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All His Own Doing!

by manc_angel

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© Copyright 2009 - manc_angel - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; tape; cuffs; pvc; toys; F/m; D/s; stuck; cons; X

It was that time of year when the sun is a little lower in the sky. The leaves on the trees are turning from a rich green to rusty brown. He sat staring out the window dreaming of more exciting times. Dreaming of the Mistress he was still yet to meet yet was willing to serve. On the stereo, the music just added to his mood. It was slightly depressing, yet strangely uplifting and sexy. It was as if the weather was matching the music's mood. As the song reached it's crescendo, the rain started pouring. The umbrella's of the passers-by were raised one-by-one.

He was just drawing the curtains when his computer made a beeping noise. He looked over to see an alert on messenger. It was Mistress. She had finally contacted him. His heart started beating that little bit quicker. He walked over to the table where his computer sat and opened the message:

"Good evening - i hope you are well"

He replied, "Im not bad Mistress. A little tired, slightly depressed, but happy that you have come online"

"That is good to hear, but i've got something planned which will both cheer you up and scare you!"

Talk about making a heart skip and beat then speed up. He was worried, excited and intrigued at the same time.

"Are you there my boy?"

"Yes of course. I was just contemplating what was going to happen"

"Well i'm afraid i'm only going to tell you part of it. But that is the most important part"

"Go on....."

"Well i need you agree to letting to me take control this evening when you wont know its going to happen to you..."

He had quite a puzzled look on his face, but his mouth turned upwards at the sides with a cheeky grin.

"Go on Mistress…."

"I want you to set your computer up on a table. Place a chair in front of it so when you turn your webcam on, i can see you when sat down. I then want you to grab the following items; your pvc body, your pvc half hood, some duct tape, your posture collar, a blindfold, your nipple clamps, your spreader bar and your wrist cuffs . Go do it an come back in 5 mins!"

He looked in awe at what was written on the computer screen in front of him. He wondered what she had in store for him. He rushed out of the front room and grabbed his bag of toys. He grabbed the items his Mistress requested and returned to his seat.

"I have all you requested Mistress."

"Good, now turn on the webcam and sit down in the chair."

He pressed the correct button on his computer to start his webcam. His face appeared on the screen in front of him. He waited.

"Right. Take the keys to the padlocks that will lock your collar and cuffs and place them on the shelf behind you. Then go get your house keys and come back."

"Yes Mistress"

He did as she said. Grabbed the padlock keys, placed them in the right position and grabbed the house keys. He returned to his chair and sat down.

"Good boy. Now this is where i need your trust. You need to go place your housekeys outside your flat, underneath one of the dustbins on the drive."

"Why Mistress?"

"It is not up to you to ask questions boy. If you trust me you will do it. Especially if you want the ride of your life. If you don't want to do it, just say now."

"No i'll do it"

With that he stood up, slightly nervously, and wandered outside. It was still raining. He placed the keys under the dustbin as instructed. He legged it back inside before he got too wet. He shut the door behind him and sat back on the chair in front of the computer.

"Mistress, that is done for you."

"Good boy. Now for the fun part. You must now follow my instructions to the letter and i will make your dreams come true"

"OK Mistress"

"Now, firstly, i want you to strip naked. Then i want you to place the clamps on your nipples and show me"

He did as instructed. He had no idea what she had planned for the evening but he wanted to go along with it. He thought at least would be fun even if scary. He was now naked, sat on the chair with clamps on his nipples.

"Looks good my boy", Mistress messaged.

"Thank you - i like wearing them for you Mistress"

"Now i want you to get into your PVC body. Then place a piece of duct tape across your mouth gagging you. You will then take the pvc halfhood and place it over your head. Your top half will now be covered in pvc and you will not be able to speak"

He didn't say anything and just complied. It was an interesting request by his Mistress but he was in for a penny. He stepped into the body and pulled it up tight, pulling the zip right up to the top. He ripped a piece of duct tape off the silver roll and placed it across his mouth. He then grabbed the hood and pulled it over his head. It pulled the tape tighter to his mouth and gagged him even more. He tucked the hood into the body, then looked at the computer screen.

"As you can see Mistress, i'm now in PVC for you."

"I can see. You look very pretty. Now i want you to take the spreader bar and thread it through the chair legs and lock your ankles to each end. Then you are to take the posture collar, place it around your neck. Take one of the padlocks and lock it on, locking all your items of clothing on you until you can get the key."

He again complied without even questioning his Mistress - not that he would actually be able to speak at the moment. Once the spreader bar was on, his legs were wide apart making him vulnerable to anything from the front - especially throughout the three-way zip around hid crotch. Once the collar was around his neck, he could only look forward and straight ahead. The collar kept his head high and neck rigid.

"Very nice my boy. You are doing very well. Are you scared? Nod your head once for no and twice for yes"

He nodded his head once, which was a tough task against the collar. Then nodded again slowly a second time. The hesitation just signalled his fear as to what was going to happen.

"Your final instructions are about to follow. I want you to put a wrist cuff on each wrist. I then want you to put the blindfold on over your eyes. You are then to lock your wrist cuffs together behind the chair with the 2nd padlock. Once that is done you are to wait for my signal and you can free yourself. I will phone your mobile three times. That is the signal to free yourself. Do you understand?"

"But Mistress…….", he typed.

"Do not ask a question. Do you understand?"


"Good i will enjoy watching you"

He grabbed the cuffs and locked them on his wrists. Then grabbed the blindfold and placed it over his eyes. He wondered why he doing this, but somehow he couldn't stop himself. He then grabbed the final padlock and locked his wrists behind his chair. He was now locked until his Mistress gave him the signal.

He sat there waiting.…. waiting..…waiting….

He mumbled into his gag.

He couldn't see.

He started to panic a little, then regained his composure.

He waited some more..……And some more…..

Then, he heard his phone ring..… once…. twice … and it stopped.

He couldn't believe it. That was going to be his signal. Was Mistress teasing him? Was she watching him struggle?

He had no idea how much time had passed. It could have been any time from 15 mins to an hour. Whatever it was it felt longer.

The phone rang again. Once, twice and luckily a third time.

He felt relieved. He was thankful his Mistress had signalled he could now release himself.

However, it then dawned on him. How could he be so stupid? He had completely forgotten that in the excitement of pleasing his Mistress, he had placed the padlock keys out of reach. He tried to move but was stuck to his chair.  He afforded a minor chuckle to himself in-between the struggles. How funny that he had actually cause this problem and how sly his Mistress had been. She must be loving this, but how was he going to get free.

The door buzzer to the flat then rang, piercing the silence. He almost fell of his chair but just about recovered his composure. Who could it be? He hoped it wasn't his neighbour with the spare keys. That would be embarrassing. The buzzer ring again. He kept quiet in the hope whoever it was would go away.

He then heard a key being placed in the lock. "Oh no", he thought. This is going to be a nightmare.

The key turned.

The door opened..…………………. (to be continued!)


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