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Afterwork Stress Relief

by Switchfunction

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© Copyright 2007 - Switchfunction - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; cd; toys; F/m; oral; cons; X

My fiance needs the truck to go to work today... I gladly hand her my keys; which has the key to my handcuffs on the ring. Shortly after she takes off... a plan forms in my head. We both love to play various bondage games, both of us a 'switch' and she even likes me to dress in lingerie every now and again. This day, I wait for her to get to work and clean up around the house a bit. I wait until she only has 2 hours left on the clock and I jump in the shower for a quick rinse.

After showering, I dry off and head to the kitchen, writing a note for her. It simply said, "I've been napping, wake me when you're home." I placed it where she could find it and I headed up to our bedroom. I pulled out all of our toys and rope, a small outfit; and the handcuffs. I dressed in a pair of silky black thigh-highs, a sexy little lacy bra, a g-string and my black strappy 4" heels. Admiring my legs, I started to work as it was now getting close to her time off.

I tie my ankles to my thighs, in a frog-tie position; cinching that off I leash my ankles to one-another with another small rope. Then I take our pvc ball-gag and buckle it on tightly and test it out so that I ensure I make very slight noise. With all that done, I take a big belt and secure it into a loop so that I can slip my elbows through it behind my back as a make-shift elbow-tie. I do this, tighten it up and grab my vibrating plug. I slip it into my tight hole and turn it on the lowest possible setting, which makes for a nice and slow massage. This really gets me going quickly so I have to work fast if I don't want to ruin her surprise.

Grabbing the cuffs and a climbing/belt-loop hook, I quickly throw myself onto my stomach; instantly getting harder in my soft attire. I clip the hook around the hobble-tie on my ankles and likewise on my handcuffs... I take a deep breath, look at the clock and before I can think twice I shut each cuff around my wrist with a very affirming "CLICK!"

I lay there writhing in my bonds with various fantasies playing through my head, all the while getting more and more turned-on and staying hard as a brick from the vibrator working on my prostate. Before I even realise it I hear footsteps on the floor behind me.

"Well, somebody left their little slut all tied up for me to find; didn't they?"

I turn a little red and try to speak, forgetting about the gag "Mmmffm...mmmm."

She gets excited and continues with her play, "Awww, can the poor little thing not speak? What a pity."

She looks me over and runs her fingers over the bare parts of my skin, sending shivers all over my body. "Oh, you like to have a light touch on you don't you?" I know what she has in store, and I shake my head 'no' very furiously. She quickly removes my heels from my hose-clad feet, which now seem very menacing to me.

"Why didn't I lock those shoes on with a padlock?!"

I think, but all that comes out is a strong "MMMMFF!"

She laughs in delight and starts tickling the hell out of my poor feet, and all I can do to fight it is wiggle around-turning us both on more. She tires of this after a while and gives me a quick slap on the ass, noticing the vibrator.

"What's this, little girl? You like it in the ass, huh?"

She pulls the vibrator away from the string between my checks and shoves it back in mercilessly... cranking the setting up to 'FULL/HIGH' which sends me into a tailspin! She laughs "Well, I guess I'll let you enjoy your little plastic lover while I go bathe... have fun, sweetie!"

The vibrations become so intense that it feels like I'm going to orgasm, but the wave of climax never comes as she knows I have to get off by penis stimulations. I can smell her soft clean skin as she walks back into our room, slowly drying off and watching me squirm in my hogtie on the floor.

After a little play, she turns me over onto my back; causing me to arch my crotch towards the air with my ankles and hands pinned underneath me.

"Well, isn't that a nice surprise!"

She pulls the panties away from my penis and sticks her tongue on it, teasing me relentlessly for about 20 minutes.

"I think you've had enough fun!"

She turns me back over to remove the vibrator from my anus and promises that if I don't speak out of turn, she'll remove the gag. I agree with a "mmfh"

She removes my gag, and then sits in front of me with her legs spread wide. "Now, you horny little slut-girl; eat my pussy!"

I agree and start working her lips up and down with my tongue. I have to strain because of the hogtie, but it just turns us both on even more...

"Faster, slut! Faster! I'm going to cum! That's what you want isn't it?!" She finally reaches orgasm and squirts her juices all down my face, she then relaxes with a cigarette and laughs as she grabs the vibrator again, observing my tender ass.

"Would you like to continue playing with your little friend?"

Before I can get out, "No, please don't"

She cups my mouth with her hand and says, "Oh, please? Is that what you said you dirty bitch? Be my guest!"

And with that, she forces the intruder deep down inside me again and again, fucking me with the little plastic shaft. She turns the speed back to FULL and I feel myself getting close to orgasm!

"You're moaning an awful lot... you're not going to cum are you?"

I shake my head yes as her hand is still on my mouth and nostrils.

"That's too bad, I wanted to fuck you with my pussy instead."

I beg her through my hand-gagged lips, and finally she turns the vibrator off and cuts me loose from the ropes... but only after she replaces my buckling gag.

"Gee, you know - I have no clue where that handcuff key is... I guess we'll have to stop playing and go look for it."

I beg her with my muffles "MMMMFFFH! NMMM! MNNNNFH!"

She laughs kicks me onto my back, the cuffs digging in hard. We make love with me still in lingerie and partially bound for an hour before she lets me cum. The relief of my situation wasn't the fact that I had an orgasm, but that she finally let me out of my cuffs afterwards. She says that's the price I pay for playing alone... guess I'll have to try it again sometime.



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