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Abandoned Project

by Cropsncuffs

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© Copyright 2014 - Cropsncuffs - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; outdoors; frame; straps; suck; caught; FF/f; strip; susp; gag; bdsm; whip; les; oral; climax; cons/reluct; X

It was still there in the morning when I went back. A quartet of stout tree branches lying on the ground. Just as I had found them yesterday. Shorn of their smaller branches and foliage they had been lashed into a square with dark rope ties at the corners where they crossed.

The strange square had been left lying on the ground, and it lit a fire under my frustrated bondage ridden soul. It looked as if it had been made for me.

I had seen it at sunset, but as there had been people about and a woman with legs like mine always attracts attention I had moved swiftly on and returned at sun up to see if my memory had been playing tricks with my mind. But here, in the quiet light of dawn, I could see my memory had been accurate. It still lay there, exactly as I remembered it. And despite a night playing with myself I still looked upon it with a feeling of wild lust.

Kicking off my shoes I took a quick look about before dropping to my knees and reaching out to touch the strange square that was filling thoughts. I felt my breathing quicken as I touched those cool pieces of wood, and I shivered as I ran my fingertips along the grain to the ties at their corners. I gasped as I touched the dew-covered bindings of that strange frame. They were of leather, not rope or cord.

Casting a last glance about me I crawled to the middle of that frame and bit my lip before lying back and spreading my bare limbs on the cool earth. I had come looking my sexy best in my tight denim shorts and a cropped top that set off my gloriously tight midriff to perfection. After all, if I was going to be having a fantasy moment, I felt I had to be looking my best.

I shivered again as I felt my wrists and ankles come to rest on those poles, and I was amazed to find they came to rest on the very points of the square where my fantasy had me tied, tightly spreadeagled on that tough wooden square.

I turned a hand and caressed the cool leather bindings. My very fingertips stroked them and I noticed they were looser than I had expected. Pressing harder I found there was plenty of give in them and a terrible fantasy burst up through the clouds of my mind.

Sitting up again I pressed my toes against the bindings at the bottom of the square and I was amazed how easily they slipped between the dew-damp bindings and after a few moments shifting my arse on the ground I was looking down the length of my magnificently tanned legs to see them effectively spread and tied.

Lying back again I felt myself getting wet as I spread my arms and slipped them under the matching bindings at the top corners of that square and I felt as if I had achieved my ultimate fantasy, lying there, tied spreadeagled tightly on the ground.

I saw the sun rise above the horizon as I lay there wallowing in my fantasy. I playfully tugged at my bonds as I felt the first rays of warm sunshine play over my body and I smiled into the sky as my fantasies played out in my mind’s eye in glorious technicolour.

I must have dropped off in the throes of my passions as when I next opened my eyes the sun was way above me and I was warmed through. Smiling to myself I thought it was time to get myself off home before whoever built this strange contraption came back and found me playing with it.

With a sigh I moved to pull my left hand free but found it was now tightly secured to the frame. Panicking I tugged at my right hand. Then I tugged harder, finally hauling with all my might at the suddenly tight binds. A swift exploration of my suddenly horizontal world proved all my limbs were equally imprisoned by the leather bindings. There was no give in them any longer and my fantasy had become a reality.

The chuckling away to my side brought my head snapping round to reveal two girls looking down at me.

“What did I tell you ?” One said to the other, “Wherever we leave one, we always catch us a nice submissive to play with.”

Suddenly very aware of my situation I threw everything I had into escaping from the predicament I had got myself into, but to no avail. The black leather cords held me fast in my bondage.

“Relax babe” the girl said, “you ain’t going nowhere anytime soon. When will you bondage junkies remember that wet leather shrinks when it dries out? And when it does, you get caught in our little trap!” She was obviously enjoying herself at my predicament. “And now, after you’ve had your fun, we can have ours.” And at that, both their faces split into wide smiles.

They knelt down either side of me and smiled down at my predicament. They were lovely looking girls. One tall and slender, the other smaller and rounder. Tall girl had a glorious all-over tan, long blonde hair in a pony tail and magnificent white teeth that dazzled when she smiled. And when smiled those bright blue eyes of hers sparkled with a naughty inner fire that both terrified and excited me.

Small girl was all curves. Curves a lesbian part of me wanted to reach out and caress. Curves on her hips, curves on her arse, and big curves on her breasts that strained the fabric of her tight white shirt. Breasts I wanted to kiss, nuzzle and lick until my head span.

Her hair was cut short and bleached a hard blonde that didn’t suit her, but under her tan her hazel eyes had a very different fire in them to tall girl, and part of me was wary of her.

Hands darted out towards me and fingers plucked at the edges of my clothes. Before I could protest there were sounds of ripping and I could feel my body naked under the sun. And I blushed. Regarded coolly by those four dominant eyes I blushed all over in a manner I had not done since my teens.

“Nearly done” murmured short girl, and I saw something in a hand coming towards my face. I opened my mouth to protest, to plead with them, but short girl was too fast for me. There was a bundle of straps in her fist, and before I realised what was happening they were wrapped tight about my head, buckles fastened and a broad leather bit forced tight between my teeth so all I could do was gurgle impotently.

And slowly from the back of my mind a second thought clicked into place. The straps that now had my head their prisoner were as damp as the straps that now held my wrists and ankles bound fast. Which meant it was going to get slowly tighter and tighter, and there was not a damn thing I could do about it.

They both stood, took a sharp pace away from me and reached down to take a firm hold on the poles that made up the sides of the square that held me it’s prisoner. With barely a grunt from either of them they lifted the frame smoothly upright, and the ends of the poles slotted neatly into holes in the ground and suddenly I was hanging quite helplessly spreadeagled in the air.

“Now my little darling,” the tall girl drawled, “We are going to mess with your mind like it has never, ever, been messed with before!”

“And trust me,” said small girl, “You are going to absolutely love every moment of it.”

As I felt the head harness’s grip about my head start to tighten in the sunshine I felt myself blanch as I watched small girl slashing a whip back and forth in my sight before strolling out of my vision with a wide smile on her face.

Tall girl stood before me with a matching smile on her face. Here eyes were looking deep into mine as her hands reached out and caressed my defenceless nipple. Her thumbs roughly flicked back and forth over them and I cried out through my gag as I saw and felt them spring to attention. She smiled even wider as she saw them respond and lent forwards to kiss my over the wide leather bit of the gag that even now was being hauled tighter and tighter back between my teeth by the shrinking leather straps.

The crack of the whip across my tightly spread arse cheeks made me scream. A scream that came out as a faint whimper and the sound made tall girl’s face light up.

Without a word she dropped to her knees and I looked down past my heaving breasts to see her head diving between my tightly outspread legs and I whimpered as an educated lesbian tongue slipped between my lips and touched exactly the spot it would have a greatest effect.

My head dropped back and I whimpered gently as she made my head spin, and when the whip struck again there were growls of pleasure mingled with the squeal of pain. And every time the whip struck that tongue touched exactly the right spot, and my brain melted between my ears.

The alternate waves of pleasure and pain washed over my stretched body and my helplessly concentrated mind and slowly but surely I started to look forwards to the stripes of the whip as every one was matched by a wave a pleasure from down below. And the waves just kept coming and coming as the girls played my arse and my womanhood with their evil skills.

When the orgasm came it hit me long and hard, sweat rolling off every inch of my naked body as I shuddered. The now tightly inserted bit reduced my cries to a mewling wail and moments later I was dangling loose within my bonds.

When I regained my senses I was lying on the warm grass. The head harness was gone and I was no longer bound to that treacherous wooden frame. And two figures stood over me. I could feel my arse burning at it’s treatment, and other parts of me glowed with quite another sort of pleasure.

I hauled myself up onto my hands and knees and looked up at the two girls. Tall girl was twirling a black leather collar about one finger. And short girl still had the whip in her hands, tapping the end gently on her palm. She flicked it out and the very tip caught the soft curve of my flank. And as the pain bit me I felt a terrible surge of passion.

Tall girl held the collar out towards me and smiled.

“Want to come play with us?” she said gently, “We have all sorts of new toys back at the house, and you can come meet a few of our other pain bitches.”

“Come on!” said small girl, “You know you want to.”

Almost unbidden I watched my hands reach out for the collar and fasten it tightly about my throat. Tight enough that no matter what I did or how my mind wandered, I would always know it was there. Reminding me of my submissive status before these two girls. My Mistresses. They were right. I did want to. And as I felt the fading fire in my buttocks I felt a terrible desire to see those toys and maybe even play with their other pain bitches. They really had done something with my mind, and a terrible part of me loved what they had done.

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