The following are excerpts from mail exchanged between S-- and Lillan in which Lillan has angered her Master.

S-- Writes:
...And a warning too. Sigh. The usual punishment for such a thing would be a nights stint bound spread-eagled to the bed and tormented to the edge, then left there until morning. But since there's only you, I'll have to come up with something else. Instead, you will spend the night spread-eagled on the bed with no method of sexual release. The padlock will suffice for this. Make yourself beautiful in your favorite gown, and work yourself up as close to the edge as humanly possible without fullfillment, then bind yourself tightly to the bed and spend the rest of the night contemplating why giving orders is not a good idea.

Lillan Replies:
Per your command here's what I did. I began by slowly working my way to the edge. Once there I proceeded upstairs, brought myself back to the edge and dressed in my white gown and robe. From my locker I took four bits of rope and three foot long sections of chain, two nylon dog collars, two small brass padlocks, a combination lock, a keyring, a length of string and a thumb tack. I placed these implements on the bed and brought myself to the edge a third time. To two of the ropes I tied a length of chain. The other ends of these ropes I tied to the bed posts at the head of the bed. I tied them at floor level to assure the knots were out of reach. The other two ropes I tied to the bedposts at the foot of the bed. Again I brought myself to the edge before continuing. Next I placed a collar on each wrist and inserted a brass padlock through each one. Leaving the left hand lock unlocked for the moment, I locked the right hand lock attaching the third chain to the collar. I put the keys to the brass padlocks on the key ring, tied the string to the ring and hung the keys and ring from the ceiling with the tack. The keys hung suspended about two feet above where my head would be. Then I sat down on the bed and tied my legs wide apart. For good measure I then brough myself to the edge twice more. The second time I thought that I might loose it but I held on. Reaching up I locked the left-hand pad lock to the chain attached to the left hand bedpost at the head of the bed. I straightened my gown and completed the bondage by snapping the two remaining chains together with the combination lock. It was almost 1 am. While I meant no harm by attempting to hasten your correspondence it occures to me that you should dispense with me at your convienince, not mine. Eventually I drifted off to sleep but not a deep sleep. Several times my position began to be uncomfortable and I desired to roll over, alas I could not and it took some time to fall asleep. Each time as I waited to fall asleep I thought of my predicament and that caused terrible frustration which I terribly wanted to releive but alas could not, not being able to touch myslef. Just prior to 6 am I awoke, cold and uncomfortable, the light was just beginning to enter the room but not enough for me to see the lock. Several times I tried to dial the combination, thinking that perhaps I could see the numbers on the dial, but alas it was a good 45 minutes before it was light enough for that. Finally however I unlocked the lock. I could then reach the keys that hung over my head, I yanked them down, unlocked my left hand and untied my feet. For a moment I remembered the nights frustration and though of providing relief. But anticipating that you would ask, and perhaps not approve I did not.

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