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Advanced Pussycat

by learning why

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Storycodes: Solo-M; naked; spreadeagle; rope; bedtie; remote; pet; raise; stuck; release; cons; X

My father in law was out of town and it was my job to go to his house and feed the cat.

Lonesome cats need some personal attention so I figured I would hang around a while to give her some company.

The bed in my father in law's house is a fancy king size with smooth steel bars at the foot of the mattress and nice wooden posts at the head. This is such a great opportunity, I decided I can tie myself up for a while and keep the kitty company at the same time.

I took my clothes off. Using some soft flat nylon rope, I tied my feet to the bars at the foot of the mattress. Then tied rope to each wrist. I could almost reach the corner posts at the head; but not quite. I threw the rope over the posts so my arms were now stretched out to the corners.

It was loose enough to be comfortable and I knew that with enough struggle I could eventually work the rope off the posts again. If that failed, my cell phone was in reach of one of my hands. Having to call for help would be embarrassing, but always good to have as a safety plan.

I relaxed and enjoyed the somewhat exciting feeling of being tied up in a new place and at least mostly helpless for a while.

Suddenly, shockingly, the bed started whirring and moving. The bed is motorized and the head was moving up, putting me in a nearly sitting position; moving me farther from the corner posts and stretching my arms wider and tighter.

I was confused and amused and excited and certainly surprised.

Finally I realized that the kitty, curious about what I was up to, was walking on the remote control buttons for the bed.

As the mattress head moved higher, my cell phone slid out of reach, just as my arms got far less freedom to move.

Then the bed started raising my knees, restricting movement even more.

I was now stretched quite tightly, but still comfortable. Then the massage vibrators came on. This cat thought of everything.

So here I am, naked, spread helplessly tight over the bed, vibrators moving up and down my body, no way out and no way to call anyone. I am bemused, excited, a little scared.

The reason I wasn't panicked is because my wife knew where I was and would eventually come looking for me; but how long would that be?

I was just settling in for what was likely to be a long wait and an embarrassing outcome; then suddenly the pussycat stepped on the right button and the bed returned down to its normal position. 

The kitty's job was done and she left the room, leaving me to work my escape as originally planned.

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