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Alice Takes a Vacation

by Snap

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© Copyright 2015 - Snap - Used by permission

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Alice closed the door of the motel room and excitedly began to unpack. She'd been planning this little mini-vacation for quite some time now, and she looked forward to the complete privacy to enjoy herself that awaited her this weekend.

Her problem was that she'd become engaged over a year ago, and was afraid to let her fiancé know of her dark obsessions. As a result, she'd suppressed her desires and kept them secret from the man she was supposedly planning to spend the rest of her life with. She'd occasionally indulge herself of course, but only in the privacy of her own home and always when Jerry, her fiancé, wasn't around.

This all changed six months ago. She'd moved in with Jerry at his insistence, only to belatedly realize she no longer had as much privacy as she once did - nor for that matter as much privacy as she'd hoped for at a minimum in living with another person. She had never lived with anyone in her adult life, and it was quite an adjustment. Instead, she'd been forced to hide her desires and surreptitiously fantasize about her obsessions involving pony girls and of being placed in the enforced role of sexual slave and plaything of an evil and uncaring master, to when Jerry wasn't around to interrupt.

Intensely afraid to let her fiancé in on her little secret, she'd kept her activities to a minimum, but the pressure just seemed to build without relief every day, day after day, week after week, month after month. She would fantasize at work at her law firm, only to belatedly realize she had missed something important that was said in a meeting, she would dream of dark things, and wake up in the middle of the night with her hands thrust between her thighs as a result of her erotic thoughts, and her blissfully unaware fiancé beside her almost rousing out of a sound sleep due to her sleep time movements.

She considered once more the option of telling her fiancé of her desires, but couldn't bring herself to do so. She knew he had a wilder streak himself, and while they had engaged in the occasional bedroom games, she was certain he was not as kinky as she was, and being a lawyer himself he was something of a catch. She was just too embarrassed to jeopardize things. Finally convinced she needed to release some of the pressure or go mad, she began to plan her little vacation. She wasn't yet certain what she would do in the long run if she went through with the marriage, but at least she would obtain a short term respite.

She spent months working it out, building up a convincing story to tell her fiancé so she would have a weekend alone, planning each and every detail down to the last bit of minutia and recording her plans in her daily diary, until finally she was able to have a weekend to herself to really let go and indulge.

Telling Jerry that she would have to go out of town for business, she instead had secretly rented a motel room in the seedier part of town. The area was covered in graffiti and empty building lots, and deserted and gutted buildings were evident on every city block. The motel itself was fairly dilapidated, but for Alice's purposes, it was perfect. There was zero chance her fiancé, or anyone else she knew, would ever come through this area and happen to see her by accident.

She'd bid Jerry farewell that evening, giving him a passionate kiss goodbye on the doorstep, and then taken a cab, ostensibly to the airport. In reality it had delivered her and a single large suitcase to a street corner two blocks from the motel in less than an hour. Ten minutes after that , she was checked in.

The motel clerk had looked askance at her, standing in his filthy lobby in her expensive clothes and looking decidedly out of place. He obviously knew she was doing something she didn't want public, it was only a question of exactly what. He was hopeful he would find out before the weekend was over, and simply assumed she was having an affair. He'd seen her type before, and a few carefully and surreptitiously acquired photographs had ensured him on previous occasions of receiving either a substantial bribe of cold hard cash, a bit of ass - or both if he was really lucky - to keep quiet.

Enjoying a bit of thrill at the idea that the motel clerk was this fascinated by her, Alice had taken her key and proceeded with her oversized rolling luggage bag to the last room on the end of the building, room number 13. The only room beyond that, was a storage room on the end of the "L" shaped building. All of the rooms were on the ground floor, and each had it's own doorway onto the broken asphalt parking lot that was full of litter. A sheltering roof ran the entire length of the building, allowing the occupants to move from any room in the facility back to the main office without getting caught in the rain. An extended canopy in front of the main office provided an area for vehicles to be unloaded during inclement weather. All of these details were overlooked by Alice during her check-in, as she was so fixated on the activities before her. Entering the room, she locked the door behind her and took a deep breath. Her heart was beating so fast in anticipation that she had to consciously collect herself before proceeding.

This was it, finally! Reaching to her left, she slid the palm of her hand along the wall, then upwards until she found the light switch. Clicking the switch brought to life a pathetically dim yellow light bulb hiding in a lamp.

The first thing Alice did when her eyes adjusted to the dim light was survey her surroundings. The first things she noticed were that the room was tiny and cramped, with a lumpy brass bed on one wall with an old television set on the adjacent wall. A single table was situated opposite the bed, with the aforementioned lamp, a telephone, and an alarm clock. A ratty looking sofa chair squatted in one corner next to it, and an ugly brown dresser with a mirror sat next to the chair.

The mirror had lost a substantial portion of the silvering on the reverse side, and the resultant image was almost jigsaw-like in how portions of her reflection were missing. Scorch marks from cigarettes covered the dresser top next to the ash tray that Alice had no intention of using.

Adjacent to the dilapidated brass bed sat a low chest of drawers, on top of which resided the ancient television set. A dust caked and faded black cable snaked from the back of the television to a wall outlet, and was obviously set up for some sort of cable channel entertainment.

The ugly patterned carpet under her stiletto heels was covered in stains and faded spots, and small bits and pieces of trash and dust bunnies were visible under the bed. It was clear the floor had not been vacuumed in ages. There were even a few unexplained stains on the wall, contrasting with the poor attempt at art that was represented by a cheaply framed poster of a woman masturbating (obviously a centerfold cut from a men's magazine), hanging somewhat crookedly over the head of the brass bed. The wall covering did it's best to complete the initial impression Alice had of the room, by being torn and bare in a few places, revealing painted brickwork, and sporting faded spots that matched those on the floor.

It truly was a filthy hole in the wall, which excited the more perverse nature of Alice to an even greater degree that she had already been experiencing.

Setting her luggage on the chair and opening it, she removed her business jacket and folded it neatly before placing it to one side in the suitcase. This was followed by her khaki skirt, then her denim blouse. She paused and studied her reflection in the mirror, posing a few times, studying her body critically, and finding herself satisfied with the efforts she had put into her workouts at least three times a week for several years now. Her carefully toned body was completely untanned, with milky white skin devoid of imperfection save for one spot.

She ruefully took note once more of the tattoo on her left ass cheek, just as she had done so many times in the past. A few years earlier, she had been bar hopping and had awoken completely hung over and naked one Sunday morning, laying next to Jerry in her own bed, and she was sporting this strange tattoo.

Bar hopping until she was sloppy drunk was a past time she had engaged in recklessly on many occasions before as a habit she had picked up in college, and it was not unusual for her to regularly end up in the sack with a complete stranger - or for her to engage in riskier behavior with total strangers involving various bondage and sado-masochistic bedroom games, but that night she had gone much farther than she had ever planned to - or would have wanted to.

She had no idea of the tattoo's meaning, or even who Jerry was at the time, and Jerry swore ignorance of the entire matter claiming he'd been too drunk to remember anything of the night before regarding a tattoo being applied to anyone. He himself had no tattoos, so she tended to believe him.

She also swore off drinking binges from that very morning!

However, the tattoo did have a certain elegance about it, and to remove it might leave even more of a blemish, so she decided to keep it hoping she could figure out it's meaning one day - or perhaps a better method to remove it would be developed.

As if their relationship had been pre-ordained, she and Jerry had incidentally maintained contact after that night as Alice tried to recreate her steps from that single strange and missing evening, and these interactions had resulted in gradually increasing frequency until they had developed something that was as close to a real relationship as she'd ever had before.

When a year later he had proposed, she'd accepted his offer of marriage simply because she felt she may never get another opportunity. It wasn't like she really loved him, it was more like a line item on a grand "To do list" she carried around in the back of her mind.

Shaking her head to clear her thoughts of the past, she suddenly had an urge to spice her experience up even more. She forgot about her reflections - both in her mind as well as in the mirror - for the moment, and crossed the room dressed only in her scarlet red bra, thong, and shiny black heels, to the single horizontal slit of a window sitting high on the opposite wall. Her long blonde hair shifted and bounced from side to side between her shoulders as she walked, and the scarlet lingerie forming a brilliant contrast with her pale skin.

The red lace thread that composed the back of the thong disappeared between her undulating white buttocks as she strode confidently across the room, and the front silk panel of the garment had long ago formed a distinct moistened camel's toe about her pubic area. Alice was quite aware of how the garment was clinging so closely to her most private of shaven areas, and imagined how the motel clerk would respond were he to have a chance to see her so scantily clad. She even entertained the idea of flashing him as she was leaving, but put the thought away for more serious consideration later. Besides, she might want to return to this particular hotel in the future, and flashing the clerk might complicate any future plans.

The bottom ledge was over six feet off the floor, and Alice had to stretch to open the curtains, then open the horizontal pane of security glass set into the window. To anyone noticing, as she stretched upwards her breasts were literally spilling over the top edge of the abbreviated bra she was wearing. The opening was only about six inches at the most, so it was highly unlikely anyone would be able to squeeze through into the room. She was very careful not to lean into the filthy wall as she worked the window crank. Looking upwards, afterwards she could see street lights outside, but no buildings. Anyone walking past would not be able to see inside the room, either. It allowed Alice the idea of exposure to voyeurs without the actuality occurring.

After pausing to listen to the night sounds of the city and to feel the slightly warm breeze settling down through the high window, she returned to her luggage and lifted it to the bed. She considered momentarily turning on the air conditioning, but decided it was comfortable enough at the present. She had selected the largest suitcase she had with the idea that it would mislead her fiancé even more in the impression that she was spending the entire weekend out of town. In reality, the suitcase hardly had any weight to it at all as she had only packed certain special items for the weekend. Returning to the suitcase, she pulled out several of these items. There was absolutely no clothing in the bag other than what she had already worn, as she intended to go the entire weekend on the single set of clothing she'd worn to the hotel, so much more to reinforce her sense of vulnerability and lack of resources.

Feeling her cunt juicing up already, she next removed her lace front bra. Her skin felt moist, even to herself, and her nipples were already fully aroused in spite of the warmth of the room. Then she slid her matching thong panties down her thighs. They tended to cling between her freshly shaven, nude, cunt lips, for a moment before pulling loose and sliding down between her legs to a loose bundle of thread about her ankles. Her shiny black stilettos followed the rest of her clothing into the suitcase, and Alice was then completely nude.

As she stood in her bare feet on the carpet, stepping gingerly to avoid the more vibrant carpet stains, she withdrew a pair of leather ankle cuffs from the luggage and slipped them onto her ankles. Bending over at the waist and buckling them tightly, she intended to wear them the entire weekend. It was an incredibly delicious feeling to sense the movement of air onto her bare cunt lips, squeezed between her trembling thighs as the small steel rings around the ankle cuffs jingled merrily with every movement.

Reaching up, she pulled her hair onto the top of her head and used a rubber band to tie it into a snug ponytail. She noticed in the mirror how her generous E-cup breasts swung ever so slightly as she performed this task, and again felt deep satisfaction at not having allowed herself to become out of shape. She was that rare combination of qualities combining a small waist, toned muscles, and large firm pert breasts supported by broad - yet still feminine - shoulders. She even maintained a trim 24" waist line which only exaggerated the curves she had up top and down below.

Enjoying the sight of herself, she grasped both of her large breasts in her hands, kneading them about and squeezing the nipples hard. Her right hand slid downwards, feeling the silky smoothness of her denuded labia, then she forced herself to stop and get back to her planned preparations. It felt so good to not worry about Jerry walking in on her and have some privacy for a change! Next, she slipped a short, stiff leather sleeve around the base of the pony tail, securing it in place.

Reaching back into the suitcase, she withdrew a bundle of leather straps. Untangling the mess, she slipped a leather strap and bit around her neck, then lifted the bit into her mouth and buckled it into place behind her nape of her neck. Small brass padlocks ensured it wouldn't come off without a key. Her perfect lips stretched to accommodate the phenolic ball centered on the bit between her teeth, and as her jaws stretched wide to accommodate the device, she felt her jaw muscles immediately begin to ache slightly. Determining that she would get used to it quickly, she left the bit in her mouth and continued. Leather cuffs wrapped her wrists and were likewise padlocked into place.

Withdrawing a small contact lens case and solution bottle from the suitcase, she set them aside for the moment, and moved onto other preparations.

The next items to appear were two leather straps with steel rings and padlocks on the ends, which Alice slipped over two corners at the head of the brass bed with a slip knot. Bundled with the straps had been a pair of chains. These were attached to the remaining corners at the foot of the bed and padlocks were slipped into the end links. The final items she pulled from the bag were a very large vibrating egg, a roll of duct tape, some lubricant, three wide leather belts, a padlock set with a key connected by a string to one of the metal hasps, and a butt plug with a blonde pony tail attached. The butt plug tended to chime slightly as it was turned or shaken, indicating the presence of heavy metal steel balls inside the hollow interior of the butt plug. There were a few additional items in the suitcase, but she intended to save them for later.

Squatting on the floor, Alice applied lubricant to the butt plug and smeared it about copiously. Taking a preparatory breath, she reached down behind herself and eased the butt plug between her ass cheeks. Feeling it slip into her rectum, she found herself feeling incredibly full suddenly as it slipped from her grasp and penetrated deeply past her sphincter muscle.

Gasping at the suddenness of it all, an involuntary moan escaped her, as she paused once more to ride the wave of pain and pleasure she felt, then she pressed harder on the plug, moving it about slightly with her fingers, then more frantically until she was moaning in absolute pleasure. Reaching down with her free hand, she masturbated her swollen clit as she came, almost tumbling over onto the decrepit carpeting in the process. It took her a few more minutes to regain her composure after that.

Standing, she felt her new fluffy blonde pony tail brush against the back of her calves. The tail was exceptionally long and luxurious, and she felt the weight of it tugging at the butt plug in her behind, just as the steel balls within it began to shift around noticeably to a muffled chiming sound. The sensation was incredible!

Strutting over to the television set, creating an odd sort of rhythmic tune from the chimes as she strutted, she turned it on and found a porn channel was already playing. Appropriately enough, it was a bondage flick. Some blonde female was being forced to pull a cart. The dominatrix in the cart was thrashing her buttocks viciously as another submissive waited her turn in the background, hanging from her wrists in a spread eagle fashion and completely open to the close-ups of the camera that filmed the event. Alice stood watching for several long moments as the suspended captive was impaled on a huge dildo. Flipping through the channels confirmed that this was the only variety of entertainment the set was capable of receiving, so she left it on the original station. It seemed appropriate. 

Making sure to turn the set up loud enough to cover any extraneous noises, Alice returned to the chair. She turned her attention to the suitcase, closed it, and locked it with yet another small padlock. She retrieved the contact lens case and set the luggage aside from the chair.

Next, she placed the vibrating egg at the head of the bed. The vibrating egg was about 2 inches in diameter, about 2 1/2 inches long, and was the type that plugged in, rather than used batteries, and she had to extend the cord to the nearest electrical outlet to plug it in. A small dial type on/off switch was located on the cord approximately twelve inches from the egg, and a larger dial was set approximately 24 inches from the plug. The second dial controlled the strength of the vibrations. 

She turned on the egg experimentally, and checked the adjustment settings. She had never used this device before, having just purchased it online from a discreet source, and so she wanted to make sure what she was getting into before she began. She wasn't surprised to see the smooth vinyl surface begin to vibrate, but she was surprised when she realized the surface of the vinyl egg would occasionally, at the lowest setting, display small round bumps that seemed to move about under the surface of the vinyl skin that covered the device. Turning up the settings caused these bumps to multiply and move about more erratically. The bumps would start at the small end of the egg, and migrate towards the large end onto which the cord was attached. After this exercise, Alice determined that only the lowest setting would be attempted the first time, and she also made sure to use a generous amount of lubricant.

Alice crawled onto the lumpy bed on her knees. Squatting, she reached behind herself and padlocked the end of the leather straps onto the steel ring set into her left ankle cuff, then ensured she had a small amount of slack in the strap, just in case she needed it.

Moving to her right hand ankle cuff, she repeated the procedure, only this strap was loose with extra length that lay across the mattress beside her right knee.

Easing back, she lifted her ass into the air as she slid the vibrating egg inside her cunt, feeling it stretch her cunt lips extraordinarily wide before disappearing completely and leaving her feeling filled in an odd way she had never experienced before. It felt as if it was on the verge of being entirely too big for her to accommodate!

The instructions that came with the device had suggested it was for external use only, but they also noted it was a novelty device as well. As such, Alice tended to ignore the instructions. It was odd feeling the thick black cord hanging out from between her already swollen cunt lips. Finally satisfied with the depth she was able to accommodate and certain it wouldn't fall back out at an inopportune moment, she tugged the loose straps and tightened them considerably. Soon, she couldn't move any farther from the corners of the bed than she already was. Having second thoughts, she slackened the straps a few inches just to be safe, and found she could ease her way back and forth by three or four inches.

The next straps, connected to the steel rings at her ankles, passed over her thighs and then reconnected at the steel ring the first end was attached to. Cinching it tight, she could no longer extend her legs as they were bound tightly in the bent position, forcing her to remain squatting and completely immobile from the waist down except for being able to rock her pelvic area.

Opening the contact lens case, Alice withdrew a contact that was as black as midnight. She had to special order it online, and the sort of questions it had raised via email had been quite embarrassing, but it was after all an anonymous purchase so she didn't think anything more of it.

Carefully balancing the lens on her right index finger, she pulled her right eyelid open wide and gently inserted the lens. Shifting it a bit, then closing her eyes, she felt it slide into place comfortably. Opening her eyes again, she found the vision in her right eye completely blocked now. Satisfied at this small triumph, she repeated the process with her left eye.

When she was finished, Alice was completely blind. She had originally planned on using a blindfold, but was put off by the idea that it may slip and leave her less than completely blinded during her self imposed bondage, or worse, slide down and cover her lower face and inhibit her ability to breath. The horror stories of self bondage that she had read were more than enough to cause her to make sure she took safety seriously. The contact lenses had solved the problem quite efficiently. They were comfortable enough she could wear them indefinitely, and could even see herself wearing them while in the motel room even outside of her bondage games as a way of adding a new twist to her motel stay over the weekend.

Fumbling with the lens case, she screwed the lids on and tossed it off the edge of the bed so it would be out of the way. She regretted the action moments later when she realized she would have to find the lens case later, but it was too late to change that now.

Taking a deep breath, she reached down past her nervously quaking ass cheeks and pressed the start dial on the cord of the vibrating egg. It was pre-set at it's lowest setting, and a thrilling pulsating vibration ensued through her nether regions. She found herself pulling the cord about with one hand before moving forward and fingering her cunt lips, while at the same time tugging on the tail attached to the plug in her ass with her other hand. Only moments passed before she felt herself exploding once more. The dual penetration of the devices in her nether regions worked in conjunction with each other. The vibrating egg caused the butt plug to also vibrate, ever so slightly, until the entire area of her ass and cunt were quivering with involuntary muscle contractions. What was happening in her taint was beyond description.

Alice considered that she'd climaxed twice already, and hadn't been in her room even a hour. This was going to be a mind blowing weekend!

Determined to go on rather than stop to rest - or risk losing her nerve to continue, Alice fumbled about until she found the two chains and the remaining leather belt. Distracted by the vibrator plowing it's way about in her pussy, it took much longer than she had planned to accomplish this small feat, as every few minutes she paused to moan in ecstasy. Oddly enough, it seemed as if the vibrating egg was actually working it's way even further into her pussy. This last belt was much shorter than the other two, and the buckle was already fastened to make a small loop.

Slipping her right arm through the leather loop, Alice fumbled once more until her right wrist was padlocked to the chain. Reaching behind herself, she slipped her left arm through the belt as well, forcing her elbows close together behind her back.

Forcing herself to stretch against all three restraints, and shifting her weight forward as best she could on her knees, Alice managed to find the remaining padlock with her left hand. It was a precarious balancing act, as she didn't want to go face first into the filthy bed sheet. As she shifted forward, her ass tipped up into the air as her breasts tilted towards the bed, and she felt the cord dangling from her cunt resting on the upper split of her slit. It was a very odd feeling, magnified by the small vibrations transmitted through the cord from the vibrating egg within her, across her tender clitoris, and down the length of the free hanging cord.

Verifying once more that the key was in place on the end of the string, she locked it into place with a final snap. Convinced the final padlock was secure, she pulled at her bonds enough to be able to swing her left arm a few inches, just enough to send the key tumbling over the edge of the bed to swing at the end of it's string.

She released the string from her left hand then, letting the key fall to the end of the length of string, content in the knowledge that it was simply a matter of pulling the string to her to retrieve it and release her locks, and then she really began to enjoy her fantasy of subjugation as a pony girl. Anyone passing by the window would only assume the moans emanating from the room were from the porn on the television set. Either that, or a prostitute giving a first class performance for a John. Either way, in this part of town it wouldn't even rank a second look.

Alice was finally, and fully, bound now, and completely blind. Her restraints prevented anything more than a few inches movement in any direction, and as the bed sheet rolled and gathered about her knees, she found even this freedom of movement becoming more restricted. As time passed, it seemed she had even less slack in the leather straps than she had planned on, but assigned it to the twisting bed sheets restricting her movement. She luxuriated in the sensations the rough bed sheets made as her breasts swung back and forth, her nipples brushing against the fabric and arousing them to hard darkened points. She almost regretted not putting on her nipple clamps, but reasoned that she would have time later in the weekend to play out that particular fantasy. She also noticed that she was drooling ridiculously, and copious amounts of saliva were pooling on the bed below her face and giving her yet another reason to attempt to keep balanced and not rest her face on the bed sheets.

As she seemed to ease further towards the end of the bed, the straps not indicating any slack at all, the chains on the other hand pulled more and more tightly on her wrist cuffs. Though she couldn't see anything, she was certain her hands were bright red from the lack of circulation by now. As her hands pulled more tightly, the leather strap around her elbows pulled her arms behind her closer and closer together, until it felt as if her elbows were going to meet in the middle of her back! As she rocked backward and forward, she felt the bed banging softly against the wall.

Occasionally, she would feel the string just to get a sense of security, and then she would go back to grinding her ass about to the thrill of the vibrator in her cunt. There was a certain frustration in not being able to simply reach down and take matters into her own hands, and thereby accelerate the process, but then she considered that this enforced extra effort to cum without her hands was simply another part of the fantasy to enjoy. After a while, Alice realized the hairs of her pony tail were beginning to stick to her ass cheeks and between her thighs as her juices moistened her taint and cunt, and dribbled down her inner legs. This stickiness eventually caused the small hairs to start pulling and some even managed to get caught between her knees and the bed sheets, arousing her body in the vicinity of the butt plug even more.

After about ten minutes, Alice thought she felt the pitch of the vibrator change ever so slightly. Then the thought crossed her mind of what it would be like if she were really trapped in this position. How long would it take the motel management to find her?

The thought aroused her yet further, and Alice ground her ass about in the air, her pony tail swaying and tickling her tight ass cheeks and the back of her thighs, the chiming balls encased within the butt plug chiming happily to her movements. It was truly delicious. She even tried to swing the tail, but had mixed results. She felt some of the hairs resting on the small indentation at the top of her ass crack, and figured she may have managed to even twirl the tail completely about. Without her sight, she wasn't sure how successful she was, but she did know it accentuated the feelings the butt plug generated within her.

This may have gone on for perhaps a half hour, or even an hour. Alice had no concept of time. Besides, it didn't matter anyway, as she had all weekend and this was something she planned to enjoy so she just kept grinding and humping, her gasps and moans blending with the mindless noise from the television set as she fanaticized that she was the pony girl pulling the cart in the movie, instead of the porn actress she had watched earlier.

She remembered how the movie plot had unfolded, the helpless woman used for basic transportation, being used by all about her for their sexual pleasures, being abused without relief or recourse by all involved, only to be discarded into a dirty stall when they turned their attentions onto the next hapless woman.

So absorbed was she in her pleasures, she had failed to notice the vague shuffling noises outside the window. The shadow that had been lurking there had climbed down from it's perch on the trash dumpster and was making it's way around the end of the motel. Stepping lightly up to the covered walkway, the furtive figure quietly tried the door knob. It creaked slightly as it turned.

In her haste to start enjoying her weekend, Alice had forgotten to lock the door!

Easing the door knob completely open, the male figure pushed the door carefully just far enough to slip inside. From the time he'd stepped onto the walk until he had slipped through the door hadn't taken thirty seconds.

Standing on the stained carpet, easing the door closed behind his back, he looked at the bound figure of Alice, writhing on the bed with a power cord disappearing between her labia. Her taut, fit body stood out in sharp contrast to the dark sheets rumpled up on the lumpy bed. Bunched muscles shone easily in the bound woman's back and legs as every muscle in her body strained. A shiny silver key dangled at the end of a string attached to a padlock at her twisting wrist.

Even if he had not been watching the entire scene from the window, it would have been obvious she had done this to herself. 

Stepping across the carpet, careful not to make any noise, the man walked to the side of the bed and just stood, looking down on the sweating back of an oblivious Alice.

Alice, for her part, wouldn't have known if a train was careening through the room. She was deep into her pony girl fantasy, eyes firmly closed even though blinded by the contact lenses, teeth firmly on the bit and cunt muscles clinching furiously, not even aware of the sound of her own grunting. She arched her back up, raised her pelvic area and thrust her tailed ass into the air, then forced herself down again, deeper and more extreme each time.

Her leg muscles were bunched tightly as she pulled herself towards the foot of the brass bed, her knees working down into the already abused mattress before stretching out as far as the leather straps would allow and repeating the maneuver all over again. The chains at her wrists were pulled taut, she extended her head backwards causing her neck muscles to stand out in sharply defined relief under the sweating blood infused skin of her neck. Her hair stuck to the nape of her neck in delicate gold tendrils as veins popped up in clear definition on her neck and arms from her strained efforts.

The stranger stood looming over her, his hand extending, hovering only an inch over her sweating, squirming body, then passing down from the middle of her back to the crest of her sweat covered ass cheeks, always hovering and never quite touching. Alice's writhing body, while always close, never quite touches the flesh of the hand barely hovering over her steaming flesh.

The tail had shifted and now lay across the small of her back, her taint and cunt lips quite exposed. The stranger notices her cunt lips, red, swollen and stretched, the wire to the vibrating egg disappearing between them and her juices lathered up all over the insides of her thighs, her cunt, dribbling down the cord, and puddling in a damp pool on the bed sheet beneath her.

The stranger takes a measured quiet breath and clinches his fist shut as he withdraws his hand. Standing a moment longer, he lifts the silver key, still dangling from the end of the string. Making sure he doesn't disturb Alice in her revelry, he carefully snaps the string, removing the key without Alice realizing it and leaving the remainder of the string attached to wrist.

Next, the stranger gently loosens the leather strap, from each ankle, and tightens it up considerably and taking the slack out of it. So engrossed is Alice, she doesn't realize there's even someone in the room, tightening her bonds far beyond her original intentions. What really had been simply bundled bed sheets restricting her movement was replaced with tighter bonds now, for real.

The dildo seemed to be vibrating even harder now. Puzzled, Alice for her part simply decided it was just her excited state, and continued to grind about. There was no resisting the impulse. She had waited far too long for this small simple pleasure, and she wasn't about to cheat herself of the experience.

Backing away now, still careful not to disturb the spectacle, he takes a seat in the ugly chair in the corner and enjoys the show. Noticing the plug running from the dildo, he realizes a dial adjustment is located on the cord. Grinning evilly, he stands once more, walks over to the bedside, and picks the dial up and adjusts it up ever so slightly. So slightly in fact, that Alice doesn't even notice it, or perhaps misconstrues what's going on.

Encouraged, he adjusts it higher every few minutes. In minute adjustments, he ever so slowly raises the level from it's lowest setting to it's midrange.

She felt the additional change in pitch.

Now she was certain it was vibrating more urgently. She reasoned that it must be a defective control unit. That was ok though, it was a new twist over which she didn't have control. The thought electrified her as she ground and twisted about as best she could. It was something unexpected, unanticipated, and this small surprise delighted her.

She decided to fantasize yet more, imagining herself in the clutches of an evil master, intent on making her pull a cart, much as she had seen in the movie earlier. A movie that seemed to still be playing, from the sounds of it. She imagined herself being forced to convey her master to a remote cabin, and then - exhausted - being tied onto the bed much as she was currently bound. She imagined herself having to service her master against her will, his oversized appendage plumbing her to depths she'd never experienced before.

Now Alice is really feeling it. Thrusting herself harshly up and down to at least try to move the vibrating egg about within her, she emits a gurgled scream past her bit as she explodes in a massive orgasm. At this point, the stranger turns the egg up more in one twist of the dial than he'd done for the entire time he'd been surreptitiously tormenting Alice. The egg is humming loudly now at almost the highest mid range setting.

Collapsing onto the filthy mattress, she takes in deep breaths, not caring about the state of the soaking wet bed sheet she was laying face down in, coming down from the fantasy she'd been enjoying for over an hour now. The egg continues to make a loud vibrating sound in the room. Rousing herself up finally, she works her fingers about until she has the string in hand once more, but is once again interrupted by the vibrating egg reaching a new crescendo of agitation.

Her next climax was monstrous. She wondered a second later if anyone even heard her muffled scream, but that was ok. Laying exhausted, her head on the frayed and filthy motel sheets, she struggled to catch her breath, feeling her sweat drip up her back, as her ass was still moving about with a will of it's own in the air.

She realized her legs were practically numb now, and her shoulders ached to the bone. The vibrator concealed so deeply in her cunt continued unabated, but now she really did need to stop and rest.

She also had to pee.

A small part of her mind insisted it was actually vibrating even harder now, as unimaginable as that was to believe.

Pulling the string to her left hand, her trembling fingers worked the key towards her inch by laborious inch. She was so going to enjoy the bath in a few minutes. Yes, it was a filthy bath room as well, but it was still a bath and her aching muscles needed the attention. Besides, it again played to her perverse nature to be nude and vulnerable in such surroundings. These were her only thoughts, other than how the vibrator seemed to have a life of it's own, until she reached the end of the string.

No key!

Upon finding no key to be retrieved, she stiffens visibly then raises her head straight up! The stranger muffles a choke of pleasure at her predicament and imagines the thoughts going through her mind. It's almost as if she's looking straight at him, as he's returned to the ugly chair and is just studying his prey, but he knows she can't see anything. The contact lenses cause her eyes to appear completely black in her pale face. He knows she has to be wondering where the key is, and probably just thinks it's fallen from the string and is laying on the floor next to the bed. Still, even if it were there, she would not be able to reach it, leaving her in the same predicament, and he knows that she knows this.

Likewise, if she can't escape her bonds, she will lay here until someone discovers her. The only thing is, in this neighborhood, that may not free her and instead, such a discovery could end up leaving her in an even worse predicament.

All these thoughts flash through Alice's mind in a heartbeat, and then pure raw animal panic steps in as she frantically begins to thrash about, trying to free herself. Muffled groans and gasps escape past the bit in her mouth as she loses control of rational thought and tries to scream.

The stranger chose this point to walk over to the bed and once more turn the intensity up on the vibrating device, almost imperceptibly, timing it with her struggles. Turned it up just enough that over time, Alice would feel it, but not enough for her to realize someone was working her own contraption against her.

Stiffening instinctively again in a growing panic, Alice fumbled about with her left hand, frantically searching the bed sheets. Maybe it had come loose during her activities? It HAD to be there somewhere! The thought of being caught in this position was unbearable to Alice. She pulled and struggled against her restraints, this time for real. Every few minutes she could actually hear the vibrator change pitch now, burrowing it's way deeper and deeper into her now abused and throbbing cunt.

Alice began to work her arms back and forth, attempting to slip her wrists free of the leather cuffs. She had done her job too well, and remained locked decisively in her own restraints. Her shoulder blades were practically meeting in the middle of her back as she struggled and strained, and her elbows were rubbing together. She tried to work her hands up, to free the bit in her mouth, but couldn't reach it. A whine of despair was starting at the bottom of her throat, tiny and feeble, as the full impact of her true situation descended upon her.

The thought crossed her mind suddenly, of how awful it may be should the motel manager actually find her. Who was to say he would even free her!?! She remembered how he had looked her over when she arrived. No, he wouldn't be her salvation should he find her like this. If anything, room number 13 would become his personal playground and she his personal sex toy.

Alice tried to use the slack from the leather straps at her ankles to pull herself away from the increasingly uncomfortable vibrator, hoping vainly to perhaps pull it out of herself using the cord, only to find she had no slack. Surprise and shock settled uncomfortably in her mind as she tried to process this new information, unable to understand how the knots she had tied could tighten so in her struggles.

To Alice, the egg seemed to be humming more loudly now. She was incredibly uncomfortable, yet the device wouldn't let up and continued to torment her pain wracked body. No matter how she turned or tried to squeeze with her vaginal muscles, she couldn't get the diabolical thing out of her and it just seemed to intrude farther and farther, filling her in a manner she had never managed to achieve before, even in her wildest moments alone. After this experience, she was certain she would never want to be this filled again!

Even though her conscious mind was frantic to free the body it occupied, another, darker, part of her mind was enjoying her predicament, wanting to grind down farther in a vain effort to fuck a dick that wasn't there, wanting to experience life truly enslaved to the device she had introduced into her body. This unconscious part guided her pelvic to continue to air hump rhythmically, even as her more lucid thoughts sought escape. Her pelvic area would thrust three times slowly, then two times fast, alternating without her conscious direction.

The stranger simply turned the vibrating settings up higher and higher, in imperceptible increments.

It wasn't long before Alice was writhing again, crying out in both pleasure and pain as her two natures warred over her responses. Eventually, her darker side won out as Alice exploded once more in orgasmic pleasure. This time, no grunt sufficed. Instead, Alice let out a scream of pleasure and pain as the waves rolled over her, emanating from her cunt and passing throughout her entire body. This scream actually managed to make it past the bit in her widely stretched mouth.

Of course, at this point, the stranger pegged the dial and set the egg for it's highest setting. Alice, still not recognizing her true danger, could do nothing even if she had realized it except what she was already doing. 

She continued to grind her ass about as if the vibrating egg was the last dick on earth. Alice had at least temporarily gone completely over the edge of sanity.

The stranger continued to watch his ensnared prey for hours. Watched her come again and again, interspersed with frantic efforts by almost numb and outstretched fingers to free herself between orgasms. Occasionally, the stranger would tighten the leg restraints again and again, until there was no more slack to tighten. She was reduced to moving her hips from side to side now, in a vain effort to obtain at least some relief as her head bobbed up and down. The stranger was quite pleased with how her stomach, even in this position, remained tight and flat.

Finally, the stranger could wait no longer. Sunrise was approaching. Rising slowly from the chair, he quietly opened the door and slipped the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the outside. Taking Alice's hotel key as he went, he locked the door and left for a brief while.

Alice, still oblivious to her departing visitor, continued to alternate between exhausted orgasms and now feeble efforts to free herself. After her temporary insanity, she had recovered some of her senses and actually hoped someone would find her and give her release. Anything they would do to her, any embarrassment that could be inflicted upon her, would pale in comparison to the torment she was undergoing now! She even thought about the maid service. The thought quickly left her mind, as this establishment obviously didn't hire maids.

The malfunctioning egg was making coherent thought more and more difficult by the minute, as it had somehow turned itself up higher and higher. Now it was no longer pleasurable, it was painful. The tail plug, perfectly centered between creamy white ass cheeks covered in beads of sweat, vibrating in perfect harmony, had left her ass quite numb.

Her will was being worn down by the minute, as she would struggle, then pause to catch her breath, before resuming her struggles again. Her periods of struggle were becoming shorter and shorter, and her periods of pause were becoming longer, with each effort. Eventually, she would be a mere puppet twitching on the end of the power cord, unable to physically respond any longer to the vibrations permeating her body.

The thought of being trapped was no longer a fantasy to enjoy, it had become a reality that was terrifying her. The thought continued to go through her mind as to who would find her, even as she feebly continued to struggle to free herself. The thought that kept intruding repeatedly was what would her fiancé think were he to find out what she had done, and more importantly that someone else had found her in such a situation. Finally accepting her predicament, she began to scream once more.

Unfortunately for Alice, the gag was very effective, and what little sound she made past the gag was drowned out by the still blaring television set.

Alice then slipped once more over the edge of sanity, completely broken by her ordeal, yet still unable to gain any release as she wept silent tears, her body writhing involuntarily to repeated orgasms and pain in rhythm to the vibrating egg within her.

A brief while later, and a late model SUV pulled into the parking space in front of her room. The stranger had returned, and let himself in quietly. Alice, having been fucked by the vibrating egg all night long, had no clue he was even in the room until she felt his hands upon her.

Her first response was to inhale sharply and instinctively tense her entire body in anticipation of release. Instead of responding as she intended, her body just spasmed uncontrollably. Exhausted beyond belief, she raised her head even though she was blinded still, hoping to be free finally.

Instead, she felt the stranger withdraw the egg. It exited her now raw cunt with a loud plop, leaving her feeling empty but incredibly relieved, even as her muscles - not attuned to the long running vibrations - continued to quiver uncontrollably.

Alice felt a strong arm then lift her waist, and felt a wide leather strap fitted about her midsection. She already knew it was her chastity belt from the suitcase, and a new wave of fear was already coursing through her.

The chastity belt had a wide strip down the front, with two smaller strips that passed up either buttock to connect at the side, leaving the crevice between her ass cheeks completely free.

Well, not completely, the tail plug was still in place.

She felt something being attached, and realized he'd fastened a dildo onto the chastity belt. She could only shake her head in denial as she felt it forced up between the folds of her raw cunt, then the chastity belt was pulled viciously tight, cinching down her waist a full 3 inches smaller than normal and causing her swollen cunt lips to spread out on either side of the center strap holding the dildo in place inside her.

She knew every device she had brought with her, and knew how much of each dildo she had ever taken in the past. None of the dildos she had brought had she ever managed to force more than halfway up her cunt without pain, and thus causing her to stop. This time, she realized the dildo was probably the largest she had and it did not feel as if it had filled her completely, even though it was fully inserted inside her.

Crying quietly, she felt the strangers hands release her ankles, only to run one of the leather straps through the matching steel ring on the boots, then pulling her legs up behind her and fastening the free end to a steel ring in the back of her chastity belt. He left the leather belts around her thighs in place. The other leather belt was wrapped about her already bound thighs, forcing her to close her legs on the dildo buried up her cunt. The pain her muscles experienced in finally being able to lay flat on her stomach was intense, but welcomed in a strange way even as she felt as if the dildo was forcing it's way up to her stomach.

Alice, for her part, was too exhausted to do anything more than offer token resistance and cry to herself in the dark world she was trapped within.

Finally, the stranger released the chains, only to force her arms behind her back and wrap the chains about her body tightly, cutting into the flesh of her sides and ribs with the unyielding links. When he was finished he rolled her over and padlocked them in place. She could no more move than she could before, only this time she was in something of a reversed ball shape, with her breasts fully exposed to the touch and lying on her shoulders, calves and knees with her body reverse arched into the air.

She tried to roll away from him, but accomplished nothing more than to roll her breasts about in a tantalizing fashion as she struggled, drawing her tormenters unfortunate attention to her vulnerable and fully exposed breasts.

Alice shuddered as she felt the strangers hands slide over her still sweating body, exploring her soaking wet cunt unabashedly, and without any meaningful resistance from her. She could do nothing except whimper. Her whimper turned into a constant moan of agony when her tormenter turned the now completely buried dildo hooked into the chastity belt on, starting vibrations anew for her to endure.

At this new torment, Alice moaned painfully and twisted her shoulders about, still vainly seeking escape. She felt hands exploring her spread cunt lips on either side of the dildo and the chastity belt strap, sliding up her stomach and resting on her breasts. She felt rough hands squeeze her nipples painfully, felt them lift her breasts from her body by pinching only her nipples, felt the strange hands twist her nipples painfully as the weight of her breasts hung between her pinched nipples and where her breasts attached to her body.

Finally, she felt herself being picked up, then lowered into something. It took her a moment, then she realized it was her own suitcase! She felt it being zipped up, and her body forced to conform to fit into the tight space. Her claustrophobia began to control her then, yet in spite of her panic, she could not even twist about. The reverse arch she was forced to maintain, crushed her breasts into the stiff side of the suitcase, just as her feet couldn't help but press against the interior of the suitcase on the opposite side. The result was she found herself pressing her own body outwards against the luggage. The slick plastic material of the suitcase interior pressed in upon her from all directions, and she felt miscellaneous odds and ends she had tossed into the suitcase pressing into her naked flesh, when they weren't rattling around about her.

Afterwards, she knew she was being carried outside, and that she was being loaded up into some sort of vehicle. Each jolt caused a new throb of pain somewhere on her person. The ever present vibration of the dildo in her cunt was anything but pleasant at this point, and she cold feel the pony tail bunching around her lower back, with short wisps of pony tail hair caught between her thighs and pulling at the butt plug in her ass.

Jerry, for his part, had a plan. He was going to drive his fiancé out into the country. He had long ago purchased a remote cabin and stable with just this intention in mind, and planned to spend the next few weeks enjoying Alice's company without interruption. He even had a pony girl cart waiting for her to be hitched to so she could pull him about the property at his leisure.

Hoofed boots, just her size, awaited her dainty feet, and horse shoes were going to be nailed on as soon as he had her in the boots. Fresh straw was already filling the bottom of the stall, and a lunging lead line awaited her training sessions in the curiously small arena behind the stable.

He had no intention of ever releasing her now, and every intention of fucking the hell out of her as soon as he got to the cabin. When he wasn't fucking her, he planned on keeping her in her chastity belt full time in the stable with her pony tail plugged into her ass, a bit in her mouth, and her arms permanently restrained behind her back. He hadn't made up his mind yet as to whether to keep the dildo running or not - or even if he would ever allow her to see again.

It was very simple. Alice had made a horrible mistake.

She'd kept too close a record in her diary of her dark plans for this weekend, and Jerry had found it. As a result, he knew exactly what she had planned to do, when, and where. When he had seen firsthand what variety of kink she was into those many years ago when she was so drunk that one night, his own carefully concealed kinky streak had kicked in, and he could no more help his own actions from that moment on than Alice could, as his thoughts traveled along the exact same lines.

He'd long fantasized about enslaving an unwilling victim as a pony girl, and now he had the perfect specimen squirming in the luggage in the back of his vehicle.

Unfortunately for Alice, he was the one who had found her drunk in a bar those several years ago, mumbling about how much she loved ponies, how she wondered about bondage games, and in an unbelievably even less guarded moment she had even given away one of her secret on-line identities at a role playing website that specialized in pony girls. A website that she frequented as an active participant.

Now certain she had verified that she was the perfect target, he'd taken her to a tattoo artist and had the tattoo placed upon her ass cheek as a permanent reminder of her evening of indiscretion. It had been easy enough to get her out of the bar, as most everybody else had avoided interacting with her due to her extreme inebriation.

Jerry had to pay plenty extra to the tattoo artist to apply his skills to a drunk who obviously was not capable of making any decisions, but assurances that he would never be confronted by Alice about the tattoo allayed his concerns - along with cold hard cash. Besides, Jerry felt the tattoo artist was somewhat aroused anyway about the idea of creating his art on such a perfect canvas as was constituted by Alice's pale white ass.

The tattoo artist was curious about the design and even asked about it's meaning, but Jerry decided not to explain it was a symbol he'd seen on a website that he, himself, frequented, on the ass of a pony girl portrayed in one of the stories he'd read. 

After that, it was simply a matter of taking her home, having his way with her unconscious body, and afterwards working his way into her life, being the considerate and conscientious boyfriend helping her piece together a missing period in her life, when in reality he was leading her down a path he didn't intend for her to return from. The tattoo provided an excuse for a constant source of interaction with Alice, which allowed him only continuous opportunities to work his influence upon her.

He'd had plans to transform Alice into a pony girl ever since he'd first heard her muttering in that bar, and when he realized the opportunity was being presented to him this weekend on a silver platter, he seized the moment.

He now intended to give her what she apparently so longed for, for the rest of her life.... a life of slavery as a pony girl.

What more could Alice ask of her fiancé?

The End

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