Mistress: Dynamics
These "Mistress" pages were created from postings to some of the alt.sex.* news groups back in '97. They deserve to be classics of the Internet. Mistress herself seems not to be maintaining her website any longer so I've reproduced them here.

Subject: On Dynamics
From: mistress@elray.com
Date: 1997/05/13
Newsgroups: alt.personals.bondage,alt.personals.femdom

Mistress: On Training Dynamics

Dominance and submission (D&s) mean different things to different people. To some it is the same as B&D .. a game to be played ... role-playing .. erotic entertainment ..

None of these describe the D&s that I know. My submission was based on a TRAINING DYNAMIC developed by my Master.

When Master found me .. I was frustrated by an unresponsive husband .. high sexual energies .. strange feelings that left me needful of masculine authority. All of this was working on me to the point of interfering and endangering my very career and family .. everything that I held dear.

We talked first by phone and VM at some length .. he explained things to me ... how he had trained other women .. the general methods he used .. and results often obtained. Nothing happened though until I asked for an initial meeting ... based on his rules .. already outlined in principle .. but undefined in technique.

His method (and now mine for submales) recognizes two separate drives that are excessive and must be present in the candidate for training. (They were certainly there in my case).

One is an abnormal need for opposite-sex authority ... and two is an abnormal level and range of sexual desire. Our method is to COMBINE these two needs and responses into ONE singular STRONG, merged RESPONSE. To establish this "CONDITIONED RESPONSE", the submissive is said to be BROKEN to SUBMISSION through repetitive cycles of training .. discipline and reward.

This "BREAKING" is the linking/merging of SEXUAL DESIRE with that of SUBMISSIVE DESIRE. It is a 24 hour a day, seven days a week MENTAL process .. to prepare the submissive for his or her FIRST "hands-on" training session where discipline always precedes reward.

I had to learn self-control .. as my body was handled, probed, and violated .. and disciplined. I was allowed NO sexual reward or release .. except after having first experienced submissive acts such as bondage and discipline and other humiliations.

In time, one would trigger the other .. I am now incapable of being sexually aroused without also wanting to submit to Master's control ..and "firm" hand .. or (now) to dominate and discipline a submissive myself. Conversely .. any act or display of Domination (real or prospective) makes me sexually hot and wet. I can no longer separate the two desires .. I am a slave to them.

It is what Master refers to as a synergistic union .. where energy is actually CREATED by the combination. 2 + 2 does not simply equal 4 .. instead the effect maybe more like 40 than merely 4! This is the secret to TRAINING DYNAMICS!

Thus, I cannot be in Master's service without becoming very hot and wet. Nor can I work or train a submissive .. without my own passions lighting a fire that always leads to urgent desire and multiple wet explosive orgasms.

If you had Psych 101 in college .. you may remember hearing about "Pavlov's Dogs" and their conditioned response of always salivating at the ring of the dinner bell ... whether hungry or not. The same principle is employed in Master's TRAINING DYNAMICS.

Do you have HARD or WET desires ... to be trained and developed?

Mistress is looking for submissives (male or female .. novice or virginal okay) who feel that they have needs that would respond to and benefit from this approach to training and service.

You may wish to visit Mistress' homepage or contact Mistress at e-mail: mistress@elray.com

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