Mistress: Limitations
These "Mistress" pages were created from postings to some of the alt.sex.* news groups back in '97. They deserve to be classics of the Internet. Mistress herself seems not to be maintaining her website any longer so I've reproduced them here.

Subject: On Limitations
From: mistress@elray.com
Date: 1997/05/12
Newsgroups: alt.personals.bondage,alt.personals.femdom

Mistress: On Extending Limits

Anyone who anything about D&s relationships .. knows that the sub may establish limitations as to the scope and extent of what may be required of them .. and that if accepted for training .. that these limitations will be honored.

But .. with too many restrictions and limitations .. Mistress may find the application lacking in available avenues of training .. and therefore the application is rejected.

Mistress will honor your limitations .. but you are to be advised and warned that you will be expected to extend certain of these limitations as you grow in your respect .. devotion .. and obedience to Mistress. Mistress will "help" you.

If you have studied "MISTRESS: on Discipline" you already know that discipline will be a standard component of your training. But, how much discipline? That is the question.

If you have studied "MISTRESS: on Whippings" you know that Mistress will extend you just beyond the threshold of pain ... and the ends of pleasure. The whippings will be serious and you will develop a genuine and well-founded fear of incurring Mistress' displeasure.

The beginning level for a given sub may be different from the next. But wherever we begin .. be sure that I will EXTEND your LIMITS.

But how? Quite simple. A carrot and stick approach.

Early on .. the submale is whipped until he cries .. to establish his initial limit and tolerance. This is fit and just .. because the sub is not allowed to hide emotions .. and that includes the emotion of tears. Besides .. I love to see and hear a man cry!

However, lest the submale cry too quick .. Mistress advises the sub that he is to hold back the tears as long as possible .. to concentrate on internalizing and rechanneling the pain into a strength and resolve to better serve his Mistress.

But, since human nature might result in early tears .. Mistress establishes that the onset of tears does NOT signal the END of your whipping ..... instead .. only the BEGINNING of the END.

The END in this case is a period of intense whipping .. more rapid and severe than anything experienced up to then. Therefore you are to hold back tears as long as you can .. and certainly longer each time than the time before. Once the tears do begin .. they trigger a spurt of intense and harsh whipping. Amazing how long a sub can hold out .. knowing what the tears will trigger.

Thus with Mistress help .. you will ON YOUR OWN .. extend your own limitations. And you will be better for it!

That is the stick ... the carrot is .. the fact that your sexual rewards, if any .. will always follow .. and only follow .. your successful receipt and extension of such discipline.

Thus involuntarily .. your enslaved body .. driven by your worthless cock .. learns to correlate pain with impending pleasure .. until the two become indistinguishable .. and each one triggers the other.

Of course if the carrot doesn't work as described .. it can always be turned around and used for other, more penetrating purposes .. if you catch my drift.

Expect to extended .. mentally and physically.

Mistress is looking for submales who feel they would benefit from this approach to training and service.

You may wish to visit Mistress' homepage or contact Mistress at e-mail: mistress@elray.com

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