Meerkat at the Mall

This self bondage story is more of a competition between me and a freind of mine. The bet was to tie our hands together tightly and go to a mall and see who could get untied first. The idea being to get someone else to untie us. It was her idea and I though it was too easy, but I was eager to try it. We went to the mall the next day and we each tied our own hands. I uses a scarf of sorts, she used nylon cord. My wrists were secure. The only way out for me at that point was someone undoing me. I checked her bonds and they seemed as secure. We each entered the mall at separate exits and were supposed to meet up in a half hour free or not. I thought it would be quite easy I went up to the first person and asked to be untied. She looked at me like I was crazy and walked away. Such was the same with every person I asked. The all fled in fear. I made as many excuses as I could but none would even attempt to free me. The time ran out and I waited for my friend at the meeting place. She was of course free. The first person who she asked let her free. I guessed she did her cutsy wootsy face and that was it. As payment for me loosing I had to go the rest of the day in my bonds. I felt like an idiot.


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