Mistress: Mounting
These "Mistress" pages were created from postings to some of the alt.sex.* news groups back in '97. They deserve to be classics of the Internet. Mistress herself seems not to be maintaining her website any longer so I've reproduced them here.

Subject: On Mounting the Submale
From: mistress@elray.com
Date: 1997/05/05
Newsgroups: alt.personals.bondage,alt.personals.femdom

Mistress: On Mounting the Submale

Sooner or later .. a submale in training must face the sacrifice .. or earn the glory .. depending on one's prespective .. of being taken by Mistress. To put it, not undelicately, to be fucked like a whore .. by his Mistress.

You see .. he does not truly belong to me until this happens.

Is it safe? Of course.

I require him to send me in advance a new base mount dildo .. you see he selects the size. My only requirement is that it be at least as big as he is. Perhaps this isn't too much. But whatever he has .. he has never hesitated to use it .. or dream of using it .. on any women dumb enough to allow him to!

Therefore it is only right and just .. that he has the privilige of knowing the feeling and terror of rape ... himself. Now who could argue with that logic?

So here is how it is done.

When I fuck a submale .. I put a leather cock ring harness on his cock (it has a D-ring at the tip) and snap a leash on him. Then I put on my strap-on and equip it with the new dildo which he has previously provided me with.

I bend him over and position him .. just right .. take the leash and run it between his legs and back behind me .. and then pull it up over my shoulder .. and cinch it tight. It locks him into place and holds him steady .. for mounting and fucking as long as I want. There are some variations .. but it's much like tightening the cinch on the saddle.

A hard cock doubled back is very compromising. So compromising that I do not even need to otherwise restrain him. Although I do gag him with my panties .. just removed.

How long .. well at least through several orgasms for me. If he flinch .. hops .. or struggles .. well I just haul back on that leash even harder .. and RIDE him hard and long .. until he calms down.

Do I whip him? Only if he cums while he is being fucked or afterwards without permission.

Does he cry? Usually .. though his screams and sobbing are muffled through my panties-cum-gag. I like to see him cry though. Its good for a submale to be broken to tears .. because I never allow a sub to hide emotions .. any emotions .. from his Mistress.

Lubrication? perhaps .. but did he ever lube the women first? At the most .. I let him do sucking drills first .. and he is allowed to suck and wet the dildo .. as much has he can or wants with his mouth and tongue.

His mouth? Yes .. he has made or dreamed of making a woman suck him .. has he not? Good that he realizes just how big that dildo is .. after all he picked it out .. didn't he?

Is this a big event for him? Yes it is .. only the whippings required to break him and bond him .. and his later moment of being branded (if he ever earns the privilige) .. and one other event (which must be left untold for now) can match this occasion for sheer emotion .. humiliation .. and degradation.

And when it is over ... he is bonded ever closer .. and he will beg for more ... crawling (walking may be difficult for a while) to me .. kissing my feet .. and figuratively clinging to my skirt ..

He IS mine.

You may wish to visit Mistress' homepage or contact Mistress at e-mail: mistress@elray.com

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