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by Miss Fortune

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A Young Woman's Pleasure

This was the third summer in a row that Alicia was spending with her aunt and uncle. She enjoyed her stays with them at their home and wide-ranging property. For the past few years her parents had travelled, using the summers as an opportunity to see distant lands and sights now that their daughter was older.

Older, though, is a relative term, as Alicia had only recently turned 19. The pretty young woman, with her dark hair and matching dark eyes, was filled with the vivacity of youth. Her aunt and uncle's grounds were an ideal place for her to expend her considerable energies... and, she was discovering, for exploring her desires as well.

Her uncle had made a fortune designing and developing amusement park rides. He was still active in that business, although at a slightly slower pace than in the past. There were a number of actual functioning rides on the property, including a merry-go-round, a miniature railway, and a haunted house which pleasantly frightened passengers could traverse in small automated carts. But of all the available rides, it was the miniature railway which had especially piqued Alicia's interest.

The engine for the railway was designed to look like an old steam locomotive, although in actuality it employed a small internal combustion engine. The tracks weaved throughout the grounds, twisting and turning, rising and falling. There were a number of switches for the track which allowed the train to take different routes. These switches had to be controlled manually. There were several different types of train cars which could be attached to the engine, such as passenger cars in which riders could sit, or flatcars devoid of any seating. When flatcars were used they were typically embellished with some additional mechanism, such as a clown which turned its head and waved its arms. These added mechanisms were powered by a single rotating wheel located at the center of the car and connected to the track wheels via a system of gears.

Alicia had some ideas about how she could use the train, but there was no way she could carry them out. Then an opportunity arose - her uncle's presence was requested at a distant amusement park where they were having some difficulties getting one of their rides set up. Had this happened a year ago, Alicia's aunt would have stayed behind. But both her relatives felt she was old enough now that she could be entrusted with staying there on her own and keeping an eye on things while they were gone. They expected to be away for a month.


Alicia's interests in the type of thing she now planned to attempt had not sprung up overnight. Rather, they had developed slowly over time. Until last year, however, her interests consisted solely of fantasies - thoughts, but no actions. Then late last summer she actually started trying some things, cautiously at first, in an attempt to quench the growing desires raging inside of her. She limited those actions to times when she knew both her aunt and her uncle would be away for a few hours.

The first thing she tried was to journey from one part of the property to another dressed only in her underwear. To do this, she found a suitable spot hidden among the trees, then undressed and, leaving her outer garments behind, simply walked for a while. She found herself growing more and more excited as she got farther and farther away from her clothes. She fantasized about someone catching her like that, her clothes unavailable to her so she'd be unable to dress. She found herself wandering greater and greater distances from her clothing until she was walking so far it would take her at least a half an hour to get back to them. It was then that she decided to try something a little riskier... and more exciting.

There was a pond fed by a small waterfall that she sometimes used for swimming. To add a considerable element of excitement to her aquatic activities, she walked to a spot a healthy distance from the pond. She then stripped completely naked and walked the rest of the way to the pond, leaving all her clothes behind. She then swam with the knowledge that if someone were to catch her she'd have no means of escaping the embarrassing situation. Those thoughts drove her wild with desire.

After swimming for a while she'd lie down in a secluded spot near the pond and masturbate. As her fingers hungrily sought to satisfy her needs, she had wild fantasies, invariably involving being caught naked and humiliated. Sometimes she imagined being caught by a group of people and then having to walk right in the middle of them all the way back to her clothes. Other times she imagined that whoever caught her forced her to walk to the nearest road, where they'd tie her hands around a tree so passing cars could see her nudity. With such fantasies she didn't have to masturbate for very long before she was wracked with intense orgasms, her moans of pleasure adding to the sound of the falling water.

But that was last year. This year she pushed the envelope even further. This was before she knew her aunt and uncle would be away for a month. For these activities she needed to bring a few lengths of rope with her. What she did was to find a spot in the woods, strip off all her clothes, and then, carrying the rope, walk a good distance away. She'd then tie herself to a tree, making the knots good and tight so it would take her time and effort to free herself. Sometimes she would tie herself facing the tree with her hands around it in front of her, and other times she would tie herself with her back against the tree with her hands behind her.

She became quite adept at tying knots which were difficult and time-consuming to undo. After tying herself up, she invariably felt an intense mixture of excitement and fear of discovery as she worked toward her freedom. She was extremely vulnerable during this time, since if someone were to come along she wouldn't even be able to cover herself with her hands! As she worked to loosen the knots she frequently second-guessed the actions that had put her into such a predicament!

But she always managed to successfully free herself, and once the ropes were off her fears evaporated. As with her sessions at the pond, she masturbated once she was untied.

Incredibly, Alicia still wasn't satisfied, and she continually thought about new things to try. She knew she had to be careful, though - after all, she certainly didn't REALLY want to be caught!!! Yet she needed to push things even further so she'd keep feeling the excitement she craved. She had an idea that involved the miniature train, but actually implementing it was absolutely out of the question. It would require her aunt and uncle being away for more than just a few hours for something like that! But then opportunity knocked. The moment she got the news that she would be there alone for a month, she knew she had to try her idea... no matter what.


She had completed the basic work in only two days, then had spent a few more days fine-tuning her creation. It had occupied the entirety of her being ever since her aunt and uncle left. Anxious to give it a try, her desires raging unchecked, she wasted no time once she was satisfied that everything was ready. She had worked late into the evening the previous day, and had spent a couple more hours that morning finalizing things and making absolutely sure everything was right. At 10:00 in the morning on a warm summer day, she started up the train's engine, employing a delay timer to give herself a few minutes to get situated before it began to move. Then she settled in for the ride.

Alicia had set the track switches so that the train would follow a route which would keep it toward the center portions of the property. The sections through which it would travel were hilly and wooded. For roughly half the route the little train would climb upward; while the inclines were generally not very steep, the train would still move noticeably slower for those portions. For the other half of its course the train would go back down again. While navigating through the downhill section the train would pick up a fair amount of speed.

The miniature train with Alicia as the only passenger was a sight to behold. It was something that would most certainly never be found at an actual amusement park! She had connected three flatcars to the miniature steam engine and was on the third car - the one farthest from the engine. She chose this car because it made her feel more out in the open. The young woman was standing in the center of the car facing forward. She was framed by a sturdy wooden structure consisting of beams on either side of her attached to another beam above her head. She was standing with her legs spread wide, her feet nearly touching the beams at her sides. In a similar manner, her arms were spread wide above her head with her wrists nearly against the two side beams. Cuffs on her wrists and ankles ensured that she remain that way for the entirety of her journey. Arguably the most interesting aspect of the train, however, was Alicia herself - she wasn't wearing a stitch of clothing!

Strictly speaking, that wasn't completely correct, as Alicia actually WAS wearing a couple of things. One was a large pair of ski goggles which she had fastened around her head. This was to prevent her from getting dust in her eyes during her travels. The other was a ball gag she had in her mouth that was also fastened into place. Those two articles, however, were not particularly effective safeguards for her modesty!

As if that wasn't enough, there was a wheel positioned right between Alicia's legs. Attached to the wheel at regular intervals were a series of objects that looked remarkably like human tongues. These were situated so that as the wheel turned they would rub against her most sensitive regions. With her legs spread, those regions were made fully accessible to the tongues, as if inviting them to lick her.

Not only did the artificial tongues look like their actual counterparts, they FELT remarkably like them too! The material from which Alicia had fashioned the tongues was something her uncle used in the haunted house ride. There were strands of the material at certain points of the ride, hanging down so they'd "lick" the passengers as they went by. The icky things generated innumerable squeals and comments of "gross!!!!" from the riders. Alicia was using them for quite another purpose entirely!

The speed with which the tongue wheel rotated corresponded to the speed of the train. The faster the train moved along the tracks, the faster the wheel licked its bound passenger. Alicia fully expected to have numerous orgasms during her train ride!

As an added touch, Alicia had given her little train a name, which she painted on the front in bold red letters: "Bad Girl Express." As the train started to move forward she reflected on this name. She felt it was most suitable, for to do what she was doing she had to be a very bad girl indeed!

Now that the train was moving, the full realization of the situation she was in began to take hold. Alicia, as had been the case for many of her past self-bondage experiences, started to have doubts. What if someone were to see her?? She'd be humiliated beyond belief!!! She could do nothing to cover her naked body; any spectator could watch her for just as long as they wished, undoubtedly focusing on those parts of her which really should not have been out in the open! She'd be completely, absolutely, totally helpless for a full hour, stark naked and just as wide open as she could possibly be! She struggled briefly, then just relaxed. It was out of her hands; there was nothing she could do. She'd just have to really, really hope no one came along!!!

After an hour had gone by, the key to the wrist cuffs would lower into her right palm. She had used a simple mechanical timer for this. Once she had the key she could unlock the cuffs and free herself. That actually would be pretty challenging, she knew, as she'd have to struggle with just one hand to get the key into the lock and turn it while considerable distractions were occurring farther down her body.

As the train wound through its prearranged course, Alicia's doubts increased. Was she out of her mind?? How could she have done this to herself! What if someone heard the train? They'd want to investigate, of course... Boy, would they ever be in for a big surprise!!

Being constantly licked between her legs helped to assuage her concerns, however. As her journey progressed, she started to feel really, really good.


The train had made one full circuit of its course and was now starting on the second. Alicia had been close to an orgasm during the downhill portion; it was only her nervousness about her situation which had held it back. She was starting to feel more relaxed, though, so she was sure some massive pleasure would be coming her way this time around.

The train was currently chugging uphill. At the top of the hill was one of the switches Alicia had set to define the train's course. It was set so that the train would take the left branch, keeping it near the center portions of the property. Alicia knew that the right branch led downhill through the woods until it eventually reached an open field. There the tracks fed into a closed loop - the train would continually weave throughout the field in a closed circuit over and over again as long as it kept moving forward. The only way to move the train back up the hill from whence it came was to put it in reverse. Repeatedly zooming around an open field toward the edge of the property was definitely not what Alicia had in mind, which is why she had the switch she was approaching set to avoid that section of track.

She was almost at the crest of the hill now. She had just passed the switch which led down to the field. The tongues had been licking her more slowly during this uphill climb, but she would soon be going back downhill again, a thought which had her really excited. As she basked in thoughts of her upcoming bliss, she saw movement off to the side. She looked in that direction - there was someone standing there!!!

A Journey Derailed

Alicia had been getting comfortable with her situation, but now that an intruder was there she went into a wild panic. The full realization of her exposed and vulnerable position crashed into her. The train's slow speed at that point made the situation even worse, as the uninvited guest would have plenty of time to see her!

Alicia watched helplessly as the woman - for one glance at her jean shorts and bare midriff halter top revealed her gender - ran up to the engine, hopped on, and stopped the train. Alicia struggled furiously as the woman got back out of the engine and then begin to slowly walk toward her, but her struggles were futile; she remained standing naked and spread-eagled, practically begging for closer scrutiny.

As the woman continued to approach, Alicia saw that she appeared to be about her own age. Alicia stopped her ineffective struggles and nervously watched the young woman get closer and closer. Alicia's face grew purple with embarrassment. The woman unhurriedly walked right up to the car on which Alicia stood, then she hopped up onto it. She carefully examined the tongue wheel, currently not moving, then her gaze fell upon Alicia. Alicia's face felt hot enough to ignite the surrounding foliage.

"Wow, you have some setup here!" she said. "It's really impressive!"

Even had she not been gagged, Alicia would not have known how to reply.

"I saw your little train approaching and thought it would be impolite of me not to say hello!"

The woman pulled a leaflet out of her pocket as she continued talking. "I'm attending the conference being held down in the field today. I know the people that live on this property, so I thought while I was in the area I'd walk up here. I just followed the tracks up the hill." She nodded in the direction of the nearby track switch which the train had just passed; the field was where the switch's right-hand path led. Then the woman held the leaflet up so Alicia could read it. In bold letters it was titled "Tenth Annual Conference of BDSM and Spanking Enthusiasts" and had today's date on it.

"The owner rented the field out to us for the day. I'm not sure he totally understood the nature of the group he was renting to." She winked and smiled as she said this. "But anyway, he's a nice guy and we were glad for such a great spot to have our gathering. Oh, by the way, my name is Jade."

Jade then began inspecting the wooden frame onto which Alicia was bound. She spotted the release mechanism with its mechanical timer. As she moved closer to inspect this mechanism, she was standing almost right against Alicia. Alicia would have liked to have backed away; Jade's proximity was making her nervous.

Then Jade reached out and removed Alicia's ski goggles. Alicia made some soft indiscernible sounds through her gag. Jade took a couple of steps backward (to Alicia's relief) and then began examining the naked woman from the top of her head right down to her toes. Alicia's face sizzled with humiliation. Apparently not wanting to miss anything, Jade then walked around to the other side and stood there examining Alicia from the back. Jade's perusal lasted for an uncomfortably long period of time. Finally, Jade came back around to the front.

Jade, not speaking, stared directly into Alicia's eyes. Alicia began to grow quite anxious; not only was she embarrassed beyond description but she was also completely within the woman's power. Jade could do anything to her she wanted!

Jade smiled and laid the ski goggles on the floor of the train car, back out of the way. "Yes, you really do have quite a setup here! The 'Bad Girl Express,' huh? Seems like an appropriate name! I have a criticism of your train, though - aren't trains supposed to have a caboose?"

Actually there was a caboose that Alicia could have connected to the end of her train. She hadn't, though, because she thought it would make her feel less exposed, with the additional car providing somewhat of a barrier at the back of the flatcar.

Jade walked to the side of Alicia and said, "Actually, I guess your train does kind of have a caboose, though." Jade then lightly patted Alicia's bare bottom.

This was the first time Jade had touched her. Surprisingly, it didn't cause Alicia any alarm; in fact it actually felt kind of good. Alicia wasn't all that happy about having her tail end compared to a train car, however!

Jade said, "So your train does have a caboose after all. Still... something doesn't seem quite right about it. Let me think."

A few moments went by, then Jade exclaimed, "Ah, I know!!! Cabooses are supposed to be red! But yours isn't. Yes, that's the problem!"

Alicia was trying to make sense of Jade's statements. She didn't see where Jade was headed with her observations.

Jade continued. "It just wouldn't do to have a train, especially one called the 'Bad Girl Express,' without a red caboose! Here, let me fix that for you.

Jade stepped behind Alicia. Then she began to spank her.


Alicia had never been spanked in her life. Her garbled sounds of protest accompanied the slapping noises of Jade's palm against her naked cheeks. Jade apparently knew what she was doing, her palm delivering one stinging smack after another in rapid succession.

Alicia's stinging bottom grew warmer and warmer as the spanking proceeded. Jade wasn't holding back, she was spanking her bound companion quite soundly. At first, Alicia's bottom was nowhere near as red as her face, for having a woman her own age repeatedly slapping her on the rump was quite humiliating! The experience wasn't all bad, though - receiving this much attention while bound and naked gave Alicia a certain amount of carnal pleasure (although if asked she would have vehemently denied it).

As the spanking went on, however, the redness in Alicia's cheeks first matched, then surpassed, that of her face. By the time Jade stopped Alicia's bottom was very red indeed.

"I'm sorry, but I can't continue like this; my hand is starting to hurt too much," Jade said, coming around to the front of Alicia.

The unintelligible noises coming from Alicia's gagged mouth sounded suspiciously like exclamations of relief.

Jade continued, "But don't worry. I promised you a red caboose. Your bottom's getting pretty red, but it's not caboose-red yet."

Alicia didn't necessarily like the sound of that.

Then Jade reached into a pocket of her jean shorts and pulled out a small leather paddle, teardrop-shaped. Alicia certainly hadn't expected that, and wondered if Jade carried that thing around with her all the time!

"Ut ha uck!!" Alicia exclaimed.

Mentally filling in the missing consonants, Jade clicked her tongue and replied, "Such language!! Naughty, naughty! You should be glad to have me here to discipline you!"

Alicia was by no means sure she was glad, especially as she watched Jade, leather paddle in hand, walk back behind her again.

As renewed sounds of garbled protestations filled the air, the spanking recommenced.


Alicia quickly discovered that the leather paddle stung even more than Jade's hand. As before, Jade was putting a full effort into her endeavors. Smack after smack, the sounds from the impacts crisper and louder this time, landed on the soft, smooth cheeks of the Bad Girl Express's sole passenger. Alicia made increasingly frantic attempts to move her bottom out of the way, but of course was unsuccessful. The target area was going to get its full treatment regardless of any reservations by the owner.

Fortunately for Alicia, the paddling didn't last that long. By the time it was over, however, her bottom was blazing hot and stung like the devil. Jade informed her, "There! Now it's just as red as a real caboose! I hope you appreciate my efforts!"

It was probably just as well that Alicia was gagged at that point. While she had no doubt that Jade's appraisal of the color of her sizzling posterior was correct, any comments coming out of her mouth at that moment would probably not have been declarations of appreciation.

Jade then reached for Alicia's release timer and fiddled with it a bit. Soon she completed her work and stepped back. She then addressed Alicia, standing close to her and looking deeply into her eyes. "There, all done! I noticed you had your timer set for only an hour before; that hardly seems long enough. I've adjusted it to give you a three hour ride instead. That way you'll have plenty of time to enjoy your experience!"

Alicia remained silent as she considered the implications of this. Three hours!! Naked and helpless the entire time, and being continually licked between her legs to boot!! Alicia was feeling a little shocked, yet she couldn't help but to feel some excitement, too.

"Of course that also greatly increases the chances that some other people will wander up here from the conference and see you."

Frantic noises emerged from Alicia's mouth.

Jade, seeming to enjoy the reaction she was getting, gave some words of reassurance: "I think that's unlikely though; it's a long way to walk. Like I told you, the only reason I came up here myself was because I know the property owners. So you'll probably be OK. Probably."

Jade's words did not completely alleviate Alicia's concerns. Alicia was not in a position to argue, however.

Then Jade picked the goggles up off the floor of the car. "We can't forget these," she said. "They're rather important!"

Alicia was a little puzzled by that last statement. Jade had been looking oddly at her when she said it.

Then, holding the goggles in her hands, Jade told Alicia, "You're a beautiful girl, you know that?"

As Alicia flushed, partly with embarrassment but also with a certain amount of delight, Jade came right up to her and planted a wet kiss on her forehead. Alicia gasped with surprise.

Jade carefully put the ski goggles back onto Alicia's head and made sure they were properly secured. She then gave Alicia a warm smile and hopped off the flatcar. Jade walked to the engine and started it up.

The train resumed its journey.


Jade watched the train move slowly away, admiring her handiwork at its tail end. She had had to restrain herself. What she had really wanted to do was to remove the girl's gag and then give her a long, passionate kiss full on the lips! But she thought that would have been going too far. Strange, maybe, since she had just spanked the girl's bare bottom, yet a kiss was something a little different, thus she had settled for a brief peck on her forehead.

Jade was an interesting young woman. In her passions she could sometimes seem a little rough, perhaps, particularly when her affections ran deep. With the girl she had just met, her affections ran very deep indeed.

As she walked down the hill back toward the conference, she thought, "I sure hope I haven't made a mistake!" She knew she hadn't though. In addition to her impressive skills at delivering spankings, there was something else Jade was quite good at... reading people. She could read body language as easily as most people could read printed text. The bound girl had been sending her signals galore, both when she had talked to her and while she was spanking her. Jade smiled to herself as she recalled how, when she was spanking her with the leather paddle, the girl had kept trying to move her bottom out of the way, first shifting it one direction, then the other. "I wonder if she realized how insanely cute that was!" Jade thought.

Jade planned to stop back to visit the girl in a few days. She hoped the girl, whoever she was, was still there! Jade thought she was most likely a relative of the property owners, but she wasn't positive. She hoped the girl wouldn't be mad at her for what she had done! She'd just have to see...

Back on Track

As the train moved forward, Alicia's mind was swirling with the experiences she had had with Jade. The close inspection of her naked body, the spanking (ouch!), the resetting of the timer so she'd have a much longer experience, her comment about Alicia's beauty, and, most recently, the kiss! Alicia didn't know what to make of her. It was strange, but now that Jade had left, Alicia felt a little empty.

But as the track began to slope downward and the little train picked up speed, her ruminations were pushed aside, replaced by the pleasurable feeling of the wet tongues sliding over her private areas. Under the circumstances, having just been caught in about the most embarrassing situation imaginable, Alicia was remarkably relaxed. On the other hand, her backside felt like it had lost a battle with a hornet's nest - damnation did it ever sting!!

After receiving a thorough licking during the downhill portion of the train's course, Alicia was not far from an orgasm. She had pretty much settled into her situation, knowing she was going to be like this for a good long while. Even though the train's newly-added bright red caboose was still blazing away, that didn't seem to interfere much with the pleasure she was feeling. It was an odd combination - a very sore bottom accompanied by intense pleasure in her feminine regions. Both were on fire, but in quite different ways!

The train began to go uphill. Barring any new unforeseen interruptions, Alicia knew she'd be enveloped in mind-numbing pleasure the next time the train traversed the downhill section. She'd have to wait for that though, as the train had to slowly complete its climb back up the hill first.

The upward journey seemed to take forever, but finally she was nearing the top of the hill. She would soon be right at the point in the track where she had first encountered Jade. She watched that direction carefully, half expecting to see another interloper. So far, so good, though - there was no one in sight.

The train had just reached the switch which branched down to the field where the conference was being held. She had just about completed one full lap of the course since meeting Jade. She still saw no one, but was understandably nervous. The train travelled over the switch. But instead of following the prearranged course Alicia had set for it, it branched the opposite direction! It was heading in the direction of the field where the BDSM/Spanking conference was being held!!!


Alicia went into a blind panic, frantically pulling at her bonds. She knew immediately what had happened... Jade had changed the switch to route the train down to the field where a crowd awaited! Alicia couldn't believe she had done that to her! She had actually started to like Jade, as odd as that seemed. How could she have done something so cruel?

Realizing there was no escape, Alicia stopped struggling. She was going to be humiliated beyond belief. Her arms and legs spread wide, everyone in the crowd would see her naked body - every inch of it. She thought about how the track wove itself around the field, with many twists and turns. The track itself was behind a low chain-link fence whose purpose was simply to keep someone from inadvertently wandering onto the track. The fence was below eye-level, so it would not occlude anyone's view of her. She'd wind around the field, over and over again, unable to cover herself. To make things even worse, as if that was possible, everyone would see that she had been spanked!!!

Alicia gave a couple more tugs on her restraints, then surrendered. Jade had fucked her over - totally and completely.

It was going to take quite a while for the train to make its journey to the field. Although most of the journey would be downhill, the field was pretty far away. Alicia would have plenty of time to contemplate her upcoming embarrassment. She no longer felt excited. Even the tongues were unable to get her going. A brief hopeful thought hit her: surely someone in the crowd, seeing her desperate plight, would hop over the fence and stop the train. Then they'd cover her and free her from her bonds. She'd still be utterly humiliated, but at least it wouldn't last long.

Then Alicia remembered the name of the gathering: "Tenth Annual Conference of BDSM and Spanking Enthusiasts." With a sinking feeling, she realized that the attendees would think she was part of the festivities! A naked, bound woman with a bright red bottom? They'd think someone had arranged for her to be there! No one would help her because no one would think she needed help! She'd weave among the crowd for hours! She'd only be able to get away when her release timer activated!

Alicia started thinking about the woman who had betrayed her. She recalled the things she did and said. She remembered the odd look Jade had given her just before she had put her goggles back on: "We can't forget these. They're rather important!" Alicia still didn't understand what was so important about the goggles. They were just a precaution against dust in her eyes, so why the emphasis?

Then it hit her. Of course!!!!! The ski goggles hid a good portion of her face!!! THAT'S why they were so important. No one would be able to see who she was! With the goggles hiding her, and the gag helping to cover her face as well, she'd essentially be anonymous!

Alicia's spirits started to lift. She would still be totally humiliated, but with no one knowing who she was... would it really be that bad? She thought about all the eyes peering at her, examining each and every portion of her body, especially those portions which would normally not be available for viewing. They'd see her in all her glory, as naked as the day she was born. They'd see she had been a bad girl and had been soundly spanked for it. The name of her train would confirm that!

Alicia rapidly became aroused. She knew she should be intensely anxious and desperately seeking a means of escape, but although that's exactly what she was feeling a few moments ago, such feelings now seemed impossible. She was nervous, to be sure, yet the feeling was now somehow pleasant.

Her inner thighs started to twitch as acute feelings of sexual excitement began to overwhelm her. The Bad Girl Express was moving along at a pretty good clip now and the tongue wheel was licking her hungrily. Her breathing became heavier.

As the train continued to wind its way down the hill, Alicia began to hear the murmuring sound of voices. The sound gradually became louder. Although she still couldn't see anybody, there was obviously quite a crowd in the field.

She didn't have too much farther to go. She was so excited now she was in danger of climaxing. She knew she had to avoid that - she certainly couldn't let herself come in front of a crowd!!!

She stood on her tiptoes to pull away from the tongue wheel. This was by design - she had wanted to allow herself to escape the stimulation for at least short periods of time. She had made a slight miscalculation, however. When she had tested the wheel the train was moving along flat track and the tongues were rotating at only a moderate pace. But in her present situation the wheel was rotating quite rapidly. When she got up on her tiptoes, she was not able to fully pull away from the tongues. Instead, what happened was that the tips of the tongues, pulled outward by centrifugal force, lightly spanked her between her legs.

Alicia tried to lift herself even higher, but couldn't. What she was now experiencing was driving her absolutely wild. A few more seconds of it and she'd be coming in buckets!

She had no choice but to lower herself down again onto the ravenous tongues, granting them full access to her nether regions. There would be no escaping the impending orgasm. It was like an enormous freight train barreling directly toward her. The Bad Girl Express was about to have a head-on collision with The Climax Express!

Quivering with pleasure and moaning through her gag, Alicia approached the final corner, beyond which was the crowded field. "Are they ever in for a treat!" she thought, her mind starting to blur.

The orgasm hit just as the train came onto the field. Writhing with pleasure more intense than anything she had ever felt in her life, Alicia knew that this orgasm would be the first of many, many more to come that day.



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