To: lillan
From: "michele L" <>
Subject: Key hiding & dressing

Hi Lillan,

I have just stumbled upon your site and like what i have seen very much. I have also used the "key hiding" method quite often. Oh yeah, I crossdress as well.

My idea is having a second car key, that way the spare gets hidden well away from where I park the car... It usually goes something like this. I sometimes like the humiliation of everyone seeing that I am just a man in woman's clothing, so I will dress at home, wearing a very short skirt, sheer white blouse with a colored bar underneath, pantyhose & high heels. Then I put on some loose male clothing to hide my outfit from the neighbors, bringing the wig and heels in a bag. Next I head for a busy shopping mall, usually on a rainy saturday, thus insuring a large crowd of young people (who are the most likely to humiliate me with cat-calls, hoots and hollars etc...

I enter the mall, my male clothing still over my female outfit and find a very busy area (food court) I then hide the spare key somewhere. Sometimes I have taped it under a table, this way I have to go to that table to get it. (This causes me further time exposed, as there is usually people sitting there when I return, so I have no choice but to wait off to the side for the people to finish eating in order to retrieve the key. Once it took nearly forty minutes!) Next step is to return to the car and remove my male clothing, leaving me in my skimpy female outfit. I then drive a couple of blocks away from the mall and put on my wig and heels... then LOCK the keys IN the car!!! There is no choice, but for me to walk back to the mall, walk the full length of the building, through a gauntlet of kids, parents, teenagers, workers, All staring at me as I pass by. (I've worn no make-up to add to my humiliation). After getting the key, I have to make the LONG walk back to the car.

This scene has brought me lots of enjoyment/humiliation over the years, as once the keys are locked inside the car, I have no choice but to go into the mall. I could ask someone for a coathanger, but that would be just as bad, and imagine if the police stopped and saw a man in a miniskirt trying to break into a car!.....

Feel free to edit and use this story as you see fit for your site. Also, I just made my own site, a first effort, but it will improve.

Feel free to add it as a link if you wish. Let me know if you wish me to add Your site to my link list.

Take care,

Lillan's Nexus

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