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A Close Call

by Lady Ren

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© Copyright 2020 - Lady Ren - Used by permission

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Hey hey! So this is my first time ever sharing one of my experiences like this, so forgive me if I’m a little nervous :p I suppose the best place to start is with me. My name is Naomi, I’m a 22 year old woman from Australia! I’m a pasty gal with dark brown hair that comes down to just past my breasts, which are a size 36D. My hips are size 40 so I’m kinda curvy. I’m also taller than the average gal, coming in at just over 6 feet, so when I wear killer heels, my legs go all the way up. :p

I know, I know, time to get to the smut, hahaha.

So over my years I’ve grown quite the collection of bondage gear, with gags being my favourite thing to collect. You name the gag, I’ve probably got it! 

Over my years of indulging in this favourite habit of mine, I’ve picked up a few techniques, but always liked to give them my own twist, such as the classic two rings device as a means of tightening my bonds. However, today's adventure would call for something a little more special. Ever since I first saw images of women with their elbows bound together behind their back, I knew I wanted that for myself, and I’d come up with a pretty clever way of doing so. A while back I bought these pvc ankle and wrist cuffs, but I never really liked the feeling, so they had been simply gathering dust for the past few months. Until now! Taking the ankle cuffs from the set, I could attach them just above my elbows, using the loops on them to pull my elbows together behind my back using a special noose with a ring in it, this ring would allow me to undo the noose when it was time to set myself free.

Moving on, I’d decided that today I would try my strictest self bondage hogtie yet! I would need rope (which I have plenty of) , my trusty little vibrator, my head harness gag with red straps and a black ball, a pair of handcuffs, and a set of clover clamps. As I gathered each of these items on my bed, I could feel the dampness between my growing, imagining how each of these items was going to play their special role in my self imposed torment (If only I knew how much of a torment it was going to be…)

The first step was to strip down, seeing as my housemate was away for the day, this little session of self torment was first on my list when I woke up. I tossed my still warm pyjamas to the side, exposing my bare skin to the still cool morning air. Whether it was the chilling air or the excitement of what was going to happen, regardless my nipples happily rose to the occasion. I ran my hands up my torso and over my breasts to my nipples, giving them a soft twist that caused me to let out a soft gasp. I felt my hand instinctively reaching down between my legs, I pulled away quickly, knowing that once I started I wouldn’t be able to stop. Besides, I would be getting all the pleasure I wanted and more soon enough. 

What came next is what should have been step one, and that was collecting the ice from the freezer, that’s right, ya girl was going for a classic ice timer release. I hid the small glass with string in it at the back of the freezer so as to avoid being found by my roommate. With everything on full display for the world to see, I walked towards the kitchen at the other end of the house. To say I felt chills would be an understatement, I felt positively electric as I walked down the hallway, I knew the risk of anyone outside actually seeing me was next to none, but it was the thought of being caught that always gave me a thrill. The thought that someone would catch me being the naughty slut that I am, I mean we all have the fantasies in our head of how that would play out, that some ideal Master/Mistress would find us and know just how to treat us. But in all likelihood I would just scream and run away, my face glowing bright red with embarrassment. I have almost been caught a few times, but those will be stories for another day. Other than giving me a fresh sense of anticipation, the trip to the kitchen was uneventful.

Heading back to my room, I sat the glass of ice beside my bed, no need to take it out yet, wouldn’t want to cheap out on the struggle time now would I? Now it was time to start tying myself up. I’d taken all the precautions, I’d tested the key to my cuffs several times, making sure it worked, I’d locked the doors, even latching the security chain, and made doubly sure I had nothing scheduled for the day so I wouldn’t have any unwanted visitors, I even had a spare set of keys I could reach should anything go wrong. Having fun is all well and good, but without that safety, this little kinky hobby of mine could become very dangerous.

Now was time to start on the most tempting part of my session, I grabbed my hitachi wand and about a 30-foot length of rope. I started by grabbing the head of my vibrtator and forming a bight in the rope at the halfway point, using the bight, I looped it just under the head of the vibrator and then pressed it against the front of my mound. I couldn’t help but smile as I imagined all the pleasure I was going to be enjoying very soon. With somewhat shaky hands I then wrapped the rope around my waist, ensuring that it was resting just above my hips. This was a tie I’d practiced many times before, but never in a proper self bondage session before. It can be a little tricky to do on yourself, but with perseverance and patience, anything is possible with rope :p It wasn’t long before I had the ‘magic wand harness’ tied nice and snuggly. Taking the length of rope left over, I wrapped it around the top of my thighs and across my hitachi again just to make sure it would stay still, after all, I do enjoy a bit of a struggle.

Now it was time to focus on my legs, starting at my ankles. I wove the purple rope around into a classic two column tie, making sure it was nice and snug, but not too constricting either. Next came another length about halfway up my calves, then another both above and below my knees. Then I decided to add one more length about half way up my thighs just for good measure, I’d always enjoyed having my legs bound tightly together and felt that if there was ever a time to go all out, now would be it.

With my legs bound tightly together and my vibrator pressing snuggly against the outside of my pussy, I now turned my focus towards my chest; it seemed a waste to have my breasts out on display without giving them a little attention. Grabbing one of my longer lengths of rope, I started by forming a bite at the middle of my back, running the rope under my breasts around to the bight again, then back through the bight and over my breasts. I made another pass through the bight and over my breasts once again, don’t ask me why, but two passes over the top of my breasts always made them look nicer. As I’m sure you can guess by now, this was going to be your typical chest harness, a pass over the top of my shoulder to loop around the rope running above and below my breasts caused them to bounce as I gave the rope a swift tug, pulling my breasts up and pushing them just that little bit more forward. A sexy sight to be sure; too bad I’d be the only one enjoying it, this time at least :p

Now, the main reason I needed to tie a chest harness (other than just because it makes me look hot) is because I needed an anchor point on my back to attach my legs to. That’s right, ya girl wanted to be hogtied, and quite frankly, the stricter the better in my opinion. Taking another length of rope, I wrapped it around the column between my ankles, tying it off before pulling the other end towards the back of my harness. I still had more work to do, so for now, I tied a small loop in the length and left it. 

I had recently bought a pair of heavy duty black steel handcuffs that I was eager to use in a proper session, and today would be that day! Taking the cuffs, I threaded them through the ropes of my magic wand harness, just above my butt. This is where my hands were going to be pinned during the session, I know a traditional hogtie is from your hands to your ankles, but you can go for a lot longer if you do it this way. Next came the gag, after all, what would a self bondage session be without a good gag? As I described earlier, the gag I would be using this session was a red and black head harness ball gag, but what was most important about this gag was the small ring affixed to the top. Slipping the gag into my mouth, I felt another rush of excitement; it wasn’t the biggest gag I owned, but would still keep me plenty quiet and ensured I could drool quite a bit as well. I pulled the straps that now run behind and around my head tight, the ball pushing further behind my teeth as I did so, I gave the strap that ran under my chin a final tug as well. I gave a few test cries, and once I was satisfied with the muffled responses, I tried pushing it out, that thing was not going to budge! Just how I wanted it.

At this point, I took the ice out of the cup and tied it to the end of the railing at the head of my bed. Attaching the keys to the cuffs, I found delight in the thought that I was going to be stuck until the ice melted and the string with the keys on it fell into my reach. Grabbing the ankle cuffs I described earlier, I set them out in front of me, tying a noose between the two d-links on each cuff, ensuring that I thread the rope through a large metal ring before tying the noose off. The noose needed to be large enough that when I put the cuffs on above my elbows, I would still have some degree of movement. I needed to finish off the rest of my tie first; cinching my elbows together was the last step in my plan.

Seeing as I now had a gag in, it was the best time to attach the clamps. Picking up the mean looking pieces of metal connected by chain I cupped them in my hands for a few moments, breathing on them to try and warm them up. The sharp pinching was one thing, but the cold chain against my bare skin was just unpleasant. Given how electric I had been feeling during the whole time I was trying myself up, my nipples were already ripe for the pinching so to speak. I let out a soft moan as I felt the familiar sting of the clamps biting onto my left nipple. I wasted no time in quickly attaching the other, best to do these things at the same time in my experience. Once the clamps were attached, I jiggled my breasts from side to side, the chain giving off a pleasant chiming sound as I did so. I could already feel the drool building up behind my gag as I looked down at the clamps, I knew this was going to be fun!

Now it was time to turn this simple hogtie into a super one! And that called for another length of thinner rope, I leant forward, wrapping the small red coil around my two big toes (wasn’t like my feet were going anywhere anyways :p) After wrapping the cord around my toes, I sat on my legs so the back of my heels were pressing into my ass, I pulled the cord up toward the small ring on the top of my harness and threaded it through. I pulled this rope back tightly until I was satisfied with the strictness and then looped it off around my toes once again. This length didn’t need to be super strict as the rope that would be doing the most work in keeping the shape of the hogtie would be the one running between my ankles and the back of my harness. This was more for just that added feeling of helplessness.

Speaking of which, now I took the rope running between my ankles and harness, tying a small loop knot closer towards my ankles. This little loop knot would serve as a point I could pull the rope back through to increase the tension between my ankles and my chest harness. I’d seen it in a video before, a tutorial on how to tie your partner in a hogtie with a strict, but also quick release way. Still resting on my ankles, I pulled the rope through the loop and then kept pulling until it was nice and tight. I tied the end of the rope off back around the loop in a loose overhead knot. That meant all I had to do to undo this rope was pull on the release and I would be free of my hogtie. This quick release however would be out of reach once my hands were pinned to my back. The combination of the ropes attached to my head harness and my back had the effect of both pulling my head back and pushing my chest forward in a truly divine way. Also, putting myself into a hogtie this way meant that I wouldn’t feel the full strictness until I laid down properly, something that would be a pleasant surprise for sure. 

Feeling around with my hands now as I was unable to tilt my head down, I picked up a blindfold I had also laid out for today's session. It was one of those thick heavy duty rubber ones. I slipped it over my eyes and set about tightening the buckles behind my head, plunging me into a world of darkness. With my hands still free but my vision gone, I began to reach around for the ankle cuffs. Picking them up, I made sure the noose part of the rope was going to be behind my back before attaching them around my arms, just above my elbows. I will admit this was a bit tricky to do blindfolded and at the awkward angle, and I did manage to work myself up into a bit of a sweat as I struggled, but eventually both cuffs were buckled shut. Now came the fun part: with my arms still loosely pinned behind my back, I curled the end of the noose around the fingers in my right hand as my left hand reached around to my front and switched on my vibrator. Even with it only switched onto medium, I could still hear the sound of the buzzing fill the room as I moaned softly behind my gag. I knew it wouldn’t be long before the first of hopefully many orgasms came crashing down on me so I knew I had to work quickly.

Moving my hands back behind my back, my wrists quickly found their way to the pair of heavy metal cuffs near my butt. Placing my right wrist against the cuff, I used my left hand to close it shut. ‘Now was the point of no return’ I thought to myself as I moved my left wrist towards the open cuff. ‘I could still free myself’ I started to think to myself, but before the thought had even had a chance to finish, I felt the left cuff close shiut around my wrist. I guess my pussy and the vibrator had different plans. I gave a gentle tug on the cuffs and of course they didn’t give the slightest bit. Now it was time to pull that last rope. Taking the end of the noose still connected to my elbows, I started to pull with all the might my cuffed hands could muster. Slowly but surely, I felt my elbows being pulled closer and closer together, my chest thrusting forward as I did so. Somewhat unexpectedly, this caused the rope between my ankles and chest harness to feel tighter, but that was just an added bonus in my mind. I could feel my elbows almost touching, the d-links on the cuffs pulled out to their max by the rope. For self bondage, that was as strict as it was going to get (For the moment at least)

Starting at the top, I had a head harness ball gag attached to my toes by a piece of red cord, then a heavy blindfold to cover my eyes. My breasts were wrapped up in a pretty chest harness that was being pulled back towards my ankles. My poor nipples were being pinched by a menacing pair of clover clamps with a chain hanging between them. My pussy was being vibed by my hitachi that was held snugly in place by the ropes I’d tied around it, then my legs were bound at my upper thigh, above and below my knees, half-way up my calf and my ankles. Nothing left to do now but fall forward and enjoy my helpless struggles, and so I leant forward...

The first thought to go through my head was ‘holy shit that hurt’. I cried out loudly into the gag as I landed down on the bed. It hadn’t occurred to me until now that falling straight down would cause me to land on the chain connecting my nipple clamps, thus resulting in a painful tug! I groaned loudly behind the gag as I tried to readjust myself. Saying my movement was limited would have been an understatement; I was finally able to relieve the pressure on the chain by pushing my ankles back with all my might. This caused my chest and head to be pulled back just enough for the chain to come free, much to the delight of my poor nipples which were already starting to ache. Now in a somewhat more comfortable position I decided to test my self imposed predicament. The ropes around my legs were holding them together nicely, and the rope running between my ankles and my harness was keeping me in this strict hogtie. The cord around my toes was also keeping my head pulled back in a harsh way that I was relishing in, this was the true sense of helplessness I was craving. Pulling against the cuffs around my wrists, I found this caused the buzzing hitachi to press harder against my pussy, and I knew that with the right amount of movement, I could force it to press against that oh so sweet spot.

Looking back now, I can’t help but smirk at how much of a slut I must have looked like, struggling against the ropes I had wrapped around myself, just desperate to get the vibrator in the right place to send me hurtling towards my craved orgasm. Lifting my butt up as much as I could, I began to grind my hips against the vibrator to the best of my ability. I could feel the drool rolling down my chin as I moaned behind the gag. Even though I was blinded, I could still picture the sight, my clamped breasts bouncing up and down as I struggled to press the vibrator against myself as hard as I could. I could feel that fire growing deep inside me, the pleasure building and building as I continued to squirm. My breathing quickened as I began to grind my hips faster and faster. I moaned again, only wishing that there was someone else here to enjoy my torment with me. I could feel my mind start to unravel as the rest of the world seemed to melt away. All that mattered to be now was the vibrator between my legs and the pleasure it was shooting through my body. I could feel the orgasm rocketing towards me now; I held my breath, bracing myself for the hit.

I cried out loudly from behind my gag as I felt the orgasm hit me like a freight train, my whole body seemed to convulse as I thrashed against my bonds. I pushed my ankles back, thus pulling my head and chest back with them as I continued to moan loudly. It was like an explosion had gone off in my head; even though I was still blinded I could see the sparks of my orgasm detonating in my mind, each one felt like another surge of pleasure as I felt the vibrator continue to buzz away.

Eventually I remembered to breathe, panting heavily as I struggled to recover from the mind blowing orgasm. I could already tell that the next one was not too far away. Feeling my sense return to normal, I started to reassess my tie, the ropes were still holding strong, keeping me in the strict hogtie, my pussy was still trembling as it endured the assault from the vibrator, and the ache in my nipples that had been overridden by the pleasure had begun to return. 

Continuing to catch my breath, I started to fantasise about how exactly I would have found myself in this situation. I eventually settled on the idea that a cruel Mistress of mine had caught me touching myself without her permission. She would have berated me, called me a ‘useless slut’ and a ‘no good whore’ before deciding on a punishment. Seeing as I was such a naughty slut who was obsessed with pleasure, I was now going to get all the pleasure I could handle and more. Without hesitation, this Mistress would have stripped away all my clothing and tied me up like this, forcing the vibrator between my legs and switching it on before leaving me to my struggles. This thought of being completely helpless and at the mercy of another quickly sent me on the path to my next orgasm. Playing along with my own fantasies, I started to plead from behind my gag to my imaginary Mistress. I could feel more of the drool rolling down my chin as I let out the pathetic cries for mercy. I could feel my hips begin to grind once more against the vibrator as the next orgasm came hurtling towards me. I imagined that the only response I got was my vibrator being turned up to max, the thought was enough to push me over the edge again as I thrashed in my bonds, the waves of pleasuring coursing through me as I struggled and moaned. 

I continued to enjoy orgasm after orgasm as I endured the strictness of my self imposed torment. Each orgasm was accompanied by another fantasy to push me over the edge. It wasn’t until my fifth orgasm that my thrashing finally sent me rolling onto my side as I struggled against the ropes, I could feel another burst of drool break free from behind the gag and roll down the side of my face as I lay there. I shifted around, still distracted by the pain in my nipples and the vibrator between my legs, I tried rolling from side to side to give myself enough momentum to right myself. I started to fantasise about how my wicked Mistress was ordering me to get back upright again and how if I didn’t do it quickly enough, I was to be left here all night! The mere thought of being left like this all night caused me to moan loudly, but wanting to play my part in my own fantasy, I continued my struggles, determined to upright myself. However, my fantasies were broken by the distinct sound of clicking and a noticeable increase in pressure around my left wrist. In my struggles, I’d somehow leant on my cuffs, causing them to tighten painfully around my wrist. Suddenly all my thoughts of pleasure and excitement faded away, being quickly replaced with a real fear. I knew the dangers of losing circulation to my hand were very much real and I needed to act fast. I did my best to remain calm, thinking before acting this time, I couldn’t risk trying to roll myself upright again so I decided on a different approach. I started to twist my chest to the left, pressing my clamped breast painfully down into the mattress as I did so, but it was worth the pain at this point in my mind. I cried out into my gag as I tried pulling my knees up towards my chest, this had the effect of pulling my head back painfully as well as pushing the vibrator harder against my pussy. This caused me to let out a strange mixture of a moan and a groan; even in my slightly panicked state I was not immune to the effects of having a vibrator pressing hard against my most sensitive spot. The struggle was worth it however as I was able to gain just enough leverage to push myself upright and back onto my stomach. It was time to check on my ice release, still being blinded, there was no way for me to simply look so I started to inch my way backwards. The way I had started out this tie meant that the head of my bed and thus the ice release was directly behind me, and so I started to inch my way backwards. It was a grueling effort to say the least, at some points it didn’t even feel like I was making any progress, and the process of inching my way backward caused the vibrator to press harder and my nipples to press into the mattress as well which only added another level of strain to my attempts to escape. My masochistic mind had made this part of the plan originally, that earning my freedom would be a painful process, thus encouraging me to stay in the more pleasurable position for longer.

Eventually however, I could feel something cold press against the heels of my feet, feeling around as best I could I tried to guess at how much ice was left, I felt my heart sink as I felt quite a sizable chunk remaining (Damned winter air!). With my toes still being pulled towards my head, I couldn’t even use them to attempt to pull on the string and break the ice somehow. I let out a long groan of frustration, I must have been in my hogtie for at least an hour, if not more. Were this any other session, I would have simply endured it, but I could feel the painful tightness around my left hand starting to fade which was even more of a worry. It meant that I was starting to lose feeling in my hand. But! This is why us self bondage freaks have a safety release for when things go wrong. Under my pillow I kept a spare set of keys to my cuffs and a pair of EMT shears. The shears wouldn’t do me any good in this situation, but the keys would grant me my freedom. Spurred on by the fear that was starting to grip my heart, I started to rotate myself on the spot to the left. ‘No no no not now not now!’ I screamed in my mind as I continued to rotate myself. In order to achieve this rotation I had to push down on the vibrator, this caused that all too familiar sensation of pleasure to build up inside me once more. Maybe it was something about not wanting the orgasm, trying to resist it that only made it hit harder and faster. I moaned loudly once more into my gag as my body involuntarily pulled against the bonds. My whole body started to squirm as I bucked my hips wildly; were it not for the panic of my situation, I would have enjoyed the orgasm a lot more than I actually did. Coming down from the rush, I took a few moments to catch my breath. You’d be surprised how much energy you use when you’re bound in such a way, even the slightest of movements require a tremendous effort. (It’s also much easier to run out of breath with a large rubber ball in your mouth!)

Having finally rotated to the point I could feel my feet touch the wall beside my bed I started to wriggle and shuffle myself towards my pillows. Once I felt the softness press against the side of my thigh, I shuffled back a bit before taking a moment to catch my breath once more. Now it was time to roll onto my right side and fish around under my pillow for the keys. ‘Well, here goes nothing… or everything’ I thought to myself as I rolled onto my right side. I cried out loudly into the gag again as I felt the chain of the clamps snag once again. Now my nipples were screaming as I quickly shuffled to try and release the pressure on the chain. Twisting my body and pulling back on my ankles seemed to do the trick as the burning pain returned to an intense ache. Well pain is what I wanted and now I had it, be careful what you wish for I guess. Struggling to shuffle backwards, I reached in under the pillows, being forced to bend my knees towards my torso once again, I felt the familiar sensation of the vibrator pressing in hard against my now aching pussy once more. Now frantic, I started to squirm and reach around under the pillow once more until I finally felt something metal. The safety shears! As I said they were no good to be right now, but they would still be helpful. See, I figured that a single pair of tiny keys would be hard enough to find on their own if I wasn’t tied up like a disobedient slave girl, so I’d attached them to the EMT shears, meaning that once I found the shears, I would also have my keys! (See, not just a pretty face :p)

I pressed the side of my butt down into the mattress to try and shuffle closer towards the shears to get a better grip, that’s when I heard the one sound I didn’t want to hear. A now hauntingly familiar clicking noise as I felt around my right wrist not tighten painfully as well. I cried out loudly in a mix of frustration and desperation. How could I be so stupid that I would do the same thing twice! I gripped the shears as quickly as I could and then straightened out my legs to relieve the pressure on my pussy. I groaned loudly from behind the gag as I pulled the shears into my hands and started to feel around for the string attached. It was easy enough to find. At last, freedom was only a few moments away! Or so I thought as I now encountered a new problem: Taking the keys in my right hand, I tried to reach down to find the keyhole to my cuffs, only to realise I wasn’t able to bend my wrists as much as I thought I would be able to. Apparently the new tightness around my wrists meant that I had now lost the usual maneuverability I’d had when practicing this before, thus making it much more difficult to reach the keyhole. Panic was well and truly starting to set in now, I cried out loudly as the true helplessness of my situation was starting to set in. What good was the key if I couldn’t use it! I even tried calling out to my imaginary Mistress, begging for my release, to no response obviously, but I was desperate. I started to thrash around, hoping that now some fault in my rope works would make itself known and I would be free. But no, I’d spent too much time practicing this kinky hobby of mine and deep down I knew the ropes wouldn’t give. But right now that didn’t matter, I was scared, scared that I would be stuck here until my housemate came home to find me. But she wouldn’t be home for a few hours at least, and what state might she find me in when she did?

Fear now taking over I started to scream out as loud as I could, all whilst hopelessly trying the keyhole again, each desperate tug on the cuffs only served to press the vibrator harder against my pussy. I was now most certainly getting more pleasure than I had bargained for, the desperate cries for help had also had the added effect of causing more drool to spill out from my gag, I could now feel it running down my cheek and starting to pool next to my face. Were the situation not so desperate, I would be very much enjoying this new sensation of humiliation as I lay in my own drool. As I lay there, I started to take long deep breaths to calm myself down, trying to focus, panic wasn’t going to do me any good in this situation, I needed a plan, and fast!

I knew that I could undo the cuffs if I could just bend my wrists a little bit more. That’s when I came up with the idea of rolling onto my back, that way I could use my own body weight to push my hands to bend towards the keyhole, maybe then I would be able to undo them. With a new found sense of determination and a longing desire to be free I twisted my ankles to push them deeper into the mattress, this naturally had the effect of pulling my head back, but at this point I didn’t care, I wanted out! I groaned loudly as I strained with what strength I had left, rocking my body from side to side to help build up the momentum to roll me over. I knew it had worked when I felt the pressure on my head lessen, laying on my back had forced my legs to bend, my ankles being pushed back up towards my ass. Stretching out with my fingers I could feel my heels. I strained and struggled once again, placing the key in my right hand and raising my pussy into the air. I tried as best I could to push the increased pressure of the vibrator out of my mind, only letting out a small moan as I focused on my mission. Slowly lowering my hips back down, I was able to press on my hands slightly, letting my wrists bend just that slight bit more. It was a difficult position to hold, I could feel my body begin to tremble under the strain, but I let out a sigh of relief as I felt the key slip into the keyhole. Letting myself fall to rest a moment, I caught my breath once again. I wouldn’t be able to try and turn the key until I lifted up again. I was hoping with all my hopes that this would work, I didn’t know what else I could do if it didn’t. Pushing up again, I felt the vibrator press in hard as my fingers desperately reached for the key. It was difficult to try and turn the key at the awkward angle with just my finger tips, but just when I thought I was going to collapse from the struggle again, I felt the dulled pressure around my left wrist vanish as the cuff popped open.

I practically screamed with delight as I moved my hand away as much as the strict elbow tie would allow, I gave my wrist a few twists and wiggled my fingers. I could feel the blood rushing back into my hand and the numbness starting to fade. Reaching back, I now took the key out and put it into the keyhole for the right cuff. Things were much easier this time and it was only a few moments before I felt the sweet release of the cuff popping open. With my hands now free, things looked hopeful, I started by rolling back onto my right side. Of course the chain on my clamps caught again, causing me to cry out loudly, the pain was now unbearable, I swore all sorts of obscenities from behind my gag as I pulled my ankles down towards my hands, my fingers searching desperately for the quick release. Pulling on the rope, I felt the pressure between my ankles and back lessen as the rope became loose. Pulling my ankles back down towards my hands again, I was able to reach out and do the same to the rope connecting my toes to my head harness. With a long breath of relief I felt the tension in my body fade as my head pulled free, finally able to release the strain that had been building up. Ever so slowly I started to stretch out my body until I was completely straight. Unfortunately I was still unable to reach around and switch off the vibrator, with my elbows pulled together, that now wasn’t an option. Besides, my first priority would have been feeling my poor aching nipples.

After taking a few moments to ready myself, I shuffled and swung my feet over the end of the bed, I could feel my bound feet pressing against the cold wood. Ever so carefully, I slowly started to shuffle along and towards the head of the bed, there I would be able to hook the ring over one of the poles that made up my headboard and pull my elbows apart. Slowly pushing myself up onto my feet, I was careful to make sure I didn’t fall over, I could feel the drool running down my chin once again as I stood there. Like I said the gag wasn’t the largest one I had, but even now my jaw was starting to ache. Inching my way back, I lowered myself against the pole until I could hear the sound of metal on metal, letting me know that the ring was close. It took several attempts until the ring finally looped down over the pole, after that I continued to lower myself down and lean forward. With my bound body as a weight, the noose slowly started to pull apart, I could feel the pressure in my elbows and shoulders lessen with each passing moment. Finally I was able to rest my arms by my sides. I then reached around, switching off the damned vibrator and taking a moment to catch my breath. Reaching up I was able to undo the ankle cuffs and have my arms be completely free once more. I carefully lowered myself back down onto the bed and lifted the blindfold from my eyes. Looking down I could see the pinkness of my pussy, seemingly having endured quite the torment, the head of my vibrator was also covered in a dampness of my own juices. ‘Such a good slut’ I thought to myself with a cheeky grin. My attention then turned to my chest. I could see the mixture of dry and still slick saliva that had run down my chest, along with my clamped nipples. I knew this was going to hurt. Without a doubt the worst part of clamps is taking them back off, and the longer they were on, the more it would hurt. I decided it was best to have a little helping distraction for this part, and so I switched the vibrator back on, flicking it up to high now. I lay back on my bed, letting the waves of pleasure surge through me once more. I must say it was much more pleasant now that I wasn’t feeling so helpless. 

I continued to lay there until I felt my breathing start to quicken, the fire of an orgasm once again stoking deep within. ‘Ok, here it goes.. 1… 2… 3! MOTHER FUCKING GOD FUCK!’ On the count of three I took both clamps off, the pain caused me to buck around wildly and scream into my gag, that fire of an orgasm was quickly snuffed by the intense pain. I threw the clamps to the ground and quickly started to massage my poor tormented nipples.

After laying there for a few minutes, I started to undo the rest of my bonds, I’ll admit, I was a bit of a lazy bitch, just letting my rope pile up on the ground, not bothering to tidy up for now at least. My first order of business was to take a long hot shower. Naked, I stumbled towards the bathroom, turning the water onto hot and proceeding to just sit at the bottom, letting the water wash over me and sooth my aches and pains. As I sat there reflecting on my session, I couldn’t fight off that after bondage glow that always comes following a truly grueling session. That strange sense of satisfaction at having that deep sexual itch scratched so well. I sat there for god only knows how long, letting my body recover. The rest of the day was going to be a PJs day anyway, I wouldn't be putting on a bra or any tight clothing until I’d let my poor nipples heal. Oh and for those who were wondering, I was in that hogtie for roughly an hour and a half. It was a long session for sure, but at the same time, it could have been longer. After my shower, the first thing I did was get on my laptop and shop around for some cuffs that would be better fit to help me avoid this kind of thing happening again.

Anyways, hope you all enjoyed reading and would love to hear your feedback!

xoxo, Naomi ♥


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