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An Afternoon in the Woods

by slut_jennie

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© Copyright 2001 - slut_jennie - Used by permission

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Hi! My name is Jennie and this is a true story.

First of all I live in a little town in the southern part of Sweden and I am a crossdresser. I don't go out in public except for my little self-bondage trips. 

I was going away on a business trip and packed my "play things". I usually bring them with me because I want be ready in case the need and moment feels right. I started at home with my "clitharness", a 1-foot thin rope that I have tied a 2 inch steel ring to. I made sure it was tied off tight and secure around my scrotum so it wouldn't come loose later. I dressed in my blue satin crotchless panties, black pantyhose and my black corset. My favourite bright red blouse together with my jeans concealed everything from my neighbours. I already packed the other things I would need so I went out to my car and drove off. 

There is a little clearing in the woods only 12 km from home that I have found. When I got there I got out of my car and saw tire marks in the mud. They looked fresh. I went for a little walk to make sure they were gone and to set everything up. I had brought with me a large block of ice that contained 1 copy of my master key. The other one I tied to a tree 500 meters away together with the key to my handcuffs. Everything looked ok, so I brought out my 2 bags of tricks from the car and walked into the woods 10 meters and started to undress. 

I removed my jeans and put on a short black mini skirt and my high-heeled ankle boots. I have removed the lacing from 2 of the holes. I locked them on with padlocks and attached a short chain that hobbled me to only 12 inches. I also padlocked a chain around my constricted waist and attached my handcuffs on my back. An 8 foot thin rope was tied to a 5 foot branch lying on the ground and attached to my "clitharness". This meant that I would have to be really careful when I walked or a serious tug would remind me.

Almost done I put on my gag harness with straps around my head and buckled it tight. I put my "safe way out" (Large iceblock) on a rock where I would be able to reach it later. A 10 foot chain was padlocked to a large tree where the road was clearly visible. I used a combination lock to secure my handcuffs to the tree and took a deep breath and closed the first cuff on my right wrist. I saw cars go by on the road as I locked my left wrist.


There I was in drag, chained to a tree with my hands behind my back and I could easily be seen in the wood in my bright red blouse. I started at once to try to open the combination lock, it's not  as easy to do it behind your back as one would think, besides I had spun the numbers so I wouldn't know what number I was starting on. It took me some time to open it, during this I wished I hadn't put on the red blouse. Nevermind. After what seemed like at least 30 minutes (probably only 10) I managed to open the lock and I was free from the tree. I knew it would take at least 4 hours for the ice to melt in my apartment and it was cooler in the woods. I started to mince to my other key. 

It's really hard to walk in heels in the woods even on "trails". I really didn't want to fall with my hands behind my back. I didn't go too far before I was painfully reminded of the rope tied to my crotch. I took a step backwards and grabbed the rope in my hands and started on my way again. I had thought about using stockings and garters  instead of pantyhose but when I walked the pantyhose were pulled down and the miniskirt up. I felt really exposed especially when the mosquitos bit me right there.

When I tied the spare keys to the tree I didn't want to make it too easy so now I knew I had to cross a road which a had no knowledge about where it went or how much traffic there was. I hid behind a large pine tree and listened for a while. 

It was not easy to hear anything else than my breath. After a couple minutes I started to make my way over the road and up the steep hill to my keys. I had to stay there onto of a hill and untie my hands before I could untie the key from the tree. I was really nervous because I heard traffic all the time but fortunately it didn't come on this road but the larger road to the south. I started to make my way back a little bit faster this time with my hands free and feeling more secure.

I finally got back to my bags and bent down to remove the chain and padlocks around my boots when I heard a twig snap. I have never been so startled in my life and panicked. I quickly removed the chains and clothes and packed everything away when I saw a moose running away from me. I settled down and took a few deep breaths and went back to my car.

I drove off rather quicky and went back on my way to Stockholm for business.




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