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Adventure in the Park

by Kim Normunde

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© Copyright 2001 - Kim Normunde - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; enema; gag; cuffs; collar; chains; toys; naked; outdoors; stuck; denial; mast; climax; cons; X

I am 22 years old, 5’6” tall, long straight black hair, and I have an athletic body. I live in the suburbs of Nashville, TN. Just outside of Nashville is a fairly large public park, this is where my story takes place.

It was a beautiful spring day and I decided that a little adventure was in order. I woke early and found the items I would need. This consisted of leather wrists and ankle cuffs that lock onto your limbs, a inflatable gag, a neck collar that has “D”rings on it, locks and chain, and lastly a harness that holds a dildo and butt plug with my favorite dildo and biggest butt plug.

The first thing to do was to give myself an enema, I love the way a gallon of warm soapy water made me look pregnant, I fill my tummy with the soapy water and sit on the toilet until I can stand it no more and when I think I can stand it no more, I push with all my might and feel the water splash all over my ass. I then take a cold washcloth and wash my ass off and lube it up for the butt plug. I put the harness on and pull it up until I feel the dildo hit my pussy lips, I spread them apart and continue to pull up until the butt plug, all 10” of it, touches my ass. Now with a little trouble I pull and pull until the plug slides into my ass. I then lock the harness in place. The key to the harness I throw out into my back yard, I will have to wait until dark to get it. I had forgot about the dildo until its timer turned it on and it started to get my pussy real wet. 

Next I put on my wrist and ankle cuffs on and lock them, I put these keys in my mailbox. I next put on a pair of sandals and a tee shirt so that I can drive to the park. I like driving with the wrist and ankle cuffs on because if I have to stop or get out of my car people will see what I have on. My car by the way is a convertible and I love to drive with the top down so people in trucks can see inside for their viewing pleasure. 

I check to see that I have my other items ready and in the car. This done I lock my house and place the key in its hiding place by the front door. I get in my car and back down the drive way and start for the park. The whole time I am driving the dildo in my pussy is buzzing away and I am getting closer and closer to orgasm and when I can stand it no more the damn things stops.

I pull onto the park and look for a quiet place to start my adventure. I find it hard to find but at the last minute I see the perfect spot, it is by the beginning of a trail and no one will see me enter the woods I hope. 

I stop the car and get out and go to the trunk and open it and get out my bag of toys. I look around to see if any one is watching and hoping that I am going unnoticed I take off my shoes and shirt and put them in the trunk and make a run for the woods. Once in the woods I looked around and confident that no one has noticed I place my bag on the ground and start phase 2.

I get the collar out and put it on and lock it. I also put the inflatable gag in my mouth and blow it up until I think my mouth is going to bust. I then check the rest of the locks and make sure that the locks are opened this done I take the keys and throw them across the parking lot into some bushes this will insure that I will be here until dark.

I start down the trail looking out for any one as I go. I walk for about a mile and decide that it was time for the final touches. I get a chain that is only 18” long and lock it to each ankle, then I take another chain and attach it to a ring on the back of the collar and run it down to the chain on my ankles and lock it. I then take another chain and place it on the front of the collar and run it down to the ankle chain, this done I will not be able to lean forward or backwards I will have to stay straight. 

Now the only thing left free was my hands. My hands I locked to the chain running down my back this done I was up good and tight.

Walking back was a bit of a problem, the branches, twigs and not to mention the chain was making it hard to walk. Foot by foot I made my way back towards my car, about half way back I spotted a girl jogging my way, what to do. I decided the just drop down behind some bushes and hope for the best. She got closer and closer and as she got to where I was she stopped for a breather. I was stuck if she just looked down towards the bushes I would be found out and then like a bad dream that damn dildo started again.

I don’t know how long she was there before she started again, but it seemed like forever. When she was gone I struggled to my feet and started down the path again. I was making good time even with that damn dildo going off and on in my hot horny pussy. After what seemed like forever, I saw my car and also saw a group of people having a picnic by the bush that had my keys in it, shit stuck again. This time I found a tree to hide behind to wait for dark.

Just before sundown the picnic crowd left and I started towards my car. This was the most dangerous part of my way because I am going to have to cross the lot to get the keys. I studied the lot closely and noticed it was empty so I started across the lot towards the bushes, when I was within 3’ of the bushes a car came into view, it was the park ranger. I threw myself towards the bushes and just made it, I crawled under the bushes to find my keys and to hide from the ranger. The ranger got out of the car and walked over to my car and left a piece of paper on my windshield and then he left. 

I found the keys and unlocked my hands and legs, and then made a run for the car. I reached my car and looked in the bushes by my car for my keys this done I unlocked my trunk and got my tee shirt and put it on. I then read the note it said, “It has been reported that a lady is playing bondage games in my park, do not let me catch you at this.”

When I got home I got the key out of my mailbox and got the cuffs off and then I got my house key and went inside. I went outside and found the key to the harness and unlocked it and out popped the butt plug and the dildo. I fell to the floor and stuck my hand as far into my pussy as possible and got myself off. I then showered and went to bed a very satisfied lady.



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