Susan Shows Us How's It's Done
Susan Says:
I recorded this series on a video camera and grabbed these pictures. The whole session lasted 3 hours: 1 hour planning, 45 min tying me up and the rest for releasing.

That's the chair I prepaired for my session, two handcuffs on each side both are connected by a nylon strap and tied to the chair with a rope. There's an additional rope for the elbows later on.

Taking seat on chair. I'm gagged with several latex straps around my head with only eyes and nose left free. I wasn't able to hear anything. The tapes are fixed with a nylon stocking, so I could not get away the tapes.

I fixed a long chain around my chest, going between my legs to the chair. On this chain I'll later cuff my legs by a second chain under the chair.

Chaining my right foot to the mentioned second chain; you can see the first one going round my chest, additionally fixed on the chair.

The left foot. I arranged the lock in such a way that i could not slip out of the heels.

Preparing the third chain for breasts, the feet are locked very tight to the chair, so that the chair could not be moved easily by "hopping".

Breast chains nearly ready, fixed them to the back of the chair.

To do this i used two separate ropes

I saw my leg-cuffs lying on ground and attached them as well and as tight as possible.

Adding a nylon strap around my knees so that I could not spread my legs for movement.

I strenghtened the ropes which keep my body in vertical position to the back of the chair and put my arm through the attached ropes (from beginning).

Just a small pause with looking on the tight leg-cuffs, but too late, the keys have been put away yet!

Then I cuffed each of my hands the the chair as prepared in the beginning. One handcuffs for each hand.

And a long time for sitting and complaining and sinning and .... waiting for the ice melting .... ... I used the ice-in-stocking trick for releasing; and it was hard to cuff one hand without using the other one.

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