07 June 1999
Some fantastic new pictures from Susan who has a new digital camera! Check it out!
Also some interesting mail in the mailbag (finally).
Ok, so I finally broke down and posted a picture of myself, see the "About Me" page.

25 May 1999
Introducing Helen and Balletboots. Let me apologize to both of you for the long wait to be published, and say thanks for the great stories.

19 May 1999
Hopefully the redsign of the site will mark a return to a more regular publishing schedule. (Ok, so I finally broke down and used frames for the index. My apologies to my friends who hate frames.)
I've still got a huge backlog of material to post, hopefully the new design and new tools will reduce the overhead involved in updates so stay tuned.
Be sure and check out Susan's Vid-Cap series to see how it really looks.

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