Mistress: Case Study
These "Mistress" pages were created from postings to some of the alt.sex.* news groups back in '97. They deserve to be classics of the Internet. Mistress herself seems not to be maintaining her website any longer so I've reproduced them here.

Subject: Case Hist 1
From: mistress@elray.com
Date: 1997/05/05
Newsgroups: alt.sex.,alt.sex.fetish,alt.sex.oral


regina13988 is a 39 year old married submale who has been in preparatory training for about 5 months, and his first opportunity for "hands-on" training with his out-of-town Training Mistress takes place in this Case History.

My trip to Memphis went quite well. Our client offered to send their limo .. but I opted to take the hotel shuttle. The Peabody Hotel has a very reliable one. I got checked in and settled into the hotel before noon .. and prepared for an afternoon of meetings. These went well and I declined two separate offers for dinner. I, of course, had other plans. I had called regina a few days before just as soon as the trip was made definite. I have a little protocol that I use whenever I call a sub .. at a number he has supplied me with .. which I never do unless it is critical .. like for a session. I ask for "Jaime" (could be male or female, right?) .. If you are available to talk you must answer "Bondage". Get it "Jaime Bondage". If not, I will not proceed with the conversation.

regina was virtually speechless .. pausing .. stuttering .. and then squeaking out a whimpie "bondage". Since she had recorded a profile for me on the voice system .. I knew what she (he) should sound like.

I told regina to be at the Hotel at 8:00 pm sharp and to call my room from the lobby. I told her to be wearing her cockring .. with a utility swivel snap and an 18" length of light chain attached to the D-ring .. but no underwear .. no socks.

Promptly at 8, just as faithful as the daily marching of the Peabody ducks .. the phone rang. I instructed regina to come to my room and to knock three deliberate polite knocks. Then count slowly to one hundred .. and then open the door .. step in .. close the door behind and then turnaround on that spot.

I was ready for her .. all the lights were off and the draperies pulled .. it was absolutely dark. After the door clicked shut I waited about 15 seconds and then said "regina .. you are to undress, RIGHT NOW .. tell me when you are finshed". With no socks and no underwear it didn't take long at all. At the moment she said "I .. I'm finished", I snapped on a lamp .. one of those with a spotlight directional bulb and a clamp. I had secured it to the top of the partially opened bathroom door aimed directly at the floor in front of the hallway door below.

My first image of regina as the light flashed on and down was her cock rising to absolute erect attention as if drawn taut by the light beam. She of course .. could not see me or anything.

I was dressed in black .. what little I had on. Black spike heels and black sheer stockings held in placed with lacie garter snaps to a satin corset which climbed to my tits .. supporting them canti-levered over the top .. but otherwise exposed. At this time of the month, and when traveling .. they are just too ripe and full of milk to be tightly constrained for very long. After an afternoon of modesty and constraint in my business meetings .. it felt good to dress like a Mistress and enjoy the hot .. wet comfort that goes with it. To top it off I wore a pair of elbow length black satin gloves.

I let the shock and vulnerability of the spotlight work on regina for about a minute .. which did nothing to diminish her hard cock. Then I said, "regina you are to kneel on floor facing my voice .. remember, eyes down .. and say nothing". I approached and stopped right in front of her. "Hold out your hands" .. she did and I quickly snapped on a set of stainless steel cuffs. I do this first .. not to take any chances. As they snapped shut .. she momentarily and perhaps involuntarily peered .. ever so slighlty upward .. in reaction.

I wasted no time .. with one motion I lifted her chin with my left gloved hand .. and slapped her sharply with my right. She knew the rule .. just as you do. While she was recovering from that I reached down for the chain and snapped it to her cuffed hands, pinning them to her crotch.

She bowed her head and began slobbering apologies. I can't stand whimpering .. so I slapped her again and told her to "shut up". The I slid a black leather collar around her neck and used a double ended utility snap to secure the collar. To that I snapped on a leather lead (leash).. and placed a leather cuff on each wrist and ankle. Then and only then .. removed the steel hand-cuffs. regina wasn't going anywhere just now . "On your hands and knees .. bitch" .. with hardly a whimper she complied. "Now learn to heel". Every time I place my heel on the floor you are to be there licking it as I raise it to take the next step. She was awkward at first .. but soon was licking in fairly good time following me around the room.

I also reminded her that an oral slave always keeps her mouth open and lips wet .. waiting for the command or the unannounced entry of whatever Mistress might choose.

The lights were still out .. and beyond the spotlight .. it was pitch black. I marched her back toward the bathroom door then stopped and placed a blindfold on her. Then I turned on the overhead light and took a dildo gag .. a very realistic one .. and slid it into her already opened mouth .. and strapped it into place.

I never take chances on a sub not being able to control herself on the occasion of her first punishment .. especially in a hotel.

Then I stood her up and snapped her wrist cuffs together with another double ended utility snap. regina is 5'09 I am 5'8 but with these heels I was 6'0 even. I had her reach as high as she could .. and then .. with a little more reach .. I snapped the other free end to a chain hanging down from the c-clamp I had installed earlier. Then I told her to spread her legs .. she complied to a degree and then I snapped the inside of her thighs with my riding crop .. and she really spread them ... now literally dangling from the chain. Now it was time to examine and test my little regina.

I removed one glove .. and alternated flicking her with the crop and exploring first with the gloved hand and then my bare hand .. I wanted to become familiar with every facet of her body .. every orfice, both of her pussys (anal and oral) .. and that worthless appendage between her legs that kept her from being the woman she secretly dreamed of being.

Now was the time of truth. regina had declared only 5 inches on enrollment. Since then we have shifted to the bulk inch concept, as you may know. Bulk inches being the sum of length plus largest circumference. She had amended and paid tax on an additional five inches of circumference.

I took the crop and teasingly swatted his cock several times. Then I told her what I was going to do .. measure her .. I had removed the other glove .. and squeezed some lotion into my palms and then very carefully began slowly lubricating and massaging her cock and balls and back to her ass .. a time or two. I wanted to be sure she would be ready for measurement to my maximum advantage. Perhaps it was my imagination but it felt as if she was growing and expanding in my very hands.

I used to use steel calipers to measure .. but the steel was always so cold that it sometimes caused the sub to retract every so slightly on touch. However, for Christmas, Master gave me a very unique somewhat over-sized Barbi Doll. which we named "little Mistress".

Remove her panties and there was an extremely life-like pussy with a baby soft clit and lips .. made of a stretchable soft vinyl latex. Remove her blouse and her tits are really just two big nipples .. Turn her over and her back is clear plastic with a scaled markings from 4" to 10". Before using her you can give her a hot water douche that leaves her very hot wet and squishie. A little hot lotion makes her just right for measuring. First however I take a satin measuring tape (yes, they do make them) and measure the widest circumference. regina was the biggest about two inches back and measured a full 5 1/2 inches! next I removed her cockring .. as we prepared to measure the length or penetration capability.

Then I lubed up "little Mistress" and helped her to begin slowly fucking regina .. watching him slide deeper and deeper into her .. 4 inches .. 5 inches .. 5 1/4, and finally 5 1/2 inches of penetration. As I announced the measurements, regina groaned .. her math like mine told her instantly that 5.5 + 5.5 was 11 .. not the 10 that had been declared.

This created a moment of stress for both of us. She knew the rules, just as you do. Stress for me .. not because she had to be whipped .. I would enjoy that. It was just that I so close to my period .. that sucking and nursing feel so .. very very .. good. And I felt disappointment knowing that I would have to send him away after whipping him ..

And of course, I had wanted to take her training as far as possible.

Regretfully I loosened and removed the dildo gag .. and I asked her if she knew what 11 inches meant. She was quiet for a few moments .. and then in a voice cracking with tears .. said "yes, Mistress, I have failed you and I have failed myself. I am so sorry .. I would do anything to gain your forgiveness". My pussy moistened further at hearing that. Then I reinstalled here cock ring and pulled it an extra notch tighter.

regina had originally responded to me .. admitting a life-long desire to suckle milk in addition to her natural submissiveness.

Not forgetting for a moment the punishment that had to be delivered and received .. I unsnapped the overhead chain and told regina to kneel on the floor. She did .. and I leaned her head back until she was looking directly at the ceiling .. though still blindfolded, of course. Then with the crop I spread her legs further apart .. and then scooted the loose end of her cock chain back behind her. Picking it up in one hand, I rotated her collar with my other hand so that the snap was in back .. and then pulled the chain as tight as possible before .. snapping it to the collar.

This is the "receptacle position" If the head is pulled forward the chain bites into his ass and further squeezes his balls .. causing immediate and sharp discomfort ..

All of this excited me .. and I was quite hot and wet by this time. My tits were aching also .. begging for relief. regina was locked into position mouth opened .. directly below me. I leaned over close to her face .. and ever so lightly touched a nipple to her nose with just enough pressure that a drop of milk was expelled and rolled onto her face. I repeated this several times all about her face and soon there was enough milk that I allowed her to swath them with her tongue .. all that she could reach. She moaned at the touch of my nipple and again at the sweet taste of each drop.

The as I leaned over her .. one at a time, I took each breast in both hands, and expelled the milk in spurts and sreamlets directly into her waiting mouth. Whenever I stopped she cried and begged for more. There was such a pathetic tone to her voice and pleas .. and knowing the punishment that she had to receive .. I weakened .. and lowered my breast until the nipple was just over her mouth. First I placed a finger in her mouth and she began sucking like a nursing baby. Then I slowly removed the finger .. her tongue following it out of her mouth where the waiting nipple claimed her attentions. I must confess that I allowed her to nurse in this position and manner for at least 15 minutes .. which did reduce the pressure somewhat, as she was licking furiously and moaning in between and all at the same time.

As I mentioned before, I think, my period was approaching .. which makes me hotter and hotter .. and more and more .. in need of relieving my tensions .. both sexual and dominately physical. It dilates my pussy .. and makes even the act of urinating a sensual experience. Master taught me to "blend' long ago.

I knew that it would be wrong to allow regina to to lick my pussy in these circumstances. She had not earned that privilige and her failures of measurement had spoiled any chance of this being earned tonight.

As I looked down at that open mouth .. I was overcome by a sudden desire to mount that waiting receptacle .. to use her .. to punish her .. she had spoiled my evening. I wanted to teach her right here and now .. that she is to honor and serve and relieve and satisfy my pussy in every manner and every time .. and always .. whenever I want it and need it..

The wine with my dinner was now demanding attention .. and adding to my torment and desire to blend. Teaching her this lesson would surely offset .. the fact that sucking alone had not been earned .. this was how I began to rationalize it in my mind. This intense desire was driven by the rapid appproachment of my fertility rites .. and that became both a source of both .. passion and of fear. Passion because the closer I get .. the better and more satisfying .. it is to demand and command oral service.

The fear was that I might not be able to stop .. and sometimes sexual stiumulation accelerates the onset of flow. Even though the effect is like adding fine sherry to an already delicious entre .. I was afraid for regina .. would it be too much .. too quick .. would she be traumatized by the experience. Did she have enough time .. for once this begins the sub must be kept on the pussy .. until totally broken to know and love and desire this most intimate of all sexsual experiences. Once broken to this level of oral service .. she would crave it from that day forward.

All of this flashed through my mind .. as she waited mouth opened .. slowly and methodically licking her lips to keep them wet and ready .. my need for blending relief .. the bitch heat of my impending flow .. and of course the whipping that awaited all of this to reach a climax.

I wondered if her cock and balls could take the cockring that long.

I wondered if she might cum spontaneously from the excitement.

I wondered about many things .. and hoped that other subs would not fail me too.

I wondered if a sub is ever "ready" for total oral service ...

I wondered if any sub could ever totally satisfy my needs.

Well that's about all the time I have right now to document this case history. I will tell you the rest of it later. I have to go now and ... do some exercises myself.

As you will recall regina was strapped into the "negative reinforcement" ... receptacle position. On her knees .. hands behind her back bound to her ankles .. head pulled back with a leash pulled tight connecting the back of his collar to the cockring between her legs. In this position the mouth is opened .. and waiting.

As I mentioned before, I think, my period was approaching .. which always make me hotter. I have learned to blend traces of my golden .. spiking my juices .. I wanted him to sacrifice, taste and experience this.

Finally though .. reason triumphed for the moment. It would have been unfair of me to have taken this aspect of his submissve cherry .. so cheaply ... without having made him EARN it .. and ultimately BEG for it. (and if past history is an indicator .. he will beg for it later).

The truth was that by the failing of his measurement (larger than he paid for with his pole tax) .. he could not be rewarded in any manner; he must be whipped and dismissed. And he had so much wanted to learn and someday qualify for show dog training.

The night was early .. and I had not yet achieved a really good orgasm. So I decided to give regina a taste of show dog training before the whipping finale. I put her into the Bitch Dog Position.

This is a training technique for use with submissive females or males, regardless of whether or not .. the sub has expressed any previous interest in "dogs" or "dog training".

The sub is put into what is called the "Bitch Dog Position". This is done by stripping her .. and placing her on "all fours" .. on the carpet .. or on the bed facing the foot of the bed. Next she is collared and blindfolded. I put regina on the bed.

Next .. I began "styling" him up with my hands and the riding crop. Styling, means to position the hands, knees and feet "just right". It also means arching the back .. pushing up the tummy .. stroking the cock .. massaging the balls ... projecting her ass back and up ...

Then I positioned his head and chin "just right" .. just as if she was being prepared for judging in a regular Dog Show competition .. just like you have seen on television.

I told her that she must maintain that position .. no matter what else is happening around her .. or to her. I tightened her cock ring and and noted that she was harder and bigger than ever.

I replaced her blindfold .. and told her that she must learn to trust and to suck .. instinctively and hungerily .. on whatever I placed in her mouth .. to suck automatically and obediently .. trusting that her Mistress knows what is good for her. It could be a finger .. a nipple .. a toe .. a vibrator .. a dildo ... it doesn't matter .. just suck as though your very nourishment depended on it. To fail is to lose the right to suck the offering .. and suffer an immediate whipping.

I took my fingers, squeezing her cheeks, and showed her how to hold her mouth open in a rounded circle about the size of my favorite dildo .. and to keep her lips wet .. by constantly licking them with her tongue .. so that they will be well-lubricated to receive the dildo .. or whatever I have chosen to feed her .. to suck on.

In the Bitch Dog Position ... she was available for a multitude of training procedures. Approached from the front and she is ready for finger, toe, or dildo sucking .. or whatever is placed in her mouth.

Her backside was available for disciplining. Her cock and balls hung straight down .. with the weight of a full liter of wine hanging from her balls. Her cock was angled smartly begging for stroking.

As an added ornament, I attached nipple clamps and weighted the chain with the steel handcuffs. She whinced and graoned just slightly.

Her ass and clit were available for inspection .. probing .. plugging whatever I desired or she had earned .. as reward .. or punishment.

If she were to earn the ultimate reward of my strap-on dildo .. well, of course, she was in the position to take it just like a "Bitch Dog".

This was the beauty and the simplicity of the "Bitch Dog Position".

Finally I approached her from the side .. and slid the dildo into her waiting mouth with one hand .. while I monitored her cock with my other hand. Immediately, salivating hungrily, she inhaled the dildo with lunging sucking motions ... while her cock began pulsing in my hand. I withdrew the dildo and let go of her cock .. and she begged me for more. I replaced the dildo with my finger . starting with a long painted nail .. while I drug another painted a nail across her ass and down between her legs. Her cock was now throbbing on its own untouched.

Back with the dildo .. I let her suck and wet it thoroughly from top to bottom. Then I removed it .. cracked her ass with the crop .. stroked her balls and cock .. and switched hands with the dildo .. taking it back .. rimming, teasing, and threatening her waiting ass.

But that was as far as that could go that night.

We repeated the sucking exercise a number of times. She held his position tightly .. never flinching. I even pulled up a chair and sat down .. raising a leg to offer her first a toe and then a foot to suck lick and honor. She performed like a dutiful, driven slut.

We talked about her being fucked with my strap-on, at length. She was frightend but eager .. scared but excited. She was putty in my hands.

After about 30 minutes or so (who was watching the clock .. not I), It was time for regina to begin paying the price for the cheapness and poor judgement of her original declaration.

This brings up the question of whippings. A whipping is not an act of violence or abuse .. when done properly by a skilled technician which I consider myself to be. First, if spankings are "fun" for the sub, then the whipping must be serious and severe enough to make him forget the meaning of "fun" and learn the anxiety of "pain and fear".

It must be done such that the sub has a genuine fear of being whipped .. at having displeased her Mistress. Of course the sub's tolerance for accepting her punishment tends to increase .. so the "just right amount of whipping" will change from sub to sub .. from time to time.

So how is the whipping made "just right" each time .. time after time. Well I have a technique .. learned well from the business end of my Master's belt and whip. Here is how it works: The sub is told that she must show respect for Mistress in accepting her punishments .. that she honors her when she stoicly accepts her whippings. That she must learn to rechannel the pain into strength and committment to better serve her Mistress.

The whip is best used as tool of pleasure as well as pain .. the whip can kiss as well as sting. The whip can stimulate as well as bite. Blindfolded and bound to hold position, the sub knows not when, where or how the leather will touch her next. Some subs have experienced what is called "spontaneous ejaculation" during the whippings .. that is, violent climax without anything or anyone touching his cock!

Whippings can be brief .. whippings can be for spice .. for set-up. But this whipping had to be for punishment .. a whipping for effect .. a whipping that would bring me to series of rolling, cascading orgasms.

This time regina would be reduced to tears .. the ultimate measure of one's tolerance .. and a beautiful tool of humiliation and submission. A man .. crying .. in front of his Mistress. It is tender and erotic.

regina would be whipped (stroked .. whipped .. touched .. whipped first here and then there .. and then under there and over here ..) But always with an ever-increasing tempo .. slowly developing until the strokes cause her cock to jerk .. and my pussy to pulsate.

Finally .. ultimately regina began to sob .. trying her best to choke them back. Now this cannot be the end .. because otherwise the sub may begin crying almost immediately. There must then be a technique for encouraging her .. helping her .. to hold back as long as she can .. always longer than the time before. This is the idea.

regina was well into grade 2 training .. so she knew what had to transpire. The whipping would continue ... slowly .. methodically until she could stifle the tears no longer .. but this would signal only the "beginning of the end" and set into motion a period of rapidly accelerated and more severe whipping .. ending only when one or both of us achieved the massive ultimate beauty of spontaneous climax ... Mistress always .. the sub perhaps.

If the power of the whipping alone does not bring Mistress to that ultimate orgasm, then the sub's spontaneous explosion .. will always carry Mistress with it.

By the time regina first cried .. I had already orgasmed several times each one a little stronger than the last .. I was ready for this sprint to the finish. I stopped only long enough to pick up the panties that I had worn that day .. and shoved them into her mouth to keep her from being heard over the already turned high stero classical music of an FM station playing in the background.

I quickened the pace .. alternating the strokes from cheek to cheek careful to keep it to where she could hide it from her wife for the few days that she would bear my marks and her souvenirs .. of this, her night with Mistress.

My arm was actually aching, but her cock was throbbing wildly and orgasmic juice had already escaped my pussy .. and run down past my knees .. and yet the fire within me was reaching another crest .. another explosion .. Then it happended .. I could see her cock and balls both recoil back into her body .. and then leap forward and explode .. just as I thrust my left hand under her and caught the full glory of this massive, hot, wet cum-load of cum-loads.

Like a bolt of electricity .. it flashed through my arms to my torso burning my nipples as it thundered down and through my pussy .. shaking me violently and exiting down my legs. Simultaneously, we both collapsed like a house of cards onto the bed .. me on top of regina .. my tits sliding and splashing to a landing on his sweat- soaked back. With my last flicker of energy I reached to her mouth and removed the panty gag. regina just moaned and cried .. tears of joy and happiness ..and relief. yes .. she had failed .. but now even in defeat she had achieved victory .. and acquitted herself well. She has brought pleasure and release to her Mistress.

She knew it and he knew it.

After a period of time .. where regina was permitted to share things with Mistress that she had never told anyone before .. then it was time for regina to leave. First though, I turned on the shower, adjusted the water .. and walked regina .. on all fours and still collared .. to the bathroom for a shower. I had her crawl over the side of the tub .. and I directed the showerhead from above as she rolled in the tub below.

After the shower was over I laid out towels for her to use and roll onto to dry off. Feeling powerful and benevolent, I even used my hair dryer to dry her in all her places. Her bottom was well-marked and very red. But no more than 3 to 4 days I would say. To be sure though .. I took some of the lotion that I use on my nipples and massaged it into her burning bottom .. I could feel the heat in my hand, and she moaned with pleasure at the feel of my warm hand and the cooling sensation of the lotion.

I showered while she dressed .. and as a final gesture .. I sat down with regina at my feet .. and let her begin kissing and licking my toes and feet .. while I talked gently and lovingly to her .. about her needs and dreams .. and ambitions. Finally I placed my hand under her chin and raised her face and eyes upward .. she had at least and at last earned the privilige of gazing into Mistress' face. Still holding her chin in one hand, I took my other fingers .. swathed my pussy .. and then placed them on her lips.

I rose and walked to the window turning the other way .. while regina softly closed the door behind her.

It was the end of a beautiful evening.

You may wish to visit Mistress' homepage or contact Mistress at e-mail: mistress@elray.com

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