Missy Plays
Missy is one of Lillan's best net friends, here she describes a recent adventure.

I got dressed in a lacy long sleeve top, really short plaid pleated mini, full fashion seamed white stockings and 5 1/2 inch pumps with a strap so they kind of look like high heel mary janes in a way. A black wig and makeup with ruby red lipstick, clip on earings and faux pearls. I looked like a sexed up schoolgirl and (I must say) very hot. This was at 7:00 pm. I also wore a very restrictive pair of panties that prevented me from pleasuring myself. I put all of my bondage equipment out on the bed and was getting very hot. I made myself a drink, and put on some music, crossing and uncrossing my nylon clad legs and loving the swishing sound they made. I pulled out the dildo and got down on my knees, putting the dildo on the glass table at perfect height to perform. I sluttily sucked the cock for about 10 minutes, fantasizing that it was my mistres Lillan.

Then, I went into the kitchen and made myself dinner. I cooked a whole dinner and made a rather large mess (intentionally). After eating, Missy sucked some more cock, but this time, I prepared a wrist cinch and noose and tied my ankles together. The contrast of white rope and white seamed stockings to the black pumps was sooo sexy. I attached the noose through the ankle bonds and left only a little slack. My wrists were behind my back and I pulled the cinch noose tight. Now I was on my knees, bound and sucking the cock like a bad little slut that I am. After pretending that I have satisfied my mistress, I untied myself and replaced the dildo with a ball gag.

I went into the bedroom and changed into a maid's outfit. I also changed into a tight corset (was wearing a cincher before) with six garters and black seamed full fashion nylons and my ruffled sissy panties. (Lillan: you have to get these, they are amazing). I changed into my simple black patent 6 inch pumps (the classic model) and white over the elbow gloves, fixed my lipstick and affixed my head cap and apron. I was ready to clean!

I re-affixed the ballgag and attached handcuffs to my wrists (in front of course). I cleaned up dinner and the kitchen, knowing that my punishment now awaited me. I prepared my pussy for the buttplug and after a few minutes of working it slowly in and out, it slid right in firm. I had earlier prepared a simple ice cube/key release. While sitting on the floor, I bound my ankles, knees and thighs rather tightly. I was already ballgagged. Next I ran a rope under my heels, around my insteps and over my thighs, forcing myself into a crouch. Then, I applied a rope around the back of my neck and under my thighs, so that I was forced into a crouching, tight predicament. I had prepared a torso bond and wriggled it over my shoulders. When I secured my wrists in cuffs behind my back, I realized i was completely immobile.

There wasn't much to do besides waiting for the ice cube to melt and wondering how I was going to maneuver to get it, since I couldn't really move. I was really tightly bound and quite immobile. I fell over onto my side and when trying to move with my feet, I couldn't because of the instep bonds. The nexk rope didn't help either. So, I became resigned to gently working the butt plug with my hands behind my back, thinking about how great it would be to be fucked there.

I also looked rather sexy as my skirt (already short) was hiked way up exposing my ruffled panties and stocking tops. I was wishing I was tied in front of a mirror, but I wasn't.

After a while, I saw the ice was melting, but it was still out of reach. I wanted to try to free my insteps but the neck rope was preventing me from being able to stretch there. The only thing I could do was make small movements. Eventually I got there and the ice was almost melted. I maneuvered around and finally got my hands on the key. It still had a little ice on it, but I rubbed it on the carpet. It took about five minutes to fit the key in. Wheeew!

I moved to the bed and removed my maids outfit, leaving on corset, nylons, gloves, high heels and sissy panties and leaving the plug inserted. I sucked on the cock for a while and then proceeded to tie myself as below.

You may then get into bed and apply the following bondage. Your legs should be tied together at the ankles, below the knees and above the knees-- not too tightly, but snugly. Keep your clit tucked back and out of the way. Bind your arms in front of you, keeping them just loose enough to provide adequate comfort while you sleep. Your arms and legs should be bound the head/foot board and attached by a combination lock (or other suitable device) in such a way that you can't untie your bonds until morning.

I had fastened ropes to the ends of the bed and secured my ankles and knees as mistress demanded. Oh, to be tied again! It felt so good and reassuring. I used wrist cuffs attached to a combo lock with the keys in the other room. Until it got light, I could not release myself. The dildo was safely next to me.

While you sleep make sure the dildo is near by. If you wake at any point during the night suck on it to lull you back to sleep.

I must say, sleep was sporadic and difficult. At first, I was way too excited to sleep. but, when it was obvious that I could not play with myself, I merely rocked my bottom against the bed to feel the plug. Eventually though, I fell asleep (not much else to do) and was exhausted. I woke up often though and sucked some cock (and would push the plug by sitting back on it as it wanted to come out).

In the morning, I was so horny I thought I was going to die. I took out the butt plug and took the dildo out and inserted it into my pussy. I put the ballgag back in my mouth and pulled it tight. I spread my legs wide loving how my legs looked in heels and seamed hose. I pretended you were fucking your little slut for a good ten minutes and loved being fucked by the dildo.

I came harder than ever before.


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