Lillans' Makeup Tips
Start with a close shave. I've found that if I start with two or three day's growth I can get a very close shave. I also suggest shaving in the shower after you've finished washing. To help me see, I use a small camping mirror that I keep on a hook.

To help with the finished texture start with an application of mositurizer but keep it off of the upper eyelid. The dryer my skin, the more I use.

Next comes the foundation which serves as a base for everything else and also acts as a beard cover. I have kind of dry skin so I use a replenishing foundation. If you're face is oily or sensitive pick choose a foundation with a suitable formulation. Color is also important, try to pick one that matches your skin color as closely as possible. Apply the foundation with your fingertips. (Some people suggest using a sponge but I've found a spong is harder to control and leaves too thin a covering.) For an optimal finish work on one section at a time starting with upward stokes and finishing with downward strokes. Go as lightly as possible, avoid that pasty look. Give special attention to the ear, neck, hear and jaw lines, these are where you'll discover if you've got the wrong shade.

Some people suggest using concealer before foundation, I prefer to use it after. I use a color that is a shade lighter than the foundation to cover my upper lip where my beard is more dense. (Using too dark a shade will have the unintended effect of making the concealed areas too dark. If you use too dark a shade of concealer to cover dark circles around your eyes you'll end up looking like a racoon.) When applying the concealer, dot it on, don't over do it and don't rub it. Pat it with your fingertips to blend it into your foundation.

Don't overlook the powder. I use loose translucent power when home. If you need extra coverage you may want to try colored powder that matches your foundation color. If you're out and about make sure you carry some packed powder in your purse, especially if you tend to sweat. If you use loose powder make sure and get one that has a sifter-insert, it helps measure the powder. Use a big fluffy brush, dip it into the powder, tap off the excess then apply with downward strokes. Sweep it all over and flick the excess away. Don't be stingy with it, powder is problem the only element that you can't overdo. If you're using pressed powder gently press the power onto the skin, don't rub it. When you're done pat with a damp sponge for a moist look.

Choosing the right colors is perhaps the hardest part of this whole cosmetic business. To help here's a color table for your viewing pleasure.

Eye Shadow
Next comes the eye shadow. Sit down for this one. Apply the eyeshadow from the lid to the crease of your eye. (For a bit of extra definition you may want to add a touch of brown shadow along the crease.) Use the lighter shade on the inner eye, the medium shade on the center of the eye and the darkest shade on the outter part of the eye. Blend the shades together. If your eye's are too round you can flatten them by bringing the shadow 1/8 inch beyond the lid.

Eye Picture

Eye Liner
Follow the eye shadow with eye liner. (The eyeliner will be easier to apply if you keep it refriderated.) Apply the eye liner corner to corner along the upper lid. Use short strokes. On the lower lid apply it from the outside corner to only the middle of the lower lid. The lines need not bee too dark. A thin light line is much more subtle than a big fat dark one. You can make your eyes look wider by widening the liner at the outter edges of the eyes. If you want your eyes to look big then on the top lid start the liner over the center of the eye and move outwards. (Note, invest in eye makeup remover and your eyes will thank you.)

Next comes the mascara. Start at the base of the lash and twirl as you go up the last. Use just a tiny bit on the lower lash. If you have trouble with clumping use an eyelash comp to separate the clumps. For a more subtle look try some brown mascara.

Now for the lips. Start by tracing along the natural lip line. Using lip liner for this step will help you stay inside the line. (Hint: to make your lips fuller, draw just a hair outside the natural lip line.) Making an "O" with your mouth will help you see the lip line and assure the corners come out correctly. Finish by filling in the outline. I suggest a lip brush for this step which help control the amount you apply. Don't press the lips together.

Finally we come to the blush. Seemingly insignificant, don't skip it! Run the brush across the powder cake and tap off the excess. Smile a big smile and apply the blush to your cheek apples (along the natural line of the cheek bone) using an upward stroke. Blend at the temple. Never apply the blush closer than a finger's width to the nose or closer than an inch to the eye. Go easy on the amout. It's very easy to use too much. If you do use too much use a damp sponge to pat it off.

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