Title Self Bondage Release Schemes
Self-bondage can be very dangerous. Take great care to assure your personal safety. Always leave yourself a way out of whatever predicament you place yourself in. The key to making emergency escape provisions is to make them less desirable than remaining in bondage under non-emergency conditions.

Place a key on a string and freeze it into a block of ice (Use a plastic container to make your ice block, glass ones will break.) A second string can be added to the ice block so that the block can be suspended above you. Be warned, large blocks of ice may take longer to melt than you think.

Ice, Stocking and a Key Ring
Place an ice cube in the toe of a stocking. Slide a weighted key ring down the leg of the stocking such that the ice cube prevents the key from falling off. Hang the stocking so the keys are out of reach but will fall to where they can be reached.

Alarm Clock
Glue a piece of cardboard onto the winding key of an old wind-up alarm clock. The clock can be suspended out of reach with a key placed on the cardboard. When the alarm rings the key will fall.

Light Bulb, Wax and a Timer
Place a key on a 100 Watt light bulb, melt wax from a birthday candle and drop it onto the key so that the key is held to the light bulb. Use a simple light timer to turn on the light at the desired hour. The heat of the light bulb will melt the wax and allow the key to fall. Be sure to test that the light will indeed melt the wax. If not, use a higher wattage bulb. Be careful with this one, I recently had a light bulb burn out on me just seconds after it turned on.

Drop a Room Key Under the Door
This one is used in conjuntion with other methods to permit roaming. Set up a drop release using a key to a room such that the key will fall onto a curved piece of cardboard (posterboard works well) and slide under the door to the room. Close and lock the door.

Electromagnet and a Timer
If you have access to an electro-magnet and a suitable timer you can drop a key by making the timer turn off the magnet.

Combination Locks
Combination lock schemes involve making the face of the lock unreadable for a time. The face of the lock is painted black so that it can not be read in a dark room. The scheme is especially suitable for overnight bondage. Alternately a light timer can illuminate the room at a specified time. Again be careful light bulbs have a habit of burning out just when they're switched on.

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