Lillan Goes To The Mall

While making my first cross dressed adventures in public I increasingly built up confidence in my ability to pass and not to get ruffled when I didn't. I considered it a peak when I was able to walk from one end of a mall to the other and back. Doing so however I was sure my nerves were not helping me and it took many tries to get to the point where I could do so with enough confidence that I didn't feel I was being read. These trips typically occured during the day while dressed in concervative, but attractive, business clothes (a favorite style). Soon enough however I wanted to try dressing a bit more outgoingly (is that a word?), casual, but alluring. Knowing that my dress would attract more attention than usual I repeatedly found myself unable to enter the mall. It seems I had hit a wall. By this time I was also experimenting a bit with mixing bondage and crossdressing. I soon hit upon what I considered the perfect idea. I had read about other people hidings the keys that would release them from their bondage in mailboxes, I thought, what if I could hide them at the mall instead and the bondage was my clothes! Thus was born a wonderful scheme.

The first trial was simple version of what has become a much more elaborate scheme. I placed the keys to two padlocks in small manila envelopes and affixed a strip of packing tape to each one. Then visiting the mall one envelope was fastened to the underside of a bench and the other was placed in a planter at the other end of the mall. Next I purchased an expensive body suit and added six sew-on eyelets (like those used to fasten bras) to the crotch. Four of the same eyelets were added to a favorite bra. Once the bra was put on I threaded a small brass padlock through the four eyelets. In this way, removing the bra without unlocking it would surely ruin the bra. After putting on the body suit three small brass padlocks were threaded through the six eyelets. Now without the keys, the bodysuit couldn't be removed without destroying it. Next came a pair of jeans with a chain padlocked around the waist and covered with a wide belt. The ensamble was completed with a pair of low-heeled boots. The top pair of eyelets in each boot was fastened with yet another small brass padlock. I was thus dressed in such a way that it would be near impossible to hide my femine clothes and removing them without the full set of keys would mean ruining them.

I taped the keys to my clothes to the bottom of a strong box and locked it with a padlock whose key was at the mall. Next I put the strong box in a toolbox and locked that with another padlock whose key was also at the mall.

My bondage being complete there was nothing left to do but apply my makeup and wig so that I could retreive the keys. After leaving my house I spent a long time driving around thinking about the adventure ahead. I stopped for gas (a good confidence building step), used a pump easily visible from the road, and paid inside with cash requiring a walk across the lot and the use of my purse inside the store. So far so good. A trip to the post office to check my mail and a stop a drug store both went well. It was time for the trip to the mall. Several times on the way I thought of bailing out but the thought of wrecking over $200 worth of clothes dissuaded me. I parked well away from the mall entrance so that I could calm myself while walking slowly across the parking lot, breathing deeply. By the time I reached the entrance I was well resigned to idea of what lay ahead and began to relax. A gentleman held the door for me as I entered. He smiled as he quickly glanced at me from head to toe. I walked slowly through the mall, breifly stopping every so often to look at the fine apparrel, but never long enough for a clerk to ask me if I needed help. I made my way all the way down the length of the mall to the planter, casually approached it, opened my purse, snagged the key and dropped it in. I took a short tour of the department store at that end of the mall and headed back towards the entrance where I'd started. When I got there there was a woman sitting on the bench just where I needed to sit in order to grab the second key. What to do? Feeling emboldened by my success so far I decided to sit down next to her and wait. We both sat there for about ten minutes and watched the people walk past. Several times I spied men looking at me but none seemed to suspect anything. Finally, I figured this woman just wasn't in any hurry to leave so I looked at my watch, huffed, and headed off to a bookstore where I could browse unacosted by salespeople. It was at least another 40 minutes before the woman on the bench finally left! Apparently she has been waiting for her son who was shopping on his own. I reoccupied the bench, fetched the second key and walked confidently back out to my car, Fantastic!

The first experiment being such a success I then began to think of ways I could expand upon the idea. One of my most elaborate encounters involved several extensions to the above scheme. I put the key to the lockbox (the one for my clothes keys) under a table in the mall's food court. The key to my basement (which can only be accessed from outside the house) was hung from a nail inside the house. In one of the big department stores in the mall I taped the key to a second lockbox on the underside of a rack of slips. The key to the toolbox was placed on the bottom side of a bookshelf in a bookstore. Best of all the door/trunk key to my car was taped inside a drawer of bras at Victoria's Secret. Dressing, I used the same body suit but replaced the jeans with a skirt. I loaded the second lockbox and toolbox into my car and headed off to the mall. Once at the mall I summonded my final resolve as I completed the final steps. I placed my car's ignition key, my house key, my credit cards and all my cash except for $3 in the second lock box. I left the car, locking the doors behind me and placed the second lockbox in the toolbox which was in the trunk. I locked the toolbox and closed the trunk. The setup was complete. In order to leave I had to fetch keys from a department store, a bookstore and Victoria's Secret. Without those keys the only way home was to walk. I didn't have enough money for a cab; and even if I did I wouldn't be able to get in the house or the basement. Moreover, to retreive the keys from the department store and Victoria's Secret meant presenting myself for inspection by the store clerks at the department store and Victoria's Secret as they ask me if I need assistance.

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