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Absolutely Trusting

by Michael D

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© Copyright 2006 - Michael D - Used by permission

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This story is a follow on from Mistress Melinda's tale "Absolute Trust"

I am writing this at the request of my neighbour. The title is her request but I am not sure why. She told me all would soon become clear and I have been given an e-mail address to send the piece to. I have to admit; curiosity has gotten the better of me so here goes. What happens is my account of a situation I recently found myself in. I suppose the best place to start is some background. I’m 49YO but I keep fit by competing in Masters Athletics as a runner. I have been happily married for 26 odd years, have 4 children ranging in ages from the oldest, a girl, 18, next, another girl, 16, yet another girl, 12 and my son, age 8. I’ve managed to have a pretty good life in spite of being financially challenged for most of it. I work 2 jobs, full time professional driver all week and do retail sales on most weekends. I know, it’s not an ideal existence but we are doing it for the children. Not being in a situation where buying our own home is possible, we are forced to rent. That means, we often have to move. Our last move saw us living as neighbours to a lovely young lady called Melinda.

I was blessed or perhaps cursed is a better description, with a high libido. Ever since I discovered sex, my desire for sex has been all consuming for me. Even now, at my age, 3 times a day hardly satisfies my needs. I am not saying I get that much, far from it. Back in my younger days, the wife and I were insatiable. Everywhere we were, every chance we got, we would be tearing each other’s clothes off and fucking our brains out. The years crept past, the family started to grow and both the time and the opportunities for intimate time together became fewer and fewer. Since she has suffered the onset of menopause, her desire for sex has become almost non-existent. What we used to do almost every night has now become a once every month or even every 2 month situation. It has been a very difficult re-adjustment for me to have to learn to cope with.

Ever since puberty, the times between when I had a girlfriend, I would relieve my sex urges with self-bondage. At times, even when I was in a relationship, I would indulge myself. The only reason I can think of is simply that I enjoy it. Some psychologist could probably fill a case history about why. But frankly, I could not care less. It gives and has given me a lot of pleasure over the years. So, in the last couple of years, I find the lure of self-bondage has re-emerged. My sex urges haven’t lessened any so it’s become the only means I have to satisfy my primal urge. My wife is sympathetic to my needs and really does her best but I try to spare her feelings by not putting any pressure on her. By masturbating almost daily, she does not have to suffer the sight of me walking around with a constant erection. I am not sure if she suspects I am relieving my own needs or whether she thinks my age has slowed down my desire. All that can be discussed about the situation has been said. I won't keep mentioning it to her so as to spare her feelings. I know it would make her feel bad.

As for my technique, it’s nothing elaborate because of my circumstances. Due mostly to never getting any guaranteed time alone, I have to resort to something that is quickly and easily removable. The older children come and go on a schedule I cannot hope to predict. Usually, the times I am at home, someone else is home as well. This rather limits what is possible. I don’t think it would be good for the children’s well-being should they stumble across their Father all tied up and masturbating. Because my Monday to Friday job requires many early morning starts, I manage to get up 30 mins before I have to and by taking advantage of my naturally early-morning horniness, can usually manage to successfully get myself off before anyone else is even awake.

When time may be of the essence, I usually keep it very simple. I’ll tie my feet to the chair, apply some sort of genital restraint (around my balls works well), and perhaps a gag or a blindfold. In these situations, I never bother tying my hands. I can free myself and dress in under 2 minutes if I have to. I’ll often apply some form of genital bondage to myself and by wearing track pants, I can spend time with the family and no one is the wiser. The pressure of the restraints helps build my excitement so when I do get some free time, I can quickly satisfy myself. Okay, it’s not what I crave, but considering my circumstances, it’s the best I can manage most of the time. If, on the very rare occasion, I find I have a guaranteed ½ day alone, I’ll do something more involved. A favourite situation is on my stomach on a bed, legs tied wide apart, and again, some genital restraint tied to the bottom of the bed. I have a system whereby in order to free my hands, I have to pull myself up the bed, thus putting strain on my cock and balls. One simple technique I have found that really works well is to put a few drops of lube in a condom, tie this securely over my cock and lie on top of a couple of pillows with my condom encased cock between the pillows. My cock slides easily inside the lubricated condom and combined with the soft cord around my balls is usually enough to generate an orgasm of epic proportions.

Well, enough about me. The purpose of this little story is to relate my point of view of a recent encounter with me neighbour. We moved into this house about 2 years ago and after we had settled in, my wife and I have always made a point of visiting the neighbours and introducing ourselves. If for no other reason than it is far less invasive if the neighbours know we have kids and it makes jumping the fence to retrieve a soccer ball feel less like a home invasion. Well, on one side is a lovely Korean couple with 2 small children under 5 years of age. Over the back fence is a single mother with a couple of almost grown kids. That brings me to the last one, Melinda. How does one describe a goddess? She is very tall, I guess 6 foot and a couple of inches, has long flowing blonde hair, the bluest of blue eyes and makes 90% of the world’s supermodels look like nothing. Seriously, she is just stunning. I can’t find a better word to describe her. At first, she was a little stand-offish. I assume that is to be expected. I can imagine she would get little peace from my fellow males. “Moths to the flame” is the metaphor that springs to mind. I put it down to her being wary and a bit defensive. On occasion, we have greeted each other over the fence, chatted occasionally and basically just exchanged pleasantries.

We had a BBQ about a year ago and invited her. Melinda surprised us both when she did come over. I did not expect she would. It was just a small gathering, several friends and their spouses but she seemed to enjoy herself. A couple of my larrikin mates kept her amused with some not-so-subtle innuendos but she gave as good as she got and laughed at the bad humour. The subject of the timber outdoor setting we were all seated at came up, and I told her I had made it. We ended up showing her around the house at some of my other creations. I am rather a good wood worker (My Father was a cabinet maker and one of the best) and the house has mostly furniture I have made or restored over the years.

That led to her asking if I ever did work for other people. I do and have done this in the past, time permitting. She asked if I would look at a table she had. I agreed but it was a few weeks before I was able to catch up with her and get a look at it. It was a beautiful old silky oak dinner table that could seat 10. It had magnificent Lion-foot legs but the top was marked and scratched from years of use. It took the help of 3 mates to shift it over to my garage where I stripped it down, sanded it to a perfect finish, re-stained and re-varnished it. It came up beautiful. It took a couple of months to finish because I was working only in my spare time.

I have since done a few other jobs for her, fixed a window, a kitchen drawer, repaired a front step that was almost rotten and a couple of other minor things. A couple of weeks back, I was working in the back yard and saw her on her knees at her back door looking at the lock. I called out and asked if she needed a hand. The lock had simply fallen apart when she went to lock it. I jumped the fence to take a look and in only took a moment to figure out, the whole mechanism was corroded. It was the same dimension cylinder-type lock the guys at work attach to gates when they make them. I told her I’d get one from work and fitted a temporary gate latch to the door she could lock with a padlock. I picked one up from work the next week for the staff price of 8 bucks. The next Saturday, I jumped the fence with my toolbox in hand and knocked on her door. There was no answer so I assumed she was out. I wandered around the back and was a little surprised to find the back door unlocked. If I didn’t fix the lock this afternoon, I wasn’t going to get another chance until the following weekend. So, I took the lock fitting out, replaced the lock and was putting it back together when I thought I heard a noise inside.

I listened intently for a few minutes but all was silent. I stepped inside and called out but there was no reply. I assumed it might have been her cat so I finished the lock and stepped inside to test it was aligned correctly. That was when I heard the noise again. I grabbed up a short iron bar I have in my toolbox and ventured inside. I called out several times just in case she was home but sleeping or otherwise occupied. Maybe she had a visitor or a boyfriend in a compromising situation and I wanted to give ample warning so as not to surprise anyone. The faint noise seemed to be coming from the lower level so once I found the stairs, headed down with my stout iron bar at the ready. I could now hear some sort of soft rhythmic mechanical motor running and wondered if it was a pressure pump for her water supply. The water pressure in this area is pretty low. I traced the sound to a solid looking door and listened for a couple of seconds. That was when I thought I could hear what could only be a soft human moan. Curiosity got the better of me and I tried the door. It opened on silent hinges.

I could not have been more surprised. Sprawled out on a rather large bed was a naked female. In a glance, I could see cuffs and chains securing her to the bed and in spite of the black leather hood she was wearing, I knew it was Melinda. I glanced left and right, noticed the light switch and flicked it on. What greeted my eyes was that sort of perfect female figure that could only belong to her. Between her legs was a metal-looking case like Electronic Technicians carry but with one rather remarkable difference. This case had an extension protruding from it with a rather large black dildo gliding in and out of her golden-hair framed pussy, fucking her.

That short all-encompassing glance was enough to realise, she was indulging in some self-bondage. I could see a stocking with a key ring hanging from it by a string attached over her bed. I instantly became horny. I also instantly became very uncomfortable. Stumbling unexpectedly across a beautiful naked blonde in the act of self-pleasure, as immensely attractive and tempting as it was, was not something I was expecting to see. My surprised reaction was to blurt out an apology and reach to pull the door closed. I had no idea if she could see me and I felt really bad about stumbling in on what must have been a very personal moment. But with my hand on the door, and my jaw on the floor, I also became aware that something wasn’t right. Her attitude, and by that I mean, just the way she was moving, her general dishevelled look and a sort of low moan she made had me think there was a problem. Her head twisted towards me when I spoke and began nodding furiously. I asked her if she was okay and her violent shaking of her head told me she was in trouble.

What could I do? I ventured inside and assessed the situation. I guessed the stocking was supposed to somehow drop the key ring to her hands but on closer examination, I could see that a tiny sharp end on the key ring was caught on a strand of the stocking. I barely touched the keys and they dropped free into my hand. I could see she was straining as she tried to pull herself away from the dildo and I knew she was not enjoying it. I found the switch and turned the machine off. As carefully as I could, unclipped it off the belt she was wearing and moved it away from her. I was careful to do it slowly and gently. She visibly slumped into a sort of relaxed state and uttered a deep muffled sigh.

She did tense when my fingers touched the area around the belt and I knew she would be feeling very vulnerable right about now. I was not about to do anything to give her any further cause for concern. It took a few tries, but finally, I found the key that fitted the locks on her wrist cuffs. I undid one and unbuckled the cuff from her wrist. Her skin was deeply red and sore looking and I guessed, she had probably been here a while or had been struggling violently, probably both. I knew from personal experience how painful it is when you have had your arms secured above your head for any length of time. Being firm, but not rough, I massaged her muscles at the same time as helping her ease her arms down to rest on her stomach. Once her other hand was free, I likewise massaged that one.

The next thing was to help her get the hood off. Gently, I lifted her head and saw the small padlock holding it tight around her neck. I guessed which key fitted the tiny lock, undid it and with her help, got the leather hood off. Under it, she had a big bright red ball-gag in her mouth and while I held her long hair clear, she unbuckled it. The relief that washed across her face when that gag came out was worth all the awkward feelings I was suffering. But then I admonished myself. What I was suffering? How could I be so selfish? This poor girl had just been through an ordeal that would be every self-bonders worst nightmare. I am sure that everyone who has ever indulged in self-bondage dreams of being in the inescapable situation. It’s a sexual high unequalled by any other form of sensual pursuits. The down side is should it ever really turn out to be inescapable. I wasn’t going to add to what was obviously going to be a very embarrassing moment for her. The relief and sincerity in her words when she thanked me was all the thanks I needed. She had genuinely been stuck and I know how I would feel towards a rescuer had the situation been me as the one who was trapped. She was going to feel very vulnerable until she was completely free so as quickly as I could, I got the rest of her bonds off.

I deliberately kept my eyes off her perfect figure, as hard as that was to do. Once she stood up, I stared at a spot on the floor between my feet while she stretched to get her circulation going again. I glanced about the room for some sign of any clothes I could hand to her but there was nothing to be seen. As soon as I was sure she was okay and not going to faint or become light-headed, I asked her once more if she was okay and when she said, she was, I rose and headed for the door.

As we headed upstairs, and I am not sure how I was sucked into it, but we worked out a signal using her living room blind so when she was playing, she would pull the blind down. When she was finished, she would put the blind up. If I saw it down for longer than say, 8 hours, would I please check in and make sure she was okay. I agreed, but damn, I am having second thoughts about it. I just hope it never happens again. As much as I appreciate the vote of confidence she has given me, it’s a temptation no man who values his marriage should have to endure. I sympathise with her desires for bondage masturbation because I do it myself. I’ll have to put my mind to devising an absolutely fool proof escape system for her.

We reached the back door and for a brief moment, I thought she was about to follow me outside. Now, my wife trusts me but if she was to see me walk out with this girl following, stark naked, I don’t think any explanation would ever be convincing enough. It’s going to be hard enough, sitting in my study and noticing the blind has been pulled down. I just hope it happens at times when I’m alone so I can take advantage of the instant erection I know I am going to get when I realise what she is doing. That image of her bound and helpless being fucked by that machine is going to haunt me until my dying day.


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