Lillan Sees A Movie
The following are more excerpts from mail between S-- and Lillan. Master S-- has been kind enough to treat Lillan to a movie.

S-- Writes:
Why don't you treat yourself to a movie or something this weekend? You know, Lock yourself into your feminine undergarmets, choose a nice skirt and top, that sort of thing. Oh, and before you go, add an unobtrusive collar as well. Report back telling me what movie you went to see, and any embellishments you add.

Lillan Replies:
Had a good weekend. Seeing a movie is something I'd considered many times but could never convince myself to do. After all, how many times do you see a woman attend a movie alone? Not only that but when is the best the time to go? A matinee in broad daylight with lots of perceptive children (and unappreciative parents) or at night when it looks even stranger to see a lone woman attend a movie? Does one attend a first run movie at a place like a mall perhaps blending into a larger crowd or does one see a second run movie at a smaller place. And then just what kind of movie might be appropriate? Another complication was that it's June and hot which makes the choice of clothes somewhat more difficult since more must be exposed. Finally, the collar, how does one make that unobtrusive? I spent a considerable time mulling over these considerations and my options. For the movie I finally decided on an early evening showing on Sunday figuring it was about in the middle of my options. The choice of a movie took a backseat to the theatre. There's an old renovated theatre downtown called The A----- that I thought would afford me the most discretion. They were showing a movie called B----. These details decided I turned my attention to the unobtrusive collar. I tried on all the collars I had (placing the buckle and D-ring in the back) but they all still looked like collars because of their color and texture. I toyed with the idea of skipping the collar until I chanced upon the idea of turning it into a choker. To do that I went to a fabric store and bought a length of cream colored satin ribbon that was about an inch wide. I stiched the two edges of it together such that it formed a cover that I could slip on over the the collar. I then pulled a faux cameo off of an old choker and glued it onto the slip cover. Dressing I wore white panites and white lace hose to which I added a device I call a panty lock. It's basically a length of chain that loops around the waist and through the crotch. It fastens together with a single padlock. Once in place hose and panties can only be removed by unlocking the lock or destroying the garments. For a bra I used the locking bra I have from previous adventures. I wore a long (ankle length) white skirt, flat white shoes and a blueish blouse with a collar and buttons down the front. I fastened the choker/collar around my next and fastened it in the back. I locked it on using a small padlock. The shirt collar and my hair hid the still visible buckle, D-ring and padlock, after all it is suppoed to be a collar and not a choker right? The movie was scheduled to start at seven, I planned my arrival for exactly seven so that most of the other patrons would be inside and those that weren't would be in too much of a hurry to pay me much notice. I parked in a lot across the street and took my time walking to the box office. As hoped there were few people at the box office. Also as expected, the box office girl and ticket taker gave me perplexed looks but didn't really seem to give me too much thought. I had hoped that the lights would already be out by the time I hit the theatre but it didn't pan out that way. I had a bit of time finding a seat, especially since I didn't want to have to climb over people. I finally found an aisle seat down towards the front. Later I realized that this was a good move since I was able to follow everyone else out of the theatre. I retained my calm leaving through the lobby and then walked quickly to my car. In this line of work one learns a certain appreciation for the apprehension women must face when they venture out alone.

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