Meet MeerKat
MeerKat's Introduction

Well, I like to tie myself up. My favorite sessions are where I mess up and have to go through hell to get myself free.

In an early bondage session I tried something that I had wanted to feel for a long time...Namely waking up tied up. I thought "Would I at first forget why I was like this? What would it feel like coming out of a slumber bound tightly?" So I decided to do it, I'm not one for very strict bondage but I like to be secured, I took four small pieces of nylon rope and fastend them to the head and foot boards of my bed. I taped a swiss arm knife to one of the bars in order to free myself if I couldn't eventually wriggle my way free.

I couldn't wait to go to sleep that night, I was both tired and aroused. When the time came I carefully fastened my feet to the foot boards. I did them loose so I could move around a bit in my sleep. I tied my right arm then underwent a particulary skillfull job of effectivly tying my left.

I was secured, it may sound like a flimsy tying but the ropes even though a bit loose were tight and I wasnt going anywhere for a while. I switched off the light by pulling out the plug that was in reach of my left hand and I laid back to go to sleep. I struggled and writhed in the ropes for a while but eventually dozed off to sleep.

I actually managed to go the whole night without being woken up by the ropes. Sometime around eleven the next morning I came out of my slumber. I had slept close to twelve hours and was groggy, this helped a lot. I forgot what I had done and instinctivly went to get out of bed to go to the washroom.

The feeling was marvelous. Its hard to explain. My heart skipped a beat as the ropes yanked by body back to the bed. I panicked for about a second before I remebered why this was so. It was amazing, the second of genuine surprise and fear was well worth the effort.

Being totally awake at that time I was then left to my favorite part, getting free. I resolved that if by three o'clock I couldn't free myself I would use the knife. I attempted to free my left wrist which I thought to be less secure but it was no use. It had ended up quite secure. My right was no easier. This situation was now perfect, I was utterly and completly stuck to the bed.

I stuggled, pulled, and wriggled the whole time, when the clock went off from the other room telling me it was five. I resolved that the knife was my only way of getting free, so I clumsily retrieved it and cut myself free.


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