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A Close Call in the Woods

by slut_jennie

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Storycodes: Sbm; cd; chastity; buttplug; corset; stockings; outdoors; cuffs; chain; collar; gag; fantasy; arousal; denial; stuck; mast; climax; cons; X

I got home on a Friday, in time for once, after a long week of working feeling very excited. My excitement was a bit uncomfortable since I had been wearing my tiny stainless steel chastity cage for three weeks now. After a quick shower and another close shave, I lubed and slipped a large stainless steel butt-plug with a pink crystal at the base, before pulling a pink lacy thong up holding the plug in. I wrapped my white lacy corset around my waist and pulled the laces tight enough that the corset would not slip down, attached my white stockings, pulling the straps under the thong. The feeling of pulling the thin stockings up my smoothly shaven legs was as exquisite as always.

My silicone falsies were next, I glued them onto my chest and relished their weight as I stood up and wrapped a white lacy bra around me to take the weight. I quickly pulled on my socks, jeans and sweatshirt again before sitting down to add the base foundation for my makeup, the makeup I would add later.

When I was done with the foundation I grabbed my already packed backpack and headed into the kitchen, where I pulled out a couple of ice packs together with an ice cube with a looped line frozen in it and placed it all into a small cooling bag. After a look around to check that I had everything, I walked out to my garage. It was connected to my house so I didn’t need to go outside and the garage door was remote controlled so didn’t have to get out of my car to open or close the garage door. I remembered to sit down carefully due to the big plug, but even as I was careful, I still grunted when it was pushed deep.

The drive took almost an hour and when I reached my destination, I parked my car and got out in the early summer evening. I stood still and listened for a while first, hearing nothing except the wind in the trees and the ticking from my car, before I checked my tell tale signs and felt sure that no car had been here since my last visit a week ago. 15 minutes later, I had also had a look around on the game trail and around the small clearing where I was going to have my adventure without finding any signs of visitors. I opened the trunk of my car to pulled out my backpack and after one more look around me I quickly undressed my boring outer clothes, untied the laces on the corset and started to tighten it up.

When I had gotten the corset as tight as I could, I tied the laces off around my waist and pulled a short tight bright pink patent skirt up my stocking clad legs, wrapped a thin see through white blouse around me, before stepping into my black knee-high five inch stiletto heeled boots. I pulled out my makeup bag with an old towel and sat back into the car, carefully again, to apply my makeup with the towel to cover my white blouse, to keep it bright white. Bright pink lipstick, pink and purple eye-shadow and a lot of mascara to make my eyelashes really full with a little blush on my cheeks. I looked at my reflection and smiled, pleased with the makeup, stood back up outside the car, leaving the old towel on the passenger seat, to release my hair from the ponytail and brushed it out.

The warm winds felt great on my stocking clad legs as I threaded a thin chain through the legs of my jeans and the arms of my sweatshirt, locking it with a padlock and packed into my backpack together with my sneakers. After a long look around I locked the car, hung the backpack on my shoulder, took the cooling bag in my other hand and headed onto the game trail. After twenty meters there was a distinctive looking rock where I stopped and placed my key-ring, containing my car key, home key and a padlock key, into a black waterproof key bag before kneeling down and placing the key bag into the tall grass next to the rock. It was virtually invisible when I stood back up and headed back towards my car, passing it following the trail for the another 5 minutes, until I reached a small clearing overlooking a small valley. I opened my backpack and pulled out a blanket that I spread onto the forest floor, next to a large spruce and then I pulled out my toys and placed them on the blanket.

Next I pulled out the ice cube from the cooling bag, stretched up onto my toes so I could tie the end of the thin string to a branch. There was a key in the ice hanging from the thin line that would drop when enough of the ice had melted. I started by locking two stainless steel cuffs around my ankles that already had a thin chain locked between them, ten inches long, and then I wrapped and locked a matching steel collar around my neck. There was a thick exposed root coming from the spruce that I locked a long thin chain around with a padlock. The key to this padlock was in the ice cube that was hanging from the branch above my head, the other padlocks would stay locked on until I could retrieve the key box I had hidden.

Next I picked up the ball gag, it was large and I knew it was going to be a bit uncomfortable to wear by the time the key would fall. I opened my pink lips and forced the ball gag into my mouth and buckled the straps tightly behind my head under my hair and placed the small cooling bag inside my backpack. It was placed next to another tree where, it would be well out of my reach when I had locked the other end of the long chain to my collar. After a last check around me, I picked up the other end of the long chain and locked it to my collar, securing me to the thick root for the next several hours.

One more thing to lock on, it was the steel cuffs for my wrists so I knelt down on the blanket and locked my hands behind my back. The feeling when one has closed the last lock and there is no way to get free is always very special to me and I could feel the tightness of my small chastity cage. Carefully I turned around on my knees on the blanket so I could see out over the valley and then I laid down on my right side and relaxed. It was a very good evening, nice weather, not too hot and not too cold with a pleasant wind blowing through the forest. I started to fantasize that I had been left in the woods by my Master as a price for anyone that happened to come by and what they would do with me when they found me.

Predictably it soon became very uncomfortable for me in the tiny cage so I just lay there and listened to the wind in the trees and it really relaxed me. It must have been the long days at work that made me doze off. As usual for me, when I wake up in bondage, I panic at first until I remember what was going on. I pulled at the chain holding my hands behind my back and tried to get up but soon settled down. It hadn’t gotten any darker so I thought that only a short time had passed, so I lay back down and rolled over to check on the ice. It still hung there and looked like it hadn’t melted at all, so I laid back down on the blanket and drifted off to sleep again.

The next time I woke up, I didn’t panic as much, I just tried to pull my arms to the front but that didn’t work, I just lay there and looked around. This time it was a little darker so I glanced up to check if the key had fallen, but no, the string and key was still frozen but the ice cube was a lot smaller and I could see the shiny key sticking out from the ice so it would probably be free and falling really soon. I lay back, relaxed and went back to my fantasies, trying to reach the base of the large steel buttplug to try to get some stimulation, while imagining that I had been left there indefinitely by my owner, not knowing if or when I would be released.

The fantasizes kept me distracted until I heard, or maybe saw, something move above me. I looked up expecting to see the key but it wasn’t there. It took me a few seconds to realize that the key I needed was gone. The string was there and it was hanging down, moving in the breeze. I looked around me, thinking that the key might have fallen off the line and was on the blanket, but I could not see it so I struggled up onto my knees and started to look more carefully. The key was nowhere to be found.

I looked everywhere for it but it was gone, and that scared me back into panic, pulling hard at the cuffs, trying to get free to no avail. After a while of thrashing around I managed to settle down and started to think. I had to get free from the root and if the key was gone, I had to find another way. A saw or a knife would have been nice to have, but no such luck so I looked around for a rock shard or anything that could help me. There was a rock, almost as big as my fist, with a sharpish edge on it that I could just reach with my hands. It was very awkward trying to scrape or cut through the root with my hands locked behind my back, not to mention that it was exhausting, but it was the best idea I had for the moment.

To say that the progress was slow was a real understatement, after having stopped for the third time due to fatigue and lactic acid in my forearms, I managed to turn around so I could see the slow progress I had made. I knew that eventually I would be able to cut my way through the root so I wasn’t really worried about being stuck, but I was worried about being found by someone so I really wanted to get free. There was a lot more work before I would be able to free myself so I turned around again and kept cutting and scraping. It got darker and soon the evening turned into night, but I kept working until I became too tired and decided to get some rest before continuing. I lay down still holding the rock in my hand and fell asleep.

It was dark, well as dark as it gets during the summer, when I woke up feeling a bit cold. I worked on the root for a while and the effort of cutting the root helped to warm my body up enough so when I got too tired to keep cutting, I laid back down and fell asleep. The sun was up when I woke up the next time, feeling very stiff from sleeping on the forest floor with only a blanket for a matress and more than a little bit thirsty but as soon as I felt awake I got back to cutting the root to get free.

It took a long time to get some real progress but eventually I could feel that I had gotten well past half way through the root and even though my jaw hurt a lot I smiled behind the gag with the feeling of soon getting free. The sun was high on the blue sky when I finally felt the rock cut through the last bit of root and I wasted no time in pulling the chain through the cut, freeing myself. It was such a relief to get free that I almost started to cry, but I just lay down on the blanket and rested for a while, my hands and forearms were hurting from the effort. I could see the road leading into the area on the other side of the valley, so I was confident that my car would still be the only one here.

When I felt rested enough, I managed to get up to my knees and then by using the spruce up to my feet. My legs felt wobbly and since I couldn’t catch myself if I fell I stood there for a while, before heading back along the trail and towards the key-box that held the padlock key I needed to release my hands. I had to be careful not to snag the chain between my feet on anything so I walked slowly on the trail. When I passed my car, it was still the only one there, it was only a short walk to the rock and  the key-box and when I got there I crouched down and picked the key-box up. Very carefully I twisted the key-box open and reached in to get the key-ring, not wanting to drop it now, and unlocked my hands.

It felt wonderful to be able to move them freely again. I couldn’t open my mouth enough so I had to pull the ball gag out of my aching jaws, making me groan from both pain and relief. The padlock key only let me unlock the chain hanging from my collar and the chain between my cuffs around my wrists. The rest of the cuffs and the collar had to stay on until I got back home. I had planned to go home, still dressed in the blouse and skirt, late the evening before in the cover of darkness when a lot fewer people were out and the risk of getting spotted were really low. Now, standing in the bright sunlight, dressed in a thin white blouse and bright pink short skirt, it didn’t feel like such a good idea to go home dressed like this. I couldn’t dress in my jeans or sweatshirt since I had locked the chain through them and that key to that lock was at home.

Feeling thirsty I unlocked my car and got the water bottle I usually kept in it and had a few mouthfuls of water before walking back to the clearing to get the rest of my things. When I got there I opened an outer pocket of my backpack and pulled out my smartphone, I wanted some pictures of the root to show what nearly had gone very wrong and some of myself as well. Next I stretched to up, untied the string and checked around for the key, but it was nowhere to be found so I packed the blanket into the backpack and headed back to the my car. I decided against heading home right now and instead to wait for evening. It was just after two in the afternoon, so I had quite some time left to wait for it to get dark enough.

Deciding that it would be better to wait by the car because if someone came here, I could just drive off and find another spot to wait for nightfall. My car was already turned around so I got in behind the wheel, this time forgetting to be extra careful so the plug was pushed hard up and into me, causing me to squeal loudly. When I had settled back down I picked up my smartphone and started to surf the net for a story to read to help the time pass faster. After a couple of stories that really got me aroused and caused serious discomfort, I decided to touch up my makeup a little so I added some fresh lipstick and then logged into my favorite chat room to spend some more time.

I started to feel very hungry but the water bottle was all I had to consume so it just had to do for now. The afternoon turned into evening and the hunger and thirst grew as the time passed and the time passed ever so slowly and the water bottle had been empty for a while. Finally the sun had gone down and it had turned dark enough outside the car that I felt comfortable to drive home, so I closed the windows, started the engine and drove off.

The drive home was uneventful, I drove just below the speed limit and the kids in my neighborhood that used to play soccer in the streets had gone home when I arrived home. The garage door opened when I pressed the remote so I drove directly into the garage and closed the door behind me. I smiled when I was safe in the darkness of my garage and the switched the car off. The relief when I stood on the concrete floor and unlocked the connecting door into my house and stepped into the laundry room was fantastic.

I used an old towel to clean the soles and heels of my boots before heading into my bathroom, where I pulled up my skirt, pulled the thong down and then used the waiting key to finally unlock and remove my tiny steel chastity cage to release my penis from it’s prison. As soon as the cage was off it hardened and I started to masturbate, wanting release, and it really didn’t take long for me to feel my orgasm building. Just before I came, I squatted down and pulled my stainless steel plug out. It pushed me just over the edge and I had to lean against the wall to avoid falling down as I had an amazing orgasm that took my breath away, leaving me panting in a pile on the hard floor feeling wonderful.

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