firm. I finished binding that leg by using criss-crossing a length of rope between the five small hooks either side of my calves (spaced about two inches apart), finally knotting the rope at my ankle to the eyebolt. The white rope criss-crossed my glistening black latex-sheather calf, and combined with my knee and ankle bondage to provide an exquisite contrast.

That part had been easy, but securing my other leg in an identical manner was made a little more difficult because of the distance between my legs.

Soon my legs were secure. Time for the buttplug!

I had already smeared the plug with plenty of lubricant, so easing it carefully into my butt didn't create much of a problem. In fact, the position I was in tended to help somewhat, as my legs were splayed wide apart and I didn't need to use my muscles to hold myself in that position (the ropes were doing a great job!). Before fastening the straps under my skirt, I slowly and carefully leaned forward to make sure that the plug didn't cause any problems. So far, so good!

Once I'd strapped the plug in place, It was almost time for the gag. I looked around one more time and took a deep breath. I hoped I knew what I was doing!

I hefted the ballgag by its straps and pulled it into my mouth. Threading the strap through the buckle, I used a single latex finger to push on the ball while pulling the free end of the strap with my other hand. Satisfied that it was as tight as I could comfortably manage, I buckled it securely and tucked away the loose end. My plum coloured lips framed the vivid red rubber ball - it was a long way into my mouth, and hardly protruded at all. Already I felt he urge to slurp the insistent pool of saliva that had already formed. That could be interesting later on!

I cast a look at myself in the mirrors - the latex still gleamed in the strong overhead lighting of the den, the back latex and white ropes contrasting sharply. I batted my long sexy eyelashes at the mirror, my eyes pleading and helpless above the gag. I pouted and pleaded for a few moments, tossing my head and testing the spiteful gag with a few test `mmmmmphs'. My vixen eyes glared back at me, the sharp geometric lining still giving my eyes a predatory look - but in this case a predator who'd found `herself' on the wrong end of the food chain! I was feeling very horny now, so much so that my gloved fingers strayed to the front of my skirt, applying just enough pressure to..

Snap out of it! To go now would wreck the evening's careful preparations and spoil the atmosphere. Besides it was against the rules! It was time now to secure the collar. I bent over, the sudden shift in the buttplug telling me that I'd been a little over-anxious and moved too quickly. The chain to my collar was already padlocked to the eyebolt in front of my face (as I knelt down). The keys were on a small ring, which I'd placed just next to the eyebolt. With my hands cuffed above my head for an hour or more, I would be close enough to see the keys, maybe even touch them with my face or lips if I bent down far enough. However, not being Houdini and having my lips stretched around the ballgag, they would be of no use to me. I clicked the padlock between my collar and the chain. Using my hands to assist me, I leaned back. I could see the mirror to my front reasonably clearly and by turning my head, I could also see my profile - and what a profile it was too! My latex clad butt was shoved high in the air, the look on my face already quite intense and anxious. What would I look like in a few moments?

I had fashioned some loops of rope just forward of my knees and I now fed my arms through these loops before stretching up towards my handcuffs. The rope slid up the well oiled latex, pulling just tight enough to take out the slack (as I'd planned) while I reached for the cuffs. Looking sideways, I wondered for a moment what I would look like with my hands cuffed behind me, possibly pulled upwards towards the ceiling by a strategically placed rope? Too late now! I ratchetted one cuff around my wrist, felt for the ice cube and failsafe release lines with the other before committing myself to the other handcuff. I heard the steel jaw click slowly home. I was trapped!

I waited for a few moments to catch my breath. I placed my head down of the carpet, closed my eyes and waited for a several breaths. I told myself that there was no rush, that I had at least an hour before I the ice melted enough for to escape. I opened my eyes to see my reflection staring back at me from between my legs. It was an odd angle, and my false eyelashes looked strangely out of place. I could see the gag framed by my lips but already I was battling the insistent droll which threatened my dignity. I slurped loudly, but it didn't help. The first thin spiral trickled over my lower lip.

I found it very exciting! I took the time to study the details of my captivity. I rocked back against the collar chain. I pulled hard on my neck now, without my hands to help, and I could see that I was going to learn to hate the chain and collar before long! The collar prevented me from looking all the way up and I could only catch a short glimpse of my dramatically lined eyes and heavily shaded eyes before I had to give my neck a rest. If only I'd used even two or three more links! I pulled against the cuffs - all I was rewarded with was a metallic rattle and a mild pain in my wrists. It wasn't like rope, which had some give in it - these were immovable, brutal, final!

I tried for a sideways glance - even that was difficult. I rested back on my bound elbows. I was glad I hadn't deviated from the instructions and tried to cuff my hands behind my back. I would have been in serious trouble, and only scant minutes had passed!

I squirmed as far as I was able. All the ingredients of the bondage I would normally enjoy were missing - I couldn't see myself, I couldn't apply any friction to achieve an orgasm. This was different. This was real bondage. I'd been deprived of something I liked - in this case, the freedom to gyrate sexily and play out a role as a helplessly bound heroine - and the finality of my predicament kept flooding back to me every time I moved my wrists, tried to ease my knees or desperately try not to drool.

My mistress had left it up to me on what I would think about - I had foolishly thought that I might fantasise about all manner of wicked scenarios.. her finding me this way - gagged, bound, helpless, my vulnerable butt pointing skywards - and taking whatever advantage she wished. However, that was before - now I was dealing with just trying to control my drooling, stop the ache in my neck whenever I tried to look around and control the increasing pain in my knees. I waited patiently.

I'd placed a small clock to one side of the dais. It told me that I'd only been here for about 11 minutes. It felt like far longer. I was in danger of losing it badly, so again I closed my eyes and stopped to think and compartmentalise what I was feeling. Maybe fantasising about my predicament was the way to go, after all, it was very real! I decided to concentrate harder.

My fantasies, you ask? What would I do if found this way? Who would I want to be found by? What would I have her do, say, act? Would she test my ropes, tighten my gag, chastise and mock me for getting myself so far into this? If it was my mistress, what would she be wearing? Would she take pity on me, unlock my collar and unfasten my handcuffs. only to re-fasten them behind my back, tying my elbows together and forcing me to kneel facing her.

Perhaps instead she would leave me bound this way, laughing at my predicament while she added yet more and more ropes, ignoring my brutally censored protests as she added to the bondage. She would sit next to, perhaps using me as a footstool as she sipped champagne and flicked though a bondage magazine. For every movement I would receive a light but forceful tap with her riding crop.

No, instead I was here by myself, squirming more now as the pressure began to build up in my splayed thighs. I moaned again and again against the gag, play acting now for the video camera. I couldn't look at myself (asI so very much wanted to do) so instead I begged and screamed for help, listening to the odd gag noises coming from behind the rubber ball strapped deep in my mouth. I tossed and writhed in my bondage, not so much getting so much of a visual effect from it now, but hamming it up for the camera to be savoured later (24 hours from now when my Mistress has permitted me to seek release). My gloved fingers splayed in desperation, clenching and unclenching as I pulled against the cuffs and the elbow bonds.

Other sensations began to flood my consciousness - my toes were beginning to ache from being crammed into the shoes. Could I kick them off? Not a hope. My jaws began to ache and drops of sweat began to bead my brow beneath the band of my wig. I was drooling virtually non stop now, the drool flooding over the top and the bottom of the gag, leaving a dark wet spot beneath my head. I could see the padlock keys glinting innocently just below my vision. What I wouldn't give to be able to get to them right now! To make things slightly more uncomfortable, the lubricant around the buttplug must have worn down a little, because any movement of my butt was causing a tiny bit of friction between the cruel plug and the sensitive skin gripping it. I let out a long `Mmmmmmppphhh' in sheer frustration!

I looked at the clock again - 53 minutes had elapsed. I could barely believe it! The ice must be thawed. I leaned back as far as I could and pulled on the ice cube line. The cube was still half there! That was not good. I was really starting to become overwhelmed by the physical sensations now, and wondered if it wasn't high time to take some drastic action. Lowering my head and slowing down my breathing again, I looked back up and pulled the key towards me until the ice cube was in the palm of my gloved hand - things weren't so dire to contemplate the failsafe. Iwas getting very warm in my latex dress and I was suer I could assist nature by melting the ice just that little bit quicker. It still took another 12 minuted for it to be small enough to clumsily break off the remaining crust with my gloved fingers. Freeing myself took another few long minutes.

Right now, I'm free of the buttplug (thank Heavens!) and, having changed my panties for ones without a hole in the back, I've shoved the other used panties into my mouth and tape it shut with several pieces of surgical flesh-toned tape (we discussed this in a previous e-mail - I did however enjoy a glass of chilled champagne before submitting to the gag). I put liquid foundation and powder over the tape and painted some deep red lips on the tape over where my lips should be. That way anyone looking in (and they can only see my head and shoulders in the upstairs window, won't be suspicious). I've kicked off my shoes for the trip upstairs, although I'll probably put them back on in a short while. I think I'll stay this way for a little while yet!

Well, that concludes my report on the little task you set me. Having been wicked and rather naughty, the bitch truly got what she deserved! In return, perhaps you can go back to what I was fantasising about and fill in the blanks (as you do in your e-mails). Tell me what you'd like to have done if you'd found me the way you wanted me (please don't spare the detail - it will heighten the experience..

Until then,

Lillan's Nexus

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