About This Site

This site is dedicated to the exploration of cross dressing and bondage, particularly self bondage. I first created the site in order to meet other like minded individuals. In that regard it's been quite successful despite the lack of attention I've given it.

One thing I've discovered is that there are way too many great ideas and stories out there that people are willing to share if only they had an outlet. After all, web site authoring isn't for everyone. With the revamping of the site I'd like to include more of your adventures, stories, tips and ideas as well as my own.

When I first created the site I offered myself up as an e-sub to anyone who cared to take the time to get to know me a bit and push me in new directions. I soon learned what a difficult endeavor being an e-dom is. Being a good e-dom is a lot of work, it takes time to get to know an e-sub and a lot of creative thinking to keep her busy. Being an e-sub is also quite demanding since it's hard to give enough back to the e-dom to make the dominant experience rewarding. In short, with a few notable exceptions, there weren't a lot of takers. There were however, lots of others who wanted to share in the e-sub experience. In that regard, I've discovered the best solution is to make friends with someone else out there and take turns being dom and sub. It's especially true in this virtual world that role-changing makes you a better dom or sub.

I've also had lots of requests for more scenarios like those described in Bondage Life. While I don't have more that are complete with graphics, I have a received a few suggestions that do stand alone. As time permits I'll be adding them to the site and I'd love to collect more. So if you've got any ideas let's here them.


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