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Abandoned Building Bondage

by Cynthia Trusscot

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© Copyright 2014 - Cynthia Trusscot - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; Sbf; warehouse; chairtie; rope; tape; gag; boots; caught; peril; arson; escape; cons/reluct; X

Meredith squeezed her slender body through the gap in the fence, reached back for her bag of ropes, then looked up at the deserted factory. She grinned. Moving quickly across the weedy lot, she found the window that had been inadequately locked. Boosting herself up, she climbed inside. The space was dim and echoing – just the sort of place where a young woman would be held, tied and gagged.

When Meredith played her self-bondage games, she did not imagine that she had been kidnapped by thugs, or that she was being held hostage. To her, atmosphere was everything. Rather than envisioning imaginary villains, she tied herself up in places where such people would possibly hang out. The sensation that there might be someone like that were as vital to her as the feeling of the ropes binding her body.

Her high heeled boots echoed as she walked slowly across the concrete of the old factory floor. This place definitely had possibilities. She could see herself tied in any number of spots – next to that big greasy machine, in that rubble-filled corner, on that workbench. Where to start?

A flight of steps led upwards. She climbed up and went through a glass-paneled door. Here were a few old offices, cluttered with abandoned desks and furniture. The office in the corner of the building still contained the owner’s desk. The executive-style swivel chair was too fat for good bondage – she brought in a simple wooden chair from the waiting room.

Seating herself, she opened her bag of ropes and got to work, taking her time, enjoying herself. First, she tied her booted ankles tightly together. After tying the knot, she stroked the smooth leather, then tied her legs just under the hem of her leather miniskirt. Sliding back against the chair, she wrapped a long, doubled piece of rope over her thighs, then criss-crossed it over her hips and around her waist, securing herself firmly to the chair. A few more turns of rope over her breasts and under her arms pinned her upper body to the chair back. Shaking her long dark-brown hair back, she tore off a piece of duck tape and smoothed it over her mouth. Finally, she maneuvered her hands into the pre-tied loops of rope, and jerked sharply once. She was now thoroughly bound and gagged.

She took a deep breath, reveling in the sensations. The ropes tightly encased her, and she moved sensuously against their embrace. She worked her hands behind her back, but she was helpless—although she had tied herself, she could not free herself. She would remain tied until the auto-release she had set tripped. The abandoned office, littered with paper and abandoned machinery, was just the sort of space where a woman would be tied up and left. Even the musty smell of the factory made her feel captive and hopeless. The empty building loomed around her.

Secure in her bondage, she struggled a bit harder, straining against the ropes, enjoying the feeling of tightness. Her grunts of effort were smothered by the tape over her mouth. She discovered that, without her feet tied to the chair, she could rock it back and forth and stamp her bound feet on the floor. Note to self, she thought, Next time, tie your legs to something.

She had stopped to rest a bit when she thought she heard a noise, somewhere in the building. She froze and listened. Was that something? No. Yes! A door opening? Then, steps—climbing the stairs! She hoped that, whoever it was, they wouldn’t come all the way back to this office.

The footsteps – high heels?—came closer. Suddenly the door opened, and in walked a middle aged woman. She had elegantly coiffed white hair, and was wearing a slinky long black dress and black leather gloves. She seemed as surprised to find Meredith as Meredith was to see her.

“Oh—hello, dear,” she said. “I wasn’t expecting anyone else to be here – at least not yet. You seem to have gotten into a bit of a fix.” She looked Meridith up and down. “Self bondage, I assume? Yes, well, you are a bit afraid of me. If you had been tied up against your will, you’d be begging for release, if only with your pretty eyes”.

“You may be wondering what I’m doing here,” the woman went on. “James – that’s the owner of this dump – is a friend of mine. I had thought he would marry me, but it turns out that he’s a bad lover, a bad liar, and just generally a bad sort. He’s also a bad businessman -- his idea is to burn this place down for the insurance money. A poor plan, and he will undoubtedly not get away with it”.

“So, when I couldn’t take it any more, I decided come out here and wait for him to light his fire. Along with being a stupid arsonist, he’s too stupid to make sure no one is in the building he’s burning. When the arson investigators find my body, they will naturally assume that he tied me up and left me here to burn. That’s why I’m wearing this evening ensemble – it will look like he brought me here and tied me up last night. I even managed to leave some hair and one of my earrings in his car trunk. He won’t be able to smooth-talk his way out of that one, and will go to prison for life—or maybe get executed, wouldn’t that be pleasant? And having you here is a bonus – he’ll be charged with the deaths of two women! So you see, I won’t be untying you, I’m afraid.”

The woman came over to Meredith and looked her over, checking the ropes that bound her. “Oh, good, you have lots of rope left over! I’ll be able to tie myself with this, just the way you’re tied, so that it looks like one person did both of us.” Tearing off two more pieces of the duck tape, she criss-crossed it over Meredith’s mouth, making sure she couldn’t ungag herself. It finally occurred to Meredith that it was entirely likely that the building might burst into flames, with her and a crazy woman tied up inside. She began struggling in earnest, trying to get loose.

The other woman seated herself in the fat executive chair. “I think it’s fitting I use James’ chair, don’t you?” she said. She began tying herself, exactly the way Meredith had, down to using the exact same number of turns of rope around her ankles and knees, with the same kind of knot in the same location. The lap bondage puzzled her for a moment, so she dispensed with it. She even remembered how Meredith had contrived to tie her hands – a tight, inescapable method she was now regretting.

The woman tore off three pieces of tape, then managed to throw the roll and the remaining rope out the window she had partially opened. “Goodbye, dear. I hope you lose consciousness quickly, I’d hate to see you suffer.” She applied the tape over her own mouth, then put her hands behind her back. A brief wriggle, and Meredith knew she was as tightly and helplessly bound as she herself was.

The two tied women regarded each other, Meredith with nervous fear, the other with resigned indifference. Once or twice, she squirmed, not struggling, just getting more comfortable. Meredith fought her bonds, still trying to get free sooner.

Then, in the distance, came some distant faint sounds – the clank of a metal container, liquid splashing. A pause-- followed by a concussive “Whooomp!” The woman smiled with her eyes, as if to say, “There, didn’t I tell you he’d be along?”

Meredith’s eyes widened. The smell of burning came to her nostrils. A wisp of smoke slithered under the door. The factory interior was mostly wood – saturated with oil from years of manufacturing. It would burn furiously. She struggled against the tight ropes binding her to the chair. If she couldn’t get free in the next few minutes, she would share the fate of this crazy woman who sat, tied and gagged, eyes closed a calm expression her face as she waited to burn to death. Unable to scream through her gag, she stamped her booted feet on the floor.

Then: With a ‘Ping!”, her release mechanism tripped. Wasting no time, she worked her wrist bonds against the blade, sawing, carefully—the ropes parted! Her hands free, she began frantically untying herself.

The frantic activity from across the room attracted the attention of the older woman. She looked a bit disheartened, probably because her boyfriend would not be charged with two murders. She got a much different look when Meredith stood her up and flung her over her shoulder.

Meredith carried the now struggling bound woman out into the hall. Superheated smoke was surging up the staircase, so she headed the other direction. She found a cargo door with a block and tackle suspended from a bracket outside. The tied up woman was incapable of resisting when Meredith hooked her to the tackle and lowered her to the ground, then jumped and slid down the rope herself. Once again carrying her new friend, she ran from the now blazing building,

She ducked behind a dumpster at the edge of the property, nearly running into the pudgy man in a loud sports coat who was also behind the trash bin, watching the building burn.

“Elizabeth?” he asked, looking at the other woman. Then, at Meredith: “Who are you?” Meredith started to answer, realized her mouth was still taped, and ungagged herself.

“Not important, Jimmy boy. What you need to do is be very nice to this crazy lady so that she stops trying to commit suicide in a way that implicates you.” James got a shocked expression on his face as he looked at Elizabeth. “I wouldn't untie her yet, though. Think of her as a present, from me – gift wrapped!”

So saying, Meredith smiled at the pair, and made her way through the fence. She smelled terribly of smoke, but a nice hot shower would fix that. Then, she would begin her search for another abandoned building – this one, she promised herself, considerably more fireproof.

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