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A Beautiful Friendship

by Igor Stravinsky

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© Copyright 2020 - Igor Stravinsky - Used by permission

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Fiona Martinez was in a difficult position, in the basement of the small house she rented. If you asked her, she would be hard put to tell you if that was a good thing, or a bad thing. If you asked her, she would be hard put to tell you anything at all.

That was because her mouth was filled with a large rubber ball, attached to a leather strap buckled tightly behind her head. Her eyes were covered with a leather blindfold, and both of those were in turn covered by a snug rubber hood, pushing the blindfold against her eyes and the ball deep into her mouth, leaving only a hole for her nose so she could breathe.

She was unable to remove them and start a conversation because her hands were trapped behind her in a pair of black, hinged handcuffs. Her feet were similarly held together by a short piece of chain locked around her ankles in a figure-eight pattern. This chain was in turn locked to another chain that was pulled up to the small of her back, where it was further locked to a chain around her waist, holding her in a kind of hogtie. One last piece of chain ran from the front to the back of her waist chain, tight between her legs.

This chain held Fiona's vibrator inside her. It was set to low, and since her hands were unavailable to change the setting, it had been like this for some time. This setting kept her stimulated and on the edge of orgasm, but unable to climax no matter what she did. It was starting to drive her insane.

Her dark nipples were also trapped, each one viciously pinched between two small sticks held together with small, strong rubber bands. Every time she squirmed or twisted, the sticks twisted as well, sending new bolts of pain through her body, causing her to whimper. Fiona had been in this position for about forty-five minutes, although if you had asked her, she would have said much longer.

She was unable to free herself at all, even if she wished to, because the keys to all her bonds were currently in the possession of her friend and roommate, Emily Walker, who stood nearby.

"In the possession of'' was a relative term, as Emily was trapped in her own set of restraints. She stood between two of the posts that held up the ground floor of the house, and each of her feet was pulled apart by thick white rope tied to each of the posts. Her hands were encircled by heavy rubber cuffs, locked on and in turn locked together behind her back. These were also locked to the end of a wooden rod, which traveled up Emily's arms to an attached leather loop that held her elbows close together. Another white rope passed through the lock holding her hands tight behind her and up to a beam in the ceiling, pulling her arms high and forcing her torso to bend forward.

Her head was caught in a web of leather straps that securely held a wide panel over her mouth, which held in another large rubber ball. To a ring on the top of this harness was tied a piece of cord that went down to the floor, under a dumbbell, then back up to attach to a light spring. That spring was attached to a chain; that chain attached to two clover clamps that tightly grabbed her nipples. Any movement of her head caused the clamps to bite more tightly, so Emily tried to concentrate on keeping her head low and still.

That concentration was difficult to maintain, due to the vibrator that she was forced to endure, which was held in by a rope around her waist and through her legs, like Fiona's chains. It was a remote-control model that was now set to "random," sometimes humming on low, frustrating her like Fiona, but sometimes ramping up to a high buzz, giving her several powerful orgasms since it had been turned on.

The keys to Emily's restraints were hanging from a string attached to the ceiling, and a piece of nylon stocking that was passed through a D-ring also hanging from the ceiling. The nylon contained the remnants of an ice cube that had been melting for the past three-quarters of an hour. It could be clearly seen that when the ice melted completely, the nylon would pass through the ring and the keys would fall to Emily's hands.

Which is why she could not now get to Fiona's keys, hanging on the wall on the other side of the basement. Only when her own keys fell, and she freed herself would she be able to get the keys to free Fiona. Both sets of keys had been put in their places by Fiona earlier, before she had placed herself in a hogtie on the floor.

The reason for all of this was a series of coincidences that took place earlier in the day, when Fiona had come home early from an unexpectedly cancelled business trip, to find her roommate Emily tied up in the basement.

Emily had been practicing self-bondage for several years, keeping it a secret from Fiona, even as she used Fiona as a backup safety in case of a mistake. She had seen Fiona's four-day business trip as an opportunity to have the house to herself and practice some more adventurous bondage, and she had begun by tying herself in the basement. She had set up an ice release and bound herself inescapably but not too stringently, to build her long weekend towards a climax, in several senses of the word.

When Fiona came home early and found Fiona, her initial reaction was shock, followed quickly by anger as she realized Emily had used her as a safety without her consent. In her anger, she decided to teach Emily a lesson, and increased her bondage. Emily was similarly shocked, then dismayed when she understood how she had hurt her friend.

After a series of intense activities, these dark feelings had gradually evolved in both women into amazement, desire, understanding, and even trust and love. Fiona had, in the end, decided to give her friend the orgasms she so desperately desired, as she had also endured a vibrator teasing her on low setting for several hours that day. Fiona also tied herself up and made the keys available to Emily to give herself as a "present" to her long-suffering friend, telling Emily that she was hers to do with as she would for the entire long weekend.

Making that choice, in that moment, made Fiona nervous. This was her first time in self-bondage, and despite Emily's reassurances, she could not stop thinking about worst-case scenarios. Fiona had called her good friend Paul from work and made up a ruse to trick him into becoming an unwitting safety person for the two of them, much the Emily did to her, hurting and angering her. However, she felt like she had to experience it, to better understand Emily, as she had promised.

Thus, Fiona's mind was a roiling storm of conflicting emotions - fear, desire, frustration, trust and arousal. She was having difficulty concentrating on any coherent thought at all and felt as though she were going to go mad soon, losing all grip on reality. Hurry up, Em! she thought fiercely, more than once.

Emily's mind was a similar maelstrom of feelings, although she was able to maintain some grip through it due to her greater experience. In between orgasms she was able to focus for a few moments, constantly checking on her friend, able to see, even though Fiona's face was covered, the waves of emotion coursing through her and the difficulty she was having with her new situation.

Emily felt the vibrator go into high again and knew that she didn't have long to wait. She welcomed it, and as the vibrations increased, they built up the desire in her like a tidal wave, which finally crashed over her in another incredible orgasm. She screamed into her gag with a raw voice, tossing her head involuntarily, pulling painfully on her nipples, magnifying the feeling, and finally slumped down, exhausted. I don't know how much more of this I can take, she thought.

Just then, Emily heard a small jingle and felt something metallic hit her hands. Finally! She had the key! She had practiced with Fiona earlier, but her continued bondage tired her and made it difficult to concentrate. She fumbled the key several times, grunting in frustration. After several tries, she slipped the key into the lock and slowly turned it. It popped open, and her hands were free for the first time in hours.

Careful now, she thought. She had been thinking all along of how she needed to beware of her nipples when she got free, not standing up before she freed them from the clamps. She pulled the lock from the rope and her cuffs, letting her arms fall but staying bent over. She laboriously worked the leather loop down her arms with the rod and dropped it on the floor. She brought her arms in front of her slowly, savoring the sensation. She then moved her hands to the clamps. This is going to suck! she thought. Well, just like a band aid - do it quick and it's over. She took a deep breath and let it out and then, before she could talk herself out of it, suddenly opened both clamps and dropped them. She didn't make any noise, but took a huge, shuddering breath and held it for a long moment, eventually letting it out slowly. She straightened up, feeling the soreness in her back, and massaged her nipples, whimpering softly. She could see Fiona moving her head as though looking around and making questioning noises through her gag. Emily was quiet for the moment.

She then carefully lowered herself to the floor, and, with difficulty, reached out and freed each of her feet from the thick white rope. She lay back on the dirty concrete floor, not yet removing the gag, and stretched and flexed her limbs one at a time, luxuriating in the sensation. Only then did she remove the gag and toss it unceremoniously aside.

She knew what she had to do next. Still not speaking, she got up and went over to Fiona, kneeling next to her. She put out a finger and slowly started to trace a circle on Fiona's naked ass. Fiona reacted by squealing, squirming and bucking in her bonds, clearly terrified.

"Fi! Fi! It's me! It's Em!" Emily almost shouted. "I'm here! We're okay!" Fiona sagged, letting out a sigh of relief, relaxing in her bonds.

Emily's tone became business-like. "Fi, I need you to flex your fingers for me." Emily needed to check if Fiona was in any immediate danger. Fiona flexed her fingers. Emily placed her index finger in Fiona's right palm. "Okay, grab my finger and hold on."

"Hunh?" said Fiona, confused.

"Just do it, Fi. I need to make sure you're okay." Fiona grabbed it and Emily tugged. Satisfied with the result, she said, "You can let go. Now wiggle your toes." Fiona complied.

"Ooh! That's so cute!" Emily said, and playfully tickled the bottoms of Fiona's feet. Fiona squealed and squirmed again, this time obviously in irritation.

"Sorry, Fi, couldn't resist," said Emily. "Good. Let's get that hood off so we can see each other." She went around in front of Fiona and reached behind her head, pulling the hood off. Next came the blindfold, sliding off and tossed away.

"Hi, Fi! How are you doing?" Emily asked with pretend cheerfulness and a huge grin.

Fiona looked at her and responded by beginning to weep, loudly and freely. She tried talking, a nonstop stream that Emily suspected would be unintelligible even if Fiona had not been wearing a gag. She stretched her jaw to wail and sob around the gag.

"Oh, god! Fi! Fi!" Emily said, concerned now. She laid a hand on Fiona's cheek and gently stroked her hair. "It's okay, it's okay. We're safe, we're fine, calm down, I love you, Fi, Fi." Fiona's crying slowed down but didn't stop.

"Do you need to get out?" asked Emily, seriously.

"Unh hunh! Unh hunh! Unh hunh!" Fiona nodded emphatically as well.

"Okay, okay!" Emily said. "Do you want to get out right now?" She looked at the keys, ready to dash over in an instant if need be.

Fiona closed her eyes and became still. She took several deep breaths, waiting between each one. Finally, she took another breath, opened her eyes and looked directly at Emily. Slowly, she shook her head and said, "Unh unh." She then sagged, exhausted physically and emotionally.

"Oh Fi!" said Emily, touched. "I need to turn you on your side for a minute. You will be okay, I promise." Emily slowly rolled Fiona on her side, then got down on the floor and awkwardly but tightly embraced her. Emily pulled Fiona close, running her hands over Fiona's body in a series of gentle caresses.

"Thank you, Fi. Thank you for everything," Emily whispered into her ear. "You're so beautiful. You're so amazing. I don't deserve anything like you. Did I tell you I love my present?"

Fiona replied, "Unh hunh." Emily rolled her back to her stomach. Fiona started whining piteously.

"What is it, Fi?" she asked, concerned again.

Fiona said, "Leeash, nghishress, ngay I kungh?" She tried her best to make puppy-dog eyes to emphasize her request.

"Please, mistress, may I come?" Emily repeated. "Let me ask you, Fi, how did that trick work when I tried it?"

"Uckh ooh!" said Fiona.

"There's my Fi!" Emily crowed. "Seriously, though, Fi, are you going to be okay?" Fiona nodded her head.

"Well, then, I guess it's time to unwrap my present, and play with it," said Emily. Fiona groaned. Emily walked over to the wall and unhooked the keys, coming back to Fiona. "I'm going to unlock your legs. stretch them out slowly." Emily opened the locks at Fiona's feet, using her hands to guide Fiona's legs slowly to the floor. Fiona let out a satisfied moan. Emily then quickly took the chain still attached to Fiona's waist and looped it over the handcuffs, locking it to her waist, trapping her hands close to her back.

"Unh?" asked Fiona.

"Relax for a second," said Emily. "We're going upstairs. We have a lot to do, and I don't want you getting frisky." After a moment, Emily asked, "Ready?"

"Yesh," Fiona said, and Emily helped her to her feet. She was unsteady, from the new stresses of bondage on her body, and the continued teasing of the vibrator. Emily put an arm around her waist and helped her forward.

"Here we go," she said. "Be careful. I'm right here."

It took them several minutes to reach Emily's bedroom. Emily guided Fiona to the four-poster bed and told her, "Sit down here and wait for a minute. I need to get out some things." She went to her suitcase and got out four lengths of rope. "Scooch back," she ordered. Fiona moved back on the bed until her feet were at the foot of the mattress. "Hold still," Emily said. She took one length of rope and tied it securely, but not too tightly, to Fiona's right ankle. She quickly did the same with the left. She then pulled each piece of rope around one of the heavy posts, eventually pulling Fiona's legs far apart. She secured the ropes and got on the bed next to Fiona.

Emily pulled out a handcuff key and freed Fiona's right hand from the cuffs. She quickly grabbed Fiona's left hand, still in the cuffs, and pulled it in front of her, clicking the free cuff onto Fiona's waist chain. "Lay back," she demanded, pushing gently on Fiona's chest.

"Whaa? Hunh?" asked a confused Fiona.

"I'm sure when you were snooping through my stuff you came across the term 'spread eagle,' though maybe 'spread chicken' or 'spread parakeet' might be better for you," Emily teased.

"Heeyh!" said Fiona.

"Not my job to be nice right now, Fi," said Emily. She made another secure knot around Fiona's right wrist and pulled it to a post at the head of the bed, tying it off. She then tied a final knot around Fiona's left hand before freeing it from the cuffs, then pulled that hand up to the last post as well. Fiona pulled at the ropes, finding some slack, but no way to undo the knots and free herself.

"Don't even try, Fi," said Emily. "Experience, remember? Alright, we've got some things to do, and we need to get that gag off." She reached behind Fiona's head and unbuckled the gag, which she popped free and set aside. She looked directly at Fiona and asked, "How are you doing?"

Fiona replied quietly, "I'm okay, Em. I really am. I don't know how, but I am." She smiled and Emily smiled back. Then she continued, louder, "But fuck, I need to come! Em, please! Pretty please? This is driving me crazy!"

"Maybe in a little while," said Emily. "We have some loose ends to 'tie up' first."

"Ha. Ha," said Fiona, deadpan.

"It's not too late yet. We need to call Paul and cancel his visit," Emily said.

"What, like this?" Fiona asked, incredulous.

"You don't need your hands to talk on the phone, and that mouth of yours seems to be working quite well," said Emily. She went to Fiona's room and brought back her phone. "Ready?"

"Yeah, just turn off this goddamn vibrator! Please!" begged Fiona.

"Oh, no," said Emily. She then pitched her voice in a bad impression of Yoda. "Concentrate, you must. Then, inner strength you will find, and the Force do you control." She grinned mischievously.

"You fucking nerd! I can't even think straight!" complained Fiona. "How can I talk to Paul?"

"You better figure it out," said Emily. "I'm dialing Paul's number right now."

"Em!" Fiona pleaded. "Shit, shit. shit! Get it together." She took a breath.

"It's ringing, Fi," Emily said, holding the phone to Fiona's ear.

"Okay," she breathed out. "Well, this has the potential to be really hot Hi Paul!" she said, surprised, into the phone. "Oh, I was just telling Em to turn on the air conditioner. Hey, you remember Craigslist Rando? He flaked out on me. Just called and said he didn't want the dresser. Dick. Ahhhhhhhh!" Fiona arched her back, the teasing of the vibrator getting the better of her for a moment. "No, Paul, just a kink in my neck is all. So, you don't need to come over tomorrow. Yeah, thanks. I owe you one. You know I'll do anything to make it up to you Paul. Anything," her voice became a sultry whisper. "Yes, I know, you'd never 'take advantage of me,' you fucking boy scout." Emily placed a finger on the end of the sticks grasping Fiona's right nipple and pushed them, twisting it slowly. Fiona took in a gasping, shuddering breath. "What? No, Paul, I'm fine. Nothing's wrong. It's just been an interesting day. No," she looked at Emily and smiled, "nothing bad. Anyway, you're a good guy, Paul. I know I always say that. Because it's true. You're the best, Paul! See you Monday. Bye." Emily thumbed the phone off and placed it on the nightstand.

Emily reached under Fiona's ass and pinched, hard. "You dirty little whore!" she accused.

Fiona squealed and shouted, "Ow! Em! Well, I can't help it!"

"Jesus," said Emily. "Well, Fi?" Would you? Fuck him?"

"Oh yeah," said Fiona breezily. "I mean, you've seen him, right?"

"God, yes," said Emily. "Think he would fuck you?"

"He would never ask," said Fiona. "Boy Scout."

"That's not what I said, Fi," Emily replied. "Do you think he wants to fuck you?"

"Take a look at me, Em," said Fiona, glancing down at her own naked, bound body. "What do you think?"

"Yeah, I guess so," said Emily. "He totally wants to fuck you. Can't blame him."

"Bet your ass," said Fiona.

"Right," said Emily. She got up off the bed. "Well, I feel gross. That floor was filthy! How does a shower sound, Fi?" Emily asked.

"Sounds like a great fucking idea," said Fiona.

"You're right," said Emily. "I'll be back in about fifteen minutes." She then started walking towards the bathroom. "I'll leave the door open so I can hear you if you need anything."

"Em!" shouted Fiona. "Don't leave me!"

Emily came back. "I'll be right here, Fi. It will be okay. You just need to relax."

"How am I supposed to do that with this fucking vibrator driving me insane and these goddamn clamps? And if you say 'Just try' I swear to God..."

Emily brought out the Yoda voice again, "Do, or do not. There is no 'try'." And she walked to the bathroom.

"Fuuuuuuck you!" Fiona shouted after her. "Goddamn it!" she said more softly, to herself.

A short time later, Emily walked, naked, back into the bedroom. Her hair was still a bit wet, and she looked refreshed. She carried a pair of scissors and a small bottle, both of which she set on the nightstand before she crawled back on the bed.

"God, that felt good! Now, where were we?" she asked Fiona in a singsong tone.

"Once again, fuck you, you coldhearted, filthy, miserable bitch!" Fiona's voice was measured and cold.

Emily just grinned. Wordlessly, she reached down between Fiona's legs and switched off the vibrator, drawing a piteous moan from Fiona. She then grabbed the keys from the nightstand and unlocked the chain around Fiona's waist, letting it slide onto the floor beside the bed, and pulled the vibrator out, setting it aside. Next, she said, "Let's get these little guys off, shall we?" She idly flicked the sticks on Fiona's left nipple.

"Ow! Em!" screamed Fiona. "Yes, get them off for Christ's sake! This is going to suck, isn't it?" she asked nervously.

"Yep," said Emily. "No way to sugar-coat it. Ready?" she asked as she brought the scissors over one of the rubber bands on Fiona's right nipple.

"Wait," said Fiona. "Okay, do it!" Emily snipped the rubber band and the sticks popped off. "Ahhhhhhhhhh! Fuuuuuck!" shouted Fiona. "It hurts! Jesus you fucking bitch!" She was thrashing in her bonds.

"One more," said Emily without inflection.

"Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!" She Huffed several quick, deep breaths. "Okay, go!" Emily snipped a rubber band on the other nipple, with the same result. Fiona twisted violently, shouting, "Aaah! Aaah! Aaah! God DAMN it! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!"

Emily said, "Yeah, that's what it feels like. A lot worse coming off than going on."

"No shit!" Fiona accused.

"I can make it a little better," said Emily. "Try and hold still." The bottle was baby oil. Emily squeezed a bit on to one hand and rubber them together. She then placed her hands on each of Fiona's breasts, over the nipple, and began a gentle massage, spreading oil around. Fiona let out a long breath.

"Oh, yeah, Em," Fiona said. "That feels good. Keep going, please!" She stretched her arms out sensuously, enjoying Emily's attention. "Oooh! Thank you, Em!"

"Now you know. Understand?" Emily asked.

"Yes, Em," said Fiona. "Sorry I did that to you earlier. I had no idea."

"Well, like you said, it was what I really wanted," said Emily. She stopped rubbing. "So, about Paul."

"Yeah," Fiona said.

"That was stupid," Emily said seriously.

"I know," said Fiona, eyes down.

"That was a huge risk to you. And Paul wasn't asked for his consent. I remember somebody who got really mad about that."

"You're right, Em," said Fiona. "But I knew exactly what I was doing."

"I know," said Emily. "Thank you, Fi. We just can't ever do that again, okay?"

"Okay, Em," said Fiona.

"Well," said Emily, briskly rubbing her hands together. "I think it's time to give a little back. Ready?"

"I don't even know what you mean," Fiona said.

"I'll show you," Emily said.

She straddled Fiona, putting her hands on either side of Fiona's torso. She sat up, and ran her hands down Fiona's body, paying special attention again to her breasts. She slid back, her hands now on Fiona's hips, sliding down and cupping her ass.

"Oooh! Em!" said Fiona.

"Just wait," said Emily with a grin. When she had slid down and sat between Fiona's tied legs, she lowered her head between Fiona's legs. She parted her sex with her hands and reached in with her tongue, finding Fiona's clit, flicking it several times before sucking on it gently.

"Holy shit, Em!" Fiona yelled. "Yes! Yes! Please keep going!" She was thrashing uncontrollably now, her pent-up desire rapidly reaching the point of no return.

Emily stopped.

"No! No! Please keep going! Em! Please! I'll call you 'Mistress'!" Fiona begged.

"You better fucking not!" threatened Emily. "You're just wiggling around way too much. We need to tighten up your ropes or you're going to hurt one of us. Plus, I like a stationary target." Emily went to the head of the bed. She untied the rope holding Fiona's left hand, and pulled it tighter, until Fiona's arm was fully stretched. She repeated this on the other side. When she was finished, Fiona could not move at all, no matter how much she pulled.

"Now you can let it all go, Fi," Emily said. "That's what it's about. This is the freedom. Enjoy it!" And with that, she went back down between Fiona's legs and started attending to her pussy with her tongue.

"Oooh! Oooh! Em!" shouted Fiona. She yanked futilely against the ropes. "God, that's so good! Oh, Jesus! Aaaaaaah! Yes! Yes! Oh! Right there! Stay right there! Shit! Oh my god! Harder! Yes, Em! Oh! Oh! OW! Not there!"

"Sorry, Fi," said Emily, briefly looking up before resuming.

"No, no, god you're good at this! Ooooooooh!" This a high-pitched squeal. More pulling on the ropes, harder this time. "God, I'm so close! Fuck! Fuck! Yes! Please! Please!"

Emily stopped again and looked up, grinning. "Please what, slave?" Emily surprised herself. She had never played at this side of the power dynamic before. It was an interesting feeling. "Say it."

"Please... Mistress, may I come?" begged Fiona. "Please?"

"Convince me," said Emily, sitting up and crossing her arms.

"Please, please, please, please, Mistress!" Fiona's pleading was nearly incoherent now, the words tumbling out one over the other. "I'll do anything! God, I'm so close! I've waited so long! I'll be good! I promise! Whatever you want! Jesus fuck! Please! Just let me come!" She was out of breath.

"Now that," said Emily, "was hot." She waited a moment. "Yes, Fiona," said Emily, "you may come." She went back down once more, redoubling her efforts.

"Aaah! Aaah! Yes! Yes! Yes! So close! Oh, please! Fuck! Yes! Yes! YEEEEEESSSSS!" Fiona yelled at the top of her lungs and arched her back, tugging violently at the ropes. Her limbs barely moved an inch. She pulled and pulled, shaking forcefully. Emily sat up and watched. After nearly a minute, Fiona collapsed, her eyes closed. She breathed out a long, quiet, "Ooooooooh!" and looked at Emily.

"Well?" asked Emily.

"Where did you learn to do that?" Fiona asked slowly, pulling her arms against the ropes again, this time more relaxed, as if enjoying the feeling. "That was fucking mind-blowing!"

"Where do you think I learned it? In college," said Emily. "Although, I have to say I have a bit of natural talent. Plus, you spent some time and effort getting yourself worked up. That makes the payoff a lot bigger. So, starting to understand better now?

"Yes, Em," said Fiona. "It's amazing! Feeling the pull of the ropes while you were down there, doing... what you were doing. You can let it all out, and being tied seems to, I don't know, focus it more, increase its intensity."

"Exactly," said Emily, beginning to untie the ropes from Fiona's legs. "Now we have to get you out, because we have to have a serious talk." Fiona bent her legs languorously as Emily moved to the head of the bed to untie her hands. As Emily finally undid the last knot around Fiona's left wrist, Fiona threw herself at Emily, wrapping her in a tight embrace.

"Oh, Em!" she said, pulling Emily close. Emily returned the embrace.

"Fi," Emily simply said. They pulled each other close for a long time, each wanting to feel the body of the other against their own. They slowly rubbed against each other, enjoying the feeling of closeness, of trust, of understanding. Finally, Fiona eased her grasp, and Emily did, too. They pulled apart, and Emily simply said, "Go put some clothes on. I mean it."

"Yes, Mistress," Fiona said playfully.

"Stop it, Fi. It's creepy again."

"Sorry, Em," Fiona said as she left for her own room to dress.

Emily went to her dresser and first put on her favorite pair of fuzzy pink socks, then a loose t-shirt and finally her comfortable gray workout pants. Fiona came back in dressed simply in a green tank top and pajama bottoms festooned with pictures of puppies.

"I hope we're not going anywhere fancy," said Fiona.

"Sit," Emily commanded, sitting on the bed with her legs crossed. Fiona climbed onto the bed, facing Emily. "Time for some serious shit. I'm not kidding around. At. All." Her tone left no room for misinterpretation.

"Okay, Em," Fiona got serious, as well.

"First thing, Fi," said Emily. "How are you doing, right now? Really?" She looked closely at Fiona.

"Holy shit, Em," said Fiona. "What a ride! I mean, fuck, I don't know what to say. It's so amazing! Scary! I was so scared, but so turned on!" Her thoughts started jumbling together, and she started gesturing wildly. "When you took my hood off, and I started crying, but I felt so safe and loved, it just overwhelmed me! And now I understand what it feels like to be on the receiving end. And your tongue! Shit! You were soooooo good! I thought I would lose my fucking mind! I just... it's... like... Fuck, I don't know! But it's good." She put her hands down on the mattress.

"Yeah," said Emily. "It's like that. So, serious question - do you want to continue?"

"Fuck yes, Em!" said Fiona excitedly. "Just give me a couple of minutes to catch my breath!"

"Slow down, Scooter," Emily said. "We'll have a little more time than that. But I'm glad you do. That makes me... happy. Thank you."

"You too, Em," said Fiona.

"Although all this," Emily waved her hands expansively, "went surprisingly well today, we need to establish some ground rules if we're going to keep going. There were so many points where this could have all gone side-fucked. We got really lucky."

"That we did, Em," said Fiona. "Okay, shoot." She assumed an attitude of attentiveness.

"First, we can never, ever involve another person in this without their consent or knowledge again. I realized how awful that is, and we can't do that to anyone else. That means only one of us at a time is tied up."

"Agreed," said Fiona simply.

"We can only involve someone else if the third party knows all the details, up front, and positively consents," Emily said.

"You think Paul would?" Fiona asked.

"I don't know, ask him," said Emily. "Second, speaking of consent, we need a safe word. I want to try out some truly weird shit with you, and we need to make sure we are both, always, okay with it. You know what a safe word is?"

"I've seen porn, Em," said Fiona sarcastically.

"I'm serious," said Emily.

"I mostly know," said Fiona. "When someone is tied up and they say it, the other person has to stop and untie them, right?"

"It's a little more complicated, but not much," said Emily. "When the one who is tied up - they're called the 'sub'... "

"I know that much, Em," said Fiona.

"Sorry," said Emily. "When the sub says the safe word, everything stops, immediately. Then the dom - I know, you got it - asks the sub if they are okay. If the answer is 'no,' everything comes off, right away, no questions asked, no hard feelings. If the answer is 'yes,' the sub might need a moment to breathe, or wants to stop a certain activity, or something like that. Both of them take a moment and a few breaths, and the dom asks the sub if they want to continue. If they say 'yes,' they can continue, and the sub can put conditions on it - don't use that toy, don't put anything there, that hurts me stop it, and so on - and the dom absolutely must respect it. Got it?" Her face said she would not accept 'no' for an answer.

"Got it," said Fiona.

"Because," Emily continued, "the relationship, and the safe word, is built on trust. If that's broken..." Emily trailed off. "If, for example, I was the sub and you didn't respect my safe word, you know what I would do?"

"No, what?" Fiona asked.

"When I got free, I would pack my bags and leave. Immediately. Forever. I would never speak to you again," Emily said.

"That's heavy, Em," Fiona said.

"Goddamn right it is, Fi!" Emily became animated. "You know now what it means to put your safety in the hands of someone else. How amazing it can be. How scary it can be. That trust has to be absolute. If it's broken, it can't be repaired!"

"I understand, Em," Fiona said. "So, should we pick one?"

"Yes. What do you think?" Emily asked.

"I don't know," said Fiona. "You're the expert."

"I always liked 'banana'," said Emily with satisfaction.

"'Banana'," Fiona asked incredulously. "Really, Em? 'Banana'?"

"Well," Emily replied, "It's a distinctive word. Easy to understand, even behind a gag. And it's unlikely to otherwise come up in... 'sexy time' conversation."

"Unlikely?" asked Fiona. "Em, have you ever seen a banana?"

"Ew, Fi, gross!" said Emily, making a face. "If you ever use a banana on me, not only will I leave, I will beat the shit out of you before I go!"

"Alright, alright!" said Fiona, admitting defeat. "Banana it is."

"Okay," said Emily. "Next - we can't ever do this if we've been drinking. One drink before is it."

"So, no drinking and fucking?" asked Fiona. "Really?"

"Oh, no," said Emily, "we can totally fuck when we're drunk! Just not tied up is all. Not a good idea."

"Okay, Em," said Fiona.

"I think that covers it for now," said Emily finally. "So, do you think that we are even yet?"

"Almost, Em," Fiona said with a gleam in her eye. "I think that it's going to be a hard balance to strike. Going to require a lot of experimentation to get it just right. We'll probably end up going back and forth for years before we hit it."

"Ooh! Good!" said Emily. "That should be fun. Now, I know you're ready to jump right back in, but it's only, what time is it?" She looked at the clock. "Five. We've got plenty of time yet, even today. This has been really intense..."

"Seconded," said Fiona.

"And we should relax for a little bit. You want a drink?" Emily asked.

"Sounds great," said Fiona.

"Wine?" asked Emily.


"Okay, but just one, or we have to stop for today," said Emily.

"Just one it is," agreed Fiona.

Fiona went to the living room and settled herself on the couch. Emily went to the kitchen and poured two shots of tequila. She went to the living room, handed a shot to Fiona, and sat down next to her.

"To a beautiful friendship," said Emily, raising her glass.

"A beautiful friendship," said Fiona, clinking glasses with Emily before they both downed their shots. They set the glasses on the coffee table and leaned into each other contentedly. Emily turned on the television.

"This feels nice, Em," Fiona said, rubbing her hand up and down Emily's arm.

"It does, Fi," Emily said, laying her hand on Fiona's leg. "How about 'Grey's Anatomy'?"

"Anything you want, Em," said Fiona.

Near the end of the second episode, Emily could tell that Fiona was getting antsy. She expected that and wanted to keep her here as long as she could. Partly because it felt so good, and partly because she knew the rest would help Fiona later.

"You seem like you want to jump in again," said Emily.

"Yeah, I kinda do," said Fiona.

"You're incorrigible," said Emily.

"What do you mean by that?" asked Fiona.

"I mean you're a filthy little slut," said Emily.

"Fair enough," said Fiona. "Strange, isn't it?"

"I don't think so," said Emily. "I was the same way when I started. What should we do?"

"First we have to decide who 'gets it'," said Fiona.

Emily looked at her and said, "Right, Rock, paper, scissors, shoot!" Emily held out two fingers - scissors. Fiona had a flat hand - paper. "Scissors beats paper," said Emily.

"Shit!" said Fiona.

"You don't mean that," said Emily.

"No, I guess I don't," said Fiona, grinning.

"Okay," said Emily. "Here's the deal. You are going to have to think about this, so don't jump in right away. I want you to go to my bedroom and tie yourself up. Set up an ice release with two cubes. Once you tie yourself, I'll come in, and I get to add one thing. Oh, and you have to be naked. Cool?"

"Very cool, Em," said Fiona, getting a faraway look.

"And one more thing, Fi," said Emily.

"What?" asked Fiona.

"Go to the bathroom," Emily said sternly.

"I'm not eleven, Em," said Fiona, exasperated.

"Were you going to go?"


"Do you have to?"


"You're welcome. Take a little time to think, then let me know. After that, you'll have 20 minutes."

Fiona got up and walked out of the living room, mumbling.

Emily looked at the clock. Almost time, she thought. She got up and walked to her bedroom and opened the door.

She saw Fiona standing at the foot of her heavy four-poster bed, naked as directed. Her feet were spread wide apart, as were her arms over her head. She had tied her legs wide apart to the legs of the bed with thick white rope. Her hands were restrained in the rubber cuffs they had used earlier. Each cuff was connected by a heavy padlock to another loop of thick white rope that went up, over and around the posts at each corner, holding her hands up and away from her body, keeping her in a standing spread eagle. Fiona had adorned her nipples with Emily's clover clamps, and the chain between them swung gently. She also wore the harness gag Emily had sported earlier in the day. A final piece of rope ran from the top of the harness to the crosspiece between the posts, holding her head up. The angle and length of the ropes ensured that Fiona could only stand on her tiptoes without hanging all her weight from her arms. Emily came into the room and walked around Fiona, inspecting her carefully.

Emily looked at the ice release. "Looks good," she said. "Should work. That should be about an hour. After that, I'll come in and check on you." Fiona nodded.

Emily continued to inspect Fiona. She ran her hands up and down Fiona's body, drawing a small moan from Fiona. Emily lightly tugged the chain connecting the clamps. This time a whine. Emily looked at the gag.

"Tell me you washed that," Emily said.

"Yesh, Enh," said Fiona.

"Good," said Emily. "Your legs will get tired in a little while. Let your weight go on your arms."

Fiona sagged to let her arms take her weight.

"How is that?" ask Emily.

"Oh khay," said Fiona.

"Those cuffs aren't bad for mild suspension," said Emily. "Let's see how they really work." With that, she dug her fingers into Fiona's sides, tickling her mercilessly. Fiona screamed and twisted, her arms really taking all her weight. Emily stopped.

"Aah! Enh! Stoh!" shouted Fiona.

"'Stop'?" asked Emily. "You looked like you were having fun. Remember what the safe word is?"

"Anana," said Fiona.

"Right," continued Emily. "Until you say that, you are giving positive consent to everything we do. Now, how are your arms?"

"Oh khay," said Fiona.

"Well," said Emily. "Remember our deal?"

"Unh hunh," said Fiona, nodding.

"What to do, what to do," Emily said as she slid her hand between Fiona's legs, rubbing her pussy. Fiona moaned. "Nothing there - interesting. Fine. I imagine that will just get you horny. Hmm." Emily snapped her fingers. "Got it!" Fiona jumped a little. Emily went to her dresser and opened a drawer. She returned with four small globes of metal. "These are fishing weights," she said. She said nothing else but simply used the hooks attached to them to hang all four of them from the chain connecting Fiona's nipples together. Fiona started to whine. Emily lifted the weights a bit and let them fall. Fiona flinched.

"Banana, Fi," Emily said. "Other than that, don't start with me. So, here's what will happen. You feel okay now, but soon your legs are going to get tired, and all your weight will be on your arms. That will be okay, but not comfortable, so you will twist around to find some relief." Emily got close to Fiona's face

"You might try to stay still," she whispered menacingly, "but you won't be able to. Your body will betray you." Fiona's eyes were wide. "You'll know that if you move, those weights will swing, and twist and torture your nipples. You'll know that, but your body will move anyway. You won't be able to stop it. They weigh about 12 ounces. That doesn't seem like a lot, but when they swing around for a while on the ends of your tits, it will turn into 12 pounds all hanging from here," Emily reached up and pinched each of Fiona's nipples where they swelled out from the jaws of the clamps. Fiona whined again, more emphatic this time. "And I'll just be sitting out there in the living room. Maybe I'll read a magazine. Anyway," Emily finished, giving Fiona a strong slap on the ass, startling her and setting the clamps in motion, "I'll be right out there if you need me. Have fun. Come see me when you're done!" She gave the clamps one last push to swing them and went out into the living room. She sat on the couch and turned the television on low, listening more to any sounds from the bedroom.

It wasn't long before she heard Fiona start to moan and complain wordlessly. It would stop for a while, sometimes with a sigh of relief. Then a startled yelp, or more whining. Once Fiona shouted Emily's name, loud, sustained. Emily ignored it and smiled.

Just shy of an hour, Emily heard a shout from Fiona, this time satisfied, almost triumphant. Emily knew her position would make it difficult, but not impossible, to work the key into the lock, and, sure enough, she soon heard whines of frustration, then grunts of rage, coming from the bedroom. Once she heard "Enh! Hellh! Leeash!" Emily ignored that too.

About fifteen minutes later Fiona came into the living room, bedraggled. She was still naked, and collapsed onto the couch on her side, laying her head in Emily's lap. Emily responded by stroking Fiona's hair. Fiona was massaging her own breasts, attempting to ease the pain in her nipples.

"How was it?" Emily asked.

"Harder than I expected."

"Usually is, in the beginning," said Emily. "It's what makes it so intense."

"God, those clamps are little fuckers!" gasped Fiona. "Way worse than the chopsticks."

"Don't I know it!" said Emily. "Were you scared?"

"A little bit in the beginning when you were talking to me," said Fiona. "You've got that quiet menace thing down. But not after. I knew you were here."

"Did you remember the safe word?" asked Emily.

"Yes," said Fiona. "Well, I forgot about it a couple of times, like when I yelled your name. You didn't come to me, and that was kind of scary, but then I remembered about it, and just didn't use it because the moment was over, and I was okay. The fear was... stimulating."

"Horny?" asked Emily

"You have no fucking idea, Em," Fiona replied quickly. "I certainly wouldn't mind another... tongue-lashing... before bed. I'm a little worried though, Em." Fiona turned onto her back, laying on Emily and looking up into her face.

"About what?" Emily asked, concerned that something had gone wrong.

"It's really intense," Fiona said. "It's so much - I don't want to do anything else right now."

"I think it will be okay," said Emily. "It's kind of like any hobby. When you start, you are obsessed with it and want to do it all the time. Then you get back to 'real life' and sometimes you don't do it for a while and that's okay. You still think about it and it's still awesome; it's just that you can, you know, get shit done. You do it on the weekends and look forward to it, sometimes daydream about it at work. You know - the regular."

"Thanks, Em," said Fiona.

"Sometimes the only time I have to do it is when I'm sleeping," added Emily.

"You sleep like that?" asked Fiona, wide-eyed. "Seriously?"

"Sometimes," said Emily. "Not a lot. But sometimes I just want to feel the restriction and relax into it. Bedtime is a great place for that. Plus, waking up in bondage is kind of cool. You are disoriented, and in bondage, and you might believe for a moment that it's real. Very much sexy-time. Some great fucking masturbation those mornings."

"What's it like?" asked Fiona.

"Why don't you find out?" asked Emily.

"I am beat," said Fiona. "Alright, let's go."

"I'm going to skip 'incorrigible' and go straight to 'filthy little slut'," said Emily.

"Just get the fuck in there," said Fiona.

They went to the bedroom. Emily once again went to her suitcase. She pulled out some restraints. "The main thing for this is you want them to be comfortable," she said. "These rubber cuffs we used earlier are perfect for that. Snug, smooth, inescapable, secure. Here you go, put these on, two for hands, two for feet. Lock them, too." Fiona did as she was directed, standing in the bedroom wearing the cuffs. "You look good enough to eat, Fi," said Emily.

"Please do," said Fiona.

"Alright... uhh... you know, all the time I've known you, I don't know if you sleep on your front or your back," said Emily.

"Front," said Fiona.

"Okay," said Emily, "Lay down on your stomach and spread out your arms and legs."

Again, Fiona followed Emily's orders. Emily got out the four lengths of rope they had used earlier, and in turn passed one through the d-ring on each cuff, pulling it to its corresponding post on the bed and securing it with a strong, stable knot. Fiona had very little slack. She laid her head on its side and looked at Emily.

"No gag?" she asked.

"No gag," said Emily. "Not when you're sleeping. Try it out."

Fiona pulled but could not budge the strong rope.

"How does it feel?" asked Emily.

"Good," replied Fiona. "Secure. Safe, at least with you here. Nice, kind of warm. Definitely hot."

"Yes, very hot," said Emily. "In fact," she stopped talking and placed her hand on Fiona's ass, slowly rubbing and gently kneading. "That is quite an ass, Fi."

"An ass that needs a spanking?" asked Fiona mischievously.

"Oh, most definitely," said Emily. "Good and hard, too. What do you think, ten strokes?"

"Well..." Fiona hesitated.

"Fifteen it is," Emily interjected quickly.

"Em!" Fiona shouted.

"Alright, Fi, twenty! If you insist! But I'm going to stop there because I don't think you know what you're getting into," Emily said. "When was the last time you were spanked?"

"My parents never spanked me," said Fiona.

"Well, then this should be... interesting," said Emily. "Ready?"

"Yes, Mistress," Fiona said, sticking her tongue out.

"You're getting an extra one for that, young lady," Emily said. She leaned down and whispered in Fiona's ear, "I would say that this is going to hurt me more than it hurts you, but, you know, that's not true. Here we go."

Emily brought her open hand up and down on Fiona's ass with a hard smack! "One," Emily said.

"OW!" Fiona cried. "That hurts!"

"It's a spanking," Emily mocked. "It's supposed to hurt, dummy." Smack! "Two."

"Ahhhh!" Fiona's body tensed in her bonds.

Smack! "Three." This one in the same spot as the first. It was already getting red.

"Em! Jesus!"

Smack! "Four."

"Ow! Ow! Please!" Fiona was shaking now, still rigid.

Smack! "Five."

"I can't, Em! I can't!" Fiona cried.

"I don't care," said Emily mercilessly. Smack! "Six. Little bitch."

"Please, Em!" Tears were starting to come down Fiona's cheeks.

Smack! "Seven."

"Ahhh! Ow! Stop!" Emily was now hitting the same spots two and three times in succession. Fiona's entire bottom was bright red.

Smack! "Eight."

"Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!" Fiona was crying freely now.

Smack! "Nine."

Smack! "Ten."

"Stop! Stop it! Please, Em! Stop!" Fiona begged.

"I'll stop when I'm done you dirty little cunt," said Emily. Smack! "Eleven."


Smack! "Twelve."

"Banana! Banana! Stop! Stop! Stop!" Emily immediately stopped and leaned down.

"Fi, are you okay? Do you need to stop?" Emily's face was concerned.

"Em, I don't know, please. I... I just need to catch my breath. I don't know. Please, just stop!"

Emily stroked Fiona's hair. "Okay, Fi, I've stopped. You're safe. Are you okay?" she asked again.

"Y-y-yes," Fiona stuttered through her tears. "I just need to stop."

"Okay, Fi, let's take a second." Emily continued to stroke Fiona's hair. "Tell me, what do you need? What are you feeling?"

"Fuck, Em, it hurts!" Fiona said.

"I know that, what else?" asked Emily.

"I'm scared, and I'm angry, and I'm sad," Fiona said.

"Okay," said Emily.

"And I'm... I'm humiliated," she dropped her head.

"Spanking is very... personal. Different from the crop," Emily said.

"And, Em? Can I ask you something?" Fiona said.

"Anything," said Emily.

"Please don't call me that," Fiona said.

"Call you what?" asked Emily.

"The 'c-word'," Fiona said.

"The 'c-word'!" Emily was incredulous. "Fi, you're..."

"I know, a potty mouth. But I don't like that word. It's awful," Fiona said.

"So, when you..." Emily started.

Fiona finished her thought, "I was angry. I was wrong. I was trying to get a reaction from you. It feels - wrong to me. Please don't."

"Done," said Emily. "What else?"

"Thank you," said Fiona. "I felt something else too. I don't know."

"Let me check something," said Emily. "Let's see how your cu-, how your 'kitty' is feeling." She reached between Fiona's legs, rubbing her hand up and down. Fiona let out a sigh. Emily brought her hand back up. Her fingers were wet.

"Why, you dirty little girl!" she said in mock surprise. "You're enjoying this!"

"I know!" cried Fiona. "What is that?"

"Fi, that's a normal reaction. Part of the game, really," said Emily. "It's okay. You can have all those feelings here. You know you are safe with me, right?"

"Yes, Em," said Fiona. "I love that feeling. There's more."

"What is it?"

"I needed to do it," said Fiona. "For you. I owe you."

"What did we say about safe words, Fi?" Emily reminded her. "'No questions, no hurt feelings'."

"I know," said Fiona. "It's not that. It's more that I... I wanted to, for you. But it's so hard."

"You know I love it when you get me presents," said Emily with a grin.

"I know," Fiona laughed a bit. "So, I do. I want to do it."

"So, do you want to continue?" asked Emily.

"I... I think so," said Fiona.

"'I think so' isn't good enough, Fi," said Emily seriously. "Remember - positive, affirmative consent."

"Then," Fiona took a breath, "yes, I want to continue."

"Okay, Fi," said Emily. "Can I make a suggestion?"


"Struggle. Don't tense up, try to control it. That's what the ropes and cuffs are for. They control you. You can do what you want. Get angry. Be scared. Be frustrated. Yell, Swear. Call me names. Take it out how you can. Let..." Emily stopped and grinned.

"You're going to do Star Wars again, aren't you?" Fiona asked, resigned.

Emily pitched her voice gravelly and low, "Let the hate flow through you!"

"I'm going to fucking kill you," said Fiona.

"I'd like to see you try."

"Empress fucking Palpatine."

"Oh, and one more thing, Fi. Do you trust me?"

"Do I have a choice," Fiona asked.

Emily was serious, "Yes, Fi, yes you do."

"Okay, okay, "said Fiona. "I trust you, Em."

"Okay, I'll be right back." Emily left the room. She came back moments later and got up on the bed behind Fiona.

"Em? Em? What are you doing?" Fiona twisted her head, unable to see Emily.

Emily had Fiona's vibrator. She placed it between Fiona's open legs and gently began to push it into her. Fiona gasped. When Emily was finished, she said, "There, that should stay in."

"What the hell, Em?" asked Fiona, squirming.

"When I turn this on, you have to hold off until we're finished," said Emily. "Ready?" She flicked the vibrator's switch to the high setting. Fiona moaned.

"It's going to be fast, Em!" Fiona said, pressing her body down on the vibrator. "I don't know how long I can keep it back!"

"You can do it!" said Emily. "And remember," Emily got close to Fiona's ear, "If you don't like it, do something about it." Smack! "Thirteen."

"Aah! Fuck!" Fiona pulled and shook her arms. "Jesus! That hurts! It feels so good!"

Smack! "Fourteen." Emily moved faster now, aware that her timing was critical.

"Fuck you! You bitch!" Fiona yelled, kicking her feet.

Smack! "Fifteen."

"Ow! Ow! You fuuucking bitch! Stop! Stop it!" Emily could hear the bed rattle from Fiona's yanking and pulling.

"No!" Emily was shouting now as well. Smack! "Sixteen."

"I can't hold it! It's so good! I'm so close!" Fiona cried.

"Wait, goddamn it!" yelled Emily. Smack! "Seventeen."

"I can't!" Fiona was arching her back and shaking her head violently.

"Take it, goddamn it!" Smack! "Eighteen!"

Fiona shook her ass back and forth to avoid Emily's relentless hand. "Jesus! Jesus! So close! It hurts! Jesus fuck! I can't take it!"

"Almost there!" Smack! "Nineteen!"

"It's driving me insane! Fuck you! Jesus! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!" Fiona's toes started to curl as she pulled her legs to the limits of the ropes.

"Fuck you! Wait for it! Two more!" yelled Emily. Smack! "Twenty!"

"It's coming, Em! I can't any more! I'm going crazy! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!"

Smack! "TWENTY ONE!"

Fiona's body went rigid. She cried "Oh! Oh! Oh! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!" and started thrashing.Emily watched her closely, ensuring her safety. Fiona arched her back, raised her head, and screamed. She then slumped down, let out a loud "Ooooooh!" and dropped her head on the bed. Emily reached underneath Fiona, switched off the vibrator and pulled it out, setting it aside.

"So, how was it?" Emily asked, a smirk on her face.

"Oh my god, Em!" Fiona said. "Holy shit! Jesus fucking fuck! But Em, it still hurts so bad!"

Emily got up. "I'll be right back." She left for a moment and came back in with a tube. She flipped the cap.

"This is really good lotion. Cooling. Aloe and shit." Emily squeezed the tube and rubbed some lotion in her hands. She got behind Fiona and started gently rubbing the lotion on Fiona's bright-red skin. Fiona cooed. Emily continued, smoothing in the cooling lotion. She squeezed a little more and moved up Fiona's back before coming back down. She started talking to Fiona.

"There, there. You did so well. I'm so proud of you. You were so beautiful. Thank you, thank you. Fi, are amazing!" She wiped the remaining lotion into her own hands and arms, and went over to Fiona's head, running her fingers through Fiona's hair slowly. She could see Fiona was crying again, this time tears of joy. "And you really were. So. Fucking. Hot." Fiona laughed and slumped again. "Tired yet?"

"Good god, Em, after a mindfuck like that, I could sleep for a week!" Fiona said.

"Do you want to be let out?" Emily asked.

"N-n-no, Em," Fiona said. "It feels okay. I feel good, other than my ass. The lotion helped a lot, though. That's nice. I... I feel... safe, content, comfortable. I love you, Em."

Emily stroked her hair. "I love you too, Fi. So, you think you will make it through the night."

"I'll try," said Fiona. "And if you do fucking Yoda again I will fucking leave! I like this feeling," she stretched against the ropes. "I'll be okay. I'm just really tired right now." She laid her head on the bed and looked at Emily.

"Okay, beautiful," said Emily. She sat on the edge of the bed and quickly disrobed. She snuggled next to Fiona, their bodies together, Emily's leg hanging over Fiona's. Emily reached up and took Fiona's bound hand in hers. Fiona gripped it hard. Emily watched her friend - her lover - closely.

"Shit! What a day," said Fiona sleepily. "Goodnight, Em." She closed her eyes. Emily could hear her breathing become slow and regular as she drifted to sleep.

"Goodnight, Fi," Said Emily, and only then allowed herself to drift off.

Morning came, and sunlight poured through the window, bathing Emily and Fiona's naked bodies in quiet warmth. Emily opened her eyes. Fiona was still deep asleep, still in her bonds. Emily watched her for a long time, reflecting on her amazing luck and the tremendous gift Fiona had given her. She enjoyed the calm and the peace of the morning watching Fiona sleep. After a few minutes, Fiona's eyes fluttered, and she slowly woke.

"Good morning, sunshine," said Emily gently.

"Morning, Em," said Fiona. "Well, I made it."

"Yes. Yes, you did," said Emily. "Ready to get up yet?" The fog of sleep was beginning to clear from both of them.

"I don't know, maybe not yet," said Fiona. "This feels so good. You feel so good. That was sooooooo good!" Emily knew she referred to the final events of last night. Emily reached over and started rubbing Fiona's back, eventually changing to a series of deep, slow scratches. Fiona registered her appreciation with a series of contented ooh's and aah's.

"So, a little more lounging about?" Emily asked.

"Yeah," said Fiona, stretching. "This is really very comfortable. I can stay here for a while. I love being here. Safe with my 'mistress'."

"Watch it," said Emily. "I'll go make coffee."

"Ooh! Ooh! Em!" Fiona cried.

"What is it?" Emily asked.

"My nose itches. Can you scratch it?" Fiona wrinkled her nose.

"Of course," said Emily. She reached over and scratched Fiona's nose. Fiona responded by licking her finger. Emily pinched Fiona's nose playfully and got out of the bed. She put on the clothes she last wore, padded to the kitchen in her socks, and began making the coffee. She came back into the bedroom and lay down beside Fiona, sliding her hands up and down Fiona's body, eliciting a purring sound from her.

"Em, I just want to stay here for a while," Fiona said. "God this is amazing! I can't believe how this all feels!" She shook her head, clearing hair from her eyes. She was more animated now. "I'm almost ready to start again!"

"Calm down, there!" said Emily. "Well, I do have an idea. Do you trust me?"

"Shit," said Fiona. "Uh, banana?"

Emily immediately became awake and serious. "Fi, are you okay? Do you need to stop?"

"Uh, I don't know, maybe?" said Fiona, clearly not meaning it, abashed.

"Goddamnit, Fi, a safe word is not a joke!" Emily scolded her. "The trust goes both ways. If you use the safe word like that, I think that I've hurt you! Jesus, Fi!" Emily turned away.

"Shit, Em, I'm sorry," Fiona said. "I'm really sorry. I'll never do that again. What's your idea?"

Emily turned back. "Okay. It's a toy I haven't had a chance to try yet. What do you think?"

"I think that I give positive, affirmative consent," said Fiona.

"I'll be right back. Don't go anywhere," said Emily, leaving.

"Fuck you!" yelled Fiona after her.

Emily came back into the room with several items, including the harness gag, which she set on the bed. "Okay, Fi, this has to go in first." She brought the harness over Fiona's head.

"Alright," Fiona said, opening her mouth. Emily finished by buckling the straps of the harness.

"I'm going to set up a release for you, because I want to drink coffee and not be bothered," Emily said, She got up and affixed the now-familiar d-ring to the frame of the bed, along with another string that hung by Fiona's right hand. "You are right-handed, right?" Emily asked.

"Unh hunh," Fiona said, confused. "Kheyy?" She wondered where the key was.

"I'm just going to attach scissors to this. You can cut the rope." She finished setting up the ice release. "That should go for about a half hour, I think. If it's a lot longer, I'll come check on you." She reached over and waved something in front of Fiona's face. It was a large metal hook with a shiny ball on one end and a ring on the other. Fiona's eyes got wide. "This, dearest Fi, is an ass hook. You can guess what it does. I've never used one before, so I have no fucking idea how it will be, but I've read about them, and I think I can do this right. Remember, any time - 'banana' - OK?"

"Unh-hunh," Fiona nodded her head.

"Okay, Fi, here we go!" Emily applied a dollop of lubricant to the ball of the hook. She brought it to the opening of Fiona's ass. "Just relax. I'll go slow." She began to gently push the ball in, wiggling it back and forth.

"Oooh!" cried Fiona. "It'sh khollh!"

"Sorry, Fi. It'll warm up fast enough." Emily continued to work. "Still okay?"

"Yesh." Another nod from Fiona. "Ooh! Ooh! Aaaah!" she cried, as the ball started to push her open and force its way in.

"Relax, Fi. I think this is working right," said Emily. Fiona gave a final "Aaah!" as the ball popped in. She wiggled her bottom provocatively.

"How does that feel?" asked Emily.

"Weerh. Okhaay. Ghoodh," said Fiona.

"I thought it would be weird," said Emily. "Okay, next." She picked up a piece of rope. Emily threaded the rope through the ring of the hook, and then through the ring on top of Fiona's harness. She started pulling slowly, forcing Fiona's head back farther and farther, to a series of garbled protests from her victim. Finally, she stopped and tied off the rope, with Fiona's head held far back so she was looking straight forward.

"Okay?" asked Emily. "How is your breathing?"

"Okhaay," said Fiona. "Uuuuuuuckhh!" a drawn-out complaint. "Enh?" she asked.

"Yes?" Emily replied.

"Vhihrator?" Fiona asked plaintively.

"Vibrator? Jesus, Fi, you are a horny little bitch!" Emily said. "Okay, but only on low."

"Ennnhh!" Fiona's disappointment was obvious.

"That, or nothing," Emily sternly replied. "You pick."

"Okhaay, loowh," Fiona said.

Emily retrieved Fiona's vibrator and began to slide it into Fiona's pussy. It required no lubrication. Fiona moaned deeply as Emily switched the device on 'low." She got off the bed. Her voice took on a tone of mock cheerfulness.

"Your feedback is important to us as we strive to improve our customer experience. Please assist us by filling out a comment card and receive twenty five percent off your next spanking. Thank you for your business. Remember, Fi, take everything really slow when you're done." She left the room, Fiona moaning and squirming against her bonds.

Emily grabbed her coffee and settled on the couch; her legs pulled up in front of her. She turned on the television, searching for something fun. She settled on Animal Planet, a program about veterinarians. She sipped her coffee and thought again about how lucky she was. She could occasionally hear a frustrated yell from Fiona in the bedroom, but never the word "banana." After about 35 minutes - Animal Planet had transitioned to a program about rescue puppies - she suddenly heard Fiona shout "Jesus! Fuck me! Ow! Ow!"

"Slow down, Fi!" Emily shouted from the couch.

"Fuck you!" Fiona shouted back. After another minute Emily heard Fiona moaning loudly. This became a series of shouts "Oh! Oh! Mmmmm! Yes! Yes! Oooooh! YEEEEESSS!" Fiona had obviously decided to relieve her frustration with her vibrator. It got quiet, and Emily waited. Fiona walked slowly out of the bedroom, shoulders slumped, head hanging, still naked. She came slowly over to the couch, sat down next to Emily, and snuggled closely up to her, wrapping her arms around her.

"Hey, dipshit," she said gently.

"Morning, loser," replied Emily, just as quietly. "You're up late. Sleep around last night?"

"Fuck you," said Fiona. "You know I did."

"So, what do you want to do today?" Emily asked nonchalantly.

"I don't know, Em. Fuck?" Fiona replied.

"Really," said Emily.

"Yes?" Fiona's voice was plaintive.

"Maybe later," said Emily. "First, you need to go take a shower. You're gross." She made a show of pushing Fiona away.

"That sounds like a great idea,"" said Fiona. "I think a long, hot bath might be even better."

"Perfect, Fi, you go do that," said Emily. Fiona walked back to the bathroom. Emily waited until she could hear the water running and smiled. She went back to her room.

Fiona came out of the kitchen, coffee in hand, to the living room, ready to watch some television with Emily and plan the day's activities. What she saw instead stopped her in her tracks.

Emily was laying on the coffee table. She was naked and bound stringently. Her hands here behind her, stuck in a pair of hinged handcuffs. She wore a chain around her waist that had a further chain attached that went between her legs. These were secured with small padlocks. Her feet were encircled by the rubber restraints, whose buckles had tiny padlocks holding them shut. The restraints were locked together and attached to another chain that was also locked to Emily's waist chain, pulling her legs far up towards her head. She also wore the harness gag, with a blindfold underneath cutting off her sight. There was a rope from the ring at the top of the harness leading to her feet, where it was tied off, pulling her head back. Fiona could just see under Emily's breasts the gleam of the chrome clover clamps. She knew they were holding Emily's nipples in their vicious embrace, and that any movement on Emily's part would twist them painfully. Finally, Fiona saw a piece of paper next to Emily's head, with a small device sitting next to it - the remote control to Fiona's vibrator. She gave a low whistle, picked up the paper, and began to read aloud.

"'Dearest Fi-'," she began. "Jesus, Em. Overdo it much? 'You know I love it when you give me presents. So here is a present for you. Two, actually. The first is my thanks. I don't have any words to say how thankful I am for all you have done, your understanding. Thank you, thank you, thank you.' Oh, Em," Fiona said, rubbing her eyes. She continued reading. "'The other present is me. You know what the remote is for, and you know we don't have to be back to work until Monday. Do what you will - I can say that because I trust you, because you make me feel safe, because you make me feel beautiful, because you make me feel understood and loved. Don't forget to turn off the coffee pot. I love you. - Emily."

Fiona picked up the remote control. "Doing okay, Em?" she asked.

"Unh hunh," Emily replied, unable to nod. "Okhaay, Fhii."

"So, this vibrator," Fiona said, eyeing the remote. "Ever had it on the highest setting for a whole session?"

"Oooh! Oooh! Unh unh! Unh unh!" Emily started to twist in her self-imposed hogtie, apprehensive.

"See, I don't know if that means you've never done it, or you did it, and didn't really like it," said Fiona. "Guess that doesn't really matter, right now, does it? I wonder how long the batteries will last?" She twisted the indicator to the highest setting and thumbed the switch. Emily immediately tensed, started squirming and moaning piteously. Fiona settled on the couch with her coffee, legs curled under her. She turned on the television, clicked to "Say Yes to the Dress," and began providing a running commentary for Emily.

"See, now would you look at that, Em?" Fiona said, ignoring Emily's rising pleas and moans. "That girl is big, but she's really pretty, and that neckline does nothing for her. Her mom is not helping, and I don't know where the fuck that 'friend' came from."

Emily's wordless shouts became louder. "Aaaah! Aaah! Yesh! Yesh! OOOOOH! Unnnh! AAAAAHHHH!" Her body tensed as she came, and then slumped forward as much as she could in her restraints. She started to whimper uncontrollably.

Fiona picked up the remote. "Em!" she said irritably. "I can't hear the TV!" She turned up the television.

"Fhii?" Emily asked.

"I'm here, Em," Fiona replied. "I can still hear you - Jesus can I hear you! Just remember, Em. 'Banana'." Fiona sipped her coffee.

The vibrator was relentless, quickly driving Emily to another orgasm. She didn't know how she would take this much stimulation. But she had made her choice.

She leapt into flight.


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