Missy Cleans House
Missy is one of Lillan's best net friends, here's how she introduced herself...

Hi Lillan:
Thanks for the helpful hints. I just spent last weekend dressed and in bondage. For long stretches of time I was dressed to the nines in full maid regalia: short maids skirt (exposing stocking tops and all times), petticoats, corsets, over-the-elbow gloves, seamed full fashion stockings and sky high heels (6 inches). My lips were ruby red from my favorite sluttly shaded lipstick and I also wore my Betty Page wig (love it!).

When my wife returned from her trip she commented on how clean everything was. Thats because Saturday, I scrubbed the bathroom and kitchen floors on my stockinged knees. My mouth was securely gagged with a 2 inch ballgag with a head harness (my favorite), my hands were cuffed in front of me and my knees were bound together. A medium butt plug (plenty big for me) was firmly inserted as well. Not an easy way to clean the house! As you recommended, I froze the keys to the handcuffs and with bound insteps as well, the heels were not removable. Also, I attached a rope around my balls and around my cock and pulled it through my legs, around my butt and made a loop around my waist (under my skirt). This prevented me from achieving a satisfactory erection (although I was highly agitated and excited).

The only way I could walk was to hobble. My ankles were not bound and I could use my hands to the extent the cuffs would allow me. Prior to getting dressed, I prepared a bucket of soap and water, towels, sponges, a feather duster (of course), vacuum cleaner.

Once on my knees, I had no problem cleaning the floor. Its just difficult to get used to your hands needing to work in concert, rather than apart. Normally, you would balance yourself with one hand, and scrub with the other. No such luck here. But I scrubbed and scrubbed with my plugged ass high in the air. I found myself wishing tha someone was there to smack it with a riding crop. Having my knees tied together forced my cock between my legs but didn't really affect my ability to clean the floor. It just made it hard to stand up.

Also, the heels are very uncomfortable on the hard linoleum floor. So the longer I stayed on my knees the better. Getting the bucket of water to the bathroom was tough. Not easy to carry a bucket in 6 inch pumps with your knees bound. It took almost 15 minutes to hobble over to the bathroom. I spilled some water on the way and reminded myself to be punished for that later on.

I kept fantasizing that my master or mistress would chastise me and punish me further. Purhaps, removing my buttplug and taking a dildo (or real cock!) to be at their whim. Then, when satisfied, put the plug back into place and order me back to work.

Vacuuming the downstairs and upstairs came next. Again, mincing in my ridiculous high heels with my knees bound required a great deal of patience. I made sure I did a credible vacuuming job downstairs. Then, I had to somehow get the vacuum upstairs. You can imagine the scenario.

It occured to me upstairs that I did not remove the ice cubed keys from the freezer!! This is after 2 hours of cleaning! I went back downstairs and took them out (again, not easy in this state). Of course, I could simply smash the ice and get the keys, so it wasn't really a big deal. By the way, the gag harness also was locked and its keys were on the top of my bookcase - impossible to reach in my state (normally would have to jump a little). That way, I could not remove the gag without being untied. I was drooling all over the place a constantly was slurping back my drool.

It was only until I was completely satisfied with my work perforance that I entertained thoughts of being released. More than anything, I wanted a cold drink! After I finished working, I made my way to my bedroom and got to my bed (whew!). I tied my ankles together (already had secured my shoes to my feet) and cinched them tight. Since my cock was tied up I could not masturbate. So, I wiggled around and felt how good the gag and plug felt. After a while, I untied my legs and feet and minced my way downstairs. The ice was basically melted. I moved the keys from the ice and undid my cuffs.

I decided to leave the gag in (I love being gagged more than anything) although I was really craving my 8 inch dildo. I put a bondage movie on the VCR and came in a matter of minutes fantasizing I was the gorgeous bondagette in the film (Harmony makes great films!).


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