Mistress: Obligations
These "Mistress" pages were created from postings to some of the alt.sex.* news groups back in '97. They deserve to be classics of the Internet. Mistress herself seems not to be maintaining her website any longer so I've reproduced them here.

Subject: On Obligations
From: mistress@elray.com
Date: 1997/05/21
Newsgroups: alt.sex.femdom

Mistress: On Obligations

It is very common for a submissive male to be married or have a girl friend .. who does not understand his submissive needs .. or maybe he has never told even told her .. for fear of rejection or ridicule.

Yet he still has needs .. that must find outlet .. and which he also needs to learn to manage .. to keep a balance in his life.

Mistress requires that her subs observe a Guiding Principle which states that he must NOT shirk his duty to his spouse or his work .. in order to stay in Mistress' service.

A wife and a Mistress? hmmmmm? How does this work out?

Surprisingly well, thank you.

Mistress does takes control of each sub's sex life .. and provides instructions that the sub must follow. Instructions that often improve the sex for his wife .. and instructions that also improve the sex for him .. and his submissive needs and tendancies.

You see .. Mistress uses the unknowing wife as a surrogate for training .. shaping .. and molding the submissive/sexual skills of the sub.

Take for example the case of submale kim who recently filed the following report .. quoted below:

"Sexual Activity .. I had sex on Sunday evening with my wife as requested. Since her period had unexpectantly started she requested that I concentrate on her breasts so that is what I did. I used my hands on them also. At times I would move my hands down to her ass and stroke and squeeze her cheeks".

"I slowly licked and sucked on her nipples for about a half hour at which point she pushed me on my back and started to suck me while I continued to massage her tits with my hands. She alternated between sucking me and using her hands to stroke me".

"Once she had me ready, she placed my right hand on my cock and started me stroking myself while she started to run her nipples over the tip of my cock. I came almost immediately while she rubbed her tits back and forth over it".

"She used her hands to rub my cum all over her chest. When I was done cumming, I pulled her forward and slowly licked my cum off of her. She was hesitant at first, but eventually seemed to really enjoy it as much as I did. Thank you, Mistress".

The sub is never allowed to initiate .. or ask for punishment or penetration sex .. instead he is taught to pamper and honor his wife .. unselfishly .. in and out of the bed.

He is required to initiate rubbing, licking, kissing, and sucking .. and is to continue until she has been satisfied .. regardless of whether this has release for him or not. Even if she responds .. as usually she does with increasing fervor .. he is not allowed to deviate from his oral worship .. you see, when he sucks her .. he is sucking and honoring Mistress too.

He must continue oral service .. until she is either satisfied or driven to the point of asking .. ordering . or even begging him to mount and fuck her. Then, of course, he is ORDERED by Mistress to do a very good job .. but not cum until she has been totally satisfied. When she has .. she will ask .. order .. or even beg him to cum ... and .. good boy that he is .. he delivers with gusto!

But his training exercise is not over ... he is required to slowly and lovingly begin kissing and licking and sucking his way down her body .. honoring and kissing her ripened nipples on the way ..

But slowly and steadily working his way down .. down to her pussy where he will further honor me and all women .. by licking .. sucking and cleaning her pussy .. a beautiful act of male submission to the superior female.

If she actually stops him .. or tells him to stop .. he is to slow to a loving sucking licking lingering stop.

The result is positive almost always .. he has served his wife well. He has served his Mistress well. If his wife has any latent domme tendancy (many women do) .. his new approach to sex may trigger a release of those tendancies within her.

Next time .. she may not stop him. The time after .. she may order him on! Bottom line though is IMPROVEMENT.

Mistress provides a multitude of exercises for furthering the sub's submissive/sexual training each tailored to his own particular situation at home and away. The Dungeon awaits him .. but he has already tasted the warm sweet juice .. of submissive service.

You may wish to visit Mistress' homepage or contact Mistress at e-mail: mistress@elray.com

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