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Alisa’s Cabin Trip

by GaggedUtopia

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MMMMMPHPH!  God this is taking a lot longer then it should.  My nipples are killing me, and my arms feel like they are going to fall off.  How the hell did I get into this mess!  I wish Greg were here.  He would save me.  I have got to figure a way out of this mess, but first let’s back the story up a little bit and go back to before I got myself into this mess.


Thank god it’s the weekend, I thought to myself.  This new job is really starting to wear on me.  I had debated if I wanted to work in the city or not, but in the end I just couldn’t turn down the money and I needed something to keep me very busy.  My parent’s death because of some drunk driver has been hard on me, so getting away from my hometown and keeping myself busy seemed like the logical thing to do.  Unfortunately, I hated it here.  I longed for the comfort and quietness of the country.  This weekend it’s time to visit home and relax.

Being an only child, my parents left pretty much everything save a few family trinkets that went to their brothers and sisters.  I didn’t want to run into any family friends while in town so my relaxation would be at the cabin just north of Bangor, ME.  It’s quite a drive, but it will be worth it, I know it.

I pulled into the driveway after 5 hours of driving, seems everybody from the city likes to drive north for the weekend and traffic was horrible.  I brought a couple suitcases into the cabin, locked the doors and sat down to watch a little TV and enjoy how quiet it is up here.  Not a soul for miles.  And since I knew I was going to be alone, it would be a nice time for a little self-bondage, even if I feel a little guilty about it.

My boyfriend has always been very good to me with satisfying my needs to be tied up, but he is always too worried that I will get hurt, or that something will happen.  So when it comes to tying me up, he’s very conservative, and if I do get a bruise or something, I have to hide it or risk him becoming even more careful.  It’s not that I am into pain or torture, but a little here and there in the heat of passion is very welcome.  I also love it to be tight, which he will not do sadly.  If I feel that I can get free, that the whole adventure is lost and I might as well be having plain old vanilla sex.  I don’t know why I feel guilty, it’s not like I am sleeping with somebody else, I just needed a little escape from everything and everyone.

I wanted to be bound all day, and while the ice method is nice and efficient and pretty much fail-proof, I wanted to be a little more inventive.  I had got the idea of my first release mechanism from my work’s front door.  It didn’t have a key or padlock, but was an electromagnet.  The one on the door is 2000 pounds of pressure, but I got to thinking that I could make a similar device using only some batteries and have the similar effect.  The reason for the batteries was since they would be basically short-circuited and after a few hours the batteries would wear down to the point that the magnetic pull would dwindle down to just a pound or two of pull.

Not having much luck with finding pre-built devices, I built my own a couple weeks beforehand.  It had a flat surface and when attached to a couple 6v batteries (the cube kind), I could put a 20lb weight on it and it would hold it up.  If I left it attached, after a couple hours the weight would fall off to the ground proving that the power was getting drained at the rate I wanted.

The second part of my release was similar to the ice and sock method, but with a twist.  The twist was I took a candle and basically boiled it into a liquid.  I then took one of the plastic cups you get at fast food places and filled it up just under half way.  I then dropped a set of keys inside the wax.  Due to the density of it, they didn’t sink much and I continued to fill up the glass with wax being careful to keep the wick in the middle the while time.  After that was done, I put the cup into the sink which already had cold water in it to help cool the wax.  The idea is once I am free from the first device, I still have to wait for the candle to burn down and let me get the key.

Of course, I will have a backup key.  It sits at the bottom of a huge bucket of oil and other nasty stuff suspended from the ceiling.  If I have to, I can pull it down and cover myself with the stuff and destroy the furniture and carpet.  Needless to say, it won’t be an option unless it’s life threatening.

Before heading off to bed, I put in some eyebolts and bolted the electromagnet to the wall in the bedroom.  I also decided to lie out what I was going to wear for tomorrow.  If I’m going to act the part, might as well dress for it.

The next morning came around and I was ready for my adventure and getting excited just thinking about it.  I went to the bathroom, took a shower, and prepared myself for the day.  Once I was dried off, I proceeded to the bedroom to get dressed.  The first item to be put on was my black panties, I loved these because they were latex and felt so good when I put them on.  Before doing so however, I inserted a vibrator that had a timer built into it to turn on and off at random.  It had fresh batteries, so it should last for the duration of my adventure.

Next were my stockings and garter belt.  Once they were on, I picked up one of my ropes from my suitcase of goodies and applied a crotch rope to myself.  I pulled it nice and tight, just how I like it… digging into my pussy and pressing the vibrator deep inside me.  I also tied the controls to the vibrator on the front side of the rope, well out of my reach when I am done. 

I grabbed my high heels and put them on.  They were the kind with straps that go around the ankle, so I know I wouldn’t be able to kick them off.  I grabbed another rope and made up a nice rope bra.  My tits stood straight out and I loved the tightness around my chest that it provided.  Feeling myself getting excited by all of this, I knew I had to hurry before I changed my mind and decided just to bring myself to orgasm instead.

I locked some cuffs just above my elbows and on my wrists.  They were not connected, but soon would be.  The next item to go on was the posture collar and gag.  Gags were one aspect of bondage that I always loved but my boyfriend never would do it.  “You could choke Alisa” he always says.  He wouldn’t even use ring gags on me to ensure that I can breathe easy.  This was a full harness gag that locks on.  The keys to harness are inside the bucket, so when this is all over, I will have to get it down and find them inside. 

I made sure I had the gag locked on tight because I knew the next step was going to hurt a lot, at least at first.  For this all to work, I needed nipple clamps that wouldn’t give up unless they were on the brink of ripping my nipple off.  These clamps had small teeth on the end of them that bite into the skin a little bit.  They hurt a lot when you first put them on, but since they go on behind the nipple, the pain subsides after a few minutes. 

MMmmmmmphph!  There’s the first nipple. 

MMMMMPHPHPPH!  There’s the second one. 

I could swear that it is even stronger then the first.  I just sat on my bed for few seconds massaging my breasts and letting the pain go away.  Sure enough, after a few minutes, it did and I continued to tie myself up.  I attached a rope to an eyebolt on the other side of the room and then threaded it though another eyebolt in the ceiling (old cabins with wood beams come in handy) then down through the D ring on my right elbow cuff, behind my back and then tied it to my left cuff.  The idea behind this is when I move to the opposite side of the eyebolt, my elbows will be pulled together.  When I back up, it will be easy to move my elbows apart again.

What little slack my elbows had now I used to tie my legs together at the ankle and above and below the knee.  With a little effort I grabbed the lock for my cuffs and stood up.  I picked up a remote and turned on the bedroom TV that already had a bondage tape running on auto repeat.  I tossed the remote onto the bed and looked at the time.  11am.  I figured that should be plenty of time to get free and maybe even drive into town and have a bite to eat. 

I was getting close to starting my fun and I could hardly wait.  With very careful steps I moved myself closer and closer to the wall with the magnet.  Once I was close, I hit the switch to turn it on.  I also turned on my vibrator at the same time.  It’s a good thing it waits for at least one minute before starting or else I probably would have collapsed right on the spot.

I reached behind by back and threaded the lock though one of the rings on my right cuff, then though the back of the crotch rope and through the other cuff.  *click*.  I was now locked in for at least a few hours now.  I could change my mind and untie the eyebolt and melt the candle and get my key.  It still would be a good adventure and would keep me happy for a few hours.  If I was not feeling so hot and turned on I might have just done that.  But I didn’t care, I was determined to feel even more helpless and secure.  I didn’t care what happened, I was already in bliss.

I moved closer and closer to the magnet, but was starting to worry that I didn’t give myself enough rope as my elbows were starting to strain.  I started to try and swing the chain on my nipple clamps up but was difficult due to my limited mobility and the length of the chain.  I inched a bit closer and my elbows were only inches away from touching and with one heave the middle of the chain came close enough to the plate that it pulled it in along with any slack it could.

It was complete.  I was gagged, bound very tightly and no hope for escape for hours.  I tested my bonds a little bit, first by trying to move back a bit to see if the chain would come off.  None of the links moved, not even a little bit.  Because it pulled up all the slack as well, (something I had not planned on, but was not displeased), constant pressure was applied to my tits.  It also ensured that I couldn’t move back and get my elbows free.

Out of nowhere, the vibrator kicks on and I go into an instant climax.  I tried my best to keep straight and fight it off, but it was no use, there was just too much stimulation and I was just too damn turned on.  At the peek, my knees bucked a little bit which put a lot of pull on my nipples.  Enough pain that it was able to break me out of my trance and I jumped up and forward to relieve the pain.  The result was the magnet grabbing up more of the nipple chain and my elbows are now touching.  What started to concern me was that I had to use my body weight to keep my elbows together enough so that my nipples wouldn’t be pulled on.  I tried to relax and watch the movie a little.  It was difficult with the collar and gag, but was able to do it. 

Over the next couple hours I watched the tape restart a couple times and used all my might to fight off the response to drop to the floor every time the vibrator turned on.  Every half hour or so I would give the clamps a good tug, but nothing would give. 

I knew the batteries would give out sooner or later, the question was when, and why they had not let go by now.  Then it hit me.  The magnet can hold 20 pounds at full power, but since the batteries drain slowly, it would have dropped it as soon at it reached 19.9 pounds of strength.  What I had not thought of was how much power the magnet had to decline to for me to get free.  If it took a couple hours for it to drop the 20lb weight, then it would probably take another 12 or more hours for it to get down to 5 pounds of power.  Assuming that I could even pull off the clamps with 5lb of pull from the magnet, I don’t see how I can make it. 

I felt like I was going to cry.  This was not fun anymore.  My nipples were killing me, but the pain in my shoulders was just as bad.  If I tried to relive the pain on either of them I would only make it worse and make myself hurt even worse.  The thought of just giving it a good pull started to sound better and better, but I knew that I would have some pretty torn up nipples if I did.  Let alone the pain that I wouldn’t be able to attend to until my hands were free.

Another small problem was the vibrator was starting to die down and was not able to bring me to orgasm anymore.  While this is a god send in a way, it only makes me focus on the pain even more.  I was even starting to feel my jaw start to ache, which was not good because even after I get free I still have a while before I can free myself from the gag. 

Disgusted with the situation I started to thrash around a bit.  I didn’t know what I was trying to solve or accomplish, but I wanted out and I wanted out now.  In the end, my nipple hurt more and I was breathing heavy though my nose, snorting like a pig.  When I calmed down a bit I noticed that he chain seemed to give way a little bit. 

I started to lean back and pull on the clips, but no use.  I couldn’t take the pain and they were not moving.  I knew I moved back a little bit because my elbows were not touching anymore.  For a second attempt, I tried jerking back a little.  After a very loud (for being gagged) scream, the chain came off a little more.  I might have hope yet !

After I gathered my strength and courage again, I gave it a few more tries.  Slowly, but surly the chain was coming off the metal plate holding me in my prison.  It took just about two hours for me to do it, but the chain finally came off the metal plate.  I could only imagine what my tits looked like.

I backed up slowly to the eyebolt on the other side of the room and untied it.   With a little squirming around I was able to pull my elbows apart.  I looked out the window and it was pitch black.  I didn’t want to believe it, but it seems my eyes were not lying when I looked that the clock and it read 2am.  I was exhausted and didn’t want to light that candle half asleep like I was.  I knew I was going to pay for going to sleep like this, but I didn’t have a choice.  I couldn’t risk falling asleep with a fire going. 

It only took me a few minutes to fall asleep.  Once I did, I had the strangest dreams but not shocking that they all involved me being a prisoner of different people or even things.  I woke to the sounds of birds chirping and the sun shining in my eyes.  I figured it was around 7am or so.  I knew I was going to pay for going to sleep tied like I was, but didn’t fully grasp it until I tried to move.

A rush of pain racked though my body like I had never felt before in my life.  My arms were numb, my shoulders ached ever more now, I could swear my jaw has fallen off.  Even my legs were starting to hurt now.  I knew I needed to get free as soon as possible.

I rolled off the bed onto the floor with my legs going first.  With some effort I started to stand up.  This was not an easy task to say the very least in the heels, which just now decided to cause me pain as well.  I slowly moved my way into the living room and then the kitchen where I had setup the candle and one of the lighters with a long handle (the ones used for barbecues).  I picked it up with my cuffed hands and after several attempts; I was able to light the candle.  I turned around and stared at the candle as it slowly pooled the wax up.  This was going to take a long time.

Then it hit me.  If I turned the candle on it’s side then it will burn faster because the wax won’t pool up.  I moved my way over to the hallway and grabbed a broom from the closest.  Keep in mind that these little trips usually takes me about 20 minutes or more just to go one way.  Once I was at the candle again, I took some swings with the broom and was able to knock it over on the counter with the handle.  I made sure it stayed in place and didn’t roll off. 

Sure enough, in no time at all, the wax started melt away like snow in the hot sun.  The wax was flowing all over the counter, but I didn’t care.  All I wanted was that damn key.  I started at the candle burning away, knowing that it will still take at least a half hour or so to burn down to the key I didn’t know if I should head back to the living room and sit down for a bit.  Feeling started coming back to my arms and legs, but I knew the worse of it was not over yet. 

I found myself starting out the kitchen window down the path leading up to it.  I started to think what I must look like right about now.  Tied up, nipples torn up, red marks and bruises I’m sure are all over me.  I know I will probably be able to sleep for a week after I get out of this.  Everything seemed so peaceful out the window and I didn’t even notice the time pass until a bird flew near the window and startled me.  Looking down at the candle, my key was free !

I was so happy I could scream. I grabbed the broom again and used it to put out the flame.  Then I turned around and dug in the hot wax to get my key out.  The scolding hot wax didn’t stop me in the least, I just wanted that key.  It took a little effort, but I got it and unlocked my cuffs. 

I quickly undid the posture collar and ropes on my legs.  The pain in my nipples were not that much right now, so I decided to put that off for a little while.  Almost free, I grabbed some long rubber gloves under the sink and went for the bucket.  I lowered it down and started to fish for the keys to my gag.  As luck would have it, I found them right away and unlocked my gag.  I also unlocked the rest of the cuffs that were attached to me.

I grabbed some fresh batteries and replaced dead ones in the control box attached to my crotch rope.  I figured I would relax keep the one aspect of my bondage in place (since it was the only thing that didn’t cause me pain!).  I walked into the bedroom and looked over at the metal plate on the wall.  I figured I would go shut it off, but just as I got close to it, the chain from my nipple clamps jumped to the plate and stuck to it just like before.  The vibrator decided that it would kick on again and it was like dejavu all over again.  I could feel an orgasm building so I tried to brace myself.  My knee’s started to give, so I held on the wall as best I could.  I was surprised on how much pull the magnet still had even after almost a day had passed.  I guess it was a good thing I pulled off when I did, I could have been there all night. 

Before my climax subsided, I reached down and pulled off the clips on my nipples.  The shock of pain ended the orgasm pretty quick, but it also dulled a lot of the pain I would have felt anyway.

I climbed back onto the bed and laid down and enjoyed the sensations of the vibrator which I switched to a steady buzz instead of random.  With everything I went though, all I can think about is how I can make it better, and more importantly, when !

The End


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