What to do when the cuffs won't come off...

Having used handcuffs frequently I always had a thought in the back of my mind on what I would do If I had lost the keys and had to remove them myself.

I had a pair of handcuffs which were old and on their last legs. I put them on myself and decided that I would attempt to remove them without the aid of a key. I however decided on having the keys frozen if I couldn't do it. I have one of those big freezers and I froze the key in an insanely large tin bucket. The bucket had a rim at the top so I could not remove the ice block to smash it. So, it would be a while before I could remove the key.

I took the bucket out, set it out to defrost and locked the cuffs securely on my wrists. I then set forth on the task of removing them. I have large hands, so slipping them off was not possible. I then went to the only other plan that might work...my tools.

I went into my "tool room" and selected various screw drivers and devices which I thought would be helpful. I realized that this would be extremly difficult because how could I possibly do anything to my hands while they were stuck so close together.

After several attempts to hold the hacksaw in a viable possition, I gave up. For the same reason I didn't try the drill either. I then had an idea, I put a screwdriver directly into the keyhole and thought if I smashed it against the table at the right angle I'd break the lock. This proved futile and painful.

By the time the ice was half melted I felt like an idiot for thinking I could do it and wanted to give up. Then I realized that the problem was I was thinking to much, the solution was simple. The hacksaw had not worked because my hands were useless in the cuffs, I needed another pair of hands...like the anchored vice. I felt stupid for not thinking of this before. I put the saw in the vice and tightened it the best I could. I then proceeded to saw clumsily at the chain. It took awile and much cursing but eventually the chain broke. I quickly drilled the locks and was free in plenty of time. I had done it, I had freed my cuffed hands, but then I thought "What if they were cuffed behind me or in more of a complicated possition?"...That is something I still want to try.


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