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An Afternoon Chair-tied in Silk Scarf Bondage

by Emma Bond

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© Copyright 2011 - Emma Bond - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; scarves; gag; bfold; chair; stuck; caught; M/f; bond; cons/reluct; X

I had been shopping on-line a few days ago and was surprised when the postman handed me a package. I was expecting to receive it in a couple of weeks’ time. Sitting at the kitchen table with a coffee, I took the kitchen scissors and opened the parcel. Wrapped in their packaging, were 20 lovely large silk scarves of various colours and patterns.

I had been dabbling in a little self-bondage recently as the boyfriend was working shifts and didn't really want to play with me. Tired, what an excuse, hey! On one of these self-bondage occasions, I hadn't locked the handcuffs properly and while I was rolling around like a damsel in distress getting into the mood, the cuffs decided to close tighter on my wrist. It turned out to be quite painful. So my idea was to use the scarves as additional padding on my wrists to prevent any circulation issues; oh, and they also make lovely gags to wear.

So while I was drinking my coffee, my fingers were running over the silk material, and before I knew it, I was rubbing them against my cheek. They were lovely and cool and soft. It was then I had the soppy idea for a little scarf bondage, and to tie myself up in them.

I had the kitchen shears to hand in case anything went wrong. Why not I thought. It wasn't like I was a bondage novice. I am usually very careful. What could go wrong? I wasn't going to panic as soon as the last tie was on me, or the last click of the cuff.

I quickly had my ankles tied to each of the front chair legs. Next came my thighs. I pulled up my dress a little so I could tie my thighs to the tops of the chair legs and the seat so they were tightly splayed apart. The scarfs were large enough to cinch between my thigh and the seat. Wriggling my legs about I was firmly tied to the seat. The scarfs were soft but unyielding. I could close my thighs a few millimeters at the most, but they were tied comfortably without causing any pain. Just right, I thought.

I was thinking of a way to tie my hands. I have always thought that it was cheating to have your hands tied in front. You could easily pull down a blindfold to see the knots, or reach a gag to use your teeth to bite at the bindings or call for help.

I still needed to come up with a way to tie my hands behind my back, so while I was thinking, I rolled a scarf up into a tight ball and forced it into my mouth. I had to jam the last bit in and I felt like a little hamster with bulging cheeks. I rolled another scarf, corner to corner, and tied a nice knot in the middle, and pressed this on top of the scarf between my teeth. I then tied it nice and tight behind my neck. The scarf felt wonderful, so I took another and rolled it into a 3 inch strip and tied this in an over mouth gag. Now I felt just like one of those women in the 50's gangster movie reruns. I was beginning to enjoy the captivity and was becoming quite aroused.

I folded another scarf similar to the over mouth gag, and tied it across my eyes as a blindfold. Pushing it up so I could still see, I had a great idea to tie my hands.

I rolled a scarf length ways and tied the corners together. I looped it over itself three times, and I had just enough room to squeeze my wrists into it. Now how was I to cinch it? I got my hands in and could get them out again. It wasn't quite what I had in mind. I needed a slip knot to put between the two wrists to cinch them to make the tie seem more realistic.

I thought about it then tied a type of hangman's noose. Great. This could be cinched up, and then pulled back when I wanted to get free. Now if I tied the loose end to the back supports of the chair, I could pull my arms up and pull the cinch tight, and also have my wrists tied to the back of the chair. So I tied it.

I put my wrist through the looped scarf, and then put the loop between the slip knot noose, and then with my free hand I pulled the blindfold down over my eyes. Putting my arms behind my back I squeezed my free wrist into the looped scarf and pulled my arms up which pulled the slip knot tight cinching my wrists together.

I was now a tied up damsel, in peril from all the nasty gangsters and hoodlums. I mmmphed into the gag pretending to call for help. The blindfold cut out all light from the kitchen leaving me a prisoner in a black void. Pressing over my ears too, I couldn't really hear a sound. No traffic from the road out front, just a hum from a mower. Probably a neighbour mowing his lawn, and that was faint due to the double glazing.

I was in bliss, struggling in my own little world. I was horny and moist, and not just through the struggling. After half an hour or so I decided I was frustrated enough and would release myself and go upstairs for a play with one of my toys!

That's when I realized I had a problem. Shit! I mmmphed into my gag.

When I cinched my hands with the slipknot, I had tightened it enough so that I had cinched my hands nice and tight, but also I had pulled the slip knot tight. It was now sitting between the heels of the palms of my hand, and although my fingers could touch it, I couldn't really grip the knot to pull it back to release me. Shit! Another muffled curse into my gag. Bloody marvelous. What the hell have you done now, I thought.

Okay. Easy. Just unpick the knot holding your wrists to the chair. I thought. No problems, then at least I would have my arms more free to move and I may be able to pull my wrists apart a little to start the slipknot un-cinching me.
Feeling for the knot, it dawned on me as I pulled up on my arms to cinch my wrists, this knot had pulled into a tiny little knot too. Shit, Shit, Shit! More muffled cursing into my gag.

I had to try for my last means of escape. I was going to have to try to get to the scissors and cut one of my brand new scarves. If I could reach the shears on the table, I could then try to cut the knot at the corner of the scarf and still be able to use it.

I managed to scrape the chair across the floor a little until I felt it bang against the table. I moved the chair a little more so I was now more or less side on to the table. It was such a relief to be here. I was comforted by the fact I was close to the shears, and if I could just reach them I could edge them close to my hands and I could then cut the scarf and get free.

Now what. I can’t stand up.

I managed to hook my elbow over the edge of the chair back, and leaning forwards and into the side of the table, I eventually managed to get my wrists to the side of the chair. I now had a little bit more of a reach. I raised my wrists up again by leaning forward and could now feel a few inches of the top of the table. I never felt the touch of the scissors though. Twisting my body to face the table I leaned forward onto it to try to land on them and pull them closer to me. That's when I hit more trouble. I could only feel the grips and it was out of my reach. Trying again I flopped back down onto the table and that's when I heard the scissors move. But I had pushed them just out of reach. No! I mmmphed into the gag.

I tried to rub my blindfold and gag on the edge of the table to loosen them but I had tied them on too well. I was getting angry at being stuck, and my jaws were hurting from having being gagged so long. Normally I was in control of a tie, or at least until the ice melted the handcuff key. I never had any problems. This time I hadn't thought about anything. I stupidly tied myself up without any way to get free if it went wrong. Shit. I mmphed again.

Then I heard a faint noise. It was my side gate opening, and I could hear the sound of footsteps crunching up the gravel path under the kitchen window. Oh the day just gets worse, I thought.

Now I started to panic. I had to get free. Who the hell was coming up the path around the back of my house! I stupidly tied myself up to a chair. I am blindfolded and thickly gagged, and now I am going to have someone see me. If only the world could swallow me up, I thought.

"Hey Emma I cut your front lawn while I had my mower out. Reckon you owe me a cup of tea . . ." The voice trailed off in shock. It was Denis my next door neighbour. Thank god it was him and not a complete stranger.

"Bloody hell what's going on here." he cried. I heard him come over to me and the blindfold was pulled off my eyes. I blinked in pain as the light hit my eyes. Then I felt the scarf gagging me untied. I saw Denis put it onto the table, and his surprised expression when he had yet another gag to untie underneath that one. I spat out the wad of scarf and Denis helped me take it out of my mouth.

"Jeez, Emma. We have to call the police. Are you hurt? Did someone break in and rob you?" I felt his fingers trying to undo the knots at my wrist.

"I can’t do that Denis. I tied myself up." I murmured.

Denis stopped untying the scarf at my hands. "What do you mean? You did it yourself?" He said surprised.

"It’s a slip knot Denis. It’s cinching my wrists but I couldn't reach it to undo the cinch. I tied myself up to the chair to get a thrill."

"What? You gagged yourself, and blindfolded yourself too? "

"Yeah." I mumbled red from embarrassment. "I like being tied up. It turns me on. Peter and I do it all the time."

Denis was beginning to calm down. "But Peter isn't here. That sounds dangerous doing it by yourself. You kids today with your funny ways."

I laughed at him. "Come on. Don't tell me you were never adventurous with your sex life."

"Hey, we got up to stuff. We even tried bondage once, but Joyce and I weren't into it. And before her, when I was in the army I got up to some mischief with the ladies, believe you me."

"Right. Because you aren't in any danger, and you have been cheeky to me, I am going to make myself a tea, and then I am going to leave you here like this for another hour. I'll be outside mowing your back grass so I'll be keeping my eye on you."

I looked at the time. "I've already been tied up like this for two hours. Come on Denis, untie me. Please."

"Emma. You wanted to play. Now you can and it will be safer because I can see you. You aren't in any danger. I am not going to molest you in any way. You should heed the words of us wise, if somewhat old, farts."

"But Denis. . ." I whined at him, but he cut me off mid-sentence.

"Okay Emma. I said tied like this. But I think you should probably be gagged like you were too. Let’s call it a reflection of your actions." He interrupted.

He picked the wad of scarf and said "Open wide"

I couldn't believe it. My own actions. I was thinking in my head to say "No don't do it. Untie me." But I opened my mouth as wide as I could for him to put the wad in.

"There. That's better. Now where is that other one?" With his thumbs he pressed the wad in as far as he could, and placed the knot on top and tied it off behind my neck. It was much tighter than I had it. Then he picked up the over mouth gag and retied that too. I could feel the edges of the over mouth gag press into my cheeks.

"Emma when I come back I will untie you. But that slip knot is too much of a temptation for you to play with." He untied my wrists and even managed to undo the knot on the chair back without cutting it. He gripped my wrists palms together and wrapped the scarf around it quite tightly. He did an excellent job with the cinching too. It felt like my wrists were welded together. He tied the last bit of the scarf to the back of the chair similar to what I had done, but he tied the knot above my wrist so there was no way I could reach it.

Then I saw him pick up the rest of the scarves on the table.

"I guess this is what started your little game off." He pulled the rest of the scarves from the parcel and proceeded to tie my body to the back of the chair. With one last scarf, I could feel his hands push my elbows together until they almost touched. Then he wrapped the scarf around them twice before he tightly cinched my elbows together.

I was really stuck. He had tied me really well to the chair. I grunted as he tied the last knot on the elbows. I had always wanted to have them tied like that but had never experienced it until now. Then he pulled the blindfold over my eyes and tightened it. Again it was much tighter than I had it.

I could hear Denis rattle around in the cupboards and the sound of the kettle boiling. Then he walked across the kitchen and shut the door.

I wasn't sure of my emotions. I had wanted him to release me and I was embarrassed for being caught, but deep down I wanted him to tie me up. This time there was no escape. No slip knots to pull or scissors I could reach. I really was the damsel in distress, all tightly tied and gagged. I struggled but Denis had tied the knots out of reach, and I was experiencing that warm excitement building in me like before. God I wanted to touch myself, to cum, but Denis would be another hour. It was torture.

I think I'll start to pay him to come around and cut the lawn. Who knows how I'll be tied next time he comes in for a cup of tea.


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