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Adventures in Alanya

by Andi

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© Copyright 2008 - Andi - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; leather; public; caught; F/f; bond; oral; cons/reluct; X

The sun is hot today at almost 30 degrees and the sea is lovely and clear, at least as well as I can see from my hotel window. My name is Jodie and I am on vacation in Alanya, Turkey, the first time I have ever been abroad, having decided to take a gap year from university.

Something rather different has happened to me and it all started a week ago when I had found quite an amazing little place. It was a dimly lit shop, a few steps below road level on a dusty side street, 5km out of the main town. The shopkeeper, an old grey haired man was eager for a sale as it was still very early in the holiday season and even the hotel only had 8 or so guests. Up to now he had not had much trade and the price we agreed was quite a bargain for hand made goods. I handed him the money after explaining what it was I wanted and after looking at me oddly a few times he said to come back tomorrow between 5pm and 6pm.

His trade is hand made leather goods with the leather being some of the softest buttery quality I have ever felt and the smell of leather in his shop was so overpowering it was almost sensual, the old tools and vintage sewing machine showed their years of use. His English was not too bad but it was better to show him pictures of what I wanted rather than try to explain. I had ordered an ankle length made to measure lockable hobble skirt, leather lace up blouse and a lace up leather hood with no eye holes, all custom sized to have a snug fit. I already had my 6 inch laced boots and some other goodies back at the hotel and had found the perfect place to try a bit of self bondage while here.

I slept well that night locked into my 6 inch boots, locked leather wrist cuffs behind my back and a ball gag that I keep handy dreaming of my new clothes. I have been into self bondage for a few years since one of my boyfriends used to tie me for sex, we split up but I had found a craving to be bound.

The next morning I decided to make a visit to the city while I was waiting for my new leather things, so I left the hotel and made my way by bus to the centre of the main town. The harbour was a short walk from the town and that’s when I saw the castle. I had seen it when on the coach from the airport to the hotel, but being up close and seeing the size of the castle was something else. The castle was made of old stone and marble and the tourist areas were very impressive, however the bits I wanted to see though were not on open access, the old dungeons.

You could get to the dungeons by foot at the right time of day but people rarely ventured there as the path wasn’t very safe and if the tide rose then you were trapped there until the tide dropped later in the day. The dungeons were very well preserved with their large heavy iron doors and iron rings in the walls that must have been there for hundreds of years. You could tell that they were strong and wouldn’t yield easily, I held onto one of the rings in the wall and pulled myself up off the ground easily without the ring giving way. I tried one of the dungeon doors to see if it would move but it was stuck solid on its old hinges so I tried one of the others, there were about 6 in all. It moved… It was very heavy and difficult but it was moving. I opened and closed it a few times to make sure the lock didn’t catch and making my plans safer. I figured I would have about 8 hours between tides from when I set myself up and when I could escape. If I missed the tide then I would be trapped here for another 8 hours till the tide was low enough to get out again once I had managed to free myself from my bondage. What would be worse is that some of the things I would be wearing can't be removed without a key that would be left in my hotel room. This thought excited me and I had to consciously control myself from wanting to play with myself there and then.

On the way back from the castle I collected my new leather items and really hoped they did not disappoint me. I had worn my swimsuit to the shop so I could try the items on. I already had a pair of 5 inch lace up shoes on so the skirt would look right, these had little padlocked ankle straps and the key for these was, as usual, back at the hotel. I got lots of propositions while walking through the streets from the castle to the shop as shoes like I was wearing are not exactly common. He greeted me with a glass of apple tea and asked me to sit. I sat on an old rocking chair and couldn’t wait to see the things I had bought.

First he brought out the blouse, I tried it on as he laced me into it and it fitted perfectly, he had also cut the front to hold my breasts in tight, very tight. Next came the skirt, black lamb’s leather hobble, a couple of eyelets at the waist to lock it if needed and a zip from the knees to the bottom of the skirt to make the hobble allowing just 6 inch steps. The zip was also lockable through an eyelet. I slid into it and zipped it closed with the button at the top. I stood up and zipped it closed around my ankles. I couldn’t walk at all except for small dainty 6 inch steps and the shop keeper gave me a different kind of smile. Lastly I tried the hood, it was a very close fit and he had padded the eyes to make it more comfortable once laced tightly, this also had a couple of eyelets at the bottom of the lacing for a small luggage type lock. Then as he laced me into this I was starting to have odd thoughts. I am in a leather shop, can’t move, and hooded… Hmmmmm

I felt him pull at the very bottom of the hood and I heard a padlock close through similar eyelets that were on the waistband of the skirt. I panicked and tried to pull away but he had his arm securely around my waist and deftly put another lock through the eyelets on the waistband of the skirt. I was trapped. This wasn’t quite what I had in mind… Actually it was exactly what I had in mind only by myself and with a little bit more. Then came something I hadn’t expected, I had been shouting at him and begging him to release me but he asked me to be calm and he would give me a surprise and to shut me up he clipped a leather plate to the front of the hood with a 2 inch ball forced into my mouth. It wasn’t till later I saw that the plate was held in place by press studs in each corner and a couple of small padlock posts, one on each side of the hood that went through the plate and made it impossible to remove without a key. I hadn’t asked or hinted for these extra things and then shortly after he released me with a smile.

“You like ball,” he said with a devious smile and broken English, “a gift, me hope you like”

I blushed and smiled, “Yes its very good, thank you” and as he poured some more tea my mind raced to the night ahead at the castle.

* * *

I packed the things I needed into an old canvas backpack, mainly my new leather items, the locking cuffs and my leather boots. Not forgetting the locks and a very special timer device that was designed for people who were trying to stop smoking that would only open after a set or random amount of time. I put on my chastity belt with my two friends, one for the front and one for the back. These had an on button that could press once the belt was locked into place and a battery compartment for fresh batteries that I would put in once the adventure was to start, the speed controls though were inaccessible once locked behind the belt. The tide was out about 5pm so I would be able to get to the dungeons of the castle and it would be back in by 11pm so I figured I would get there about 6pm, light enough to see what I am doing but late enough that by the time I am set up it will be almost total darkness.

The tide was out as planned and I discreetly made my way down to the dungeon that I had decided on earlier. I went into the cold and damp room and my excitement rose with my mind racing to the thoughts of what was coming but you could tell this was no place for long periods of time, the walls were wet and dripped with water, the floors were very uneven stone and dirt. Pulling the heavy door closed I knew I would have my privacy.

I slid off the beach sandals, summer top and shorts that I had been wearing revealing the chastity belt of cold hard steel, form fitted so as not even one finger tip could get between it and my already wet and hot body, wet between the legs from the excitement and fear of what could happen deep below the castle where hundreds of people are going about their daily business, totally unaware that anyone might be down here. The key for my belt was at the hotel and so were the keys for the boots, skirt and the cuffs that were now locked to my wrists, followed shortly by the boots and skirt. I laced the top tightly while balancing precariously on the 6 inch spiked heels that were tapered to almost a point on the very uneven stone floor, just standing was difficult and each small step I took towards the wall with the rest of my equipment felt like an achievement by itself. Quite a few times I almost fell as I caught a heel on a raised stone or the dirt between the stones, combined with the intruders inside the belt making their presence felt.

Once I was in the position I needed to be in, I added the fresh batteries to a small box attached to the belt which made the intruders that I had been able to mostly ignore up to now come alive. I almost fell to my knees with a shock as they both came alive together with an intensity I didn’t expect. I had forgotten to turn them down from my last session and they were still on full. I couldn’t turn them down now as the controls were locked inside the belt so I had to just carry on regardless…

I stood with my back very close to the wall with one of the rings just above my head and placed the key to the padlocks for my hood and the locks I was going to use for my wrists to the ring in a small automatic opening box. Once the random timer is set, it wouldn’t open until the time ran down to zero and would then drop the key to waiting hands but will beep for about 15 seconds before hand so I can get ready to catch it but the timer can set any time between 1 hour and 24 hours. The box was attached to the wall about 2 feet above where my hands could reach once locked and set so the bottom flap would fall open and release the key attached to the string. I had used this box many times and had never had it fail. Next was the hood, laced tightly and locked into place complete with the extra ball gag also fully locked so I can not push it out and not a moment too soon as the intruders had been making themselves felt and I moaned heavily into it as soon as I heard the lock close, the feeling of total restraint building me up minute by minute.

Finally I locked my wrists to the ring in the wall and with a final click of a lock I was trapped by my own hand and for no idea how long, so I took a few deep breaths to try and quell the feelings I had inside and to take a mental snapshot of what I had done but the thoughts I had made me explode for the first time, my knees giving way and my wrists left to hold me up.

I regained my composure and couldn’t help but think how long I would be here, I remember glancing at my watch before I fitted the hood and it was a little after 9pm and if my timer was kind I could be back home by 6am. The new batteries meant I was taken care of till at least 11am from past experience and I was dreading it. I usually start them on slow and they work up to full over a couple of hours but I made a mistake and they were on full from the word go. In the excitement I hadn’t reset them. I wondered if I had pressed start on the timer because if I hadn’t then I would have been there for 48 hours before the timer would have just opened by default.

I started to squirm and pull at my wrists hoping the ring would give so I could reach up but the ring was held fast into the wall and didn’t give an inch, and even if I could have reached the timer I couldn’t have seen it as the hood was locked tightly into place. I was screwed…

Stupid, stupid girl I thought to myself as I was trying to relieve the pressure on my toes form the very high heels and the cobbled stones that were pushing through the quite thin soles of my boots but the thoughts didn’t last for long as the intruders made themselves very obvious to me as I exploded into another climax.

Gasping for air through my nose I realised how quiet it had gone outside, all I could hear were the peaceful sounds of the waves crashing to the shore and the infernal buzzing between my legs. If my timer was being kind to me this is when it would have released me, while it was quiet in the dead of night so that I could catch the tide being out and hobble my way back to the hotel in my odd looking clothes under the cover of darkness. Of course the timer had other ideas and a number of heavy climaxes later I heard some light traffic. The climaxes were coming more often and stronger each time and I sincerely wished the batteries would die, my feet were on fire and I just wished I was in my bed back at the hotel and I hadn’t gone on this silly adventure. I knew I had missed the morning low tide so I knew I was stuck in the dungeon at least another 8 hours till the tide went out again and revealed the path.

As the batteries died after making me climax for one last torturous time, I must have passed out due to being starved of air by my hood. When I woke my wrists were on fire but I tried to position myself so I wouldn’t fall if I feel asleep. I must have nodded off as I was woken by the timer alarm telling me to catch the key. How was I supposed to do that, my hands were asleep from being locked above me for so long and supporting my weight for however long I was out for when I lost consciousness, I just had to open my hands and pray I could feel it when it fell.

* * *

I only just caught it and fumbled for a while trying to unlock my wrists from the ring and then to remove the hood. I slowly opened my eyes as the sun was very high and bright, falling to the ground I just sat there trying to get my mind around the last night, I lay down for a while.

I must have fallen asleep as I was woken by a chanting mantra being played through the towns public address system and I knew then the time was 4:40 in the afternoon. I really wanted to get back to the hotel and get my boots off but I thought I would make it a little harder so I replaced the batteries with a new set and packed everything else away. The only way I could do anything about anything now was to get back to the hotel, dressed like this in broad daylight and it was hot, very hot, and felt even hotter with the lively intruders and tight, tight leather and only able to take baby steps. I couldn’t even get a bus as I couldn’t step up to one with the hobble locked around my waist. I had to walk.

I must have looked a sight in my hobbled boots trying to walk from store to store, being stopped by almost every shop keeper offering me their wares from high heels to more leather. After a couple of hours of stop-start walking I reached the leather shop that had made my items. The shopkeeper wasn’t there but there was a woman there who knew of the items and recognised the skirt. It was the shopkeeper’s daughter, her name was Laura and was maybe 22 years old. She too was dressed in nice tight fitting leather but not as strict as what I had forced myself to wear. She had a nice pair of 4 inch black patent knee length Gucci boots, obviously fake but looked the part, black hose and a black leather mini dress cinched tightly at her slim waist. She called me in and I was so glad to take a seat with her, drink some apple tea and get the weight off my feet for a while, even though actually removing the boots would take a while longer yet.

“It’s too hot for such heavy clothes,” she stated as I sat looking to her with obvious pain and suffering on my face, knowing of the locks she asked, “Do you not have the keys with you?” I sighed hearing her words and tried to explain what I had done. At first she seemed a little shocked but she soon appeared to be talking about it very openly.

After an hour or so of talking about leather, the clothes we wore and other things, she helped me back to my hotel room and I took the keys out of the rented electronic room safe, for my skirt, boots and belt. Taking them from me she proceeded to undo my skirt and she lowered it down my legs, seeing the belt her eyes opened very wide and she smiled.

“Buzzing?” she asked, looking all innocent and I blushed crimson, nodding to her, slowly she unlaced my boots and unlocked them then as she removed them I let out a deep sigh, releasing me from the torturous heels and finally letting the pain subside from the soles of my feet. She then ushered me to the shower. I asked her for the key to the belt so I could clean myself and also to finally remove the intruders that had tortured me since this whole adventure started and she just smiled…

As I showered, she locked the door and undressed herself down to her panties and then she lay on my bed in wait. I got out of the shower and she looked at me holding up the key.

“If you want this, make me happy” she said in a playful but stern voice. “If you don’t make me happy I take key and come back tomorrow.”

She got up and locked my hands behind my back. I didn’t think to fight her as I was taken by such surprise so I just stood there in awe, wondering how long it would be before I was free. She gagged me with one of my own toys, a 2 inch open ring that went into my mouth to keep it open and locked it around my head with one of her own locks. She lay back on the bed and opened her legs…

“Well, how long do you want to be locked like that?”

I got on my knees and started to work on her wet, sticky and sweet tasting juices and praying that I please her. I worked hard on her but it was unusual for me as I had never tasted another girl before, the emotions that this was causing made me back away and cry.

“We try again tomorrow, I instruct hotel no cleaner come by.”

Disappointed she got dressed and took me to the bathroom. Locking my wrists to a pipe she removed the belt so I could use the toilet which was almost desperate after being locked in the belt so long.

It has been a week and I am still here, still locked in my belt with fresh batteries every day but the controls turned down to where they just get me to the edge without being able to climax. My wrists and mouth only released to eat when she brings me food and drink and I am locked once again in my heels and skirt with my ankles also locked to the bed. She knows I am on a gap year and that I am not expected back for months…


She has unlocked my wrists from the bed today but left them locked together, with instructions to write up what has happened to me on my laptop so as I have the memories forever once I get home. Of course my ankles are still locked to the bed so I can not escape…

The End



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