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All Within a Dream

by Hoopcdan

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© Copyright 2007 - Hoopcdan - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; F/m; bond; caught; cons/reluct; X

Let me start out telling you all about my married life, I am very much into bondage the stricter the better, my wife is not, she just isn't into it and spends too much time trying to understand why someone would ever want to be bound and gagged. Because she doesn't understand why I like to be tied up in bondage, therefore she doesn't like it.

I can at times get her to hold my keys or do a little, (very little) I know that with her holding the keys release is easier than the old ice cube release, even if I remotely sound like I want out and it's done, no begging, no worries, but it is a rush sometimes to pretend she may this time not let me out, (its never happened) but hey I can dream can't I?

This day I started right in, poking fun at how easy she lets me go, complaining on the small amount that she does, I mean what is a few minutes of effort for a few hours of quiet. I went at it half the day just poking fun and a few well placed slams {i would later regret}.

Finally she said, "Ok just shut up, tonight you can be tied up for as long as you want, maybe even longer!"

That sounded good to me so I dropped it, for a few hours then just to be sure I had her attention I ribbed her just a little more.

"Now honey there will be no reading my mind and letting me out, just because I make a noise from behind my gag doesn't mean I want out".

To that she just said, "Will you shut up, that's enough already."

It was about an hour before I could get hooked up so I let it drop, sat down to watch the TV. About 15 minutes later a piece of paper fell into my lap and looking up there stood my wife, "Read it & do it!" was all she said.

I read the note, "Have your fist mitts out and put on your gold zentai suit then put on your locking leather slippers, locked together, leave me some rope on the bed, tie above your knees and have something locked in that big mouth of yours."

Well I was impressed already she had put more time into it than usual, and all on her own too. I waited until 8 and went in my room put on my zentai suit, all but the hood part, locked on my leather sock slipper things, which I bought at BoundByLeather along with my fist mitts. Just the thought of feeling that soft leather got me exited I could stay in them for hours, not that i would ever get the chance to. That done I tied above my knees, I did a good job of it too. Then I left some rope and fist mitts on the bed as instructed. I put a plug gag in my mouth and locked it. She didn't say to use a blindfold but I did, it adds to the whole thing. Then I pulled the zentai hood up and finished zipping it, there was nothing to do but lay on the floor and wait.

She walked in about 15 minutes later, grabbed my hand, put the mitt on then buckled the strap tightly locking it in place. She did the same with my other hand then somewhat roughly rolled me onto my stomach locking the 2 together. 'Well,' I thought, 'so far I am gagged, blind and helpless not overly strict but none the less I wasn't getting out without help'.

The beauty of fist mitts is that even with the keys you cannot get out. I thought that was that, and began to wiggle about and 'mmph' quietly into my gag. At that very moment I knew that this was a bit different. "Stop that wiggling! I am not finished with you Prick."

I then felt my feet being lifted to my bum and rope being applied wrist to ankles, while not original it was very effective. As the rope tightened I thought she would be tying it off but no, she pushed down on my feet really planting them to my bum, I think she must have nearly sat on them, then I felt knot after knot, really it was not needed as I couldn't use my fingers, but I wasn't going to say anything. That done she walked around in front of me lightly flicking my nose with her foot, I tried to wiggle but couldn't much, at this point business really picked up.

"So easy am I? Don't have any worries do you? Well let's review your little dilemma shall we?" All the while she was moving her foot around my face, causing me to hmmph into my gag. "Lets see if you can move so well now BOY! I'll just take one step back and you wiggle your ass over here, get that nose back to My foot, NOW!"

Being that I truly love her feet I really tried to be fast after what seemed like a half hour I managed to wiggle about 3 inches when I felt something sort of pulling at my feet, 'What in blazes is going on??' I thought.

She began to laugh, "You didn't count on that did you? Your tied to the bed mouthy."

As I tugged trying to get closer, but nothing doing. She said, "You stay right there, just like that for one second."

As I felt a collar being slipped around my neck. "I am not exactly finished just yet, you hold still!"

I felt a tug on the collar then another, then a steady pull that did not let up. Her foot was back under my nose wiggling causing me to hmmph into my gag . Now I could barely move, "So what was that you were bitching about today? Oh yes I am too easy, I always let you go, it's never strict enough, you are never allowed to be bound nearly long enough, well here's the deal Boy, I am getting into bed and I am going to watch TV, you are going to shut up, you can wiggle and move about as much as you like, hell hump the Damn floor if you want, I don't care, just don't you dare bother Me, GOT IT?"

I couldn't believe what I was hearing and feeling, I 'mmphed' into my gag as loudly as I could. "Now stop begging, I told you this is your dream, your fantasy, what kind of wife would I be to deny you? Suck it up by tomorrow perhaps you will have had enough."

I tried to question tomorrow, but all I could say was "hmmpppo?"

" Well jesus, you are begging for more, ok how about I just leave you till right before I go back to work? Two days off, yea that should do it, I of course will change your hook a few times and let you use the potty, how does that sound?"


" OK OK I'll see what I can do but for now just shut up!"

See what she can do? About what? I didn't really say anything, I was just being smart making as much noise as I could. I wasn't about to push it though this was a bit much even for me I couldn't even roll onto my side, I couldn't wiggle I was screwed, but I loved it. She left me that way for about an hour, then I felt her get off the bed and there in front of me was her foot again, I couldn't see it but i felt it.

"Are you ok My pet?" I grunted softly, "How about we change that hook before I fall asleep? Will that be ok? Nod your head."

I nodded yes as best I could.

"No?? You don't want me to bother?"

At that I mmmphed and nodded and mmphed some more,

"Ok I was just teasing you pet."

God I was stiff my legs hurt so bad going down, she let the hogtie down and released me from the collar, I was still gagged, blind, cuffed and all that. She then unzipped the hood part of my suit, "Oh My you bad boy, I didn't tell you to use a blindfold." As she roughly pulled it off.

"Aahhh the light, my eyes, ahhhh!"

She held my face looking me straight in the eye, she said, "Listen carefully, I am going to remove your gag, give you a drink and take you to the bathroom, then the gag may stay out while you sleep but, if you so much as talk in your sleep you get it back, Understand? Nod your head."

I nodded yes as I looked into this women's eyes, I have never met her, thinking how much I love this hidden side, yet was frightened by Her.

The gag came out and a bottle of soda was held up, I drank greedily like I had been in a desert.

"That's enough my precious, I am not running you to the bathroom a thousand times."

The trip to the bathroom was slow, being that my feet were still locked in the slippers and held together, I took very, very small steps. Once done she stood me by the bed. "Hmm should I put you in the bed or on the floor?"

I thought about answering but decided to look cute, good choice. "I think I will put you on the bed pet, not because this is even close to being finished but because it is what I want."

' Hey no problem,' I thought, 'I am gonna be warm and comfy and am still bound.'

Once in bed she cuddled up to me, "Good night boy, get some rest, tomorrow is going to be a long day, for you."

At that instant, for some reason without thinking I said, "Good night Ma'am I love you and thank you."

She replied, "Awww that's sweet and your welcome." As the gag slipped into my mouth and was buckled tightly behind my head and locked there. "I never said you could talk however, I don't want to be soft or a pushover, so My pet go to sleep, and I do love you."

The night was restless, yet satisfying, I did manage to get some sleep. My mouth was dry from the gag and my jaw was very sore but I made it, within that I was so happy, silly isn't it? My wife was still sleeping so I laid quietly watching her and the room getting brighter and brighter from the rising sun, things I would not have take notice of, if I had not been bound. The shadows first appearing from nowhere as the light grew brighter, amazing I thought.

By now I really, really wanted that gag out, and the rest room began calling me, I held it and stuck with it for another hour before my salvation woke up. Her eyes opened, she looked around sat up and stared directly at me, I some how felt very small waiting for Her to speak. She grabbed a smoke and said, "How was your night boy?" Of course i could not answer Her so i mmphed very very quietly.

"Good boy." Again She looked straight into my soul, eyes as black as night, "I am going to take that gag out, not a word."

The gag came out, my mouth stayed just as it was still there, She asked, "Do you want it back?" Quickly shoving it back into my mouth as i whimpered. "Ahh your too easy pet, I'm just proving who is what, as She pulled it back out." I worked my aching jaw with a puff or 2 off the cig, never not once saying a word, but god did i need the bathroom.

She got up and went to the bathroom herself, damn i was in dire need at this point. She came back in, "Do you need to go?"

I nodded excitedly. "Ok get going."

I went as fast as I could, with that done She re gagged me with a muzzle and down to the floor I went, the hood came back up and the collar went on. There I was re-tied on the floor and to the bed, wearing fist mitts and the locking leather slipper thing with my knees tied.

'Sigh, I just got up now I am back down,' I thought. I never eat breakfast, it's a well known fact but coffee would have been nice.

Time was going very slowly I bumped the floor and hmmphed to get attention, well I got it.

She came in, "Is something wrong? Are you hurting?" I nodded yes, my shoulders were killing me.

She removed the hood and gag, "Well what is the matter??"

"Please Ma'am my shoulders hurt so badly, could i please get my arms free even for a few minutes?"

"Hmmm! Well my pet I will allow you this one, it has been a long time." She then unlocked the middle, but the mitts were still in place. The collar came off then She helped me up and removed the rope, i stood there wearing my gold zentai suit with the hood down and mitts and slipper thingies, still stuck though i could now hobble around easier.

She said, "Hobble your ass out here!" and She was gone. Slowly I made my way to the dining room where there was a cup of coffee with a straw in it, 'Oh come on,' I thought but I said nothing, sat quietly and sipped through the straw.

My Goddess sat across from me She said. "Ok you may have some time to chat, move your muscles, but know this, it is far- far from over."

"Tell your Mistress about your night." I'll skip it since I already told you all that part, I said pretty much the same thing to Her. We had a few moments of idle chit-chat, just this and that, if I could have used my hands and my feet were not hobbled, it was much like, normal everyday stuff, that lasted about 15-20 min.

"Time for me to put you away pet, get back down to your room."

"Yes Ma'am." I sighed.

My journey was slow but I made it, I stood in the middle of the floor waiting for Her to come in. She didn't really say anything, putting the muzzle back on, buckling it tightly, then the blindfold and hood. "Lay down boy."

Now that is something, laying down blind seems like a long way down, anyway, once done my wrists were again locked behind me, a rope was used on my elbows and my knees were re-tied. My loving wife, Goddess, Mistress then said, "Should I leave you like that for the day? A nice comfy boring hook?" Patting me on my head, I laid still and quiet, having learned that was the way to go during the previous night. The stops were being pulled out as She placed Her foot under my nose, lightly bumping me rubbing it around my covered face, this was the way to get arise. I began to wiggle when the question was again asked, "What do you think pet, should I leave you like this, nice comfy hook?"

I was set up, it was a rube job, She knew full well with Her foot rubbing my face I would be in ignorant bliss, wiggling and moaning by the mere tap of a toe. As She knew, I moaned, I knew better, but I did it anyway, betraying myself. I thought so, no point in being easy, my hands were pulled down to the rope holding my knees, tightly, then a piece of material was tied around my head across my eyes, then my mouth further blinding and muzzling me, there was a rope tied to my feet threaded through the material, it was pulled very tight, my head went back my feet clamped down over my mitts. That tied off i couldn't hardly make any sound wiggling was out of the question.

"Well, well My pet looks to be in a bit of a bind, Strict enough?" Again with Her foot, 'mmmph mmph', then the collar to the bed as with my feet stretching me as far as i could go, being held in by ropes and material and stretched out by more ropes, nay movement was gone, completely.

"There you go Boy, I know this is too easy for you but it will do for now, I have things to do for a few hours, I will peek in on you from time to time. If you have any problems just bump the floor. Oh My you can't can you? Ok Just yell , Gosh you can't. Well just suck it up I guess your here until I decide you have had enough, too easy, {giggle} I have to run some errands this afternoon, shopping and stuff think you will stay out of trouble? I know you will, {chuckle}. Oh and tonight I am taking the boys to supper, can you stand this hook that long?" Again that damned foot I love so, making me betray myself causing involuntary noise however meek nonetheless there, 'MMphhhhhhhhhhh,mmppphhh!'

"Ok my pet, you don't have to beg you may stay, just like this, all day, I will allow one break just after I return from dinner, but your mitts and booties will stay, I don't want to be EASY, you prick! I should leave you here all night, would that be SOFT???"

Hmmm, evidently she had been stewing all that time thinking about what I had said and was now very aggravated, 'oh boy, I am screwed.'

"I'll tell you a little something, Bitch, I have been thinking about this silly stuff, here is the gist of it. When I am finished with you one of two things will be accomplished. One never again will you dare to even think I am soft, or EASY. Two, you will not ask me to bind you for a very, very long time. Here is the funny part, I am going to call in sick tomorrow night, you begged Me to remember?"

'MMMPHHHHO HMMMPONMK', I tried to yell but it didn't work well, not well at all.

"Ohhh you don't believe Me?? One sec." She left the room and a few moments later returned, 'beep beep', the cordless dialing I know that sound. "Could I speak to the supervisor?" While She talked She would bump my nose with Her foot. "Hello, I won't be able to come to work tomorrow night. No-No I am fine it's Dan, yes he has hurt his back again, he can't even move. OK I will tell him thank you, yup bye bye".

"They said for you to get well, PRICK, there one day down, two to go anything to say to your EASY Wife, jeepers never satisfied are you??"

BEEP BEEP, OMG now what the hell is She up to?

"Hello Matt? Oh things are good here, yes nice weather, hey could you do me like a huge, huge favor? Could you come over here night after next and sit?? No he is here just tied up," she laughed. "Yyeah he is stuck, No I imagine he won't be a bother, {giggle} Ok that's a small price to pay, thanks Bubby, see you then BYE BYE."

" There 1 down 3 to go, that will do, for now?"

' mmmph mmmhumphh." 'My god what have i done', I thought.

"Oh pet? Matt said he would come sit for you and the boys, on one condition, I have to put your ring gag in before I leave for work, think about that today, perhaps you will become My BITCH after all!"


"Now it's done stop begging, you have a nice day, don't pick the knots." She said as she laughed at me. She knew full well that was impossible. She turned and walked out, closing and locking the door.

What have I done?? Why did I push so hard?? This time will never pass...




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