Mistress: Relationships
These "Mistress" pages were created from postings to some of the alt.sex.* news groups back in '97. They deserve to be classics of the Internet. Mistress herself seems not to be maintaining her website any longer so I've reproduced them here.

Subject: On Relationships
From: mistress@elray.com
Date: 1997/05/18
Newsgroups: alt.personals.femdom,alt.sex.bondage

Mistress: On Relationships

Don't CONFUSE your service to Mistress with ordinary friendships. There is .. and can be .. only ONE relationship between the sub and Mistress. That relationship is one of subservience .. in mind, thought, and actions 24 hours a day .. whether you are with Mistress or not.

In other words, when your day comes .. Mistress will not say .."oh, hello .. how are you today? The weather is dreadful isn't it? Very well .. you go in the next room and strip out of your clothes .. and then I'll come in and begin dominating you .. would that be okay?".

Instead .. Mistress will exert mental and physical control over you from the first moment of contact .. just as if you had been in the dungewon for a week straight. There is no other state of being. You must observe the rules of your contract day and night .. everyday .. every week .. for the rest of your life. if you are to remain in Mistress' service.

The sub must always recognize his status. Mistress will NEVER be his companion, colleague, peer, girl friend, or lover. Mistress is the owner/master. The sub is a lowly submissive .. slave .. and servant.

It is one-way door which you enter .. into the corridor .. which leads to the dungeon .. the only other doors are one-way side doors .. which lead to your DISMISSAL. The form of the relationship is cast in stone when you apply for training.

It is sometimes possible .. that a sub will have tendancies which may manifest as dominant .. but only as to third party submissives.

You can NEVER switch with the same partner. You can play games of switch .. but that is all they are "games". For example, my first D&s experience was submitting to Master. And he continues to be my Master .. even though he patiently taught me to develop my own dominant skills .. which I have become very good at .. if I do say so, myself ... yet I remain forever and always submissive to Master.

I have never called him anything except ... Sir and Master. I still defer to him at all times. He may use me .. and he does .. whenever he wishes and however he wishes .. This is the nature of the relationship which you and I have .. with you being the submissive.

If a woman is strong, dominant, experienced, and skilled .... she is beyond being satisfied with one man. In fact .. it is necessary for her to train and experience .. numbers of different submales to hone and develop her skills and to satisfy her growing appetite.

There is only one possible relationship .. Master and slave... and NOT just at "playtimes" .. but always and always 24x7x30days per month in the physical dungeon .. and that vast dungeon of your mind!

It is possible that you will be with Mistress in public at times .. where people do not understand our D&s relationships .. therefore here you will "role-play" that you are a "normal" person ..(whatever that is). That would be role-playing .. but the rest of your time is the reality of your servitude.

When the sub realizes this .. and accepts it .. the relationship can be WARM, TRUSTING, and LOVING ...... but never as equals or ANYTHING other Master and slave.

You reflect this in the tone of your voice and words .... in your constant subservience ... and in the pride and gratitude that you show for being allowed to continue in the service of your Mistress.

Only when you truly accept and reflect these understandings, do you begin to realize the true value of your service.

You may wish to visit Mistress' homepage or contact Mistress at e-mail: mistress@elray.com

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