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The Adventures of Vera Purdee 1: The Box of Doom

by B-Rex

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Part 1: The Box of Doom

Vera Purdee moaned, as she fingered her pussy. She had been a self-bondage enthusiast since her high school years, and she was finally finished setting up her project. If it worked as planned, it would be her biggest, most thrilling adventure yet!

She had tied herself up even when she was still a kid, and as she hit puberty, she began to realize that the idea of being bound or otherwise helpless really turned her on. She was even lucky enough to find a boyfriend her sophomore year who was into bondage, but it just wasn't the same. For some reason, she got the biggest kick out of self-bondage. Becoming helpless, entirely through her own actions. Or mistakes. She couldn't really explain it, but it was just hit her buttons so much more than mundane bondage did.

Throughout college she had experimented, soon learning about hiding keys in ice blocks or using timed locks. She acquired a large collection of gear for her little adventures, almost always carefully set up before time in the safety of her apartment. Except once.

One time she had dared to try her game in a public place. It had been a total disaster and scared her so much that she hadn't bothered trying again, even alone in her apartment, for several months afterward.

And yet, that experience had also been the single most arousing event of her life! She fantasized about it, almost every night, and relived that day over and over. Slowly, she began to change the event, adding new humiliating details, making it ever more frightening and arousing.

* * *

Nearly a year earlier, one early July night, she had parked her car beside the community pool in the center of town.

She had been totally nude, save for a few leather straps. She had hid her car keys under a rock next to the gazebo in the neighboring park, next to the baseball diamond. Hiding in the backseat, she had gotten everything ready for her night out. A frozen milk jug full of ice hid the keys to the various locks that would bind her leather straps together, and she had tested it repeatedly to be certain that it would melt enough to remove the keys within a few hours, even if the temperature did drop.

After a few minutes, she was securely bound in her maze of straps, complete with a tight ball gag for her mouth. A cop had driven by, and flashed the car with his headlights, but he left without a moments hesitation. Vera had then pulled out the massive vibrator she had bought for the occasion. It had several settings and had a handy attachment allowing her to plug it into the car's cigarette lighter.

For hours that horrible vibrator had brought her to one orgasm after another, utterly draining her, until finally the ice melted and she was able to unlock herself. Up to that point, everything had gone perfectly to plan.

With the sun just starting to rise over the horizon, she had darted out of the car, still totally nude and recovered her keys. A couple of early joggers had ran through the park, forcing her to hide in the bushes. She had spent nearly half an hour running from one clump of shrub to another, until she finally reached her car.

She jumped into the driver's seat, jammed the keys into the ignition, and off she drove. Or at least, that was the plan. Instead, the car failed to turn over. Even the radio didn't come on. Only then had she realized that the vibrator had done more than drain her, it had also totally drained her car battery!

Vera had spent the rest of the day hiding in the backseat of her sweltering car, with only a thin towel to cover herself from prying eyes. The windows were powered, and so couldn't be lowered, and she didn't dare pop one of the doors open. Outside, hundreds of people had gathered, first to swim in the pool and later to play several rounds of baseball. It was the 4th of July weekend, after all.

When the sun went down, Vera had started to leave the car, thinking she could make a run back to her apartment. But then more people had shown up, unexpectedly. Suddenly, the sky had filled with explosions! Only then did Vera remember the fireworks display had been scheduled for that night.

Ultimately, she had remained trapped in her car until well after midnight, before she had finally been able to make another daring run across the park to her apartment next to campus. It was terrifying, and exhilarating. And her landlady, Miss Dimple had seen her! The woman had hated her ever since.

Vera eventually got over the humiliating experience, and returned to her nightly experiments with self-bondage. But try as she might, she just couldn't recapture the strange mixture of raw fear and complete arousal that she had experienced that long day in July.

But now, at long last, she just might have found a way to recreate that experience, without having to put herself in such a dangerous position. Or at least, it would be more controllable than her adventure in the car.

* * *

Vera had spent months working out her plans, trying out a few ideas on their own, and finding that many of them did in fact heighten her experience. Now, she was finally ready to bring everything together, and really live out her ultimate fantasy.

She had carefully built a box, a large wooden box. It was about 5 feet long, and 3 feet along the other sides. The inside was a perfect cube though, exactly 3 feet to a side. 27 cubic feet of interior volume. It was amazing!

Metal would have been even better, but Vera didn't know much about working with sheet metal, and besides, her landlady would never have let her use such loud equipment in the apartment complex. Hell, if she knew that Vera had been building the box, she'd have flipped out!

But wood was a perfectly acceptable building material, Vera had decided. The box was strong, sturdy, and the wood was thick. She had hidden a radio inside, on max volume, and the box was completely silent when she shut the door.

Vera sighed longingly at her wonderful box, and looked out the window at the horizon. She had chosen an east facing window, so the sunrise would fall on the box the next morning. That was important, very important.

She still had a few hours before sunset, she didn't dare risk setting the box up just yet, not until all sunlight had vanished. She'd just have to wait. Luckily, she had other things to set up.

A program on her computer was preset to upload a series of emails. The first email would go out just after sunrise, to a local moving company. Her credit card info was already in their system, so they'd just receive her email, send some people over and pack her little wooden cube onto their truck. Then they'd ship it across the country by rail, to the coast, where it would be placed on another train and sent across the country again. Eventually it would be reloaded onto a train bound back for Vera's state, where it would eventually be returned to her apartment. She had figured that the entire trip would take at least 5 days, and she had planned for a full week, just in case.

The shippers weren't cheap; if that email was actually sent in the morning, she'd be out most of her savings by the time the box was returned. It was a hell of a lot to risk, but she was quite certain it wouldn't be a problem. But just knowing what would happen if she failed in her task sent a shiver down her spine and straight to her loins.

She made sure that she was totally paid up in her rent and electric bills. The last thing she need was to lose her apartment if something went horribly wrong. She saw that the sun was finally dropping away. This was it, time to get the box ready.

* * *

The glue Vera used to seal the door shut was specially designed. She had tested it repeatedly, just to be sure. In total darkness, the glue would remain liquid and it would be easy to push the front of the box outwards, letting her escape. She finished putting a thick bead of the glue around the door frame and threw the empty glue container away. She stripped naked in the bathroom and took a quick shower. If something did go wrong, she'd be in that container for quite some time.

Vera returned to her living room, and checked the window again. It was night. A loud buzzing and popping startled her. She looked back out, and saw that her landlady had turned on the large bug zapper she hung outside the complex when the mosquitos were getting too troublesome. She sighed, she hated that stupid bug zapper. It made the whole complex look so cheap and trashy.

She slid into the small box. 27 cubic feet wasn't much, and she was sharing it with a lot of stuff. Vera took a deep breath and pulled on the leather strap she had attached to the box door. The door lifted up off the floor on its hinges and popped into place. She heard the the tell-tale click, as the door lock was engaged. This was it, now she was truly trapped. The thought made her pussy moisten, filling the small cube with the smell of her sex.

There was no time to waste though. Vera had designed the box as a test of sorts. She had to unlock the door, before daylight entered the room and fell on the box. If that happened, the door would be permanently glued shut. She'd be totally trapped, with no hope for rescue until the box was returned. She had already made up a second email, explaining everything, which would be sent in 4 days to her landlady and several other people. It wasn't a flawless rescue plan, but it should be enough. Besides, she wasn't going to get stuck in this box anyway.

Vera felt around until she found the glow stick. She bent it and shook it until the box was filled with an eerie green glow. She had already tested to make sure the glow sticks didn't put out any ultraviolet light that would activate the glue.

In the glow, she could easily make out a series of large metal dildos, attached to the side of the box. She sighed. This was going to be humiliating as all hell, but it had to be done. She dropped the glow stick into her pile of other sticks, and slowly slid her mouth down the huge cock.

It was difficult to deep-throat the damn thing, but she had to. After several minutes of trying, she managed to fight off her gag reflex, and felt her lips brush the base of the wretched phallus. She started sucking like crazy.

Vera had designed the locking mechanism to ensure that she would have to spend hours sucking on that damn cock. Hidden inside the thick wooden wall, a long line of thick plastic hose ran down from the base of the dildo, to coil around above the false ceiling, and down again into a tank of water she had built into the hidden back portion of the box. It contained more than 10 gallons of water. The coils were very long, looping around over her several times. This was for a reason; she would have to suck out a tremendous amount of air before the reservoir of water could even start to run up the hose and to her mouth.

The water tank sat on a metal plate, with a strong spring under it. When the plate was unpressed, the metal pin now locking the door shut would be pulled out. It was incredibly simple. She just had to remove a certain amount of water, and the lighter tank would be lifted by the spring, along with the plate.

She had decided 1 gallon of water was a good amount to shoot for. Now she was having second thoughts. It was hard as hell to suck long enough to even taste the water in her mouth. And if she lost suction, even for a split second, the water would run back down the coils. Thankfully, siphon action meant that at least a little water would be shot out of the cock, usually right into the back of her throat!

But it took forever to get to that point. She had decided at the last minute that the task was too simple and had drilled a few small holes along the length of the dildo. If she hadn't, she'd have been able to just pop her tongue or finger in the end of the cock and give herself a breather. As it was, she had to completely deep-throat the cock just to begin sucking, and it was taking at least a few minutes of hard sucking to get even a little water out.

She couldn't just spit the water out either, she hadn't realized that when she drilled the stupid holes. She either could swallow the water as she sucked, or break suction to spit it out. She couldn't do that without have to start all over again. It was taking much longer than she had planned.

The water-lock wasn't the only issue though; she had set up two other dildos, for her hands. Each was made up of two parts, one stationary, and one that slid over the other. She had to pump her hands up and down, constantly. As long as she did, a small blower in the bottom of the box would stay on. The pumping mechanisms had been salvaged from two small shake-up flashlights. Pumping them vigorously produced just enough electricity to run the blower, which brought fresh air into the box. Otherwise, the air holes she had built in would be barely adequate to keep her from passing out. She really only needed to pump the cocks a few minutes each hour, but due to her exertion trying to suck up water, she was going through oxygen faster than normal.

This went on for a few hours, until she just had to take a break. She had drank a lot of water, and it was starting to hit her bladder.

She had hoped to avoid this, but she had no choice now; carefully maneuvering herself, Vera pulled a large diaper out of a bag and wrapped it around herself. The bag contained only 3 dozen, hopefully enough for a week of ablutions. She peed into the diaper, which was even more humiliating than she had expected. She thought about keep the diaper on, just in case she needed it again. She didn't really want to waste them.

Finally she made up her mind and shoved the diaper into a small hole in back of her box. She had built a small area to function as a trash box, beside the plastic water tank. The smell of pee was overpowering, even stronger than the smell of her gushing pussy juices. She found a small bag of sanitary wipes and cleaned herself as best she could.

Her belly grumbled. She was getting hungry. She ran her hands around and found the glow stick. Her food was also stored in the back of the box, in the hidden recess with the trash box and water tank. She looked at the water-cock; she really shouldn't be wasting time on food, but she was hungry and she had at least 7 hours until sunrise, she calculated. She hadn't brought a watch along.

Getting the food required her to start sucking on another dildo. The coil from the back of this cock was shorter, but the food paste that she was sucking up from it was much thicker than mere water. As the thick gruel finally began to plop out into her mouth in humiliating little spurts, she began to chide herself again. Why, oh why, had she decided to puree a head of cabbage and a few dozen cans of beans? The cup of fiber powder and soy protein hadn't been a good idea either.

It took several minutes before she felt full. Her lips were sore and her cheeks burned from all of the sucking. She dreaded returning to the water-cock, but she knew she had to.

* * *

The sky was just starting to get light outside; a thin line of water had ran from a hidden drain in the false floor of the box and dribbled slowly out over Vera's apartment floor. Birds started chirping.

Inside the box, Vera was still sucking like mad. She knew she didn't have much time left, but she was certain the sun wasn't up just yet. She removed the one-way peephole from her apartment door and set it into the box lid. It wouldn't bring in much light, not nearly enough to see by, but when the sun was up it would be glowing visibly. It was still dark. She sucked and sucked, spitting out water on her cramped floorspace.

She had regretted throwing away her diaper a few hours later; she was wearing another one now, wet with pee. Her belly rumbled, and not with hunger. She desperately needed to get to a proper toilet and quickly. The fiber powder, beans, and cabbage puree had hit her hard.

Suddenly, with a single blast of water into her mouth, she felt the box shudder. The water tank had finally risen up enough. A loud metallic ping came to her ears as the lock disengaged the door. With glee she shoved her weight against the door... and bounced off!

She shook her head; what had she done wrong? Had she just imagined the sound of the lock unlocking? She pushed against the door again. Still nothing. It didn't even budge. With dread, she checked the tiny peephole again. It was still dark.

The door easily withstood the next few frantic attacks. She kicked it, punched it, even tried to pry the other walls away. Had the water on the floor made the wood swell?

Suddenly, she had a horrible thought; that damned bug zapper! Had it put out enough ultraviolet to activate the glue? She couldn't be sure, but she suspected. She tried the door one last time, even as the peephole began to glow.

* * *

8 days later, the box was hand delivered to Vera's apartment complex. The movers left, thanking the landlady for letting them in.

Gladys Dimple waved the men away and walked inside. She slowly pranced around the box, smugly. As soon as she had received her tenant's email, she had hurried up to her apartment, hoping the movers hadn't taken the box away, but it was gone. Vera's laptop was still there though, still running a program. It was just about to send out another wave of emails, this time to some of Vera's friends, explaining her predicament and asking them for help getting her out of the box when it arrived.

Instead, Gladys had rewritten the emails; now, as far as her friends would know, Vera was taking a few weeks off for vacation. They'd believe them too, after all the emails had come from Vera's own account.

The landlady grinned down at the box. She had reread Vera's email to her several times. She hadn't really believed it until now.

She wondered if Vera had ran out of diapers yet. She peered down into the box, looking through the small one-way peephole. Vera had installed it in reverse; Vera wouldn't be able to see outside the box, but anyone outside could look in.

Gladys saw the faint green glow of a glow stick and the ever bobbing head of Vera Purdee. She still had water then, and probably a bit of food. Hmm...

She stood back and looked at the box plans she had taken from Vera's room a few days earlier. If she drilled a hole right here, she could refill the water tank and the food tank. Vera's diaper supply would run out eventually, but there was no real reason to let her out of her box today. Or tomorrow.

Or next week for that matter. Best to let the little slut stew in her juices.

Gladys smiled evilly as she left the apartment to go find a drill.

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