Susan's New Camera
Hi to all!
I got a new camera with a special time-lapse - modus, which is ideal for such sessions! So here i am: I've chosen my maid's outfit, which I like most by the way. Often I do my housework in it! Pumps are 4 inch heels.

I put the bra over my latex body and over a net-shirt. How do you find the look?

The pumps had to be fixed by a small rope on each side, so that I could not slip out. One of my own methods-- and a tip for all of you: I placed the keys to the leg-cuffs in my shoe! It's very difficult to free my feet from the ropes under the cuffs later.

Now my feet are fixed and additionally bound together by a bigger rope, which is once again fixed behind me on a leather girdle. This time I enhanced covering on my head: one latex-stocking in my mouth and one around my head held by one nylon stocking and an additional latex-strip, then a second nylone-stocking (each in white). Finally I put a latex mask over it all. Speaking and grumbling is totally impossible. Only my nose and eyes are left free (as free as you are under two nylon stockings).

Here I'm hanging myself into ropes on a ironbar, fixed beetween two walls (beetween a wall and a slot). The bar is secured underneath an other at a height of 7", which can't be reached while hogging.

I first cuffed my hands behind me, falling over was impossible as you can see. I used two "ice-in-stockings". One released after about 55 minutes, the second one after about 1.5 hours (total). When I got the first key I unlocked my hands from behind me and cuffed them with a second hand-cuff to the iron-bar above me. Then I was able to turn sideways, but still yet unable to get free. What a great feeling, when I was free for about one minute and then cuffed again (still in high moods). About 5 minutes later you really wish you hadn't done this! But still cuffed!

30 minutes can be very long, (but satisfying...) when you can't touch your one sweet, wet and hot place between your legs.

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