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After Midnight

by sin_dy

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© Copyright 2001 - sin_dy - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; piercing; toys; urine; cons; X

Oh my gosh!  What have I done?  Of course it is what I wanted.  What I dreamed and planned for.  What I had thought about for a month.  And now I am stuck and there isn't a damn thing I can do about it.  I have hours to go before I can see good enough to work the dials on the combination locks. 

I hurt so.  My poor nipples.  Just a few minutes ago I was free but now I find myself spreadeagled so tight that any movement at all is impossible.  My ankles, knees, waist, chest, neck and head all tied with ropes and cords.  What a picture.  I feel like I am being split in two with my legs spread so wide apart. 

What if I get a bad leg cramp? 

Having my knees pulled apart makes me feel so naked.  So vunerable with all my moist female parts exposed like this and all my openings plugged.

I tug at my wrist chains, knowing I couldn't possibly escape.  I feel so helpless.  Can't even lift my elbows.  I try to turn my head but the cords tied to each side of my gag harness restrict my movements.  I know I will have to force my head to the side at dawn in order to see the locks holding my wrists.  What if I can't?  I must. I have to.

I swallow a mouthfull of acrid liquid only to feel more seeping down the tube through my ball gag.  How long will it take for the cubes of frozen piss to melt?  I used the whole tray filling the funnel hanging over my bed.  Will I have to drink it all before I can get free?

I realize at some point, when the funnel loses enough weight, it will be pulled up by the old antique cuffs tied to the other end of the cord holding up the funnel.  I don't know when this will happen, but I know it will and I can't stop the inevitable.

My nipples have finally settled down to a dull ache.  I no longer fell the sting of the needles that I jabbed through my nipples and through the holes in the clothes pins.  I must admit, it is a nice painfull touch to top off my bondage session.

My thoughts drift back to the funnel and it's cord to my nipple clamps.  How much pain will it cause as the weight pulls up on my pierced nipples.  I imagine at first I will feel a little tug.  Then as time passes the tug will get stronger and stronger.  My now numbing tits will soon be on fire with pain.

Suddenly the vibrator pops on and I jerk a little, renewing my pain.  Ouch!  Thats what I need.  More.  More. Vibrate me.  Invade me.  Don't stop now.  Enjoy the moment.  Stay with it girl.  Just as I started to feel my body respond, the vibration stops.  Now I have to wait 15 more minutes for the next pussy tease.

If only I had set the timer to stay on longer.  This is certainly going to keep me on the edge.  I'm so horny.  Maybe 2 minutes "on" is enough.  I have got to stay in the right frame of mind.  I'll be ready next time.

The glow of the night sky coming through the window allows me to barely see the funnel with it's cursed tube to my mouth.  I had previously turned the digital clock face down so I couldn't read the time.  Don't want to get my hopes up.  Not knowing how long till I get released is part of the fun.

I think I must have drifted off to sleep because all at once my vibrating dildo started up and I woke from a dream.  I wasn't ready.  Got to enjoy.  Thrust my hips.  Pretend I'm being ravished.  Don't stop now.  But again it did stop and I lay frustrated again.  Now I have to wait another long 15 minutes.

I fantasize over my predicament.  Here I am a young girl stripped naked, tied and chained to a bed, gagged and tortured.  Held captive for hours and constantly ravished.  My sex impaled by this huge pink veined thing that teases me with it's strokes and yet with holds any relief.

I drift back to sleep several times only to be awakened by my plastic lover doing his thing.  So close to climaxing.  My swollen clit just needs about a minute more of stimulation each time.  Somewhere between the tenth and the fifteenth session with my plastic friend, I felt my body go tense.  Then it happened.  I pulled hard against my wrist chains.  I bucked my hips.  I screamed a silent scream and shook through a fantastic orgasm.  At least an eight on a scale of ten.  I feel another one coming, but the vibrator cuts me off from following on through.

Now I suddenly want loose.  I want my fingers where they could do the most good.  I pull at my ropes and wrist chains.  I feel like crying.  My eyes are getting moist from tears and I'm almost to the point of panic.  No I must not lose control now.  Slow down.  Relax.  Finally I get my breathing under control.  And after a few minutes I fell asleep again, with pee still filling my mouth.  I guess I must involuntarily swallow when asleep.

I awoke this time from a different sensation.  The pain has returned to my nipples.  I can tell the funnel has risen and if I squirm around a little I can feel the pull on my tits.  I can increase the pain by jerking my body around.

I wonder how much longer will I have to endure my self imposed prison?  My torture table?  Is the sky getting lighter now or is it my imagination?  If it is , then another hour minium before I could possibly work the combination locks.

My nipple pain was steady, but should I say "sweet" pleasurable?  Waking up to find myself in tight bondage is a sweet, pleasurable and strange sensation.  Sensations that I have learned to crave.

I drift in and out of sleep.  Each time I awake I believe the pain is increasing to my nipples.   I know it is.  It is getting lighter outside.  Now I can see the far wall.  I can plainly see the tight cords pulling on my clothes pins.  I can't tilt my head far enough to really get a good look at my poor stretched nipples.

Piss is still trickling down my throat.  Then a series of thoughts hit me.  Will I get sick from ingesting so much pee?  Will I be able to endure the pain when I pull the needles out?  The pain will be overwhelming when I remove the clothes pins.  My fingers keep getting numb.  Will I be able to work the dials on the locks?  Can I turn my head far enough to even see the dials?

I shake my hands a bit to regain some feeling in my fingers.  I turn my head slowly each way , experimenting.  I can just barely see the locks out of one eye.  My head harness straps next to my nose aways seems to block my other eye.

Vibration time again.  Shake baby shake.  I have lost all control of my body baby, so might as well jerk around and cause more pain.  Need to pee, so might as well just let go baby.  I do, and find myself now laying in a pool of urine.  What was I thinking?

Somehow my head turning has dislodged one of my ear plugs and suddenly I can hear.  Oh what a nice sensation.  I hear a car going down the road.  I feel better already.  There is hope now that freedom will come soon.  I might be able to work the locks now.

I strain my head to the side and fumble to get a glimpse of the of the locks face.  Not quite enough light.  I try to concentrate on having another orgasm as my dildo dependably springs to life again, but can't quite go that far.

I try again to see the dial on the lock.  Using my thumb, I slowly and carefully rotate the mechanism clockwise. Easy now.  I thinks thats it.  Back now the otherway and on past the first number.  Then back again.  I pull on the lock and surprise!  Nothing happens.  I try again and this time the lock popped open and suddenly I couldn't wait to finish freeing myself.  I turn my head the otherway and work the other lock with no difficulty.

With both wrists free I shake both hands reclaiming the loss of feeling in my fingers.  I pull out the remaining ear plug and start feeling all is well.  I untie the cords to my head harness and lift my head to see my poor nipples.  What a picture.  They look so abused. I untie the cord going up to the funnel and lay there panting knowing what I have to do.

I grasp a needle with one hand and my other hand instinctively goes to my pussy.  I combine pain and pleasure two more times before releasing myself and start planning my next adventure in selfbondage.


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