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Alex & Jessie

by LonelyGuy2020

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© Copyright 2005 - LonelyGuy2020 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; enema; toys; cons; X

Chapter 1: The Weekend Away

Alex and Jessie are sisters.  Alex is a 25 year old tall brunette, and Jessie a somewhat shorter blond at 22 years old.  Both are fit to be models.  Alex graduated from Radford University a few years ago with a master’s degree in Computer Engineering and went to work with a local company designing circuit boards and other electronic components.  Jessie just has graduated college with a master’s degree in Marketing & Advertising.  After a few weeks of searching for a job, Alex was able to get her sister a job with her company, Electron Industries.  Since neither girl is married at the moment, they decide the best way to save money is to live together in an apartment for the time being.  They found a nice one with a good view not too far from the University and only a 15 minute drive from their work. Alex is used to living by herself, and as such isn’t used to hiding her, shall we say, rather “weird” hobbies.  After 2 weeks of living with her sister she is going crazy at not being able to spend time in self-bondage. This is where our story starts……

Now that they were settled into their new apartment, Jessie decides to visit her parents for the weekend.  Alex doesn’t go because she has some “work” that she needs to get done over the weekend for a big project.  Jessie leaves for her parent’s house on Friday evening after work and isn’t supposed to be back until Sunday evening.  This leaves Alex with 2 whole days free to have some fun as she is getting quite frustrated at not being able to play with her sister being around so much.  It would be much easier if her sister only knew….. 

Alex longs to spend time in bondage and starts to prepare for a night of it.  She gathers her equipment beside her bed and proceeds to sort it out.  First thing, she decides to give herself an enema.  In the bathroom she strips naked and throws her clothes into the laundry hamper.  She fills an enema bag with warm water and a little soap and hangs the enema bag from the shower curtain rod.  She attaches the hose to the bag and to an inflatable enema nozzle.  The nozzle has a pump bulb so that you can pump it up once it’s inserted to prevent it from coming out or leaking.  Alex lubes the end of the nozzle by inserting it into her pussy a few times, but is careful not to get too excited by this as she wants to save the special moment for later.  After some careful persuasion the enema nozzle is firmly in her anus and she pumps up the balloons to prevent it from coming out. 

Next she takes a special pair of handcuffs and locks one end around her right wrist.  She takes the enema control valve that’s on the hose and puts it in her right wrist and kneels down in the shower tub.  She then wraps the cuffs around a towel bar and locks her left wrist into the cuffs.  These cuffs are special because they feature an electric time release mechanism.  After a preset time the right cuff will open allowing the user to then free their self.  Alex had already set the cuff for 15 minutes.  Alex now turns on the enema valve and feels the warm soapy water start to invade her.  She purposefully drops the hose valve and now has no way to free herself from the water invading her insides.  She feels as if she is going to pop from the pressure and finally the water stops flowing after it’s all inside her.  It seems like an eternity but the cuffs finally open 15 minutes later and she frees herself carefully and dashes for the toilet finally able to release herself.  She then gets back into the shower for a quick bath and within a few minutes is in her bedroom preparing the rest of her night’s fun.

Meanwhile, Jessie is on the road on her way to her parent’s house a few hours away when her phone rings.  It’s her mom calling.  Her aunt a few states away has fallen ill and her parents are leaving immediately to go tend to her.  With her parent not home there isn’t any use in going to their house so she decides to head back to the apartment.  Alex will probably still be awake and they can watch a movie, or something.

Back at the apartment Alex is busy getting ready, completely oblivious to the fact that her sister is on her way back.  Alex starts by buckling a wide leather belt around her waist with another smaller belt attached to it in the center of her back.  She then lubricates a large black inflatable vibrating butt plug and carefully inserts it.  She has never felt this full before and thinks maybe this intruder is too large for her but decided to go ahead with it as it cost nearly $100.  After getting the plug in she then inserts her vibrator, it’s an 8 in monster that is ribbed the whole length and has little bumps all around it.  Carefully routing the wires she pulls up the leather strap and buckles it to the waist belt, pulling it as tight as she can get it.  She then places a lock on the buckle.  One of the keys to this lock is in a safe-deposit box at her bank; the other is in the trunk of her car which is parked on the street outside the apartment in plain view of all the neighbors. 

Next she wraps special leather cuffs around her wrists and ankles, then chooses which gag she wants to wear for the night.  She picks out a black leather trainer type gag that has straps all around her head.  It has a very large built-in hollow padded-leather gag that allows breathing but no noise can escape.  She buckles this onto her head and inserts the gag tightening every strap down to a tight yet comfortable level.  Then she puts small brass locks on each buckle so they can’t be undone.  Next she takes out her nipple rings and puts on a heavily boned underwire bra that makes her breasts stand out with small metal reinforced holes for her nipples to come thru.  These holes have a small cage looking thing sitting over them.  She then stretches her nipples to the max and puts a barbell thru the holes usually occupied by her nipple rings.  The cage/barbell combo on each nipple means they stay stretched out almost a half inch from her body.

Alex is now ready to “plug” herself in.  She sits down in the center of the bed and inserts the leads from each of the bottom bed posts into the receivers on her ankle cuffs.  They lock in place with an ominous “click”.  She then plugs the vibrator and butt plug into the control box; both devices have been modified to work with the control box.  As a result they will stimulate and tease her all night and never run out of power.  It’s now about 8 pm so she sets the time for a 12 hour session with a 50% stimulation.  This means that the vibrator and butt plug with run for at least 6 hours turning on and off at random times. 

Now she takes a set of adjustable tension nipple clamps and attaches them to her already sore nipples over each barbell.  She tightens the clamps to the highest setting she can take.  Next she attaches the blindfold to her head harness making sure all the snaps connect and no light is coming in at all.  She has to be quick now as the urge to back out and pleasure herself now is very great.  She locks one of the leads coming from her top bed posts into her left wrist and then very quickly feels for the butt plug’s pump bulb.  She pumps it up 3 times and feels like she is going to explode.  Very quickly she pumps it up 3 more times and then proceeds to tighten the nipple clamps 3 more notches each.  Now in a panic she fumbles for the lead for her right wrist and finally gets it to make contact.

As soon as it makes contact she hears a loud “beep” this signals that the control box has began its cycle as it has sensed all the connectors to be in place.  The control box is one of her own design, one of many advantages to having a degree in Computer Engineering.  If only the guys at the local Radio Shack and Home Depot knew what she was up to now.  The leads coming from each bed post are seat belts out of old junk cars, with the matching receivers being attached to the cuffs on her ankles and wrists.  The receptacles on the ends of the wrist cuff leads had been modified with a motor that releases the receivers when a signal is sent from the control box. 

After the control box senses that everything in plugged in and starts it’s program, as it is doing now, the wrist cuff leads can only get shorter not longer.  The same way seat belts function in a car when a sudden movement is detected.  The first beep means she has 1 minute to get comfortable in her spread eagle position, after one minute the seat belts lock and she can no longer move.  After the minute is up another beep comes from the control box.  Almost immediately vibrations start in her pussy and ass.  This is almost overwhelming as she has never used all these “features” at the same time before. 

Now trapped by her own hand for the next 12 hours, Alex settles in for the night imagining that a burglar had broken into her apartment and did this to her and that she is here until someone finds her and releases her if that ever happens…..  After nearly 30 minutes and almost as many orgasms, the vibrations stop and the system starts its first sleep period.  Alex falls into a light sleep not knowing that her secret is about to be discovered……


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