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The Adventure begins..

by Kim Normunde

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© Copyright 2001 - Kim Normunde - Used by permission

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My name is Kim and I am in my early twenties about 5’7” tall with an athletic body and long straight black hair. I have been thinking about self-bondage for a while now. Well really ever since I was a little girl and my brothers tied me up to play “Cowboys and Indians.” I have been reading a lot of stories on the net and they really make my panties hot and sticky with my juices. I do like to wear confining clothes when I go out in public because it shows my body off and I really like the way people stare at me. So this being said is it any wonder that all of the bondage stories get my juices flowing.

I work in an office so I have a lot of time on my hands to day dream. One day I decided to try self-bondage out. I started doing some research and found that you can time out your sessions by using ice or some substance frozen with a string and a key in it or you could use your computer with a program that would remotely turn on or off an item. Well the company I work for makes electronic locks that unlock with the push of a remote button so having this available to me I thought I would use these so I could set a specific time to my little game.

During the next couple of weeks I would get to work early and stay a little late working on my program. I decided I wanted a little more risk so I wrote a program that would set its own time to my bondage and would be at the very least an hour and at the most 8 hours, with 8 hours having more chances of hitting than 1 hour. I checked and rechecked the program to make sure that it would send out the signal to the locks and satisfied that it would I moved on to the next step. This involved getting the locks fitted into some wrist cuffs, some ankle cuffs, a nice stiff collar to keep my head from moving, and into some padlocks. This got me some very funny looks from the head of the engineering department but as luck would have it she was a little fond of me if you know what I mean  and all I had to do was promise a night of dinner and dancing, which was fine because she has an awesome body and if my little self-bondage works out I plan on sharing with her.

The next thing I did was go to a hardware store for some chain, rope, pulleys, eyebolts, and some pipe (I had the pipe cut at different lengths for different reasons as you will see later). I spent my first day off installing to eyebolts in the pipes and in the floor, walls, and ceiling of my living room. This being done I went to bed early so I could get an early start.

I rose out of bed before the sun was up I had butterflies in my stomach just thinking about what I was about to do. The first thing I did was to take a nice bubble bath to relax a bit. I got out of the bath about an hour later and dried myself off and the I had to decide if I was going to wear anything. I decide that since this was my first time I would do it with something on but what, then it hit me. I would wear my tightest pair of blue jeans, these were bought a size small and moving in them is a challenge. I put on a pair of thong panties with a matching bra, then my jeans, them a tight fitting denim shirt, the some high heels.

Now that I was dressed I went into the living room and hung from the ceiling a chain and attached this to one of the pipes I had bought. I then attached some rope to the eyebolts in the walls one on the left and one on the right, these I ran to where I would be standing. I then checked what time it was and called Beth, she’s the head of engineering to set up our date for this evening, I thought if anything went wrong she could be my safety. I then started the computer program and set it to start its timer in about thirty minutes. I then put the wrist and ankle cuff on and made sure that the locks were locked. I then got another piece of pipe this one about three and a half feet long and locked it to my ankles so that my legs would be stretched nice and tight especially in the tight jeans. 

I then with some great effort tied the ropes to the pipe at my feet so I could not move from side to side. I then locked the collar around my neck so that I could not move my head. The last thing I did was to lock my hands to the pipe hanging from the ceiling, this turned out to be harder than I thought because I missed measured with my legs spread so wide I lost about six inches, what to do? Standing on my tip toes my fingers still did not reach so I decided to hop which was not easy, on the first attempt I missed but did touch the pipe. I tried a second time and got it. Now I locked my cuffs to the bar at about shoulder width. Done all I could do now is wait.

After a what seemed an hour but more probably just 20 to thirty minutes my shoulders started to hurt from the weight. Then a little while later my legs from being spread so wide was being bitten into by the tight blue jeans. It was about this time that I was being to think that I might have messed up but the wetness in my pants made me know that I longed for this. After the first 2 hours my wrists were numb, my shoulders were hurting and my jeans were completely soaked with my love juices. Then after the third hour my legs felt like they were asleep and I was hoping that the timer would stop when it hit 4 hours, but this was not to be. Then 5, 6, and 7 past damn the luck the first time and it hits the longest time. When 8 rolled along I was promising myself that never again would I do this but my body was telling me otherwise.

Finally the 8th hour hit and the locks clicked open and when this happened I fell to the floor with a thud I proceeded to get out of the cuffs and collar. I then laid on the floor too sore to move and then it hit me, I have a date with a very sexy lady, get up slut and go take another bath. I did and soaked until just before Beth got there. I got out wrapped a towel around myself and went and closed the living room door so she would not see or smell what I had been up to. I dressed in a tight ultra short latex mini skirt with no panties and I wore a matching latex corset, I also wore a latex jacket and a leather choker.

Beth arrived on time and as sore as I was I kept up my end of the bargain. We went to dinner and dancing and that spent the night together. This was the best weekend off I have ever had. Now I have to decide if I tell my new lover about my new desire to tie myself up or not. I am thinking yes tell and share all.

Part Two

I have been studying my first attempt at selfbondage. While I did succeed in putting myself into bondage for 8 hours I did not feel confined enough. I think my problem lies in my choice in clothes. I have been looking at different catalogs and different types of clothes and I think I have found my solution, and that is latex. There is a store within walking distance from my office that sells latex and I decided to take a look.

During a slow day at the office I decided to take a half day off and visit this store. As I was walking towards this store I kept thinking about what type of disturbed people go here and I kept coming back to people like myself. So when I got to the front door I kept telling myself that I was in good company and in I went. The only person in the store was the Manager of the store and she had on an ultra short black mini skirt, a too tight tank top, and shoes with 6” heels on them, all made of latex of course. She asked me what I was looking for but did not wait for a reply, I guess she could see it in my eyes. She led me to the back of the store where we could have some privacy and asked again what I was looking for? 

I simply said anything and everything that was tight and confining, she laughed and said she had the perfect thing in mind. She came back with some items and asked me to strip down to my birthday suit, I did and became aroused at doing such an intimate thing with a stranger. She handed me a corset that had half cups on it. I put the corset on and she helped me tie it up. With this she added a pair of thong panties that had an adjustable crotch strap, I stepped into the panties and she yanked on the strap and the thong dug into my soaking pussy, she said that the strap was perfect for keeping things in place. Next she handed me a skirt which looked too small, I pulled the waist together and then started to zip the skirt closed, the farther down my legs I went the tighter it got, I was in heaven.

Next she helped me to put on some shoes with 7” heels, I thought I would fall over. Lastly she handed me a jacket that attached to the skirt and zipped up to my neck. She told me that the skirt and jacket could be locked on with padlocks, I was swimming in my own juices. She also had brought some other items with her but I told her that I would take everything she had brought me and that I would wear this outfit out. She said that that was a bit risky but if I wanted to then o.k. She said that as a token of my first visit she was throwing in some cuffs and chokers and a surprise that I could not open till I got home.

I left the store in my new outfit and with my extra clothes and some bags, headed back for the office to get my car. After I was half way there I realized that I looked like a slut in heat and could not let anyone see me. I started to worry as I got closer to the office and when I did finally arrive I had had 2 orgasms on the way. I looked around very carefully to see if anyone was watching and not seeing anyone I walked as fast as I could to my car, boy I sure am glad that I had a convertible. I got my stuff in the car and slowly lowered myself into the car, I pulled out and headed home.

After arriving home I could not wait to see what my surprise was so I tore open the package and saw a bikini brief with two dildos attached to the inside. I quickly opened up the skirt so that I could change into my new panties, since I was so wet I decided that I would use my own juices to slicken up the dildo that was to go up my ass. I slowly pulled up the panties and when the one that was to go in my pussy touched I just exploded and in all the excitement I shoved that dildo as far in as I could and then I put the other one up my ass, I have never felt so full in my life. I then zipped up the skirt again and started to walk around my house enjoying the feel of my new clothes.

Not wanting the feeling to end and to add a little more excitement to my already excited state I used some of my locks that the computer has to unlock to lock on the skirt and jacket. I then went over to the computer to set the timer instead of the auto program that I had used before because I wanted to stay locked up all night long. With the timer set for 12 hours I proceeded to lock on the heels and to lock my ball gag in. After having done all of this I went to my bed and used some chain and locks to chain myself to the bed for the night. I thought I would never get to sleep but after a couple of dozen orgasms I fell asleep. I awoke the next morning very satisfied and also wanting more.

Part Three

The last time we meet I told you of my shopping experience at the latex store. Well it has been a very long couple of weeks and all I can do is think of my next self-bondage adventure. I have been writing a new program to run the locks and motors. I wrote this program to do several things. It will unlock locks, start motors, and remotely turn various things on and off. I have been busy turning my spare bedroom into a  dungeon of sorts. I have installed two motors that are attached to some pulleys that will spread my legs apart. I also have a motor that pulls my arms up. I also have remote vibrators, a remote inflatable gag, and electric shocks that go off at different times, they are strong enough to hurt but not do permanent damage.

The weekend is coming and I am writing the program to do several things to me. I want it to pull my legs apart, my arms up in the air, give different parts of my body electric shocks, and of course unlock the locks. I have a three day weekend to play and I am not going to miss any of it. Friday morning I decide to start off by dressing a bit risky for work. I dress in an ultra short latex mini that barely covers my ass and I add to this one of my latex corsets, the one with half cups that push my tits straight out and also bite into them a little. I wear a tight jacket over the corset also made of latex. I wear no panties so I will have to be careful of bending over. I finish the outfit off by wearing 6 inch heels. Wow do I feel slutty.

As soon as I walk into the office all eyes are on me and boy am I hot and dripping. By lunch I have be propositioned by all of the men and most of the women in the office, but alas no one had the right price. I decide to call it a day at lunch and go home for some fun. As soon as I get home I make sure that the house is locked up, I go prepare a bubble bath. I soak for an hour and get out and prepare myself for the game. I give myself not one but two good enemas so that I am cleaned out. I put on some lotion to soften my skin and then I start to dress.

First is another of my corsets, this one goes from my hips to my neck and has a place for a lock and also has some holes for my tits all be it small holes. I pull my tits through the holes and cinch the corset on tight. Next I pull on a pair of tight latex short shorts, and just before I pull them all the way up I insert a 10 inch plastic dick up my already soaking pussy and also a 6 inch one up my ass. I then put some knee high nylons on so that I can put my knee high black latex boots with & inch heels on them on. I have had a clasp put on the boots so that they cannot be removed until the locks are opened. I the go over to the computer and start the program and once the program is started it cannot be stopped because it is password protected, and I don’t know the password because the computer comes up with it itself and then e-mails me the password but only after a certain length of time. 

Now it is time for step two, I stand in the middle of the bondage device and lock first one then the other to the ropes at my feet. Next I put on some elbow length latex gloves and lock my hands into the cuffs hanging from the overhead bar. I almost forgot to mention that I have inserted into the boot, corset, and shorts some discs that when triggered will give me a shock. As I am waiting for something to happen I get a shock in both boots, shit that hurts. Then the vibrator in my ass starts up and begins its torment. Then the one in my pussy starts. As I hang limp the computer goes into a series of shocks, right side, left boot, left ass cheek, right ass cheek, both boots, left side, etc., etc., etc.. On and on for a good ten minutes. I never dreamed that so much pain could fell so good.

Then as suddenly as it started it stopped. Then I hear a motor start and feel my hands being lifted towards to ceiling, up, up, up, until my arms were straight and tight. Then the gag starts to inflate and doesn’t stop until my mouth feels like it will rip. Then that damn computer gives every disc the command to shock and I go wild, I try to pull free and nothing, then another shock but longer and there goes another huge orgasm. Boy between the dildos and the electric shocks I am spent. If I did not know better I would swear that someone was running that damn computer, because it seemed like it sensed my weakened state and started the motors that started pulling my legs apart. The motors stopped when my legs were shoulder width apart and boy was this painful. With my arms being pulled up my legs had hardly no movement. I had built in some sensors and boy was that good because I could have easily broken something. The next surprise was that my arms were allowed to lower some but all of the slack was taken up by my legs being pulled farther apart. This went on until my legs were straight out and then my arms were tightened up again, all at once I thought that I had messed up because this was painful, but with my little buddies started up again I forget all about the pain and focused on the pleasure.

I don’t know how long I was at it but it seemed like hours and hours when all of a sudden the power went out. I thought that that was just great now I have to hang around until the power comes back on and hope that the computer come back where it left off. Well I must have dozed off because when I came to the sun was coming up but I still had no power. Now I was starting to worry what  was I going to do. Morning turned into afternoon, afternoon turned into night, night back into day. I was stuck but good. In hind sight I sure am glad I cleaned myself out. By Sunday night the power finally came on so did the computer and the program, although the program had started over from scratch, which meant that I was going to be here through Monday afternoon. Bam, zap, shock after shock, vibrator on, vibrator off. Orgasm, after orgasm, how much can one slut take.

Monday morning rolled around and the motors holding my legs unwound and released my legs, but I could not stand on them, then my arms went slack all at once and I hit the floor with a thud and just laid in my puddle of pussy juice. Then zap, zap, zap, more shocks, more orgasms. Then thank goodness the cuffs unlocked and so did the ones on my legs. I got up and went to the computer and retrieved the password and unlocked all the locks as well as turned off all the discs. I peeled off the outfit and took another long hot tub. I went to work the next day sore but satisfied. I am going to have to work on the timing of the different devices.

Part Four

Hey everybody, I was just taking a bubble bath and thinking about my next adventure. I think that I have a good setup going in the house but I need to get into the great outdoors. You know there are several ways to do this, you can go to a park, you can go out into the country, or you can do it in your back yard. I am going to go into the country.

I was driving around the country side the other day when I came along this old house. This house is in disrepair and the best that I can tell no one comes around much. I have also noticed that this house is across the highway from a game preserve. I did some scouting on this game reserve and have managed to mark off a trail that the animals must use. I also found a clearing that will be fun trying to get around, I have to go around because I noticed some trash so it must get used for romantic picnics.

As you know from past stories I am quite adapt at writing programs for computers. I also have a friend that for a date will design things for me to play with. By the way my friend is getting a little curious about my use of her designs, I think that I will have to come clean with her soon. This time I had her fix a transmitter for my laptop that will work with my toys, she would pop a gasket if she only knew. The transmitters have about a mile range I think, but I am going to find out when I use it. 

The weatherman says that the up coming weekend will be in the 80’s, I think that this will do nicely for what I have in mind. I did some shopping for some new toys. I bought a new posture collar that will keep me looking straight ahead and no where else. I bought a new corset, this one is more of a cincher, it will make my waist about 10 inches smaller. I also bought a new but plug, this one has metal bumps along the shaft and has a ring with tiny points, to keep a slut upright at all times. I am going to use my inflatable gag and my big 12 inch dildo. Also the usual chains and locks.

The Friday before my adventure I program my computer to email Beth my plans just in case. Actually all the email says is “if you do not hear from me by Sunday afternoon come out to this address and get me.”

The moment I get home from work I strip off my clothes and give myself an enema, two actually to make sure I am cleaned out. I then take a long bath to relax and contemplate my adventure. After getting out of the bath I decide to pack for the coming games. I stay naked except I lock on a pair of thigh high, high heeled boot and I also put a little hobble chain on to make walking more fun. I slowly make my way around the house and find all of my goodies and pack them away in my pack. I then have to walk out in my front yard to put the pack in the car and as I do this several cars pass and I know that they got a glimpse of me in all my glory. Having just orgasimed I make my way back into the house. I go to bed early and dream of the next day, I wake up with a wet pussy and bed.

I wake before the sun is up and shower. I then decide on wardrobe. I have found it is easy to wear an oversized shirt that hides everything but today is different. Today I wear the boots from the night before, my cincher, which was a real struggle to get in but wow, a sports bra that I soaked in ben gay, and spandex shorts, I also rubbed a liberal amount of ben gay into my ass and pussy to make for an interesting drive. In my trunk is a latex catsuit to wear home if I survive the trip. As I make my way to the car the ben gay is starting to have the desired affect, I feel like I am on fire. I get into the car and make my way to the house.

It is still dark when I get to the house. I get out of the car and rip the shorts and bra to shreds, there is no turning back. I can’t get the catsuit because it is locked in the trunk and the key is locked in a box on the back seat and it wont come open until the laptop tells it to. I make my way into the house and hide my laptop, wouldn’t want anyone to find it. I then go back to my car and move it around back so no one sees it and take off my boots. I start off for the highway and wouldn’t you know it there is a car coming. I hide behind a tree to wait for it to pass, as it does I notice that it is one of my neighbors, boy wouldn’t he like to catch me. I quickly make my way across the highway and into the woods as I go about 100 ft into the wood I stop to put on the posture collar and lock it, know I can only see straight ahead. 

I just make it across the clearing when some people come into it, I sure hope they did not see me. I stopped just on the edge of the clearing and put the dildo and ass plug in and chain them there. Boy that plug sure is doing a number on my ass. I walk a little way futher and find what I am looking for a clump of trees. I have to crawl on my hand and knees to make my way into the trees but when I do I am awarded with a bit of privacy. I get out the rest of my stuff. I first chain a hobble chain onto my ankles. I then put on some bug spray. I then throw a length of chain across a tree branch for later use. I the lock on some nipple clamps with weights. I lock the chain to my collar, and I make it short enough to make me stand on my tip toes. I lastly put my arms into rings on the cincher and lock them.

Now all I can do is wait and hope that I have not gone futher than a mile. As I stand there waiting my tits and ass are still on fire from the ben gay, my pussy has leaked so much that it has washed all the ben gay away. All I can do is wait and wait, while waiting I hear voices say, "I think she came this way", it is all I can do not to make a sound, I forgot the gag back in the car. The voices get closer and closer when I hear them say, "I found her". I try to see but can not turn my head, damn collar. I do manage to tip toe a little to turn myself in their direction. What do you think I see, I see three big black men with one white girl. The girl is doing a strip tease for the men and it is having the desired affect, all of the men have huge hard ons. After she strips she helps the men out of their clothes, one by one she is greeted with a massive dick flopping in her face. After all of the men have been stripped, I hear one of them say "Start sucking bitch!" and she does one after one. Here I am all tied up and all I want to do is to join her, but not in my present state. I start to stare to try and get a better look at her face and then it hits me it is Beth, my Beth is out there fucking three big dicks and I can’t have one, damn the luck. 

I stare on in disbelief as Beth sucks one after the other, she stays on one long enough to make him almost cum and then stops. This goes on for at least thirty minutes, then one of the men lay on the ground and Beth mounts him, then one of the men left grabs two handfuls of hair and starts to fuck her face. The last guy who happens to be the biggest takes aim at her ass and in one hard stroke is all the way up to his balls in her ass. I can’t believe she didn’t rip open. The guys all get into a rhythm and are pumping into Beth all at the same time. Here she is getting the fuck of a life time and my damn laptop won't hurry up and let me go and with that thought my wrist locks pop open. You never saw someone try to rip a chain in two but to no avail, that damn program is laughing at me. I look out at Beth and she has bliss written all over her face, on and out her studs are pumping away. Beth is having fun and I am going crazy with the need to get off if only I had worn a vibrator instead of just a dildo. Then pop the lock that is holding my collar to the chain come open and I am able to get down, now I have to make my way back to the car. 

I crawl out of my hiding place and slowly start one tree at a time make my way around the clearing. As I get half way around the clearing I fall towards the clearing, lucky for me I fall behind some bushes. I hear one of the guys say did you hear something and another one say it was just some damn animal, get back to fucking this bitch, boy was that close. Then pop there goes the lock holding my hobble chain and now I could make good time but I stayed right where I was and just watched. Just then the guy fucking Beth in the mouth starting shooting his load and the the guy in her ass and then the guy in her pussy. After they all shot their loads they dressed and told Beth that she was worth every penny that they paid, did I hear that right they paid her, yes they said they paid her. 

As luck would have it the lock holding the chain through my legs popped opened and I was able to get the dildo and butt plug and the cincher off. Beth was just laying on the ground resting and had her eyes closed, I snuck up on her and yelled Beth, she set up with a start and started to cry when she saw me, she didn’t even notice that I was naked. After about ten minutes she noticed that I was naked and asked what I saw, I told her I saw and heard everything and said that she better be nice to me or else. I helped her dress and sent her on her way to think about what I said, when she had her back to me I ran back to the bushes to hide and also get my things. I waited for a long time before she left and then I relized I was still hot, well I decided to torment myself some more and stuck the dildo back in and chained it on again.

I got back to the car and went in the house to wait for the lock on the box to pop open, it finally did and I got the cat suit out. I managed to get the laptop to pop the lock on the chain and took the chain off and got the catsuit on with the dildo still in. I drove home but instead of going in, I backed out of the driveway and went over to Beths. I got to her house before her, I was a little worried and was about to go looking for when her car pulled up. I got out of my car and met her at the door and said that I was going to spend the night and that she had no choice, she said that she had been waiting for this for a while. We spent the entire night having sex and fun and sex and fun, we both called in sick the next day. Now I think that I am going to get Beth involved in some selfbondage of her own, I think she might enjoy it. 



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