The Super Hog Tie
Text based on pictures from Bondage Life.

Tie yourself in sequence...

Super Hog Tie

The gag at (6) should be a simple between the teeth gag do that it won't restrict breathing.

The body-arm coil at (7) is prepared in advance. Pretie a coil of 4, 6, or 8 loops so that it is a struggle to get it over your head and down over your arms. It should be pretty snug. Have the loops below your boobs will hold it in place.

If you lie on your side you can get your wrists into the wrist coil and cinch noose. Draw your wrists and ankles together by pulling the "pull cord" of the special ring device.

This hog tie can be augmented using two additional cinch nooses on the body-arm coil. These are placed under each arm pit between the arms and the chest.

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